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Alessia v12 :D
I've been reading through most of what I have written thus far and decided to combine it all in one easy to read thread. also the ships of Alessia are going to be standardized. This is my fault that there are three different types of the same ship, so My intent here is to make One type of every ship! for all to enjoy and think about for the upcoming pdsv12. You all need to double thank tel for his efforts and ofcourse any teammembers that help him. A free mod like this is always something people take for granted..


The Star nation now known as Alessia has one of the most disputed histories of any nation in existance. They have remained generally quiet in past years and most who enter their realm never return. They do participate in active Trade with other nations, mostly Hiigaran affiliated nations, mostly including the Ittar nation and Alus. They have designated trade points that act as giant space-markets. floating near the edges of Alessian space. These stations always have an armada of Alessian Warships nearby, no one is quite sure why, if perhaps they are still just worried about what happened in their past, or just to show others that they are a full scale nation, For the Traders to take that information back with them.

Alessia enjoys a superior location in the galaxy right now as well, their nation has the entire south and a bounty of westward colonies and room for expansion. The only nation who directly borders them is the Vaygr them self, who have failed in any major assault into Alessian space. Vaygr Ship lords that return to vaygr space always refer to them as Wild dogs or pack hunters.. Always waiting for the vaygr ships to get far in, get them confused and scared. Usually "where are they" is the prelude to the screams.

The History of this star nation is known widely throughout anywhere they have came in contact. The basis of their religion is around this single fact. Their religion itself is a communist like state, with a basic monarchy therein. Believing that the monarchs are correct in their direction and that nothing belongs to anyone, and everyone owns everything. They fight for each others right to survive more so than mere possessions. The Religion itself is based upon bettering themselves and reuniting with their ancestors, what they call "Avular Alessiar" Or "True Alessia Home" roughly translated.

The Furthest history explained is that long ago, dated at some eight hundred thousand years ago, a super massive race called the Shantial'jo. They existed in the current universe and continued to expand beyond its borders. As it grew in strength they encountered what the Current alessians believed to be their ancestors, the bringers of war and peace. Alessia itself. The Shantial'jo Apparently committed themselves to a full scale war with the Alessians. No one knows the motives or reasons for this war but in the end, only a matter of months, The Alessian ships found the Shantial'jo home world and burned it into a desert. Some hiigaran convertees' believe that their ancient resting place, Kharak, is the ancient home world of the Shantial'jo. The Alessians afterwards offered peace to the Shantial'jo. The young race accepted peace finally and a friendship endured as the Shantial'jo Proceeded to leave the galaxy, leaving much of their works behind. They enjoyed a massive emergence into a super massive Empire bigger than anyone could imagine. Perhaps this opened their eyes to the folly of their ways, no one is quite sure.

About Ten thousand years later, It would seem the Relics of the past would have new owners. The Progenitors themselves. They moved throughout the galaxy, seeing the massive derelicts left behind they became highly religious themselves. Believing that these relics were signs from their gods. They became stale in their ways believing they were all to the universe. They became philosophers and mystics, reveling in their own massive structures they created. Time went on as they flourished under their own arrogance.

As time always proves though, there are no unmovable force in the galaxy. Long range Progenitor sensors picked up a huge object moving towards the galaxy at unheard of speeds. Faster than the hyperspace that they had been perfecting. The ship was a Older Cruiser type that had made its way through the Alessian empire. The Progenitors feared this ship, feared all it brought with it. the uncertainty of not being alone.

The progenitors dispatched a small fleet to engage the ship, hoping to stop it before it could reach the outskirts of the galaxy and forget the incident took place, but it wouldn't be the case. The last message the progenitor command received was "We have sighted the enemy". Fear grew ten fold as the entire progenitor navy made for the ship. Numerous large scale battles took place where thousands of Progenitor ships would encounter the one Alessian ship. All these events ended in thousands dead. The alessian ship even destroyed a number of worlds in its reign of terror. As the Progenitors were running out of options, they Created three massive warships with prototype Phased array cannons, The biggest most powerful versions of the aforementioned weapon to date. the Sajuuk, the Suvarian, and the Kharava Were the Ships produced to combat the threat. Near modern day karos was where the three exited hyperspace along with a massive fleet of dreadnoughts and cruisers. The Suvarian was able to get a single shot off, which reflected off of the ships shield before the Alessian ship opened fire with gravity cannon fire and some sort of high yield Photonic Pulse cannon. The Survarian Was crumbled into over a million pieces forming the first grave to be seen in karos. the rest of the fleet slowly was obliterated in one of the longest battles of their war. The Sajuuk and Kharava were able to espace before the Alessian ship caught them.

Many believed that the alessian ship was the wrath of god for being so arrogant in their ways, others, more sophisticated thinkers, believed a hit had to have been scored to destroy a comms array. It however didn't stop the ship from leaving massive derelicts all around the galaxy. One of the progenitors key assets, a frontline Foundry ship, Lusavauun'. Was destroyed, prompting what they seen as immediate action, forced their hand. As many people had died in the process the Sajuuk and Kharava exited hyperspace near the now destroyed foundry ship. The Alessian ship turned to engage what was left of the fleet. The Progenitors attempted a bold move, detonating one of their ships near the Alessian cruiser. Through tactical hyperspacing they moved the Kharava near the ship and the sajuuk fired its weapon into the bow, vaporizing half the ship. The Ships three Cores detonated violently, sending millions of superheated plasma shards in all directions and pushing numerous nearby planets out of their alignments. The event was finally enough to drop the Alessian ships Shields. This was the moment they were looking for. The Sajuuk fired its main cannon a total of 154 times, scoring atleast 87 direct hits. At long last the Alessian ship, badly damaged made a blind jump, exiting their jump right at a planet, Elasa.

