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Komo val

YEAR 6.2 AI,

DAY: -1

''Hammer of Kharak'', Flagship of the 5th fleet

Admiral Hatama entered the massive briefing room, followed by two lower ranking officials and a small security detachment, part of the standard procedure. Despite the large size the briefing room was roomy enough only for the top-most officers, the others would follow the briefing trough the extensive cameras placed along the semicircular room.

The admiral took his place and, after a small look at the holodisplay behind him, he began. ''Ladies and gentleman of the glorious Navy of the Pax. We...'' He paused, cleared his throat, and launched a quick stare at the crowd. Even he could hardly believe the stakes of this operation. After the room began to become slightly restless he continued. ''...are about to undertake one of the greatest operations in the history of our people. As you probably already know the Akhad region is the border between Coalition space, and the Vaygr wastes. Few Hiigarans have ever been beyond this point and, regretfully, even fewer returned. The area beyond this point has been annexed by the Crusades over two centuries ago. The peoples there have been opressed by those...'' he paused trying to come up with an appropriate word.

It soon came to him ''..barbarians for far too long. We are going to liberate them and, at the same time bring the fight to the Vaygr doorstep. And by Sajuuk we will succeed !'' Cheers echoed trough the room, and probably the rest of the fleets as well.

The admiral calmed the spirits with a slight motion of his right arm. ''The only thing standing in between is this...''
He turned around towards the holodispay and took the control panel of the table. By the whispers behind him he could sense the surprise and shock of the crowd. And shocked they should be, for in front of them was a wall of megaliths 143 light years long and 58 light years high.

''The Great barrier was built for an unknown purpose, probably by the progenitors or some other of the ancient races. Although the former purpose is unknown, now it's the greatest Vaygr fortress that we know off still left standing. Even without the innate hyperspace inhibition ability that each of these megaliths possesses, the sheer gravitational depression makes any hyperjump trough there impossible. Except...'' He pushed a few buttons and the view flew over the various megaliths, slabs of massive proportions., each with it's own name. The Akor slab, the Hamur, Klish and Galmesh slabs..., till finally the view stopped above the Nipuur and Issin slabs.

Then the view closed until what seemed to be a small gap was clearly visible. ''The gap of Assuria.'' The admiral exclaimed. ''What may seem small to you is actually .1 light years wide and .8 light years high, and more importantly it's devoid of hyperspace disturbances, or, at least, they are within tolerable levels. We just have to get trough it. If we neglect 3 Vaygr fleets and 12 major fortifications guarding it, it's an easy task. Further more we can't just rush trough and risk being stuck in enemy space without any possibility of reinforcements. We must neutralize any enemy presence and hold the gap against possible enemy counterattacks. Intelligence reports suggest several major inhabited star systems in close proximity. That added to the fact that this is also a primary route for Imperial incursions in Coalition space means we're in for one hell of a fight.''

The excitement from the beginning quickly vaporised. The conquest of the gap would be a massive achievement, worthy of remembering for many centuries to come. However if they lose, two fleets would be crippled, and with the fragile state of the Hiigaran navy it would be like opening a door to another Vaygr invasion of the inner systems.

''This was only a pre-briefing, since most of the intelligence data is one to two years old. Thus we're awaiting recon data from the forward elements. You can view the preliminary battle plan which has been uploaded to your personal databanks. If any of you have any bright ideas, they've probably been proposed, but still forward them to your superiors. May Sajuuk guide us.''

The room slowly began to empty, however the admiral remained gazing at the holodisplayed immersed in his thoughts.
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I'll be the first to say it: That's really fucking big.
Ford, I don't mean to alarm you, but there are an infinite number of monkey's outside and they want us to go over their screenplay for Hamlet.
Komo val
That was the general idea. Recently I've watched a beautiful documentary on the Battle for Cannes and the massive size of the logistics, planing, etc. involved. I wanted to make a plausible large scale operation in the hw universe based on the above mentioned battle. Besides I find the lack of any large scale fleet battle disturbing.
I was thinking of doing another REALLY short story about the battle at the end of mine from another perspective, since in Deep Run it just kinda....ends.

