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Preparing PDS Mod Repository
Hi all;

Based on yasotay's comment of "what do we do next"; I went ahead and proactively started setting up a repository where we can host our collaborative effort for PDS:RM. I'm not sure how it was done in previous generations; if revision control was used, if there was an online space, etc. But I'm a software developer, so I decided to go ahead and use what I know.

So I've created a private repository on GitHub for 'hwpdsrm' - and I've created a early alpha starting point for the mod. I'd like to officially extend an invitation to everyone on these boards to join. So here are the next steps, by the end of the week:

*I'll have a forum thread (and git wiki page) written on how to access tools, commit content, and build+play PDS:RM. When this goes live, it'd be great to have it sticky'd.
*Because of licensing questions, the repo is private right now (not public) so it is invite-only. Therefore, please register a Github account, PM or post your username in this thread.
*There will be a skeleton for /src of mod-tree, /docs, /tools, /models, old-mod backup files, etc.

A lot of things will be changing with regards to HW:RM, just see this GBX dev post:

Some changes in our /source repo so far:

alpha v0.01:
-hgn_ and vgr_carrier have upgraded PDS weapons (2x rapid fire ACs and 2x small flak batteries).
-added custom light autocannon weapons for interceptor, carrier, etc based off vanilla.
-hgn_ and vgr_interceptor have re-rolled weapon damage and accuracies.
-Started adding "PDS:Remastered" text to skrimish mode game setup and launch gamerules.

Let me know questions/comments/thoughts, I'll be around all week!

Typhoone - registered with Github. User name (wait for it) - Yasotay. In fairness to you I am a rock at code (I am after all ancient, from the Hex @ Square clan of the Rotary phone age), but I will be happy to do what I can for ye ol' PDS team.

Where are the rest of you slackers!
I am ancient
I am not knowledgeable in Github, nor Mod code.

However, as a complement, I suggest we look at the PDS section of the Wiki as well, if you have the time. It is also intended to serve as some kind of repository.?

Does anyone have the code of the early versions of PDS handy?
Thanks for the link. Unfortunately, wikis are a terrible place to hold code and share files. I've finally prepared some sufficient tools for the Github repo, and am composing a new thread now with information and detailed links. Github also contains a built-in wiki system which I've also already started adding to as well. It is written in Markdown which is a pretty clean and easy to use format. Standby for the thread going online soon - I'd like to get it sticky'd if a board admin could make that happen and direct everyone to on board there while still using the forums for discussion.

Hey guys;

Just as an update I got ironwatsas all setup with the code repository yesterday. The skeleton is in good shape. Over the course of the next several days I am going to try and bring in a smattering of ships, models, scripts, and flavor text and try to get us to a v1.0 alpha - with gameplay skirmish mode, etc. etc.

If you aren't on the Github, at least friend iron or myself on Steam (username Typhoone) once it gets a bit more mature we might put a 'test/dev' version o nthe workshop shared between friends only for beta-testing pre-public release.

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