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Ship Names
So, we have a script that automatically names capital ships. It really works! I've been sticking names in as I think of them, but it doesn't hurt to have other ideas.

I'd like people to think up names, and also seek out named ships mentioned in the fiction and roleplay sections from the past (as a shout out to the past) that we can put in there.

Here is what we have so far. Eventually I hope to subdivide it to individual shipclasses (I.E. names specifically for carriers/ battlecruisers/ etc)

[quote=shipnames.def]-- HGN appears to be highly developed already. Date flag can be found before comment.

--HGN Ship Names, of the Hiigaran Navy , ship prefix "Hiigaran Naval Ship" [HGNS]
--HGN capital ships like the battleship, shipyards, and heavy carriers have names
--either containing references to Old Kharakian, or geographical names of Hiigaran worlds.
--References to HW series lore are also welcome!
names_hgn_capital_total = 10
--names_hgn_capital_total = 25
names_hgn_capital = {
"HGNS Liberty",
"HGNS Selim-Ra",
"HGNS Sennin Sahel",
"HGNS Kaasen-Ne",
"HGNS Feer-Voar",
"HGNS Exodus",
"HGNS Baal",
"HGNS Coruc-Tel",
"HGNS Aiowa",
"HGNS Rachael-III",
"HGNS Tree of Life",
"HGNS Vigilent",
"HGNS Dochek Hraal",
"HGNS Chapel Perilous",
"HGNS Shining Hinterlands",
"HGNS Tawret Shah",
"HGNS Depoe Bay",
"HGNS Hypatia",
"HGNS Antares",
"HGNS Errah",
"HGNS Hammerhead Depths",
"HGNS Rings of Hraal",
"HGNS Silumin Vane",
"HGNS Naal-Tel",
"HGNS Sijin-Ke",
"HGNS Seas of Rhye"
--HGN lineships (small capitals) like the arbiter destroyer and standard fleet carriers are
--do not have a strict naming convention. Names in Old Kharakian, Adjectives, or Geographical names are seen
names_hgn_lineship_total = 31
names_hgn_lineship = {
"HGNS Hareef",
"HGNS Blacktooth",
"HGNS Negev",
"HGNS Masada",
"HGNS Majiir Paktu",
"HGNS Glaive",
"HGNS Tanner",
"HGNS Sarai",
"HGNS Principality",
"HGNS Throcanter",
"HGNS Bellicose Maxim",
"HGNS Spectre",
"HGNS Thunderhead",
"HGNS Scutter",
"HGNS Talas Crossroads",
"HGNS Soban the Red",
"HGNS Grimiore",
"HGNS Parsee",
"HGNS Typhoon",
"HGNS Architect",
"HGNS Basul-Re",
"HGNS Bushan-Sa",
"HGNS Baal",
"HGNS Starpoint",
"HGNS Libertine",
"HGNS Rattleback",
"HGNS Tiir",
"HGNS Margatroid",
"HGNS Penglai",
"HGNS Chain",
"HGNS Makai"
--HGN frigates like the Bloodhound and Linebacker are usually given simple numeric designations, but some may have proper names given by the crew.