Also, good stuff!:beer:
Ford, I don't mean to alarm you, but there are an infinite number of monkey's outside and they want us to go over their screenplay for Hamlet.
Great job! Smooth and convincing flow.
Komo val
Thank you. Unfortunately, I've been quite busy these days, however I'll soon be as free as a bird. Sort off.
Komo val
DAY: -1

''Shuttle CH12-10024-04'', attached to Heavy Cruiser ''Dominance'', 6th fleet, en route to mothership

How long? How long have I spent gazing at the fleet? It seemed as dozens of minutes, ever since we left the Hammer, although I doubt it's been nearly that long. How many people will I loose in this madness? And for what? For the liberation of unknown aliens? The glory of the Pax? Someones megalomanic ideas? Or the extermination of the Vaygr? Since when has it become a war to extermination? The answer was obvious...


...I meant when did we drop to the level of those beasts? Why should we continue this stupid war...


People can't fight wars with no reason, no personal reason, at least. People can't fight to the death..

''Darek!'' the shout finally broke me away from my line of thought. It was Sorra, my medical officer and the person I selected as my ''aid'' on the briefing. A decision that caused many strange stares. What can I say, she's good at logic, and that's what tactics are all about. She would have made a nice Tac.officer.

''Are you alright?'' she asked me with a smile

''Perfectly'' i responded, returned the smile, and proceeded to lodge my head into the position it was accustomed to in the last few minutes.

They can't fight to the death when they have something to live for

''Delta-3'', Recon squadron delta, operating from Scout carrier ''Thief's hand'', 2nd recon division

Another wing of interceptors flies past my position. Damn, there's a lot of them. Fortunately this asteroids provides cover, but I can't stay here for ever. I wait until they move past the outcrop of the dust cloud to make my move. One last check on the radar, a lot of interference, nothing out of the normal... I pull the throttle, and nearly hit two HSF-II's, interceptor variant, block 5. Shit! They didn't detect me, but... I squeeze the trigger and let loose my energy cannons, pulsars. I can hear the buzzing of the capacitators as one of the fighters gets pierced by the blue-white beams. The other makes a high-G turn. I want to engage my trusters and run... Too late! A bright explosion lights the cockpit. Virtually at the same time a green triangle is displayed on my hud.

''Delta 1 to Delta 3 come in, over''

''Delta 3 actual here. Thanks a lot commander I ...''

My act of gratitude was interrupted by the all too familiar attitude ''What the hell did you do? We are recon son, not the bloody heavy assault squadron! We don't go in all guns blazing! And how the hell did you manage to almost make the first outer-space spacefighter fender-bender anyway? Sajuuk obviously had sore hands while he was shaping you, boy!''

''Sorry sir, I...''

I was interrupted again ''Never mind that! Some idiot blew our cover before you did. The carrier is under attack. They'll try to hold out until all of the squadrons return, but there's no guarantee how long they can manage. So get your ass moving! SOP to the carrier, now!''

So we hit the throttle and followed the SOP-standard operational procedure, while we headed towards the carrier. Fast sprints from one cover to the other and thanked be Sajuuk there where plenty of asteroids around here, short radar bursts while under cover so you can't be traced, and then off again. Since we relied on optical comm there was barely enough time to say anything as we weren't in each others line of sight for long.

''So how did they sneak on you?'' the commander asked me

I tried to respond but the comm went red as he disappeared behind an asteroid. I broke my cover for another near by asteroid when the comm went green so I responded ''Don't know, they probably flew too close to the asteroids to be filtered from the interference.''

''Good work son, good work...''

Shit, in five years now he had to compliment me. That means we're in some bad shit, or the commander has gotten soft...

We're in some bad shit, definitely.
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Komo val
T: -10 HOURS

''Thief's Hand'', Flagship of the 2nd Recon Division

The bridge was rocked by another explosion, probably by a close-proximity detonation of a fusion warhead, just as Ishaan entered trough the port side door. Two marines stood on either sides of the door, wearing their massive power-armors. They immediately scanned the newcomer, if only as part of the standard procedure. Once the data was processed and the man was identified as First officer Ishaan Sobani, a mater of a few seconds, the marines saluted and Ishaan entered the crowded command center.

