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Dashur Renvar intro
-Incoming message-

Attn: S'jet Command and Control Center
:: Priority Gamma level three ::

Decryption protocol initiated...
Message decode successful, displaying...

Honored Kiith'sa S'jet, Great strider of the Black, Unbound to the Stars. This is the information requested by our honorable Kiith'sa, concerning one, Dashur Renvar, former Taiidani Republic starship Captain. Forgive the scattered nature of the information, with the destruction of nearly the entire Republic following the Beast incursion and subsuquent Vagyr invasion, the Republic is all but a memory now hence why the information gathered in this message is so incomplete.

Name: Dashur Renvar, son of Kyr Renvar ( Republic hero during the Beast war, see attached file 'Burning of Ryn' )
Age: 27 summers
Height: 2.08m
Weight: 220kg

Bio: As far as the records indicate, Dashur was born during the end of the Great Beast war, although this seems inaccurate given his age (But Republic intelligence being what it is now...). After his father's death Dashur enlisted into the Republic Navy. When the Vagyr began to hack and slash their way through the Galatic East, Dashur was only a Lieutenant, serving onboard an outdated Taiidan destroyer from the Great Exodus.
(This is where the information becomes very vague and cryptic, my exalted Kiith'sa. No information could be found concerning his promotion to Captain nor any explanation could be found regarding his combat record during the Vagyr invasion.)
Dashur Renvar appeared sometime after the Vagyr had established their blockade of Hiigara, in command of his current ship, Nesa 'ah Obum Na(Or Sword of Purity as it is known). While the Vagyr ships began to rain death down upon our beautiful homeworld, Dashur had jumped his already damaged cruiser into Hiigaran orbit and started to punch a whole through the Vagyr line.
Now anyone who happened to be on Hiigara during what seemed to be our last desperate weeks remember the holo-void broadcasts of the battle above our home. This alone speaks for Captain Renvar's bravery and tenacity under even the most dire circumstances.
With the return of Sajuuk and our champion S'jet, the Vagyr were routed.
(Again, I must apologize for the quality of this brief, honored Kiith'sa. There is yet another gap in our information.)
Renvar then disappeared for some time, before resurfacing at a Hiigaran naval base near the newly established Vagyr Independent zone.

Addendum: It is therefor the feeling of Naval Intelligence that Captain Renvar be contacted immediately regarding Hiigaran Navy integration. (In short, we should offer the fine Captain Hiigaran citizenship.) We do not in anyway demand anything of our honored Kiith'sa, only that you see him for what he is. A tool of destruction that we, Chosen of Sajuuk, may harness and wield against our enemies.

For Hiigara, may her beauty rain eternal.

-End comm-

(OOC: Don't know if this is acceptable, I'm an RP fool so I couldn't help it.)
"If you know your enemy and you know yourself, you need not fear the outcome of a thousand battles." -Sun Tzu
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