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PDS Classic Posted to Steam Workshop
Hi all;

I have compiled, tested (single-player), and posted the classic versions of PDS 6.1 and 7.3.2 to the Steam Workshop. You can find them here:

PDS v7.3.2:
PDS v6.1:

Much work can be done to fill out the description text, features, and awesome screenshots of these mods so that we can raise interest in the community again. Any suggestions or contributions would be most excellent. I have gone out of my way to dig through the archives and give appropriate credit to all of those previously involved. Also, there are source code branches in the Github repository under /classic_61 and /classic_732

Please post, share, and enjoy as we continue working on PDS:RM. Sincerely;

Starting to get lots of hits on the GBX forums (see this cross post): -- stand by for incoming visitors!

Okay, thanks to you, Typhoone, we are officially still in business. Good job! You're going to go places around here!
Keeping a watch for account registrations or issues with access.
If anyone has any spare cycles -- I am currently working hard on Remastered edition for PDS, I could use some help managing the Steam workshop thread for the classic version of PDS. Two people have posted in a row that the current build does not work. I'd be happy to add anyone on this forum as a co-author and see if you can investigate what is not working for those trying to run classic. I'd look into it myself but I feel my time is best spent on PDS:RM for the next few weeks until we get to a v1.0. Friend me on Steam (name: "Typhoone") and I will add you as an admin/co-author for the classic version of the PDS mod. Helping manage the community outside of the forums can be really helpful to attract new people and build a good reputation! Thanks all;

I will be glad to help, although all I will be able to do is be the polite response that will tell them we will look into it and as them if they can provide any data to show why the mod is not working.
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