--These unofficial names are frequently used when clear designation is required.
names_hgn_frigate_total = 40
names_hgn_frigate = {
"HGNS FF-127",
"HGNS FF-278",
"HGNS FF-504",
"HGNS FF-665",
"HGNS FF-791",
"HGNS FF-799",
"HGNS FF-841",
"HGNS FF-860",
"HGNS FF-909",
"HGNS FF-999",
"HGNS FF-1248",
"HGNS FF-1249",
"HGNS FF-1337",
"HGNS FF-1492",
"HGNS FF-1919",
"HGNS FF-2211",
"HGNS FF-2237",
"HGNS FF-3219",
"HGNS FF-4759",
"HGNS FF-8472",
"HGNS FF-8T88",
"HGNS FF-9101",
"HGNS FF-9166",
"HGNS FF-9212",
"HGNS FF-9311",
"HGNS Apple",
"HGNS Long Lance",
"HGNS Tannon",
"HGNS Melfine",
"HGNS Outlaw",
"HGNS Ratchet",
"HGNS Sundown",
"HGNS Shadow",
"HGNS Glyptalov",
"HGNS Chons",
"HGNS Iret",
"HGNS Nahal",
"HGNS Dagger",
"HGNS Von Rhoe",
"HGNS Ackermann"
--HGN Utility ships like the Harvest Control Cruiser and the Mobile Refineries are named after
--systems in the HGN with prefix "Hiigaran Utility Vessel" [HUV]
names_hgn_utility_total = 20
names_hgn_utility = {
"HUV Neptunia",
"HUV Moria",
"HUV Majahual",
"HUV Volyr",
"HUV Janus",
"HUV Komm",
"HUV Hypatia",
"HUV Sunset Gulch",
"HUV Redstone",
"HUV Gotham",
"HUV Touchdown",
"HUV Kimba Huta",
"HUV Mole",
"HUV Digger",
"HUV Voile",
"HUV Arobell",
"HUV Effrit",
"HUV Luktopia",
"HUV Fromm's Reach",
"HUV Hope's End"
--HGN strikegroups, i.e. fighter wings are named with a greek letter prefix
--beyond 24 names I will have to come up with something else
names_hgn_strikegroup_total = 50
names_hgn_strikegroup = {
"Alpha Wing Tango",
"Tau Wing India",
"Iota Wing Bravo",
"Delta Wing Tango",
"Delta Wing Echo",
"Alpha Wing Foxtrot",
"Tau Wing Bravo",
"Iota Wing Tango",
"Delta Wing Tango",
"Eta Wing Zulu",
"Beta Wing Zulu",
"Xi Wing Bravo",
"Beta Wing Bravo",
"Eta Wing Echo",
"Beta Wing Foxtrot",
"Beta Wing Echo",
"Delta Wing India",
"Lambda Wing Foxtrot",
"Gamma Wing Echo",
"Epsilon Wing Kilo",
"Mu Wing Bravo",
"Upsilon Wing Tango",
"Upsilon Wing Echo",
"Chi Wing Bravo",
"Chi Wing Echo",
"Omicron Wing India",
"Omicron Wing Echo",
"Nu Wing Zulu",
"Rho Wing India",
"Alpha Wing Bravo",
"Alpha Wing Echo",
"Xi Wing Zulu",
"Zeta Wing Foxtrot",
"Theta Wing India",
"Theta Wing Echo",
"Kappa Wing Kilo",
"Phi Wing Bravo",
"Sigma Wing Foxtrot",
"Sigma Wing Echo",
"Omega Wing India",
"Beta Wing Bravo",
"Omicron Wing Zulu",
"Delta Wing Foxtrot",
"Upsilon Wing India",
"Gamma Wing Kilo",
"Iota Wing Bravo",
"Sigma Wing Bravo",
"Omega Wing Tango",
"Omega Wing Echo",
"Gamma Wing Foxtrot"

