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Stuff I'm Writing
So I've been working on this new story. Not technically a fanfic but it's SciFi and some stuff is inspired by HW2 as well as SG1, BSG, and the Honorverse as well as some others. Anyway, I'm just gonna throw a chapter up here for now, just looking for some opinions on it and since PDS doesnt have any stories going ATM i figured this would work. Plus people seemed to like my last one.

Again, not really fanfic, so if Tel or anyone wants to pull it thats fine. Here it is, no title yet though.
Ford, I don't mean to alarm you, but there are an infinite number of monkey's outside and they want us to go over their screenplay for Hamlet.
Chris Owen
March 8, 2009


"Thirty seconds to arrival; prepare for deceleration." Zaaks voice rumbled through the thick perfluorocarbon, an octave or two lower than its normal pitch. Alexis drifted through the liquid and swung herself into her seat, quickly strapping herself down as a large countdown appeared on the monitor at the front of the bridge. She sighed, or at least tried as best she could in the PFC, and gripped the arm rests as the countdown reached zero.

Alexis felt her body tug against the harness as the ship decelerated from FTL, bleeding off speed as it crossed down into real-space where the speed of light still mattered. Only by utilizing Zercona Wings could a ship cross into null-space and ride the energy conduits that connected every star in the galaxy in a giant web, making it possible for humanity to expand beyond its own puny star system. Of course, the image of a web was merely a representation that humans could comprehend; only the Zercona themselves and a few rare Super AIs could actually comprehend what actually happened in n-space. The average ship-board AI understood enough to navigate n-space, but they were like navigators on the vessels of Earths oceans, while Zercona scientists and Sais were oceanographers.

The monitors sprang to life as the ship completed its r-space transition, revealing a large dock roughly four hundred thousand kilometers off the ship's starboard bow and a pair of corvettes six hundred klicks off the stern.

"An Ares System Customs ship is hailing us." Zaak announced, "they are requesting registration information."

"Transmit our codes, warm up the r-space engines and begin depressurizing the PFC." Alexis ordered.

"Aye," Zaak paused for a moment, "authentication codes rejected, we are to hold for inspection."

"What the hell," Alex muttered, "goddamn paranoid hicks. Tell them we're still pumping down our PFC and require half an hour for completion."

"I already did, but they insisted. One of the 'vettes is heading this way at low acceleration, I estimate interception time at around ten minutes."

"Keep warming up the engines," Alex said, "but hold off on pumping the PFC. If they want to start shit they can try to catch us."

"Customs ship is requesting visual communications." Zaak said.

"Fine, put them up on four."

The face of a rather fat, balding man with the bars of a Captain on his shoulder appeared on one of the small monitors. A crooked grin appeared on his face as he eyed Alex in her skin-tight G-Suit. Noticing this, Zaak quickly adjusted the camera focus so only Alex's face appeared on the mans monitor, and his grin dropped noticeably. Finally, he cleared his throat and spoke in the nasally tone of one who thinks he's superior to whomever he's talking to. "I am Captain Percival Jones of the Ares Navy, to whom am I speaking?"

"I'm Alexis Reynolds, a citizen of the Centauri Principality and owner of the ship Hermes. Why am I being held?"

"No, Miss Reynolds, you're not being held, we're merely checking for contraband, it's a completely random check. However, if you refuse then we have the authority to disable your ship and take you into custody." His nasty little grin came back.

"Captain, we just dropped out of a n-space run from Alpha Centauri; we're going to need at least half an hour to pump the PFC out of the bridge." Alex said, careful to keep her anger in check.

"Oh, that won't be a problem. In fact, it will make it much easier on us if you and your crew are stuck on the bridge while we perform our inspection. And by the time we're done, you'll be able to come out. Now, if you would so kindly transmit your crew records and cargo manifest while we dock we can get this over with as soon as possible."

