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Freak show - The Universal guide to great unknown
Thinking more about T-Mat, Bentusi and Progenitor I realized that there is a lot of potential backstory to several less know races that we can explore.

Interesting enough despite their limited apperance in HW1, HW2 and PDS their actions have subtle impact to PDS universe.

This is by no mean the official PDS backstories, but hopefully some of the ideas can be integrated into official lore.

Lets get starting.

Officially we have following "Mega races/old races" - from oldest to youngest:
- Ghost Ship (at least several milion years old)
- Naggarok (about one million years old)
- Progenitor (at least 100'000 years)
- Bentusi (less than 100'000 years)
- T-Mat (less than 100'000 years)
- Beast (ethernal?)

Ghost ship (apperance in HW1 campaign):
Officially very little is known about that ship due to it's ability to takeover any ship that will get into its sensor range, not even Bentusi possesed any details about this ship. Thanks to data recovered by the Kushans we know that this ship is at least several milion years old.

Here is my input:
Point of origin: outside the Homeworld Galaxy
Race: unknown non-Human, non-biological race
The ship itself was build and run by the race that was long after transforming into full technological singularity. However that transformation affected that race invention and creativity to that point that they never invented the "intergalactic-hyperspace" which spared them the Beast encounter. Being more or less immortal they could spend a few milenia in hibernation while using normal hyperspace to travel between galaxies. Their only limiting factor was the fact that like every technological singularity race they require immense amounts of energy to keep them running meaning that they would have to make a lot of efford to refuel. The "Ghost ship" itself was actually a prospector ship that was sent to Homeworld Galaxy to check for potential future mining. The ship entered HW galaxy circa 120'000 years ago where they met Progenitor early colonization program (The HW galaxy was actually a young frontier for multi-galaxy spanning Progenitor civilisation). Due to being not only completely alien and technological sigularity the direct communication was impossible. In fact "Ghost ship" attempts of communication was by taking control of Progenitor ships which was, to Progenitors - an open hostility. It was first time that Progenitors have met the race stronger than them and it caused the greate panic as they treated Ghost ships as a first sign of invasion. After of dozens battles where they lost hundreds of ships witouth dealing any noticable dammage Progenitor military enacted "firebreak" protocol which ordered an evacualtion and then shut down of all gates from HW galaxy deeper into Progenitor territory.
After ensuring the safety of Progenitor space their military decided to enact last attempt to stop the ghost ship. With their massive defeats their managed to notice that the Ghost ship alsways used captured ships as a shield and protection from attacks. Progenitors were unable to find a method to screen their ships from capture, so they decide to use it to their advantage. The plan was simple - deploy last several hundred warships loaded with "planet-crakers" bombs. While the ships could be captured easily the bombs themselves had several(dozen), multi-redundancy detonators on them in hope that at least some would work long enough to detonate and destroy the ship when they will take position near it.
The plan worked...partially. The crakers did in fact detonated obliterating every single ship accompanying the Ghost ship. However the target itself remained intact. A few remaining Progenitor ships that were observing from distance considered this as a failure and ran away (leading to the events later described as a Fall, by younger races).
What Progenitors didn't observed was the fact that the explosion excaushed most of Ghost ship power reserves (they were used to power the inpenetrable shield that was capable of deflecting all Progenitor attacks).

From the moments of failed first contact the Ghost ship was trying to disengage and try to find the quiet place where it can wait (a few thousand years) to recharge their power reserve and head back to report that this galaxy is not a good place for strip-minning. Unfortunately Progenitors were relentless and possesed superior hyperspace technology. They were sending wave after wave of ships untill the last one exploded with unexpected power - the ship would be for sure destroyed if it would use almost all avaliable power to boost the shield. With power reserve gone and most of critical systems overoaded by the emergency power spike the ship is now incapable of recharging it's power with normal speed. There is only enought power for life support, much weaker shield and limited short range control field. The crew decide to set ship on safe drifting course and put it into hibernation more to slowly recover the power. However the estimated time to gain enogh power for return....3 milion years. Long time if not that the ship and the crew are already as much old.

