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RCS & Engine Trails
I had a thought. I was wondering if it would be possible/practical to add Reaction Control Thrusters and some sort of emmissive engine effects to large ships. Something similar to Nexus, the Jupiter Incident or This Experiment once tried in Freelancer.

Going with that, since sticking fighter trails on capital ships would probably look ugly, especially at low speeds. A similar engine glow or trail effect where the exhaust gasses are spewed outward behind the ship with some velocity rather than just kind of trailing off behind is what I am suggesting.

I'm wondering if either are something worth doing or that could even be scripted. I recall the Dust Wars mod trying something similar many years ago. Might be a neat little detail as long as it doesn't lag like crazy.
I have no idea how possible this is. I could assume that this would delve too deeply into engine to do well, but I could also see it being possible to kluge something together that worked 'well enough'.

I am a bit of a fan of RCS thruster firing graphics. Pretty much is never useful, but always a detail that makes me smile when I notice it was added.
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