Alex knew there was no way she could get out of it; no matter how slimy the man was, he surely had a plan to make the report to his superiors look legitimate. She could run, but to get back to the systems transition line she'd have to either go past both 'vettes or run, and she didn't know how hard those ships could accelerate with military-grade drives. Her only advantage against them was that her PFC was still pumped up, so she should be able to accelerate harder, but there had been rumors about Ares researching gravitic compensators to replace mass-heavy PFC systems. If that was the case, they could accelerate hard without taking the time to pressurize.

Finally, Alex decided it was better to just let them board and hope they didn't damage anything. She wasn't carrying any illegal goods so there shouldn't be a problem, but if they found out about Zaak...

"Incoming transmission from Ares Terminal," Zaak announced.

Now what? Alex though to herself, "Put it through."

The voice of a young man came through the speaker on her armrest, "Hermes this is Ares Terminal, our scanners show that you haven't moved since transition; do you require assistance?"

"Uhh..." Alex clicked the mic button, "Ares Terminal this is Hermes, we have been hailed and ordered to halt by a Ares Customs corvette."

There was a pause, "Hermes, we have no Custom ships currently operating in your area, can you verify last transmission?"

"Shit," Alex swore, "Zaak, transmit that corvette's ID code to Terminal and give me manual controls." Panels on either side of the chair opened and a set of flight controls slid out of the arms.

It seemed like days, but couldn't have been more than a minute before Terminal responded. "Hermes, we have no records of a Captain Jones in Naval Service, we suspect they might be pirates. A destroyer is currently en-route to your position."

"Terminal, a destroyer is not going to get here fast enough, I'm running."

"Confirmed, good luck Hermes."

"Captain Jones is requesting docking." Zaak said.

"Tell him to go fuck himself." Alex grinned as she slammed the ship's throttle slider to its maximum.

The drive panels at the bow blossomed open to reveal a rainbow cascade of light. Hermes hung for a moment as the wave of radiation pored over the ship, then leapt forward at an alarming rate. Jones' corvette quickly lit its engines to pursue, but they never had a chance against Hermes reaction drive and could only watch as the ship streaked away on a trail of light.

"No pursuers," announced Zaak, "ETA to Terminal is ten minutes."

"Oh come on," Alex muttered, disappointed, "they're not even gonna chase us?"

"Looks that way."

Alex sighed, "They probably saw the destroyer coming and booked it for the transit line. Take the helm and bring us down to five Gs and pump down the PFC."

Ford, I don't mean to alarm you, but there are an infinite number of monkey's outside and they want us to go over their screenplay for Hamlet.
if you dont write more you and i will have some serious problems. I signed on to leave you this message. and i never sign on.
holy shit, someone replied
uhh... ill post more soon i guess. just gotta find it in my massive folder of unfinished stories lol
Ford, I don't mean to alarm you, but there are an infinite number of monkey's outside and they want us to go over their screenplay for Hamlet.
keep posting/writing
found it, but not super happy about where i went with it immediately after that part, so im doing a quick re-write. next couple days hopefully, as long as school doesnt get in the way.

this is what i get for never planning out story arcs in advance.

of course, there's always the chance that ill have it up within the next five minutes >_>
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Ford, I don't mean to alarm you, but there are an infinite number of monkey's outside and they want us to go over their screenplay for Hamlet.
"Explain to me exactly how a pair of pirates managed to get their hands on Naval ID codes without you knowing!" Alex slammed her hands down on the Administrator's desk.

"You clearly managed to escape," muttered the man, "I don't see how this is a problem."

"Are you kidding me!?" Alex was nearly screaming, "The only reason I got out was luck and the Hermes. If a civilian cargo hauler or liner got caught you would have been fucked; most civilian ships wouldn't have been able to escape them."

"I assure you ma'am, we take system security very seriously." the Administrator was clearly nervous, perhaps not used to be spoken to this way.

"There's just no use talking to you, you know that?" Alex turned and left the office, slamming the door behind her. "Useless dumbass, how the hell did he even earn that position." She pinched the bridge of her nose and sighed heavily.