''Poor buggers, I can only imagine how they're feeling in those armor, these combat suits are bad enough...'' Ishaan thought to himself. Indeed the Combat suit was nothing more than a spacesuit with rank insignia on it, and it was a requirement in battle operations, not that an unprotected Hiigaran in a space suit could survive very long in a space battle, however it served more as a protection against decompression, air lose, or various circuit overloads that happen in battle conditions. The marine power-suits weren't any better.

''Ishaan, finally!'' The Captain exclaimed ''Did you manage to send command the recon data?''

''Yes sir! We've compiled all of the primary recon data and transfered it to the Furious which entered hyperspace a few moments ago. Now that the primary mission is complete, how are we looking out there?'' Ishaan inquired in a tone more suited when addressing a friend, than a commanding officer. After all they were Blood brothers, Vodee'sas, as the Sobani call it. An act of brotherhood between the various clans in the Sobani kiith (as members of the same clan are expected to act as brothers).

''As bad as usual.'' Captain Vaan responded with a slight grin, before continuing ''A Vaygr DESRON charged our position moments ago. Five assault cruisers, and a dozen Spahi frigates. Reports from perimeter monitoring elements, which are currently retreating to our position after dropping the remote sensors, report two more Kaghans block 4's jumped in, raising the total to five. I've redirected the Phantom of Hiigara to harass the carriers but that weekend our battle line even further now that the Furious is gone, and...'' Another explosion rocked the ship.

Elsewhere in the division things weren't going smoothly either. Being a recon division, the second consisted only of lighter fleet elements. The flagship, Thief's Hand, was one of the new Duke class scout carriers, equipped with substantial firepower, most missile based, and stealth systems as well as EW modules. Substantial for a scout ship at least. The escort elements consisted of two Punishment block 5, light fleet cruiser which had low enough emission signatures to be added in a scout flotilla, yet a large enough PD grid for them to be useful if problems arise, and three Marquise-S stealth attack carriers.

Unfortunately the Guardian, one of the fleet cruisers was severely damaged and began retreating behind the Scout carrier. The Furious, a Marquise-S was sent to break trough the blockade and deliver the precious recon data to the fleet. The second Marquise-S, Phantom of Hiigara, has been redirected to the former position of it's brother harassing the enemy carrier groups, in hopes to disrupt command, force the enemy to redirect it's forces, or at least pick off some of the waves of strikecraft launching from those converted bulk freighters. That meant that the ''main battle line'' was composed of a scout carrier, a stealth carrier, and a fleet cruiser. Not quite a match for a Vaygr DESRON, but then again, they didn't need to win, they only needed to hold out.

The space around the battle was a chaotic mess of missiles, strikecraft, their respective ion trails and explosions. The whole scene looked surreal, like an abstract picture of a background cut with lines and riddled with dots, with a few unidentifiable shapes among the whole. This battle direction was a result of the unanticipated turn of events: a scout flotilla consisting mainly of carriers with missile armament, ambushed by the Vaygr who had a great fondness for missile-strikecraft combination. Although not accustomed to this type of doctrine, the Hiigaran commander did a good job at mimicking Vaygr deployment tactics while emphasizing on the strengths of Hiigaran technology.

The primary target of the Vaygr assault had been not a ship in particular, but the Inhibitor aboard the scout carrier. Waves of assault bombers, codenamed Saracens, slammed missiles and plasma bolts at the module backed by the precision energy attacks of the Assault cruisers. Eventually it was disabled at a large cost, however the Vaygr soon found out that it only gave them a slight tactical advantage. Reinforcements where able to hyperspace closer, granted, but it didn't gave them hyperspace superiority, as the stealth carriers also have their very own, less powerful, inhibitor modules. The attack then shifted and one of the fleet cruisers was severely damaged by missile fire and plasma lances, while the heavy frigate presence began to be felt as the srikecraft loses began to mount. Now they where trying to rush a Khagan with a hyperspace inhibitor to the front lines.

Back on the bridge of the Hand, little has changed, except for a few exploded power-conduits and the increasing amount of various debris littering the floor.

