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X,Y, and dont forget Z
I love to read the fiction posted on this site. there are a lot of good and original ideas floating around. I am a lover of details, for whatever reason continuity and realism. one thing i have noticed in reading these stories is a lack of the Z axis. i know i know, it is a small thing, but we are talking about space, a 3D environment. when giving coordinates, there must be more than two. it seems that most people forget about Z. 635.21, -123.66432, 16542.2. that is X,Y, Z. (if looking back at the things ive written, i bet i am guilty of the same thing.)

problem is, how do we determine where 0,0,0 is. well, perhaps there is a standard, the axis, the equator and some other line through Hiigara perhaps? a program in every ship, no matter how small that calculates where that ship is in comparison to three permanently unmoving, intersecting lines that could be standard? or maybe, determined in the field by the lead ship of a task force/fleet/whatever. i dont know, just thinking outloud.

Eh, I've just assumed everything was happening in 3 dimensions. Never though to have people shout out all three, or often even 2, coordinates, I guess I figured the tac officers or pilots or w/e would figure the rest out themselves...a curious oversight on my part...oh well.

Anyway, the Scifi standard for finding 0,0,0 is simply to use the nearest large body as a base, so there is no universal standard they just find the nearest large rock or dust cloud and go with that.
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