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Build via Hyperspace Feature
Hey all!

I just finished prototyping an awesome new feature this morning, building squadrons and having them spawn via a support carrier that arrives via Hyperspace. Check out the reddit thread here! Also posted to Steam community, and may get around to writing a tutorial in GBX forums after we get to v1.

That is great news! Can you record and upload it to Youtube?

Does it spawn only single squad or can you define mixed delivery - e.g. carrier has 12 squads capacity and it deliver like 8 fighter squads and 4 bomber squads?
It is on Youtube! Here is the Youtube direct link - I was simply using Reddit because I was trying to bring more attention from the community to PDS and hunting for some up-votes and attention to the PDS community.

The way the script is setup I tried to make it so it can be configurable in the long run, and there are many ways we can continue to develop it.

There are still some challenges that need to be ironed out, so it is purely in prototype right now. Check out my forum thread on the GBX forums or call attention there to see some of the issues I am dealing with regarding multi-squadron build. Currently the script is 'per squadron' but I think we can eventually set something up where it will take a 'batch' of requests, e.g. 8 fighters and 4 bombers and deliver them. In fact we can easily re-tool that "Reinforcement Build Menu" to select from multiple squadron types, for example an assault squadron or a patrol squadron or a recon squadron each with a different configuration of reinforcement ships that it will provide to the player. Do you think we should do it that way? Or the single-ship type way?

I think per-squadron would be obvious choice. You don't send carrier to deliver a single fighter flight, unless they are some kind of ultra elites Smile

I think that we need to come up with squadrons configuration for both Vaygr and Higgs.

BTW have you tested it in combat? Does delivery carrier return fire when deploying its delivery?
This is perhaps the greatest single innovation in the history of Homeworld modding!

But anyway, yeah. The original idea is there would be multiple re-inforcement packages to choose from containing a mix of ships, and this would be the 'main' way of 'building'. Building ships using RUs from carriers/shipyards is really more of a backup.

It would also be possible to get unique ships you can't build from your carrier's PDA. Lots of options!
BTW this brings me to the second idea - is it possible to ships builded via hyperspace to jump in with their own fighter compliment?

E.g if Higgy Battlecruiser has 5 fighter hangar if I call it via HS build it should jump in with 5 fighter squads by default.
Yeap - carriers can now come with their own fighter compliment! Also mrWHO I upgraded the feature and so now you can choose different 'air groups' to call in for reinforcement, e.g. space superiority or fleet assault which give you different numbers of bombers or heavy fighters for example. It is starting to mature as a feature!

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