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Progenitor Remnant faction in PDS era
This is kinda crazy ideal and we have bigger priorites, but I wonder is someone else except me ever wanted to put modern PDS ships versus alive progenitor faction (e.g. Progenitors from FX mod)?

I envisioned something like War of the Worlds (the new one with Tom Cruise where modern US army try to fight Tripods) scenario where modern PDS factions have to band together in order to stop Progenitor Remnants from entering the galaxy therough one of the progenitor gates that lead to smaller satelite galaxy.

The Progenitors themselves would be like typical sci-fi ancient and powerful faction that would have very resilient ships and powerful weapons (but less numerical per ship, close to vanilla HW2 standards). However they would lack the experience in fighting technologically inferior, but numerically supperior enemy (since they were fighting whatever made them run from main galaxy).

Kinda like HW2 mission where you fight with Keeper - I didn't like that mission in vanilla, but with PDS ships it was kinda cool with all these kinetic rounds, DEW and missile desperately trying to hold Keeper at bay when I initially expected to wipe it with the floor with modern weapons.

The story would be fairy simple Taiidan/Vaygr and HGN task forces were investigating the rumors about the long dormant gate (to S'Jet suprise it didn't activated with the rest of Eye of Arran network) to power-up. Both blocks rush to claim the relic and the battle between them is about to start when the gate opens. Progenitor ships start to enter the zone and attack everyone puching deeper into the sector. All faction call the quick truce and have to cooperate in order to break back to the gate and disable it before Progenitors can overwhelm them.
Well, I was planning something similar to this. Asymetric conflict between modern races and the Keepers would probably be on the increase, since most of the modern races want to raid the Keepers' holdings for Progentech, and the Keepers realize Karan has control of Sajuuk, and they're enacting contingency plans.

Now, I say Keepers because the regular Progenitors are, essentially, the modern (human) races of the Galaxy. I've written that the Progenitors wiped themselves out in a massive civil war (orchestrated by a third party) and the remnants were isolated and eventually evolved into the current clade of races in the Galaxy today (after a long period of technological regression; typically only the primitive, backwater planets of the Progenitor Era survived). I put a time frame between the Fall of the Progenitor Empire and the 'Present Day' at somewhere around 100,000 years or more.

So yes, there will surely be some Keeper vs Hiigarans/Vaygr situations. The thing to remember is the Keepers are very defensively oriented, and highly intelligent AIs, but bound to some very specific instructional parameters. While reverse-engineering of Progentech and changes in modern space warfare have closed the technological gap, Keepers are still hard targets.

Tactically, their main advantages would be that Progenitor materials science, energy distribution and manipulation, hyperspace knowledge, and active defense technology is far superior to that of the modern day warships. They lack a lot of redundant weapons systems and anti-missile systems (missiles fell out of vogue in the Keepers' case in order to simplify ammunition requirements over long periods), and mainly rely on shielding, armor, and self-repair systems.

That means the extensive inventories of Missiles, Railguns, and Ion Beams don't make much difference compared to he sorts of weapons being slugged around in past eras (aside from high volume of fire). The main weakness of the Keepers is that they are dependent on "off map" infrastructure to power a lot of their abilities. Their drones are manufactured off-site and teleported to battle by the Keepers or other ships (which have internal micro-hyperspace gates), their repair facilities are small docking modules, and their phasing and shielding abilities are powered by energy beamed from remote generators. This allows the Keeper to be master of it's environment, and minimize it's physical size, but it also means the infrastructure, in a larger-scale strategic scenario (unlike what happened at Karos), they would be vulnerable.

Of course, the Hiigaran Expeditionary fleet didn't know or plan for this during their encounters during the HW2 campaign. They didn't even know or expect the Keepers to be there, and the Bentusi and the Oracle failed to provide them that intelligence in advance. The HGN got lucky in both cases.

Stripped of it's support infrastructure, a Keeper is still a dangerous warship, but eventually will succumb to overwhelming force.

Moreover, Keepers can command and control other Progenitor ships, larger and smaller than themselves. However, the availability of these ships (and the permissions of the Keepers to access them) varies. The Gatekeepers of Sajuuk were specifically forbidden for the Keepers to operate.

During the timeframe PDS remastered is set in, the Hypergate network hasn't been activated yet. Most Keeper-Modern race conflicts would be over artifacts, salvage, or pre-emptive strikes on the Keepers' behalf to protect their artifacts and salvage. There are however, a few progenitor facilities who's purpose may be more ominous than just wrecked up leftovers. One such facility is located in the center of the Ten-no-Kumo nebula in Yomi space, considered the palace of the gods themselves. The Yomi only ever approach this place during the funerary rites of their Emperors (always accompanied by Ten Thousand warrior-monks and a full fleet in case the Keeper decides to attack). The Progenitor defenses are not, however, configured to keep anyone out. They're all set up to keep something else in.
Intriguing. I'd love to play with and against Keeper faction although all their special abilities might not be easy to implement in skirmish battles.
Yeah, it would be a shift from the fairly symmetric, straight-laced military factions. I'd imagine that were I to make the Progenitors a fully playable race, they'd strongly resemble the Progenitors from Path to Victory. Very tough to kill individually, with lots of energy fields and special abilities for their ships, but severely restrictive numbers and dependencies on vulnerable and difficult to move infrastructure.
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