By the time of HW1 the Ghost ship recovered only a fracture of it's power reserves, so the Kushan attack was able to overload the weakened shield and destroy the control field. After Kushan left the Bentusi towed now defencless ship to safe location where they could analyze and protect it from plunder. Rumors from Galacic Council says that T-Mat approached Bentusi asking for access and cooperation in research on this ship, but no one knowsthe details on actual agreement between two old races.
I've been thinking about T-Mat some more and came out with a few nice ideas.

What if T-Mat, beign the technological singularity society posess precognition? This would be no magic, not special skill, but attain due to immense calculation power of T-Mat technology. Basically they can calculate the general galactic events like we can calculate weather. They would know that there will be a rain in general area, but do not know the exact time and place. Therefore T-Mat would be the masters of the strategy and long time planning - if they want something you simply cannot stop them. They lack the tactical skills and react very slow to unexpected or random events (like Saajuk jumping to Higgara as every T-Mat simulation ended up with Makaan claiming it, that's why they set up an ambush for him, not for S'Jet).

Despite beign the singularity T-mat as a race still consist of individuals. At early stage of their road to singularity they came to the conclusion that converting entire race to one consciousness would lead to stagnation and inevitably to extinction. Therefore every T-Mat is born, grow up reproduce and only then they connect their consciusness to the singularity. After connecting to it the individual can still disconnect whenever they wish for, but they do this extremely rarely and usually to man their ships which leave their dyson spheres (that are giant reproduction colonies, singularities facilities and power source - all in one package). Such policy ensured T-Mat evolutionary sucess and avoid stagnation.

However their society is so based around singularity and future simulations that it puts them on entire diffrent level comparing to other races - typical T-Mat, no matter if young or old, connected or individual would be described by other races as a (at best) complete psychopath and a really patient one.

As every psyhopath they are very inward. That's probably the reason why they didn't dominated the galaxy and stick to their home space at Galaxy far south. Their general lack of interest and curiosity help them, accidentaly, to avoid both drifting Ghost Ship and Naggarok. The T-Mat were long aware of these two ships even long before Bentusi noticed the Ghost Ship. For T-Mat these dormant derelicts displayed no value and interaction with them might provide the entire load of new variables to their simulations - something that T-Mat prefere to avoid.
Untimately this was provent right in both cases and especially Beast infection proved to be the major chaos factor (e.g. heavy losses/exodus of Bentusi). In order to reduce the dammage T-Mat performed their own anti-Beast sweep, but to other races it was mostly hidden or looking entirely random actions.

The heavy dependence on extensive future simulation explains the T-Mat behaviour which seems random and illogical to lesser races due to the timeframe they consider. For example T-Mat might unprovokely attack a colony that never before had any contact with them simply due to that in their simulations there is a high chance that this colony would be a noticable obstacle to their plans...a few hundreds years in future. To T-Mat "the butterfly effect" is everything
The famous Yomi incident where Yomi tried to attack T-Mat and were completely ignored until they mannage to destroy single T-Mat resource collector. That single kill in T-Mat simulations costed a century-wide delay in one of their long-term projects. This had triger T-Mat response.

To this day the only race that was capable to understand and cope with T-Mat were Bentusi. Even with the Bentusi experience this was hard one-sided friendship. What was unknown even to Bentusi that from T-Mat point of view all other races are classified as "variables" in their simulations. The Bentusi are the only race that is classified as a "constant".
The destruction of Bentus actually created a whole new level of uncertainty that is so uncomfortable, that T-Mat actually decided to try to reach the Bentusi exodus from Beast war. Unfortunately T-Mat do not have any experience with Intergalactic Hyperspace nor with slipgate technology. Their lates simulations shows that with some significant research computing and resource shifts they should be able to reestablish contact with Betusi in a few centuries.