"Any luck?" Zaak's voice came through her headset.

"No," she responded, "That man is useless, we wont get an answer out of him. I guess we'll drop it and just look for a job. I'll keep you informed."


Alex wandered around the station for an hour looking for her client. She finally found him in a small general store near one end of the massive station; a young girl of about 13 manned the counter, surrounded by random electronics, foods and toys.

"Can I help you?" asked the girl.

"I'm looking for Carl Anderson," said Alex, "I have a delivery for him."

"He's in the back," said the girl, "I'll go get him."

As she disappeared through a beaded curtain behind the counter, Alex took the time to look around the shop. It hosted a surprising variety of product, from cheap children's toys to some pretty advanced electronics and weapons. She saw no other customers, however, and no signs of any recent moving of product; everything was covered in a thin sheet of dust, a rarity in a controlled environment.

Alex heard the beads move behind and turned. A man about her age stood in the doorway, quickly looking up from what had clearly been the location of her ass. "Uh..I'm Carl, can I help you?"

"I have a package for you." Alex said, "it's kind of big, so you'll have to come to the ship to pick it up."

"Of course," said Carl, "Just let me close up."

Alex waited outside the shop while Carl locked up, then she, Carl, and the girl left and walked down the station toward her ship.

After five minutes of silent walking, the girl spoke up. "My name is Stacy by the way."

Alex smiled, "I'm Alex. Nice to meet you."

"So you sell computer parts?" asked Stacy.

"No," Alex replied, "I own a spaceship, I do odd jobs with it, usually deliveries for companies."
"Do you ever have to deal with gangs and stuff, like in the games?"

Alex laughed, "No, I only take legal jobs."

"My brother thinks you're cute you know."

"Stacy!" Carl yelled, his face turning red. Alex suppressed a laugh.

"This is my dock," said Alex, breaking the awkward silence. She tapped the comm set in her ear, "Zaak, it's me. Let me in."

"Are you safe?"

"So-so." It was a code phrase. Had she said she was "fine" Zaak would have alerted the station security department. Instead the door slid open and she walked into the ship, followed by Carl and Stacy.

"It's right in here," Alex said to Carl as she palmed open the door to the cargo hold. The lights came on as the door opened, revealing Hermes' small cargo bay and the large box in one corner. "I had to burn pretty hard to outrun some pirates, but it shouldn't be damaged."

Carl walked over to the crate and entered an access code on the keypad, then waited as the top slowly slid open. He looked in, and Alex heard him moving objects around. Finally, he stood. "Looks like everything's here. Do I owe you anything?"

"No, everything should have been transferred into my accou..."

Zaak cut her off over the loudspeaker, "Alex, we've got trouble."

"What's wrong?"

"Over a hundred warships just appeared at the transit line, profiling looks like Persephone Republic warships. We have missiles incoming, ETA fifteen minutes." As he spoke, the station evacuation alarm went off, tearing at their eardrums.

"Shit," Alex swore, "Zaak, warm up the engines and prepare to undock." She turned to Carl and Stacy, "You guys should get to an escape pod.."

"Yea right," Carl said sarcastically, "you know an escape pod won't survive something like this."

"He's right, you know," Zaak said in Alex's ear. She paused, arguing with herself.

"Fine, follow me." She turned and walked out of the cargo hold, "Zaak, seal us up and ready the PFC." She glanced over her shoulder, "You two ever breathed perfluorocarbon?"

"," said Carl, "we've never ridden on anything except the shuttle to get here."

"Fine, just know it won't be comfortable."

"Carl," Stacy asked, "whats perflo...perfloro."

"Call it PFC," said Zaak, "it's a liquid you can breath like air. It makes it so we can go faster."

"It won't be fun the first time," said Alex, "or ever really. Your body will try to tell you that you're going to die, and you'll try to hold your breath as long as you can. Eventually you will run out of air and start breathing the liquid, but it will feel weird."