''What's the status of the recon squadrons?'' The captain inquired the flight officer.

''Almost 60% complete. Delta has hooked up with the 113th Aggressive recon squadron, and are on the way, but the rest are too far out, I don't.. I don't know...'' He didn't need to finish the sentence, everyone understood it: they're too far out to be recovered.

So delta squadron was the last one with the ticket out of here.

''Delta-3'', Recon squadron delta, operating from Scout carrier ''Thief's hand'', 2nd recon division

I engage my afterburners as I try to evade an enemy missile. I launch countermeasures as I perform a barrel roll and a steep climb. A few moments of adrenaline rush and a few erratic fast heartbeats later the missile hits one of the countermeasure. An enemy gets behind me but as a prepare to turn and engage in a ''joust'', a fireball indicates that the bandit was dispatched, probably by one of the heavy fighters of the 113th. Now the only thing standing between the carrier and us was a Spahi, we automatically fall into attack formation as we prepare to take it on, flechet rounds dance around me. The intercom buzzed:

''Bandit, 142-34 declination 42 relative''

''Delta-2 actual, engaging'' was heard as one of the recon fighters peeled off to engage the bandit. I look left and see a brilliant white line streak out of the formation. I focus again on the frigate as I let loose the last of my missiles.

''Delta-3, fox-2'' I yell as my missile joins the swarm of others. The PD turns it's attention from us to the missiles, however they only manage to pick off a few before all hell broke lose onboard the frigate as the engine assembly detonates in a dazzling fireball.

''Delta squadron, land on the Ethereal, and by Sajuuk follow the assigned path so that the covering fire doesn't hit you instead of the enemy. Move it!'' the commander shouted over the comm channel.

A dark green path appeared on the screen indicating the safest, and possibly only path trough the saturation fire thrown up to cover us by the stealth carrier Ethereal and one of the light cruisers. Trough the firestorm I could see the cruiser firing it's spinal mounted ions completely melting one of the enemy's cruiser massive turrets.

I slow down, engage reverse truster, and prepare for the automatic landing sequence to take over, which it does seconds later.

''Home at last'' I say to myself as the recon fighter grinds to a halt. I open the hatch and look out the hanger opening as the force field buzzed to life in preparation of hyperspace jump.

Just as the Quantum wavefront appeared before us, a terrible shriek echoed trough the ship's intercom ''Flagship going down, flagship going down!''

''Thief's Hand'', Former Flaghship of the 2nd Recon Division

Ishaan limped to one of the still intact view ports on the ravaged port side of the ship. Just 5 minutes have passed since the ship was ''sank'', since the bridge exploded in fiery fury, since he managed to escape by pure stroke of luck before the bulkheads closed.

Now he looked at the Vaygr formation around them, and the ''Infiltration'' frigates fast approaching the wreck.

''Damn Taiidani, giving anti-matter warheads to those barbarians...'' he coughed and blood sprayed the floor. His ribcage was badly damaged and his lungs pierced. None the less he continued talking to himself, ''''the only one he could talk to if he wanted a smart conversation'' as he said so many times while joking with Vaan.

''At least everyone else seem to have gotten to hyperspace'' he glimpsed out of the window. The frigates prepared to launch it's pods loaded with power-armored, striped shock-troops.

''Well, no point in troubling the poor Vaygr with a prisoner''

A gunshot echoed trough the darkened corridor of this once glorious ship.
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This is absolutely brilliant! Reads like the Shiva Option which PDS is admittedly loosely based on.
Komo val

''Voice of Hiigara'', Flagship of the 6th Fleet

The Joint operation command convened in the Tactical command room, discussing the turn of events that had taken place but hours ago. An hour has passed since the Stealth carrier Furious emerged from hyperspace reporting that the 2nd division has been compromised. Just as the data from the stealth carrier was being processed, an extremely controversial decision had been made, with fierce objections from Admiral Hatama and Rear Admiral Golaan.

It was decided to send in a relief force. The joint command obviously thought that Several thousand Hiigaran lives far outweigh the loss of the element of surprise, which was still there, as Hiigaran scout forces where ever-present in that area, although admittedly not that close to enemy positions. It was doubtful that the Vaygr suspected anything.

