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Newbie, a bit late....
I'm wondering if anyone has an "unbigged" and decompiled data folder for download. I've tried unbigging and decompiling on my own before, but it just doesn't seem to work. I just need a standard vanilla HW2 data folder. The one I had used to work with my old PC but for some reason it won't work now (maybe Vista, wouldn't surprise me, but this specific case seems unusual) The game will crash before it even reaches the first menu or loads an intro video if I put in the data folders and have an -overridebigfile in the target line. Any ideas? Do any of you have a working and clean data folder? I'm just trying to get some PDS ships in the vanilla game/campaign!
Are we to understand you cannot make a new installation of HW?

I usually make a backup of the entire game folder before unpacking any mods or alike.
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