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Calm before the storm.
"Hello." A voice muttered in the pitch black room. Pale green eyes opened sharply to grasp the image of the voice. A stalwart man, standing perhaps six feet tall, wearing some form of steel and chain mail with a sword at his side. "Sir, you have twelve minutes till the council meets." The green eyes shifted towards the naked back of the woman laying next to him. "It's alright honey." she said, followed by a yawn.

A long top, buttoned in the front, followed by three distinct straps across the chest. A large symbol of pride, the chest plate and cape, a dark crimson red with a gold insignia, a sword through a world. He stood up, pulling his boots on tight as well as dawning a small golden circlet. The halls he entered were huge, with statues imbued with gold and silver, statues of Men and Women, wearing armor, standing tall as if defying time itself. The two men, sending sounds if metal hitting metal as their feet touched the ground, continued through this hall into another room. The great Teal and Red colored doors opened up, to their dismay, utter panic was ensuing inside this great chamber. "War!" he heard. "We must make them pay! For Alessia!!" he heard again. When his hand raised though, all became quiet.

A Meager throne was seen, where the man sat, grasping his forehead with his hand. "I do understand the court decision in this matter, and I, the Emperor do solemnly Uphold my promise to defend these borders. But my friends and allies, we have too much on our plate at this time. Hiigarans to the north." He was cut off by another. "But they are friends! well, at least neutral and thankful for our actions in their war with the barbarians of the east." The main voice spoke again. His hand raised slightly, with a smile. "I do value your judgment, and you are correct in this matter, but these barbarians to the east do pose a threat to our security. I do not doubt our forces strength in this nation, and we are more than capable of defending our borders, but if we move, if we commit the forces required to exterminate this threat once and for all, these eastern bastards could very well strike deep into our nation. I will be dead before the age of Alessia comes crashing down, where a shadow of a thought proceeds us, and enemy vessels of war make their streak across our skies. We are Alessians, and No one can stop us. Alas, we cannot let our pride be our undoing, Do not Forget the teachings of our ancestors, and the story itself of how we came into this galaxy." He briefly paused. "Arrogance is not a trait we need acquire."

The men of the court stood silent, adhering to the voice of reason in this troubled time. "These.. Imperials, the Taiidan as they call themselves are complacent and Arrogant, and their constant warmongering and threats have not escaped the eyes and ears of the Imperial seat of power here on this world. We will do onto them what they did onto us. However, the plan I have calls for Some drastic measures."

The senators took seats and withdrew digital note pads. "Barons and lords alike, we form the senate of this empire, and with your Blessings and courage I declare that I do trust you, and your judgments. I hereby, for the first time since the beginning of our regime, Declare war, On the Taiidan Empire."

The words of the Emperor echoed throughout the empire, as warriors and civilians alike dawned their Armor, their iron resolve kept to their will, as they knew, only the strongest will survive, their determination is set, and entry to heaven garaunteed.

"This is Black soul Command, We have Correct vectors on groups two three and four. one is still running combat trials, Also, we have word from our empire that Hiigara has agreed to help us in our endeavor by providing numerous bases to strike at our foe. However his divine plan calls for smaller forces and a twist of fate."

Sixteen ships departed into the Strait of sorrows, Flying their colors brazenly. Upon hitting the border, the Three Dreadnoughts, Single Juggernaut, and twelve Cruisers exited hyperspace above the hiigaran world of Sevitar IV. Over fourty Hiigaran ships awaited their arrival. The Admiral of this fleet stood up. "As per our emperors agreement with your kiith council, we are here on a mutual basis of friendship." An image of the Admiral on the hiigaran side was seen. "May sajuuk guard your souls." The Alessian admiral smirked. "Hopefully your sajuuk exists." The two admirals shared a moment of silence, before cutting the transmission. "Lets enjoy this reprieve from war before starting what is assumed to be the beginning of our vengeance on this empire."