''Do not forget gentleman the hundreds of thousand Hiigaran lives that will be lost if we lose the element of surprise!'' Hatama argued, but was quickly dismissed. He was sure that the Hiigaran commander would pull trough, that no relief force was necessary as he would pull out once the situation got out of hand.

Forty minutes ago the relief force was assembled and final preparations where being made. Thirty eight minutes ago the battered survivors of the second division emerged out of Hyperspace, leaving the element of surprise intact. The commander pulled out as Hatama predicted although he didn't pull trough, and neither did his flagship.

Aside from this tragic fact, everything played out as Hatama had hoped.

Now a new discussion was underway. It was proposed that Zero hour should be moved from 0900 hours to 0700 hours. The main reason for it being there are still some survivors left from the strikecraft compliment of the Second, and they can't survive for long, not only because the Vaygr are bound to hunt them relentlessly, but a strikecraft can support a living being just for a limited amount of time. Besides the Vaygr disposition and apparent readiness level was just as predicted. The force composition was just as predicted. Even the approximate number of capital ships where just as predicted. All the plans where set and executed, although virtually, thousands of times and nothing could possibly go wrong.

Hatama despised the doctrine of ''Leave no one behind'', or at lest he despised it in moments when it contradicted all logic. Admittedly it gave the men a boost in morale, and it's the most ethical thing to do, after all. However jeopardizing hundreds of individuals to save a dozen, for example, doesn't seem very ethical, or logical, or sane for that matter.

''Admiral?'' A voice broke his thoughts.

''I agree.'' He answered with a deep and proud voice

''An unanimous consensus has been reached, then. Announce to the fleet. T is now ?6. The council is dismissed, we'll reconvene in 2 hours. May Sajuuk guide us.'' And with this the meeting was finished.

Admiral Hatama could see the puzzled look on Golaan's face. Hatama asked him to agree with this proposal even if he may not understand the reasons behind it. Indeed he probably thought that Hatama suddenly re-embraced the ''leave no one behind'' doctrine. But the reasons where more tactical, and less ethical. The 2nd division was deployed far closer to enemy positions then any other recon operation before it. Although he didn't think much about the Vaygr, it is bound by statistical law that there is a skilled commander among them somewhere. That hypothetical skilled commander is likely to notice the previously stated fact and thus get suspicious and be more prepared for the incoming attack. However he'll most likely not expect the attack to come this soon, thus moving up the Zero hour actually helps the element of surprise. Besides as command stated the plans where laid and throughly tested. However he hoped that that hypothetical skilled commander won't command any of the forces present at the main assault vector.

As he walked trough what he considered the heart of the operation, the Voice Heavy command carrier, he couldn't help but wonder what obscure construction logic gave the Hammer a bigger briefing room. The Hammer was also meant to act as flagship, granted, but as a frontline flagship, not the main one. It's heavy armament and armor, or rather the lack of the extensive command, control and communication systems made it perfect to command the forces on site, while it's brother stays well behind.

Finally he managed to find a view port. He gazed as the fleet started moving into positions. Thousands of various shape and infinitely more points of light executed an apparently chaotic, but very beautiful dance. The true beauty of this display could only truly be appreciated by someone familiar to military fleet formations and tactics. He continued gazing as a wing of strikefighters passed within a few kilometers of the ship.
Komo val
(It's been a damn busy month and it's only going to get worse, probably. Thus let's use this day of relative tranquility to continue the story...)


''Supernova'' Fleet Carrier, 5th Fleet

I was approaching the main fighter launch bay, at least according to the ships schematic. The corridor was unusually large and spacious. On the ''Thief's Hand'' corridors this large are... were only those in the living quarters, and even then only those where higher ranking officers resided could even compare to this one. Well This thing is twice as large, so it should be no surprise that the corridors are twice as large also.

Ah, what am I thinking, but still anything beats thinking bout how your home for the past 2 years was annihilated by the Vaygr. Damn bastards, now I wish i was a sterikefighter pilot, then at least I would get to kill some of those bastards.

