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Eternal Silence
It's a fantastic, free mod for HL2. It combines space combat (a la X-Wing/TIE Fighter, Descent: Freespace) and ground combat (almost like Dystopia) into an amazing good time.

Typically, the teams depart in "tacticals": Fighters, Bombers, Interceptors, etc., and go to the enemy capital ship, blowing up its escorting corvettes (while defending your own). Once the corvettes are destroyed, you can board the enemy ship and take over. There's also "capture the points" ground-combat only maps, CTF, and delivery-type "demolition" modes.

Very, very fun, and I run a small (20 people or so) clan for the game - the 888th Space Superiority Wing, the "Lucky Eights".

If you're interested, drop me a line and I'll help you learn the game, possibly invite you to the Eights. Smile

You can find out more info at (The most up to date info is on the forums). You can see the types of tacticals and what they do here:
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oh yea, that game is sick. whats your STEAM id?

edit: wait, i have it already
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Ford, I don't mean to alarm you, but there are an infinite number of monkey's outside and they want us to go over their screenplay for Hamlet.
Based off of the Source engine? Hmm. I'd play it if my severely out-dated machine could run it!

Before anyone asks, I can only just about run HW2 on this laptop. XD You know, 256RAM, 1.3ghz processor..the works.
Yeah, you'd prolly have trouble with ES then, as it tends to push the limit of the source engine.
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