"Do we really have to do that?" asked Carl as they walked onto the bridge airlock.

"Only way to outrun those warships," said Alex.

"We're ready to go," said Zaak, "Sealing 'lock; pumping in PFC." Alex leaned against a wall and relaxed as the liquid began to fill the small chamber. "Six minutes until missile impact. Twenty minutes until main fleet reaches weapons range. The Ares fleet is moving to intercept. We don't have a lot of time."

"Release the docking harness and light us up. Keep acceleration low until the PFC is pumped up. Head around the station and away from the battle."

"Aye." Hermes rumbled as the dock released, then swerved hard, "Station docking clamp has jammed, suspected computer malfunction."

"Hack it," said Alex, the PFC rising to her chest, "if you can't release it then blow it, just get us out of here."

They waited nervously as the liquid crept higher and the missiles got closer. Alex watched Carl and Stacy as they struggled against the PFC, grimaced as their bodies where racked with spasms before they finally breathed in the liquid and relaxed.

"We've run out of time," said Zaak, "cutting lasers are hot, fifteen seconds to dock cutaway. Lighting drive in twenty seconds."

Alex swam into the bridge, quickly directing Stacy and Carl to a pair of seats and strapping them in before seating herself in the captains chair. Less than a second later, she felt the ship accelerate under her, pressing her into the seat.

Hermes streaked away from the station, its radiation trail streaming out behind it. Within seconds two hundred high-yield missiles impacted and exploded on the station, creating millions of tons of shrapnel exploding outward. Dozens of escape craft where caught in the debris field, their crews having less than a second of terror before they were torn apart. In the distance, the first exchanges of firepower began, creating pockets of lights against a backdrop of stars.

"My god," Carl said, "they're all dead." Stacy sobbed, her tears indistinguishable from the PFC around her.

"Twenty minutes to transition limit," said Zaak.

"Plot a course for home," Alex ordered, "We have to let them know what happened."


The ship continued on, a solitary speck against a backdrop of death. Twenty minutes later, the speck vanished in a flash of light and ceased to exist as we know it.

Ford, I don't mean to alarm you, but there are an infinite number of monkey's outside and they want us to go over their screenplay for Hamlet.
History One

In CE 2108 humanity experienced a crisis of resources. Despite the advent and acceptance of nuclear fusion power, the Earth simply could not support the number of humans living on it. With that knowledge, The United States, China, Russia, the European Union, and Japan formed a joint program with the goal of establishing human colonies throughout the solar system. By 2142 large, nearly self-sufficient colonies had been built on both Luna and Mars. Humanity soon expanded to the Belt, where several small colonies were built on and orbiting large asteroids. The Belt proved to be a massive wealth of resources, easily supplying all the raw materials humanity needed for the next 60 years. When the population of Sol reached 15 billion in 2202 another expedition was planned to carry 10,000 people to Jupiter in a large colony ship, where they would begin to populate Jupiter's moons. After twelve years of planning and construction the Odysseus started its four year journey. A year to the day after parking in safe orbit, the Odysseus's crew made first contact with the species known as the Zercona.

Ford, I don't mean to alarm you, but there are an infinite number of monkey's outside and they want us to go over their screenplay for Hamlet.
just a note. since this stuff is an original IP i'd like to use it on a resume and/or to sell someday so any constructive criticism would be much appreciated.
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Ford, I don't mean to alarm you, but there are an infinite number of monkey's outside and they want us to go over their screenplay for Hamlet.
I like it a lot. For now that's the only criticism I can give because my eyes hurt from reading so much (I just read from top to bottom)
finals are over, and you know what that means for you! MORE READING!


"What are you going to do now?" Alex leaned back in her chair, hands behind her head while she studied a the man before her. Carl was sitting on a stool at the other end of Hermes' small galley while he waited for an packaged meal to cook. He had finally managed to get Stacy to sleep in one of the unused cabins once she stopped vomiting; she didn't have the best reaction to the PFC and had become sick to her stomach nearly as soon as they left the bridge.