At the same time they consider Higgarans as the biggest variable in the galaxy. The fact are obvious Higgarans managed to defeat Ghost ship, Trigger Beast infection, defeat Naggarok, defeat Keepers, participate in Bentusi extinction (two times) and collect 3 hyperspace cores.
Current T-Mat simulations display the necessity to remove cores from HGN possesion and put Taiidans in the equation.
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To be done:

Naggarok race
Progenitor fall
Bentusi and T-Mat origin
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I actually have a sweeping narrative that ties everyone together, I simply haven't gotten around to writing it yet. But, the abridged version is this.

Galactic events from the Progenitor era to the current Vaygr-Hiigaran war are connected directly. Strings are actively being pulled behind the scenes. To summarize it roughly chronologically, it all starts with the Progenitors. The three great Gods, and a myriad of lesser beings.

Sajuuk: The Great Maker. The great technological and scientific leader of Progenitor civilization.
Koshiir-Ra: The Protector. The populist, statesman, and diplomat.
Qwaar-Jet: The Enslaver. Leader of the Progenitor Military and penal system.

Critically, there is one other. Jakuul: The Scribe... and the individual who is the most relevant to these events.

The Progenitors are descended from an even more ancient, extragalactic race. Who may or may not be Humans from Earth. This is to be left ambiguous. Others can draw their own conclusions. The Progenitors departed from their home galaxy due to a technological apocalypse or war of some sort, several million years ago. The Naggarok was one of their early explorer ships, which encountered the Beast by sheer random chance, and simply ended up somewhere so remote that it was never found for millions of years.

The rest of Progenitor civilization thrived for the next million or so years, colonizing most of the galaxy, building vast megaliths like Tanis and Karos, the hypergate network, and other incredible technologies. Progenitor civilization wasn't truly unified; there were several political divisions within their empire, including the Aikoans (Yomi ancestors), and a few alien civilizations that inhabited the galaxy before and during the Progenitors reign (most of these however, died out due to conflict with the progenitors or as collateral damage during their civil war).

The three aforementioned Progenitors, who would later be revered as gods, were actually the leaders of the 'Main' Progenitor empire. Each was, while not strictly divine, damn close to godlike power due to their psychic and technological abilities. The rest of the Progenitor species effectively worshiped and obeyed them unquestioningly, even at the time. This was part of the reason of their downfall; it meant that trillions of lives could be swayed with a word by a mere handful of individual personalities.

Sajuuk and Qwaar-jet rarely got along, due to the former's arrogance and the latter's violent nature. Koshiir-ra managed to keep the two in check, but had little martial power to back it up. Tensions slowly began to boil over during the late Progenitor period due to bickering between the Progenitor leaders, pressure from other factions (alien and human alike), and an increasingly overstretched galactic trade system.

Then Sajuuk, using his massive foundry ship, created the Three Hyperspace Cores, both as a tool of research, and eventually to give to Qwaar-jet and Koshiir-ra as a gesture of goodwill. This would have indeed solved the Progenitor's problems with interstellar and intergalactic trade, had events not transpired the way they had. The Hyperspace cores were not merely intended as simple transport devices, but also research tools. With them, Sajuuk could finally see into hyperspace directly, and begin to study it's true laws of physics and nature.

This is where Jakuul comes in. He, who was Sajuuk's scribe, advisor, and 'right hand man'. In reality though, it was he who had secretly been agitating events between Sajuuk and Qwaar-jet. Now, with the Hyperspace Cores, he pointed out a number of discrepancies in Sajuuk's research, and these anomalous findings delayed Sajuuk's giving his hyperspace cores to the other Progenitors. Jakuul then leaked this information to Qwaar-jet, telling him that Sajuuk was using the cores to craft Hyperspace weaponry in order to completely replace his more conventional fleets and armies. Qwaar-jet was furious, and demanded access to the Hyperspace cores, which Sajuuk flatly refused. One thing lead to another, and the animosity between the two lead to open conflict.

