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Helloes (:
To the people that still visit this site..I'm kicking myself for only discovering the world of PDS at such a late date D:

I searched for videos of HW2 on Youtube back in february and came across a video I think for the v7.3 mod..I knew i had to take a look, came to this site, poked around for a bit and came to a decision...I was going to search through every nook and cranny of my house, trying to find my Homeworld 2 disc and case :3

I found it in an old box full of Dreamcast and Mega drive games (lol), installed no problem, downloaded v7.3 and v11. after following Homdax's instructions both of them worked perfectly..And I've lost count of how many sleepless nights I've had, either smashing Vaygr carriers or just looking for "the ultimate screenshot" xD The work that has been done here is quite simply incredible..I still can't choose between v7.3 and v11 though. Pfft

I wish there was still a big community here, it seems I've come along at a time when theres not really anyone around xD
But yeah..I hope sometime in the future you'll find the support/ inspiration to carry on with PDS. If I can help in any way I'd be MORE than glad, I'll keep checking back to see how things are (:

Good luck and happy hunting everyone Grin
Same! I'm always reading the arguments and stuff in this site and I wish it was still active. I found PDS on youtube about 3 months back when I was re-capping old games. Think it was PDS v7 Mystic dreams that ignited my need for mods. I orignally started with Pirates mod but then went totally over to PDS, its awsome.

Hopefully theres more people than just the two of us XD. Currently theres someone called Admiral666 online. Pretty cool!

Glad to see somone finally talking.:yes:

Hahah yeah! that was the video I saw too Grin Gah tell me about it, I always seem a step behind Pfft ahh, the thread that made me laugh was the "Shoutbox memories" one, back when everyone was still saying "Properly Motivated".. :s that was soooo long ago haha. I'm glad the site is still up, unlike some.. >.<

I'm just amazed by it, I liked Homeworld 2 before but it was a bit samey after a while.. xD With the PDS mod, you just can't get bored. Unless you suck at RP or just games in general Pfft
"ShoutBox memories eh?" (Forgive me of the eh? im canadian XD) I havent read that yet. If its worth a laugh than i just might. What really got me started was the discussion on PDSv12. Tel was like "all mine" and everyone started bitching. I was reading through it and one guys comment (this::argue::argue::argueSmile made me laugh sooooo much.

By te any idea how to get the avatar to work. Everytime i try to update it, the avatar i selected in browse goes away. Banghead
May the PDS be with you.
Ahaha, I'm not Canadian but I still say "eh" xD I managed to get a few avatars to work, but I'm not sure how.. Pfft

for some random reason, only files without a space in worked..for example, before I put my avatar on, it was called "01 small", I changed it to "01small" and it uploaded :/ pfft, I mean wtf XD

But yeahh, I don't understand some people. it's annoying, I seem to be one of few people on this site thats english, everyone else is in different timezones, I mean you're probably +6 or 7 or something.. XD I'm bang on GMT ??
Thanks for the info about the Avatar. Mine is kinda lame but oh well :hmm:. Perhaps i can make it better some how. Suggestions?

Also, i have no idea what time zone im in. I totally bombed that part of Geography. But oh well. (Seem to be saying that alotWink: but oh well)
May the PDS be with you.
Ah hah! Finally I see some semblance of a sense of humor around here.

As you have no doubt the addition of "some other people" has caused the loss of said sense of humor due to corporate bitching.

Thus my move to be rid of it with a little redirection of interests Smile
I regret to inform you that "some other people" has returned.

I am ancient
Familiar faces waiting for the show to start. Interesting Smile wait for next wednesday...
Hooo shit...this place is getting back on track... :beer:
Only if i'm properly motivated Smile
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