Carl sighed, "I have no idea. All my money was in that shop."

"Any relatives outside of Ares?" Alex asked.

"No," he shook his head, "no relatives anywhere actually. They all died or dropped out of contact a long time ago."

"Well you can't stay here long," Alex scratched the back of her head, "we can drop you anywhere in the Principality, but if my guess is right than international travel is going to get tricky soon."

"What do you think is going to happen?"

"Ares and the Principality weren't allies, but the Republic's attack will tip the balance. Ares won't go down easy, but the Republic just has a bigger navy. It will end up being a siege war and the Principality will probably get dragged into it. With the three superpowers involved then there's no way the island-states will be able to stay out of it for long, not even Earth. The Republic has to be stopped quickly."

"And how is that going to happen?" asked Carl.

"I'm going to convince the Principality Command to ask the Zercona for help," Alex answered grimly.

"Will they?" Carl said, "they don't tend to take much interest in us."

"They were human too, once," said Alex, "they were willing to give us faster-than-light technology, and they will understand what will happen if this war starts. They won't just sit idle and watch us kill ourselves in a war of attrition."

"You're awfully confident in them," muttered Carl, "considering how little they've ever done to help us in the past.

"Even if they won't admit it, humans are too essential to their technological growth to let us kill ourselves now."

"How are we of use to them?" Carl asked, "They figured out FTL, what have we done?"

"It's not what humans have done," Alex sighed, "its what they can do. The Zercona know that Sapians are on a completely different evolutionary path, the potential for growth is astounding."

"Doesn't mean they'd risk their own necks for us," muttered Carl.

Alex shrugged, "We'll find out soon enough." She stood and headed toward the hatch, "Why don't you get some sleep," she said as she walked away, "We'll be dropping down to real-space in seven hours."

"Yea, right." Carl took a few minutes to eat, and then promptly threw up in the galley sink.


Alex lay on her bunk, halfway through stripping off her work clothes. She stared at the ceiling and closed her eyes, willing herself to stay awake and think. First of all, she had to find somewhere to drop those two, then she had to deal with Command and the Zercona.

"Alex," Zaak jolted her from her thoughts.

"Huh?" She sat up, "what is it Zaak?"

"I'm getting an odd reading off our wake," Zaak said. "The gravatic wave structure is unstable."


"The most likely cause would be a break in our wing's particle bubble, but a system check shows no errors."

"Whats the likelihood that the diagnostic is wrong?"

"I detected no debris impact over tolerable force during our escape," Zaak said, "There's no reason it would be damaged."

"So we're being followed," Alex bit her lip.

"That does seem the most likely theory," Zaak replied, "There were no ships in the vicinity when we made our transit, but if a prowler happened to be close enough they could have piggybacked our wake without powering up their wings immediately."

"And if they were ballsy enough to stay close they could ride without them for a while." Alex finished Zaak's thought.

"Correct," Zaak said.

"Then why did you just notice them?" Alex said angrily.

"I suspect they fell behind and were forced to partially deploy them to stay with us."

"Well, they can't do anything to us in null-space," Alex lay back down, "We'll deal with them after we transit down."

"What do you think they're after?" Zaak asked.

"What else?" Alex closed her eyes, "They're probably with that Jones guy. They wouldn't be the first people to try and steal Hermes' drive from us."

"I guess not," Zaak said quietly, "Sometimes I wonder if it's worth the trouble."

"Of course it is," Alex yawned, "if we didn't have that drive then I wouldn't have you, and that...would be..." she fell asleep before she finished.
Ford, I don't mean to alarm you, but there are an infinite number of monkey's outside and they want us to go over their screenplay for Hamlet.
that was shorter than i expected...oh well
Ford, I don't mean to alarm you, but there are an infinite number of monkey's outside and they want us to go over their screenplay for Hamlet.
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