The war that followed was beyond imagination; far eclipsing any conflict the Galaxy had seen since, and tore the Progenitor Empire to shreds. It was fought with weapons that boggle the imagination; planet-killing projectiles launched at relativistic speeds, weapons that converted entire nebulae to pure anti-matter, hyperspace weaponry, planet-devouring nanophages, you name it. Initially, Sajuuk had the advantage, as his possession of the Three Hyperspace Cores allowed him to strike wherever and whenever he wanted, using his vast array of superweapons and doomsday devices to devastate Qwaar-jet's fleet. The advantage was soon lost, as Qwaar-jet's forces lay siege to Karos; Sajuuk's main base of operations, and destroyed many of most powerful weapons.

Koshiir-ra was initially neutral, desperately trying to stop the fighting and protect civilians from harm. He was, however, far too meek in his requests to be effective, and was ignored by both parties. Jakuul then used several of Sajuuk's planet-cracking bombs multiple heavily populated worlds, by feeding them with false target information, and then informing Koshiir-ra that this attack was deliberate. Koshiir-ra was appalled by the attack, and finally joined forces with Qwaar-jet, providing his industrial infrastructure support his brother's war machine.

The tide of the war waxed and waned for almost a thousand years. Untold trillions of lives were lost, as civilian populations went to war on their leaders' behalf, or became collateral damage. So many worlds were destroyed, that vast swathes of the galaxy, such as the Vaygr Reaches, and Great Wastelands, to this day have habitable worlds that number in the mere hundreds rather than millions, and why even the mighty Taiidan Empire had a scant 150 inhabited planets, considering the amount of galactic space it inhabited. No portion of the galaxy was untouched. It was Armageddon on a scale that defied the imagination.

On the fringes of the galaxy, many of the alien races that had been oppressed by or were in conflict with the Progenitors launched renewed attacks on their increasingly depleted empire. Both progenitor factions launched counterattacks, driving many alien species to extinction, or at the very least, bombing them literally back to the stone age.

The Aikoans managed to, through deft politics and relative geographic isolation, avoid the conflict for a while. Unfortunately, Jakuul had plans for them as well. The goddess Amenouzume, formerly the bringer of Merriment and Dawn (the distinction between divinity and high-technology was largely irrelevant at this era), was corrupted and set mad. Violently she attacked the other leaders of the Aikoans, and eventually, the Progenitors as well. A series of confused counterattacks threw the Aikoans into disarray and provoked a conflict between them and Qwaar-jet's forces.

Eventually, the situation became so bad that the Progenitor Race, and basically every other extant galactic power, blew each other to pieces. Most of the survivors were those on primitive or undeveloped frontier worlds, too unimportant to be targets in the great conflict. These would eventually become the modern races of the galaxy, by sheer virtue of being the only survivors.

At the eleventh hour, Qwaar-jet and Koshiir-ra, with the remnants of their forces, went to confront Sajuuk. Using everything they had left, a final, epic campaign was waged between their fleets, with the vast majority of their superweapons expended, Sajuuk revealed his new flagship, using his hyperspace superiority to very nearly defeat his foes. However, his ship was eventually sabotaged by Jakuul, who revealed his treachery. Realizing that everything up to this point had been at his feet, Qwaar-jet, Koshiir-ra, and Sajuuk vowed to unite against him.

This was to be their undoing.

While Sajuuk, Qwaar-jet, and Koshiir-ra were powerful, they were not truly gods, merely powerful transhumans. Jakuul, as it turned out, was a God, of the Lovecraftean variety. He used his own flagship, the Ghost Ship, to subvert most of the Progenitor Fleet, and used his arcane, reality-warping and madness-inducing abilities to swiftly defeat the remains of the Progenitor Empire in short order. Sajuuk, Koshiir-ra, and Qwaar-jet managed to flee using the Far-jumpers, and quickly realized the futility of further fighting.