--VMA Ship Names, of the Vagyr Military Alliance
--VMA cityships do not have a name prefix, as they are massive enough to have renoun on a single name basis.
names_vgr_city_total = 8
--names_vgr_city_total = 10
names_vgr_city = {
"Navaskiya City",
"Makaan's Keep",
"Kejim City",
"Azar Harif",
"Izan Lih",
"Anadaar City",
"Forge of Sajuuk",
"Temple of the Skies",
"The Bazaar of the Sky"
-- (1/4/11) Look at Independence War 2: Edge of Chaos locations for these names?
--VMA capital ships, they should be 'fear-invoking' as they are military warships, and have a multi-part name
names_vgr_capital_total = 42
names_vgr_capital = {
"Harvester of Souls",
"Veil of Shadows",
"Worst Enemy",
"Reavers of Kharak",
"Al Navraya",
"Makaan's Might",
"Braizen Impiety",
"To'an Karaem",
"Overseer of Hi'ataem",
"Titan Rain",
"Veil of Fire",
"Lord Sathanas",
"Wings of Abaddon",
"King Rakshasa",
"Black Queen",
"Dragon Lance",
"Queen of the Damned",
"Double Dragon",
"Rephaim's Fang",
"Black Witch of Gamasi",
"Widow Queen",
"Behemoth of Neqael",
"Avatar Terminus",
"Eagle's Talon",
"Frozen Space",
"Hand of God",
"Darkest Night",
"Iron Hand",
"Shock and Awe",
"Maw of the Devourer",
"Heaven's Assertion",
"Divine Wrath",
"Jehrico's Trumpet",
"Terminal Dogma",
"Eat the Path",
"Maw of the Abyss",
"Spite Striker",
"Crimson Lance",
"Path to Victory",
"War in Heaven",
"Nomad God",
"Crawling Chaos",
"Ride the Lightning"
--"Shadow Hunter"
--(1/4/11) I am getting a Blizzard vibe here...
--(1/4/11) Star Crusher, Space Queen, Star/Sky Overseer...
--VMA frigates are similar to VMA Capitals except their names are usually simpler (one-word)
--Others are simply given simple numerical designations
names_vgr_frigate_total = 45
names_vgr_frigate = {
"Night Sparrow",
--VMA utility ships have prefixes that inspire income and economic themes.
--They have the prefix "Vagyr Utility Vessel" [VUV]
names_vgr_utility_total = 20
names_vgr_utility = {
--VMA strikegroups have a squadron name and a random Letter-Number pair.
names_vgr_strikegroup_total = 50
names_vgr_strikegroup = {
"Squadron A-2",
"Squadron G-34",
"Squadron B-9",
"Squadron F-7",
"Squadron H-4",
"Squadron G-65",
"Squadron D-6",
"Squadron D-3",
"Squadron C-44",
"Squadron C-47",
"Squadron B-23",
"Squadron A-42",
"Squadron G-23",
"Squadron B-94",
"Squadron F-17",
"Squadron H-54",
"Squadron G-27",
"Squadron D-60",
"Squadron D-30",
"Squadron C-31",
"Squadron B-1",
"Squadron Z-7",
"Squadron H-21",
"Squadron G-9",
"Squadron M-6",
"Squadron I-7",
"Squadron E-12",
"Squadron E-7",
"Squadron L-3",
"Squadron J-44",
"Squadron A-13",
"Squadron K-4",
"Squadron I-16",
"Squadron C-9",
"Squadron N-2",
"Squadron M-12",
"Squadron Z-5",
"Squadron L-1",
"Squadron J-13",
"Squadron V-64",
"Squadron K-17",
"Squadron F-3",
"Squadron H-19",
"Squadron K-12",
"Squadron M-11",
"Squadron Z-1",
"Squadron L-43",
"Squadron J-5",
"Squadron A-11",
"Squadron B-12"
Out of curiosity - what if we run out of the names during the gameplay - like hypotetically when I'd build and loose more destroyers that we have names for it?