The cruisers halted above the fourth world, with small craft deploying from the Juggernaut, which was acting as a mothership. A small depot was constructed and began processing materials to use in the coming conflict. "Command this is Warp-Ray Illaritan, Arriving at coordinates 454.232.12223, On mark to provide rear operations." A circular Hyperspace Portal opened, with the warpray speeding out. The ship made a hard turn and slowed to a stop near the sixteen Ship fleet. Followed by Ten Resolute Class Destroyers that exited shortly after. "Our forces are assembled. Ten Resolute destroyers, Twelve Monitor class Cruisers, and our three Dreadnoughts. We will avenge our dead, and ofcourse bring honor to our newfound partners, the hiigarans."

At that time, two Hiigaran Majiiran Cruisers exited hyperspace, as well as a group of ships, numerous light cruisers and destroyers. "Kiith command has sent us to help you in your endeavor, The taiidan will know our position as soon as you exit our borders to strike them. So we wouldn't miss this for any reason." The admiral onboard the Dreadnought "Vanguard." moved into position opposite the Lead Majiiran. "We value your courage and help.. but stay your hand until needed. It is not doubt in your abilities, as your nation has changed drastically since our last encounter. but our mission is important, and must be executed perfectly."

The hiigaran ship turned off and the group took up positions nearby. "Alright friends, All Captains, Prepare for immediate Hyperspace Entry." Five ships formed up, and accelerated, opening circular Hyperspace gates before exiting into the vastness of the stars.
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I approve of Dreadnoughts. Haven't seen anything with that title since Cataclysm.
Haruhi is my God(dess).
Umm...hw2 had dreadnoughts
I mean non-progen dreadnoughts.
Haruhi is my God(dess).
Like the two on top here from my Gallery
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yes, thank you, exactly. I loved those ships.
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There is a little reason why we do not have "dreadnought" class ships in PDS.

Everyone and their mother and father uses that term for the world's first "all big gun" battleship.. that was very rapidly surpassed by a chain of post-dreadnought designs and of course the far superior US battleships.
But if you're going with that line of thinking, PDS shouldn't have heavy warships at all, because of course next came the age of the carrier and the fighter, which thoroughly eliminated the big floating gun platform as a viable weapon.

With the introduction of the Alessians especially, you seem to be going in the opposite direction.
Haruhi is my God(dess).
(A discussion on dreadnoughts.. yay.)

( Lets see here, What would you rather spend your money on, a group of fighters and bombers that may or may not catch your foe, or a ship that will slip in and out of formations, with the firepower of a BattleCruiser, that wtf pwns your carrier then leaves. )


Aboard the Vanguard, Admiral Uran sat tapping his fingers against the desk in front of him. Staring off into the pages of a book. "History of the Taiidan" was printed in bold letters. Below, Captain Lorik Stood brazenly on the bridge, staring off into the vastness of hyperspace. Lorik turned around, watching the panel behind him, a holographic representation of the other four ships, formed up behind.

Aboard the Executioner, A Resolute class Destroyer. Captain Ikari Walked down the hallway opposite the Cartography room, reading a data pad concerning recent advancements in subspace waveforms. She thought to herself the applications this could bring, with communications and all.

The Angel of fire, A Monitor class Cruiser, Numerous Men and women walked around the various decks, doing their daily activities, monitoring flow chambers, constantly running performance tests on the weaponry, upon various other activities. The captain, Aigilles, sat in a dark lit room, with his legs crossed, sharing prayer with other officers.

The Second destroyer, a Defiance class, Arch Abellum, Surfed the waves of hyperspace, swaying gently in the flowing softness of trans-space. The captain, Harsele, Stood smiling as she her eyes closed. Visions of Flying entered her head. "lift me into your arms, star mother." she muttered.

The last and final Destroyer, another defiance class, Drafted behind the Arch Abellum. the captain, Ovestun, Moved his hand up, issuing another order to eager junior officers. His eagle like pose, and prolific posture did nothing to signify the seriousness of his character.

The group quickly moved towards their battlefield, their test of courage, this is the story of the first battle of a long drawn out war. The first strike, the talon deep into the heart of the taiidan empire and the alessians crusade to eradicate the ones responsible.
I am the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last... the beginning and your end.
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