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Squads/squadrons/reinforcements configuration
As the reinforcement script seems working quite well I think it's time to start composing the reinforcement configurations for further development.

First things first I think we have a potential problem with duality of HW1 single-fighters vs. HW2 squad system.

If I understand the carrier mechanics the number of cargo hold apply to the number of squads they able to dock.
Therefore if we set it e.g. to 10 the if we set game to HW2 squads that carrier would be able to carry 10 squads. The same carrier will be able to carry only 10 fighters when we set single-figher mode.

Can this be somehow resolved? Otherwise we will have to choose only one mode as a base.

From this point we need to aswer following questions:
- what is typical size of each faction squad/flight? Does it vary between light and heavy fighters? between bombers and corvettes?
The only obvious fact is that typical Vaygr strikecraft squad/flight is bigger than Higgaran.

Once we decide the size of the squads/flights then we can define:
- proper cargo hold for each dock capable ship
- proper "base flight/squad" for each dock capable ship that is called via hyperspace (there is no tactical point in calling an empty carrier isn't it?)
- proper reinforcement squadrons

-(optional for consideration) - is it possible to have diffrent delivery ship for different squadrons? there is no point of hyperspace the super carrier to deliver 6 fighters, but in the same time it would be strange if light carrier would jump in and launch 100 corvettes.

The carrier-hold for squadron versus single-fighter build is not a problem. We will set squadron-versus-single build as a 'match' setting, and the carriers will have appropriate ship-holds for the duration of the match. Still working on doing this the 'right' way (see this GBX forum thread).

So using the same new gamerule property settings we can get carrier ship-holds to use this same system as fighters, giving them different configurations per match based on game-rule settings. Also regarding the question about different ships for different squadron deployments - yes also possible and will be great for effect! Currently right now it is only the light carrier but we can add different ones and have them used for different squadron types.

As for the make-up of the squadrons, I will leave that discussion up to you guys for now. I like 'mix-and-match' fighter wings of not just all of one type of ship, we can also have 'frigate wings' HS in with the support ship squadron carrier, etc.

We can also have 'temporary capital assignment' where a large super-cap (e.g. BBH/BBX) warps in but only for 10-minutes or something, the player is granted control but a timer appears in the objective window or on the main screen for how long the capital ship will stay on assignment before warping out.

Thanks for clearing this out - one problem less Smile


Typhoone wrote:
We can also have 'temporary capital assignment' where a large super-cap (e.g. BBH/BBX) warps in but only for 10-minutes or something, the player is granted control but a timer appears in the objective window or on the main screen for how long the capital ship will stay on assignment before warping out.


This is certainly interesting idea to think about, but we need to think about how to ballence this.

I think that the best would be to have an additional resource called "Prestige" - every time you destroy hostile ships (the bigger the more points) you earn more reputation in High Command that will grant you the possibility to use such temporary support or even call in elite squadrons or ships (famous Witchunter).
"Prestige" doesn't make a whole lot of sense though. I'd imagine the HGN and most of the VGR leaders are pragmatic enough to deploy their heavy combatants where they'll do the most good, rather than under the command of who has the most prestige.

No sane commander would give a Battleship to a famous admiral just based on his fame, if all he's doing is assaulting a defenseless resource operation or rear area element, while the frigate commander in another sector has a half dozen enemy battlewagons facing him down.

What makes more sense is some way of gauging the 'intensity' of an engagement, or the amount of threat the enemy poses. So if the enemy has a whole buttload of battleships or cruisers, command would make re-reinforcements like heavy battleships of their own available, and possibly withdrawing them for use in other sectors once the enemy forces are sufficiently weakened that regular units can mop up.
My idea was to make it somehow ballanced and not abused in the way like I can call BBX 60 seconds after the game start.

As for "Prestige" - if you have advance warship that can tip the ballance of the battle you would give it to proven (famous) commanders rather that random local comander who just sream for reinforcements minute after he spot a bunch of hostile fighters.
Well, Reinforcements would be a sort of circumstantial thing. They're supposed to get sent where they're really needed.

