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PDS Classic Testing/Bugfixing
I want to see if we can re-release old versions of PDS for Homeworld 2 classic on steam workshop before we get into heavy development for the remastered version. I want to do this first so we can (hopefully) attract the attention of other modders that may not have heard of us before. Bring in some fresh blood before taking on the big challenges down the road.

Now, I've gone ahead and installed PDS version 6.1 (I plan to test other versions soon) and played a few skirmishes to make sure it works. Long story short, it does.

The only bug I've found so far is one where the vanilla trails at the closest Level of Detail tend to get broken when zooming close to the ship. The "Alpha Trails" on the Hiigaran Blade Fighter work fine, but all of the other fighters and missiles are acting screwy. Screenshots of the behavior are attached.

I want anyone else (who is able) to also perform testing. We have working versions of all the old versions so I encourage you to plop them into HW2 classic and see what happens. I need to know what all we need to patch up before we release it back into the wild. We'll also need to take a look and see if there are any licensing things we have to worry about with Steam Workshop (We had Swastika badges in PDS v6 for some reason. It's probably best we pull them out just to be safe).

I'd want to focus on versions 6.1, 7.2, and 11 for re-release candidates.
Ironwatsas attached the following images:
2015-03-11_00002.jpg 2015-03-11_00001.jpg 2015-03-10_00002.jpg 2015-03-10_00001.jpg
How would you go about making it active for HW2 Classic? Shortcut? BIN file? Please provide more info, then we can jump on the bandwagon testing stuff.

Yes, pulling those badges would probably be a good idea...Pfft
Sun Tzu
The trail bug has been reported for vanilla HW classic.
At least for the vanilla ships, it shouldn't be too hard to apply the new textures. Will any of the custom beam weapon effects (eg the plasma lances on the Vaygr destroyer/BC) need to be reworked to apply the new lighting effects?
Sun Tzu
Re badges I think we should delete all real emblems, ie all emblems whose name does not start with a "("


How would you go about making it active for HW2 Classic? Shortcut? BIN file?

What I did was go into my steamapps/common/homeworld/homeworld2classic folder. Other than that it's the same as old HW2.

Then, just go into your steam library, scroll down to Homeworld Remastered, Right Click on it in it's list to bring up options, go down to properties, find launch options, then just type in -luatrace and -overrideBigFile like for stock HW2.

I -think- it sets that for all of the Homeworld Remastered games though. We may have to find an alternate solution in case it interferes with anything else.

Also HW2 classic's multiplayer seems to go through Steam now. I'd like to test that and see if it works. If anyone wants to volunteer Pfft
Sun Tzu
I just tested 7.3.2 a few minutes. I am surprised to see that the ui works fine. No bug in game so far.
It's looking like we can probably release it without too much hassle then.

I want to test the Multiplayer first though. It goes over Steam now.

Other than that, we might want to add an AI to the Sobani/IVF subfactions in PDS 6.1 and PDS 7.3.2, and make the Early Assault and New Duel gametypes from PDS v11 backwards compatable with v6 and v7, unless that would be too much work.
Sun Tzu
I just had a look. The early assault does not look different from what I made for 7.3. For duels gametypes, there is a bunch of additional code compared to what I made for 7.3. I can have a look into it, but I would guess it is very much related to the v11 concepts and does not make much sense for the "classic" PDS.

Btw did you keep any copy of the "reinforcement" scripts you tested at the time. I had a look at my archived files and nothing related to HW2 survived to this day.Frown
No, I do not. The computer I had back in the old days suffered a hard drive meltdown, many years ago.
Sun Tzu
Same cause, same effect. I will open a seperate thread to see if there is any real interest about this.

To get back on topic, I will test in more depth the 7.3.2 version in SP and player vs AI over the week-end. I will not have the time to test multiplayer before long.
Although I haven't been able to play PDS multiplayer with someone in quite some time, I do remember there being a bug in 7.3.2. If you try to hyperspace a Haarsuk around the map in multiplayer, the game crashes to desktop. Never experienced it in player vs. cpu, though.

The last time I tried multiplayer in RE, I couldn't even get into a server. Unless Gearbox has patched it, I won't be able to test the steam version, but I might be able to wrangle my kid brother into helping me try it on the old disc version sometime this weekend.
I have a version of PDS 6.1 and 7.31; I am able and can create Steam Workshop mods for them and publish them - then we can start shopping them around. I can do this in the next few days - I wanted to get the community's buy-in before I went ahead and did that (plus we should all become Steam friends). It doesn't look like anyone has done this so far for PDS. Any thoughts on a description; features fist; icon; tags if I was to publish to workshop? I can take content from the moddb linK: Let me know if y'all are good with me going ahead to do that.

Edit: I just saw GUTS had posted a v11b workshop mod:

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Typhoone I was a back story dude with no skillz. Will be happy to do what I can to assist. Would love to see a Remaster PDS7.x version.
I am ancient
Just an FYI - I did pull out the WW2 military badges from the 6.1 version before posting to Steam workshop.

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