Instead, the three came up with a contingency plan. Sajuuk suspected that Jakuul had a deep connection to Hyperspace, and came up with a plan of attack. He would devise weapons based on his research with the far jumpers that would, it was hoped, completely disrupt hyperspace travel, and feed back into Jakuul, hopefully killing him. The Far-jumpers themselves would be scattered to the ends of the galaxy, to hopefully allow future generations to rediscover interstellar travel. Qwaar-jet meanwhile oversaw the creation and deployment of the Keepers; AI war machines who would hopefully secure and protect vital infrastructure over the long term, to prevent subversion by Jakuul. Finally, Koshiir-ra oversaw the evacuation of the surviving populations to more primitive, isolated worlds, and helped them achieve self-sufficiency on a minimal level of technology, so they could hopefully ride out the chaos.

The Plan was successfully enacted, a number of quantum disruption devices were detonated, sending shockwaves through hyperspace and shattering it. All interstellar travel was disrupted for almost the next hundred thousand years. Their job done, the great Progenitors sealed themselves away in inaccessible places: Sajuuk in Balcora, the others in parts unknown. They digitized themselves into their ships' computers and slept, until the time that they could awaken again. The Keepers would watch over them, keeping Jakuul's minions at bay and ensuring that their creators would rest undisturbed.

This worked exactly as Jakuul had planned. He was entirely unaffected by these disruptions, and had subtly manipulated events specifically so the cores would be scattered, specifically so they would be found later, and specifically so they would come into the possession of the Bentusi, Karan, and Makaan. Their names were known to Jakuul a million years in advance.

The one variable he could not control was Amenouzume; the Aikoans may yet have survived were it not for the disruption of Hyperspace, and Ame's predatory attacks. Although they were tangential to his true aims, Jakuul had plans for the Aiko (and Yomi) in the long run, and Ame was one of the few beings in the universe truly dangerous to him. He sealed her away, behind China Gate, in the Ten-no-Kuma, placing one of Qwaar-Jet's keepers in charge of keeping her prison sealed for eternity.

Over the next hundred millennia, the Hyperspace Storms gradually subsided. The few races who survived the Progenitors fall slowly managed to get back into space. The first core was discovered by the Bentusi, and they managed to re-establish galactic trade routes. By this point, the Progenitors were only known as gods of the past; any historical record of them having been scrambled by the passage of time, interpretation, and linguistic drift. The Galactic Council was founded, empires rose and fell, and time passed on.

Jakuul meanwhile, was ever present. His role in the fall of the Progenitors largely unknown. The majority of the modern races merely saw him as one of the lesser, otherwise unremarkable gods in their pantheons (were it not for his position at Sajuuk's right hand). The sheer thoroughness of the destruction of the Progenitor war meant that little record of his treachery survived. This suited him well, as he skirted around the edges of the world, subtly directing individuals and cultures to put the pieces in place he would later need.

The events of the Kharakian exodus and Vaygr War were both his direct doing (although the Beast War is more ambiguous and incidental). Emperor Riesstiu IV the Second had slowly been driven to madness by Jakuul's whispering in his mind, setting him on a path that would lead to the Burning of Kharak, specifically to get Karan and the Second Core into the right place at the right time. Their encounter with the Ghost Ship was pre-ordained: he specifically wanted to ensure the exiles' progress went well. When the Hiigarans and Republican Taiidan retraced their steps, the Ghost Ship was no longer present.

Makaan's discovery of the Third Core, his Militancy, and his acquisition of the Planet Killers were likewise Jakuul's doing: it was He who personally acted as Makaan's spiritual mentor, lead him to the Hethilim, and urged him to invade Hiigara. It was also Jakuul who pacified the Progenitor Keeper of the Foundry, allowing the Second Dreadnaught to come to Makaan's possession.

It is unclear of Jakuul intended for Makaan or Karan to become the Sajuuk-Khar, or if he had plans for either case. Nor is it clear why. Those events will become more clear when the Eye of Arran is opened. Until then, it is best to leave them ambiguous.

