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Remastering ships WIP
Sun Tzu
I have started actual "remastering" of old ships, starting with the modified hgn carrier I made in 2007. Here it is in game. Retexturing has just begun.

That ship was never rigged for PDS. So if anyone feels like getting out of lurking/hibernating mode, here is a good opportunity to get your hands dirty and hardpoint the ship for PDS.

Hardpointing must be made for v6 PDS tech.

The ship would fill the CVA slot, ie it will bear less fighters/corvettes than a fleet carrier, it is meant to be in the front line, it should have some firepower and it will have FCT/C3I capabilities. It is more or less the role of the Marquess CVA (not CVE) of v7, so that could be a reference.

Hardpointing can either be made in CFHODED on the old HOD or in 3ds Max. I'll integrate it when remastering is complete.

I'll post updates from time to time.
Please attach the image as well (upload to site), so we don't risk loosing it.

Thanks for the update, that is a really awesome ship layout for a CVA.
Sun Tzu
I always forget. Most forums prefer the other way so I need to adjust ^^

And the screenshots taken with steam are rejected by the forum.
Edited by Sun Tzu on 25-04-2015 21:31
Ok, no big deal, I have seen some issues with mime, and some images, despite being correct in our eyes, won't attach.
Excellent work, Sun Tzu! I can see this being a possible unique model for something like the old Witchunter or Stellar Ranger, if not a proper CVA.

I'll play with it once I get the chance.
Sun Tzu
Small update with about 40% normal map done.
Sun Tzu attached the following image:
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