Also does it have duplicate prevention - having two alive ships with same name?

P.S I remeber there was higaran elite Carrier named "Witchhunter" (named because it's crew somehow killed many Vaygr Sorceres Battle carriers).
We don't have duplicate prevention just yet. Typh will have to wail on it to fix.

Also sometimes it gives up and doesn't name ships. Something else that must be fixed.

Either way, the best way to avoid running out of names is to have a butt-load of names to choose from! So let's make some up!

Also the Witchunter is probably going to re-appear as a unique ship. Same with a few of the others like the old CV-6 Stellar Ranger. So I'm saving those names for later.
Well there are different kinds of name generators on the web, I know Tel had a flair for RolePlaying names and some MMO inspired names so I guess there is some inspiration to be had from there.

Is it possible to have a "generator" script if we feed it conditions and basedata?

Like put randomize a name from available parts, those being


Which could give Ang of Witchking / Witchking of Ang / King of Angmar / etc...

Get the idea?

(Yes I play too much LOTRO...Smile )
I suppose it's possible, but it probably wouldn't look very good. Especially with some of the weird or obscure names we can think of.

Although it might be useful for frigates or small craft to randomly come up with a 'Hull Classification Symbol - Number' format of name.

For now just give me regular names though!
Hey all;

Yeah the ship names feature is prototype - there is a bit of work to do to make it better. I've got several things lined up when I get time to develop them:

-Automatically calculating the length of the names array so that we don't have to have the total number for each category.
-Letting the player assign their own name to a ship. (I've got an idea for how to make this work!)

Currently the naming format is assigned by chassis type, so large ships pull from a name pool, frigates from another name pool, etc - I thought this would be the most flexible to allow us some flavor, but also not be so much overhead as to have specific names for every class of ships (which would be hard to manage in the long run).

The names of the actual units are still simple: I think keeping general classifications (e.g. "Missile Destroyer" or "Heavy Corvette") are good for the generic player, because they can more easily evaluate the chassis/weighting versus the TFS model of "Gladius MKI-A Assaultcraft". There is still room for that in the build pop-out description menu (as it is currently implemented) and in the ShipDescription flavor text which will appear when you have a ship selected on the map, and that flavor is really rich. You can see that the build menu still says "Heavy Frigate (Ion)" but the pop out is:

Lothringen Class FHI Fire Support System

Description: With production issues of the Tulwar Patrol Combatant causing
delays in a full transition to 4G Frigate technology, expeditionary shipyards have
taken to producing their own next-generation FHI. Of these indigenous efforts, the
Lothringen-class is the most successful, mating decommissioned Broadsword hulls
with advanced naval systems.
Role: Line Frigate
 1x 655mm Heavy Plasma-Ion Cannon
Prerequisites: None.

I think we can keep using this as we have traditionally done for rich-text around the ship classes themselves. Maybe even eventually build a UI pop-out on the main menu to display ship wiki-pages or similar for in-game lore display, etc.

Feel free to edit the ship names list in GitHub yourself, that's a feature of the platform we have history and can always roll back and track changes.



The names of the actual units are still simple: I think keeping general classifications (e.g. "Missile Destroyer" or "Heavy Corvette") are good for the generic player, because they can more easily evaluate the chassis/weighting versus the TFS model of "Gladius MKI-A Assaultcraft". There is still room for that in the build pop-out description menu (as it is currently implemented) and in the ShipDescription flavor text which will appear when you have a ship selected on the map, and that flavor is really rich. You can see that the build menu still says "Heavy Frigate (Ion)" but the pop out is:

Actually I was considering the opposite. Ships would be named by specific hull type "E.g. Blade mk22, Gladius-A, etc." since that's how it works in Real Life. A cursory understanding of hull classification symbols (of which we will include an encyclopedia of in the mod release, or on the forums, hopefully) is there to allow the player to easily identify what the ship does.

Meanwhile, the ShipDescription & Role flavor text will be formatted to give more tactically pertinent information to the player as to give an idea of how to use ships. I.e. "Ion Cannon Frigates are specialized artillery units which should be placed behind ships with a potent CIWS grid" or "Defenders are close support fighters which are designed for protection of capital ships or fire support for other strikecraft." or something straightforward like that. Most of the historical/technical data will be mentioned when we eventually get a wiki or ship library. That needs to wait for everything to be finalized though.
I think it's not worth an efford to bother with anything below HW2 destroyer size - they simply die too fast and in too big volume to have personal attachment - especially if this will be like that "Nooooooo, my beloved HGNS FF-665! I will miss you

The bigger ships are completely different story and for them this script is a huge cool-factor.
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