As for the T-MAT... their role in Galactic Events, and the nature of their actions is because they are, currently, the race who is the most directly under Jakuul's influence, abiet subconsciously. Through their technology he has controlled them, ever so subtly. They are the perfect cover for him; so alien that their actions can be passed off merely as quirks of their psychology or post-singularity aloofness, so powerful that no one will press on to investigate their motivations. The T-MAT themselves have no conscious knowledge of Jakuul, they are merely tools. Because of this, not even the Bentusi suspected anything. Only vague hints of Jakuul being any other than Sajuuk's scribe had begun emerging.

The one incriminating piece of evidence to Jakuul's master plans, and perhaps his end goal, were the Star Metal Scrolls located on Kharak, which the Somtaaw Priests were not able to translate until after the mothership was launched. The elderly high priest of the Temple containing the scrolls managed to make a breakthrough, assisted by a lowly pilgrim who turned out to be an Avatar of Jakuul himself. This occurred on the very day the Taiidan burned Kharak.

In the context of the post-Makaan Hiigaran/Vaygr conflict, Jakuul isn't much of a factor. A few of Makaan's former followers have begun to form a cult in Jakuul's honor, while others are forming a counter-cult to challenge them. Most of this is happening deep in the Vaygr Reaches, and wouldn't be common knowledge to the Hiigarans. Similarly, recordings of the Star Metal Scrolls are being re-examined based on new progenitor knowledge, but they are so subject to interpretation that it is difficult to say if anyone will take them at face value or not.

Sajuuk's consciousness is still in his starship, but he has been driven insane by a hundred thousand years of being digitized in a computer. It would take Karan a while to piece him back together enough to realize exactly what took place, and how bad things are potentially going to get. This would not be likely to occur until after the activation of the Eye of Arran. The only others who know anything of Jakuul are the Keepers (who are enacting a 'contingency plan' in the wake of Sajuuk's awakening), Amenouzume, possibly the P3, and a few scattered cults here archaeologists and there.

This won't have much bearing in-game, for precisely this reason. Bits and pieces of information may slowly be revealed, but it isn't until after the activation of the Eye of Arran (which is largely outside the scope of PDS' planned storyline) that this becomes a major issue. At least that's the idea.
Nice. I like how you took several key point similar, yet diffrent to my version - the usage of Ghost ship and it's role in Progenitor fall.

As for your interpretation of T-Mat - it suplemments mine - while my writing describe accurately T-Mat nature, it lacks details on their main objective - Jaakuul subconscious control is the good missing piece of puzzle. Also Jaakuul beign god/singularity means that he understand well the T-Mat nature making them the easiest to manipulate - he don't have to drive them mad like Riesstiu IV, nor against eachother like Progenitors. His wispers were so delicate and subtle that for most of the times it would be more like an inspiration that plant a seed in T-Mat minds - he put it there and let their nature to the course.

Going back to my main original idea (without Jaakul) was that once few remaining Progenitor ships reported the failure the Progenitors we no longer able strike at Ghost Ship. They just sit and wait for the doomsday...that never came. Ghost Ship was never seen again (it made it's last hyperspace jump into dense star/nova/nebula region that covered it from Progenitor long range sensors).

With unknown status of the thread the new conflict between remaining Progenitors started to be visible - the reason was whenever or not they should reactivate the gates connecting to the rest of Progenitor space. It erupted into full scale civil as military faction decided that with Ghost Ship status not confirmed the whole galaxy goes into quarantine. The remaining civilians (which was about 20-30 bilion scattered in entire galaxy) started the unrests which dammage several important megaliths and destroyed the foundry ship (only progenitor mlitary shipyard in this galaxy) - the Progenitors, both civilian and military were left without key infrastructure to sustain their civilisation. Civilians had to struggle with sutvival. All megaliths were abbandoned as all of them were still under construction (except the few destroyed ones during civil war).
Earlier when evacuation was announced the megalith contruction ships were first to be evacuated leaving locals with no means of finishing them.