I finally arrived at one of the hanger doors, covered with warnings, flight schedules, and the obligatory ''this area is off limits for any civilians on board. Ignoring this will result in punishment according to Diammid Military law, section 33, paragraph 111''. The door opened, the guards checked my ID and i proceeded deeper into the massive hanger space. I notice Delta 1, and the rest of Delta Squadron as well as other members of the Hiigaran Fighter Corps standing next to what looked like a modified Cutlass strikecraft.

''Delta 3 your late'' Delta 1 said as we shook hands

''Sorry sir, this thing is huge. What the...''

''Our new CO will brief us momentarily, just listen, I trust you'll be happy''

The CO appeared in front of the massive strikecraft. Equipment, missiles, and other mission modules where lined up under the wings of this beast. I never had the pleasure to stand this close to a Cutlass, or one of it's derivatives. It was impressive indeed. After the salute the CO started talking:

''Ladies and gentlemen, you probably have a lot of questions, and I'll try to answer them all in due time, but let us first start with the important ones. You're probably most curious about this baby behind me. This is the Arrow class Heavy Recon/EW strikecraft. As you probably guessed it's based of the Cutlass, however with a few important changes. The RT-1202b Sensor dome replaces the top turret, and a Series 45 advanced scanner replaces the plasma gun. The external payload capability is also limited. However this is intended as an aggressive recon fighter and frontline EW fighter so, it packs a punch. It has two 50mm autocannons flanking the cockpit, four 20 mm massdrivers, plus an extra two on gimbal mounts on the wingtips for all-around protection. Add to this the increased speed and maneuverability, comparable to HSF's, and you got yourself a beast. Now the external equipment...''

It just hit me. Agressive recon, frontline EW. Of course, there will no need for large scale covert-ops recon once the assault begins and our presence is reveled. A big grin appeared on my face.

''Frontline fleet station 21-07'', outskirts of the Hetii dust cloud, on Hiigaran attack vector 01

The room was quite dark. The only light was coming from the dozens of monitors and holo displays. The green light, specifically chosen as the color in the middle of the Vaygr visual spectrum and therefor neutral and sueding, gave the room a somewhat eerie atmosphere. A figure wearing a large outfit, although scarcely decorated compared to the Hiigaran equivalent, approached the main command post.

''Ah War Commander, you have arrived.'' one of the Vaygr officers spoke

''What had happened to that Hiigaran recon flotilla?'' A deep and terrifying voice spoke. A voice that demanded respect and dread. A voice suited for a Vaygr War Commander

''All but one ship have escaped. The ship autodestructed shortly after the boarding team breached the main computer room. Too bad for the powersuits. The slaves in them don't cost anything, after all, but...''

''Even slaves can't be wasted these days, remember that, Minor War Leader''

''Yes sir'' came the quick and respectful reply.

The massive figure gazed at the map showing the Hiigran flotilla position, or, more precisely, what was the Hiigaran flotilla position.

''Set condition D-2 throughout my fleet'' the figure said as he walked towards the door.

''But sir this is just..'' The Minor War Leader tried to reply.

The War Commander stopped

''Do it, otherwise you can join the ''worthless'' in the next boarding action. I'll be in my cabin.''

The Minor War Leader didn't even reply. He immediately raised the alert level. Sirens echoed trough the fleet, followed by the announcement. Althogh purely a formality as every Vaygr soldier had to know the various sirens and their meaning and act accordigly.

''Fleet has moved to Condition D-2. All personnel to battle stations, remove ammunition safeties, prepare strikecraft for launch, fall into battle lines and await further others, command out.''
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Wow, I haven't checked this site i a while...good shit, man, keep it up.
Ford, I don't mean to alarm you, but there are an infinite number of monkey's outside and they want us to go over their screenplay for Hamlet.
Komo val
(thanks man. I just moved to a new city, and just got my wireless connection yesterday. It's been hard living the last couple of weeks without the Internet, but now I'm finally able to continue...)

T: -1 HOUR

''Hammer of Kharak'', Attached to Invasion Group Omega, Attack Route A

Admiral Hatama sat in the command chair on the bridge of the Hammer, buried deep inside the massive behemoth that was the flagship of the 5th Fleet. Now reassigned to the main attack vector of the invasion. He was immersed in his thoughts for the last hour or so, passing over every detail of the operation.