Although from a gameplay perspective, yes. Be it called "Prestige" or "Operational Support Priority" or something. It makes sense for a force to go in with enough forces to defend itself in case it jumps into a hot zone, but it depends on the mission.

Probably the best way to go would be to have variable starting fleets, and have bigger assets called in via the re-inforcement system based on how powerful the enemy is.

I'd think that there'd be different types of starting fleets, selectible in the pre-battle, and with some level of assymetry between them. For instance, a player may start with a recon carrier, a CVBG with escort, a command battleship, a shipyard, or an immobile space station. There should be the ability for individual player slots to have different starting forces. For instance, one player getting a Command Station, while their opponent gets a shipyard or carrier with which to siege it.

The nature and number of re-inforcements should also be selective in advance, to control the type and scale of engagement (giant fighter furball or small frigate patrol or full-on strategic battle, and all points in between).

I have a few specific combinations of ships I went over with Sun Tzu when we were prototyping the script a while back. Kind of outdated since it was using v7 unit lists, but here goes.


Fleet Carrier Battlegroup (CVBG): 1x Imperator IV CV, 1x Harbinger CGE, 2xHerald FE, 2xBlade Mk22 interceptor, 1xGunship, 1xPulsar Gunship, 4x resource collector, 1xSensor Dist. Probe (Note, this is a starting fleet).

Auxiuilary Carrier Group (CVBG): 1x Arcadia AVE, 2xLight Strike Fighter, 2xThunderbolt 1C, 1xLinebacker II DFG frigate, 2xBloodhound II FFE, 4x resource collector. (Also a starting fleet)

Mining Support Group (small): 4x Resource Collector, 1x Mobile Refinery

Mining Support Group & Escort (large): 8x Resource Collector, 1x Mobile Refinery, 1xCallisto AMC, 4x Gun Turret, 1x Sensor Dist. Probe

Heavy Fighter Support: 1xMarquess B CVE* (might just stay around, drop off the fighters, then hyperspace out. I dunno), 2xAvenger HSSF, 2xThunderbolt IV

Light Corvette Support: 1xMarquess B CVE*, 2xGladius A Gunship, 2xGladius B Pulsar Gunship

Force Recon: 1x Tulwar PFCI, 2xBloodhound FFE, 1xLinebacker DFF, 1xKhopesh MGC

Gunship Squadron: 3xBloodhound FFE, 2xLavi CTH

Frigate Fire Support: 3xLothringen FFI, 2xHydra IV FFG

Marine Expeditionary Unit: 1xTulwar PFCI, 2xResolution II FFA, 2xLavi CTH, 1xLinebacker DFF

Combat Engineers: 1xNightengale FFA, 1xMinelayer Corvette

Escort Squadron: 2xHerald FE, 2xLavi CTH

Lineship Squad: 2xArbiter CA

Capital Escort Squadron: 1xHarbinger IV CGE, 2xHerald FE, 1xLinebacker DFF

Capital Escort Squadron II: 1xSentinel DDFG, 1xMarquess CVE, 1xGladius A Gunship, 1xGladius B Gunship, 2xBlade Interceptor

CL Direct Action Group: 2xLiirHra CL, 2xTulwar PFCI

Assault Squadron 1: 1xArbiter CA, 2xHydra FFG, 3xLothringen FFI

Battlecruiser: 1xPrince of Hiigara BCA, 1xHarbinger IV CGE, 2xBlade Mk22C, 1xThunderbolt 1 bomber, 1xGladius A gunship, 1xGladius B pulsar gunship

Command Cruiser: 1xDefiance II BCA, 1xSentinel IV DDFG, 3xHSSF Avenger, 2xKhopesh CTH

Heavy Battleship: 1xMajiirian Battlestar, 5xHerald FE, 3xLight Strike Fighter

Edited by Ironwatsas on 19-09-2015 21:39
I think that the reinforcement list you posted is a solid starting point that could be refined and extended as we introduce and test new things.
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