During evacuation te request for more Foundry ships was sent, but it was rejected as neighbour galaxy had only a few and much more dense population and infrastructure to protect.
After expiring all military options, remaining HW Galaxy military set their Keepers (which were more like a police and anti-Beast utility unit than proper warship) to guard mode and gave them objective to prevent gate reactivation at all cost.

As for the main Progenitor civilisation - the last miltiary reports from HW galaxy trigered the civilisation-wide panic as they saw that single ships was capable of easily dispose their military ships.

The HW galaxy was announce a quarantine zone and whole Progenitor civilisation went preparing for apocalyptic invasion from that region.
They knew that "The Thread" has only crude hyperspace abilities that would required thousands of HS jumps to cross between galaxies. So they decided to take time in their preparations for the invasion.

Unfortunately about 500 years later three ghost ships entered the galaxy neigbouring the HW Galaxy. The situation mostly repeated itself - hastly evacuation, gate shut down and dozen diffrent military plans to stop the ghost ship. The first attack by ships loaded with even more devastating boms has successed in destroying one ghost ship. However the remaining two adjusted their stategy (scuttling all captured ships at safe range). Then one acted as a bait to lure Progenitor attacks while other disengage and hide to recharge it's power for return trip back home.

The plan was successful - Progenitors focused on the one ship while loosing trace on the second one. Eventually they managed to discover that the Ghost Ship shields have a limit and managed to destroy that ship in conventional, long range combat (advance HS inhibitors, long range beams and super-bombs driven by simple chemical rocket engines that Ghost ships could not control).

With this victory and still one Ghost ship unaccouted again the hard question of gate reactivation occured. However this time with the military success and relatively smaller losses it allowed them to maintain control over general population.
The decision was made to fortify the single remote (remote from ghost ship entry point) gate and reopen it to inform rest of Progenitor civilisation about the partial success, additionaly to give civilians an opportunity to leave the frontline.

The sucess was welcomed across the galaxies, but the fact that the second attack was bigger still gave the impression that Progenitors are badly outgunned - if we have problems with 3 ships what will happen if it will be 30 ships? or 300? The central goverment made a decision to stop expansion in that direction and to fotify the galaxies closest to Ghost ship approach vector (leaving Homeworld Galaxy on it's own and largely evacuating the Neighbour galaxy - leaving only military outposts there).

The remaining Ghost ship managed to recharge it's drive and go back to it's home galaxy after aprox. 3'000 years. It reported the hostile galaxy-wide race that attacked them for no reason (it didn't know about the events in HW galaxy). "Ghost race" decided to send large expeditionary force of 50 military grade ships to that galaxy. They arrived 1'000 years later and engage heavily fortified Progenitor positions at the original entry point of the 3 Ghost ships. The Progenitor defense was wiped out with only single ghost ship score. The military seeing it's badly overrun decided to evacuate remainig civilians and then scuttle all gates to prevent Ghost to know that such technology exist.
The plan worked as the Ghost ship expeditionary force think that this was the home galaxy of the Progenitor.

for next 100'000 years the Progenitor military was focused on building the net of early warning systems and listening stations at the border galaxies - this helped them to notice the Ghost recon ships and kill them as soon as they enter their space. The Progenitor civilisation decided to expand into opposite direction knowing they don't have enough power to face Ghost race directly.
This make HW galaxy pernamently cut from Progenitor space. Even when S'Jet will reactivate the Eye of Arran, she will have access only to neighbour galaxy, which is currently strip mined and settled by the Ghost race.

As for the Ghost race their general policy is not to go into unknown galaxies, especially that it takes them thousand of years to cross vast distance. Therefore if their prospector ships do not return they declare that galaxy not safe/low priority. This means that they will not return to HW galaxy nor to main Progenitor space as long as they have other sites (they are currently pernamently settled in one galaxy and strip-mine several others).

Therefore on universal scale the only change to current status-quo would be when S'Jet would reopen the Eye of Arran and get noticed by the Ghost minining operation in neighbour galaxy.
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