''The rest of the fleet should be in position to commence the attack. Hopefully they'll manage...''

''Admiral, we'll break from hyperspace in 1 minutes.'' The Navigation officer shattered the near absolute silence present on the bridge. A silence full of anticipation.

''Very well. Comm open a secure optics-only channel to the rest of the fleet the moment the quantum wavefront dissipates.''

The reply came quickly with a nod an the usual ''Yes sir''.

However that minute passed too quickly for Hatama's liking. The whole operation seemed to progress so quickly, although it's been almost a year in the planning. Two if the original proposal for such an operation is considered. The time has come to speak to the Invasion group omega.

''Soldiers of the Invasion Group Omega, our time has come at last. By now the rest of the Invasion fleet is in position and awaiting zero hour to commence the glorious attack against the barbarians that sought to destroy our Homeworld. Now we're at the doorstep of the Vaygr reaches, and by Sajuuk we'll kick open that door and flood into their home systems one by one. But for now let us concentrate at the matter at hand. We're less than 0.3au from our objective, the Frontline fortress designation Bravo. Our hyperspace exit was hopefully cloacked by the dust cloud and EW element already present across the area. Ten minutes from now we'll commence the main engine burn and our acceleration will reach levels beyond the proposed safety limit for capital ships. After the acceleration period we'll travel to our targets by inertia only. Due to the much higher particle density then that of the standard interstellar medium the speed reached will also have to be much higher. We'll continue the advanced on minimal emission protocols, so nothing besides life support, optical communications and passive sensors will be activated...''

Hatama paused to regain his breath.

''Recon and EW elements will be our eyes and ears during that time. By the time we hit Fortress Bravo the time will be T +1.5 hours. Hopefully most of the Vaygr Fleet elements will be lured off by the rest of the Invasion fleet and that'll make our job a lot easier. After we're done with that pathetic excuse for a Fortress, we'll proceed to stab at the heart of the enemy forces present in the area. May Sajuuk bless this glorious undertaking, and by the end of the day may Qwaar-Jet be pleased with the blood of our enemies.''

Hatama never fancied himself as a great talker, however, judging by the crew of the bridge he's done one hell of a job. Again.

Delta 3, Aggressive Recon/EW squadron Delta, operating from Fleet Carrier ''Supernova''

I hover above one of the Heavy Cruisers that formed the main battle line, doing final system diagnostics before the main acceleration run. The comm buzzed to life and the voice of Delta 1 came trough:

''Hope you Guys are ready, we'll be stuck in this cockpit for at least 2.5 hours, if everything goes well. If your not in the cockpit for that long than something has gone real bad, your probably dead and the mission is FUBAR. Now let's go!''

The fleet began it's main engine ignition. So much energy was expelled per second that random ionization phenomenon began appearing all over local area of the dust cloud. I hope that the triple-redundant EW elements are doing their job, including the guy in the EW seat of this three seater strikecraft. He was a rookie, just transfered from the Academy, however I hear he had some pretty high marks in the EW department. My commander gave me specific orders to ''protect his valuable rookie ass at all costs''. We'll see. It's funny, 10 hours ago I was also a rookie, however seeing your home explode changed that on some strange level. Not even my commander considers me a rookie anymore. And that's something.

I take position 4.2 klicks ahead of the forward fleet elements and prepare for the long and boring advance to the enemy positions. And then it's payback time.
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oh the anticipation
why doesn't anybody write whole books like this anymore!?
this is making me want to start writing again..too busy w/ classes atm though. maybe i'll start something when you're done.
keep it up.
Ford, I don't mean to alarm you, but there are an infinite number of monkey's outside and they want us to go over their screenplay for Hamlet.
Komo val
you're too busy with classes too? so I'm not the only one Smile

And the midterms are starting soon. I must get writing this weekend, after that I'll be too busy.
Komo val
I shall continue this story on relicforums. Although I'm very busy I'll try my best to complete it, or at least update it from time to time.
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