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Through the eyes of the Wolf.
In the early morning, the dew of the trees and the pollen of the flowers, hands glazed lightly over wheat stalks. Heavy foot steps impact like comets to the small world of insects. The stars overhead are but a shadow of doubt as pride and happiness fill the mans soul. The walk is long and hard, the weapon, on his back, Old and tattered, weighed heavily on his stamina, the Armor he wore, slowed his body. The rain was coming down heavily, wetting my face. I stared at the sky, the clouds whirled around seamlessly. Rain coming down all around. The puddle next to my hand turned red. A small vain of red came from the corners of my mouth. My hand pressed softly against my chest. I raised my hand to see the blood stained on my shirt.

I prayed to my god as I dropped the ak-47 from my shoulder. I removed my armor and dropped to my knees. I at last raised my hands in defiance to the world, "Take me god.. take me please." I felt chills down my spine as all around me turned to ash.

One mile away...

The hands slowly pulled the bolt back, ejecting the spent round. Silence fell quickly except for the sound of the brass shell bouncing across the ground. A small trail of smoke billowed outward from the barrel. The bright green eyes stood as a testament to patience. The cross-hairs still perfectly centered on the bodies head. "What have I done." He thought while marking distance to the next target.

"Range set, eight-hundred meters. Wind at four miles per hour." At this distance, earth rotation wasn't a factor, the weather, dry and hot. Bullet drop wouldn't be an issue either. The rifle barrel moved an inch, the bright green eyes, still never to blink, catches the next target, who had just seen his comrade falling to the ground. Terror was obvious, the targets head moved left to right, his rifle raised up as he began to step back. "Take the shot" he thought. The Finger depressed slowly on the trigger. The 7.62 round shot out as if lightning from Zeus himself. The green eyes watched helplessly as an arm flew backward, followed by muzzle flashes and finally, silence as well.

My story, the story of just another hunter, or a killer. One so alone in the world, with no one but himself to count on. But this story was overshadowed by the victims of this lone wolf, The man who just days ago, proposed to his new to be wife, only two days left till he was out. The bullet traveled like a knife through fresh bread, impacting the head of this man. What am I? What did this man do to me?

These thoughts are washed away with the common thought of your country, and in groups, one might see the fun of calling in a gunship, watching what a m197 Cannon does to light vehicles and the occupants, or perhaps witnessing the thunderous roar of an Abrams perched on a hill, firing off a massive 120mm round into a bright lit soon to be sun-set

Fun and games these were. "Oh! did you see that shot! his arm!! where is it!" he heard. "HOLY SHIT!" another screamed as a cobra unleashed 70mm hydra rockets in succession into a small hovel. But this moment alone, these thoughts of laughter were gone, these thoughts of humility on your opponent, the shock of seeing a group of enemies, being nothing short of vaporized by a 105 shell and the following the two 30mm Bushmaster2 cannons opening up. Looking through the sights of an Abrams turret, watching as a vehicle moved quickly against the background. "Target set, one km.. Set elevation.. Set.. Loading HEAT.. Set. Round adjust to distance, Set. FIRE!" The finger trembled against the lone rifle, these thoughts, so distant it seemed.

This was personal, this mans facial expressions, his fears and pride, all visible. But the finger depressed. It is my job.

I sadly, am Done here. The service has called and I shall answer. I will accept their offer to train me beyond what I know now, to better serve my comrades. It was a pleasure role playing with all of you. And know this, I do not hate any particular folks here, or anywhere else, Internet hate is not the way! But to get back on track.

Tel, Couldn't have had fun with this game for more than 12 seconds without your mod. But my friendship to you transcends this game. Peace be with you, Kenny.

Homeboy/dax Yeah, Sure we never really spoke much, but you seem alright.. lol, what a going away.

Noodle. Your roleplaying techniques are quite nice, I do enjoy reading your work, I guess my preference lays heavily on my own personal experiences, Being on the delivering end of an m40a3 can be either a magical time or a heart breaking one, I hope for your sake you stay away from the military. I used to be a much better writer before joining the corps. Now my thoughts are only personal.. only dark.

To all who left because of the "Split", I wish you all well, even though, like my prey, they never see it coming.

Perhaps, once settled in what ever country they demand my service in, I'll check in from time to time.

anyway, Praise be Alessia, down with any who oppose. Good bye.
I am the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last... the beginning and your end.
What country's military is this you are joining (rejoining?)

As for me, yeah, never joining, even if they'd accept me, which is doubtful, but hey, lowered standards now since they need more fodd-uh...'men' for Iraq. In any, good luck with all your future killing. And try and get a vehicle with some plating.
Haruhi is my God(dess).
for the clarification of those who obviously dont know their military hardware, and like to play as if they do...the Bushmaster is a 25 mm cannon mounted on the bradley fighting vehicle, not a 30 mm one
Edited by CIWS2000 on 10-02-2008 05:12
Sounds like US marines? I'm doing USAF. Maybe if I'm stationed in Iraq I'll see you, inadvertantly. Or something.
Edited by Tristan on 10-02-2008 06:39
Wow, See, that's why I am going, and CIWS, the bushmasters on the AC130 are 30mm, kid. The 25mm is on the typical spectre gunship. So you can look this up for yourself.

*sigh* Anyway, Yall have a real good time, and yeah, marines.. thought that'd jump out and bite someone lmfao.
I am the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last... the beginning and your end.
Yes there is a BM-II 30mm cannon ^^

FS you're the most fun person on this site; unlike many others you are not afraid of making commitments and declaring them and fighting for them - ie, being a man.

And nope, you dont blame others when the shit hits the fan. Too bad I never get the chance to speak to you much - the reason why you dont see me on MSN is because I'm obliged to manage my in-laws on the far side of the world.

And I do a bloody good job.

Thanks for holding the home front here for me.
Wait, so you're voluntarily joining the armed forces to go to Iraq? *sigh*

Whatever, I'll just leave it at that...not gonna say a damn thing...

Anyway, do I sense some sly commentary in your posts about me not knowing anything about military affairs perhaps? Just curious.
Haruhi is my God(dess).
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