The Progenitors were about to pursue and put and end to it all when they realized their empire was destroyed. Massive civil war had begun over the reason for the Unknown ships entry into their galaxy. Trillions had died and trillions more were to follow. The Sajuuk was decommissioned as well as many other ships in an attempt to get rid of proof, but it was far too late. The war tore what was left apart..

The Alessian ship had a much different fate. Upon crashlanding, the people aboard left the ship behind. Eventually time burried what was left of the ship as the alessians began building their own tiny nation on the planet. Towards modern times, around the time of the original homeworld event, they re-discovered some of their heritage and renamed their world Alessia in memory of their home. At that time they were known as Elyssia by other nations, up until a few years before makaans crusade.

During the beast event, The Alessians fell into a civil war over a piece of text discovered. No one knew why the ship had came to this galaxy alone and never asked for help, but this text pointed out that the Ships crew were infact Alessian pirates. they had Taken the ship on a joyride from a scrap yard. The ship was already have dismantled when they got it and with the exception of what they considered "Low class" weaponry, the main components of the ship were gone, like communications and primary weapons. The Alessians fell into civil war thinking that if the Real alessians ever found out what happened, they would be destroyed in retaliation. Later texts help solidify their faith as they discovered that they wouldn't be held accountable. The sins of the father do not effect the sins of the son.

The Alessians had finally found their footing. They knew if they could become great enough, like the Shantial'jo before them, they could reunite with their Ancestors. They began peace talks with the new hiigarans for a while but other forces were at work in the galaxy. The Taiidan for a prime example coaxed the Vaygr into a massive build up. The Alessians would follow, to protect their borders. Hiigara which was far enough away didn't see the vaygr build up and took it as if the alessians were building up against them. So they also built up.

Like a warehouse full of tnt, only a spark would lead to a massive explosion, the Taiidan threw the match. using ships disguised as Hiigaran warships, they engaged and destroyed a Alessian Civilian Transport the ANS Cevillar. This was the tipping point and without warning, Alessian fleets moved through Hiigaran border posts and burned worlds on their path. Every fleet they engaged they destroyed, using Fear and suprise to overwhelm hiigaran fleets and command structures. after utterly annihilating the southern hiigaran empire, the Alessian forces had been stretched thin. Hiigara still had a good sized navy and pushed into the alessian lines. Hiigara would attack Alessian ships in a defensive posture, which was not what alessian ships were designed for. Alessians still managed to lure hiigarans into costly battles by tricking them into defending.

The war ended with the Alessians retreating and the Hiigarans keeping on the defensive. At that time the makaan crusade happened. It was shortly after this crusade that tensions between hiigara and alessia died down. Still leaving a massive gap between the two, the strait of sorrows. A memory of what once was.

As other nations in now modern times moved west, the Alessians seemed content with their little corner of the galaxy. No one could be quite sure what was going to happen next but west was where it would happen. Everyones defenses in their homes were enough to thwart anything now... years of fighting has perfected combat, but the west was open to new things.
FinalSeraphim attached the following image:

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The Alessian Navy is the personification of the pack hunter. They roam in groups hunting what ever threatens their lands. The common ship seen in news is usually the Alessian Cruiser. All their ships are Low on weapons, a lesson learned from their forefathers. But the ones they employ are high in power.

The first ship here is the Alessian Dreadnought.

It is roughly 800m Long, with a maximum Cruising speed of 180-200 SGS

It is the largest Common ship fielded by the Alessians with the Exception of the Juggernaut.

The weaponry Consists of Six forward mount Varried position Gravity Cannons, and four Rear mount Varried position G-cannons. It has Four VLS systems, consisting of 200 munitions each, two systems on each side. It also has Two "Starlance" weapons, One on Dorsal, one on Ventral, The only true Duration "Beam Cannon" that the Alessians use. It is a medium range weapon with incredible punch, but a large cooldown time.

The DN itself is used in conjunction with Alessian Hunter Groups. enabling their forces to project much needed heavy firepower after the Cruisers have made their runs. Usually DNs are used a command vessels for a fleet as well as the primary Line ship. It is still used as a fightership however in its "line" duties. It though, will linger in a battle, rapidly moving to change to a fire arc with active weapons. Allowing it to constantly be firing upon a target.
FinalSeraphim attached the following image:

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Looks great, like Starship Troopers.

A refinement of the Seraph DN design calls for 6 forward grav lances and 4 rear lances. This ship doesn't turn around to engage but flies right through the opposition blasting away with weapons as they are unmasked.

Second is the Alessian cruiser, very fast at 350-500 in-game speed so very similar employment to the Taiidani Rogue Fencers but with a different concept of weaponry; Alessians love massive short range firepower and the cruiser is their main offensive weapons platform.

Irritatingly all Alessian major combatants carry a few robotic attack frigates each armed with a secondary weapon of their mothership (such as the CG200 super-rapid coilgun barraging cannon and "vertical" launching direct fire missile arrays). These are capable of super high G force maneuvers and have an ingame speed rating of 600-950 and break up enemy formations to allow the cruisers and DNs to engage. The DN will most likely have a "pirouetting" attack profile that progressively unmasks the front gravs, broadside secondaries then rear gravs.

Alessian cruiser will probably use Axel's excellent Crossbow cruiser model:
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That's great! Axel's a great modeller. Just saw some of his other work as well.
sounds like a good plan. can't wait for the alessians... it gets tiring beating up the vagyr and taiis...

btw, what mod is axel's ship from? that thing looks awesome.

and tel/finalseraphim, would the robot attack frigates attached to the alessian major combatants be destroyable/replaceable? because if they were replacable, then the hiigs/taii/vagyr would be in a world of hurt.
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go to the relic forums or google it, it's a minimod that has a new hiigaran cruiser
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