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Glory to the empire
Shrill screams heard overhead masked only by the sounds of Air guns punching holes for bolts in a solid steel wall. Contrails in high altitude slowly move forward. Hovering creations, cranes, platforms line the Walls of this immense cradle. Green eyes, a commonality for the people who reside here, gazes upon the long cylandrical Vessel. It wasn't even four weeks since this soul set foot on the ground. His vivid thoughts of holding the trigger, Watching as his actions caused the deaths of hundreds. In his mind he heard the Clank of the onboard weapon, the flash of light seen outside, witnessing the awesome power. The screams he thought he heard was muffled time after time. A grim reaper indeed.

The Cradle was infact a planetary birth for some of the most impressive warships this nation had ever seen. Ever since the emporers Proclimation of war against the bastard easterners, The cities and factories of this world, and over a thousand others, had lit up in a frenzy of patriotism. Always hearing reports of victories, dazed enemies, panic'd opposizing officals. This time was different though, They had seen the petty "Wars" that lasted in this blank galaxy, people Always had their minds on the slow fleet to fleet engagements all heard about far too often. The time for little picket fleet engagements, as seen in the entirety of the Crusade they witnessed, the crusade of the hiigarans to their world. If there was anything to learn from this, it is, our foe, would not back down easy.

Those same green eyes, not even two months later, peered out of a window, a glass box it seemed, only two inches between himself and the bleak space forward. Flashes of light catch his attention, flickering like stars in the nights sky. Flashes they were, but subtle and peaceful they weren't. He looked up, seeing a green light. To his left, others Were in the same position, all taking their last breath before the plunge. "ShuStu klitor!" he heard, A typical signal for this situation. The massive chasm infront of him lit up in cylidrical patterns, Showing a pathway to the flashes ahead. "Shu Stu, Kinso!" With that, his head pulls back into the headrest, Feeling the intense thrust as his body is thrown from the massive superconductor at intense speeds. As he looks back, Massive lights are seen, shining his face forcing his eyes to squint. Forcefully he pulls the joystick back, lowing his pitch on the lights ahead. He closes his visor to prevent the same gleam as he seen moments earlier. His own Craft, A strike fighter, one of the best in the navy, held its course towards the ever brighter flashes ahead.

Pockets of Debris created hazards for the freshly joined group. Ahead the skim over the remnants of a dying hiigaran Battle cruiser. Forward a massive 1500mm Battery fires its last shot before being Struck by a dark purplish beam hits the turret for an instant. Pillars of fire rise from the now drifitng hulk. He moves the stick to the right, causing the fighter to barrel roll under the seperating Mass. Fighters break off to avoid the situation entirely, but this one was different. He holds his hand center, looking to his right, seeing the bow of the ship as he blasts past. Lights flicker and bassive burning holes are seen, he isn't sure what the minds of the crew are thinking, panic? preparedness for their end? This wasn't the time to think of these things. He took a deep breath as the group passes the rear of the now dead cruiser. The engine lights flicker a few times, atleast he thought so, as the only clue was the gentle lighting of the rear parts of his forward wings. The craft, similar in shape to a delta wing, pushed onwards through additional wreckage. Two Hiigaran fighters move what seems slowly in his Hud. Followed, are more of his craft. Large missiles ram into a destroyer nearby, followed by strafing runs by bombers. He knew this battle had ended before it started.

They heard this force was heading for the border, a fleet of six battlecruisers and their escorts. What were they thinking, had they forgot the lessons of the past? It didn't matter, We had fewer ships, but inflicted far more damage. Fear was rank in their groups, you could almost feel it. Ahead, a Line Destroyer opened up, massive rounds flew past. The fighters deployed counter measures to scramble any missile locks but the rounds were more of a worry. They flew past over and over, he pulled the stick in varied directions as he had sharp senses. The pilot to his left, did not. A slug impacted the cockpit, Pieces flew from it, and brightened his cockpit for a split second. He looked forward, as more Hiigaran Ships took up positions, they were gaurding our target, A command Cruiser. He almost lost hope of surviving until he again, seen the cockpit light up. A massive Sapharion Dreadnaught appeared over head. He watched as hundreds of fighters shot out from its wing pylons. Ahead he was blinded by the Enormus amount of energy poured fourth into a focal point on the ships bow. A massive Orange beam Shot fourth. He traced the beam from the origin to its target. The destroyer had effectively stopped firing at this point, as the middile of the ship did not exist and what was left was slowly burning away. The beam shifted angles, firing onto another ship before it ceased. Another beam pierced the void below him as another had warped in. He thought to himself, "did they not think we could handle it?"

His fighter shot past what remained of the destroyer that blocked their path before. Missiles shot past from behind as the Bombers they were escorting reached their target. He turned away, pitching down. His fighter was flying sideways, firing his front Cannon. A fighter breaks up infront of him. The fighter was pushed to its theoretical limits, turning as hard as could be done, Manuevers only attempted by the bold and/or insane. He turned to engage a fighter head on. He knew they were heavily armored compared to his fighter, but far less agile. He engaged his forward thruster, pushing the nose up and over, Now flying backwards, he fired a missile and watched as the contrail curved slowly before creating a fireball. The enemies command cruiser had made an attempt to jump but the missiles launched by the bombers disabled their drives. The ship attempted to turn tail but three Arvelos BattleCruisers were circling the ship, firing their Gravity lances and 600mm Primary cannons in a blaze at the cruiser. He could only watch as nuclear tipped missiles passed through the anti missile gunfire, creating huge fireballs. Pieces of the ship drifted away as more and more cannon shots hit. Huge broadsides inflicted tremendous damage as the bridge of the cruiser was finally hit by a gravity lance.

Two Ilshan Destroyers blasted past, firing their short burst Gravity lances into a destroyer, followed by three rear fired Cold launch torpedoes. He thought to him, it was like they didn't even know we were here. His fighter, barely tested it seemed, slowly entered a bright lighted tunnel. As he let up on the thruster, a clamp extended gripping the ship. The cockpit released and ascended into an airlock as the fighter was lowered and repositioned into its magnetic launcher. A tall fairhaired man stood ahead. His uniform was clearly one of an officer. His voice was deep and serene as he spoke, "I am truely honored to have an ace of your reputation onboard. Sorry that the battle wasn't.. quite as difficult as your past victories, but nontheless." The pilot smirked a bit, "They didn't learn but we did, seems fit for a superior race, eh?" The officers expression was one of joy and amusment. "Good to have you back."
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