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Battle of Citar-9

T: "We followed the Gladius at 50 separation making constant 6Gs towards the Hiigarans. She assumed control of our superrapid cannons as soon as countermissiles were detected launching - the barrage must have been effective for none of the interceptors managed to track"

F:"The admiral watched over the battle intensly, seeing his flanking battle group moving at top speed around the side.. launching countermissiles and evading multiple Interceptor squadrons. The Plot had worked as the Admiral issued his swift order for the other group, stealthily on the opposite flank, to attack. Three Ships, A Dreadnaut and two Cruisers moved swiftly against the blackness of the void"

T:"ANS Seraph battlegroup proceeded undetected into ambush position as the enemy task force exchanged long range fire with the skirmisher group and opened the engagement with a coordinated grav lance salvo against the largest Hiigaran vessels"

F: "Set waypoints." was the first words from the admirals mouth. numerous blips appears on each captains screens, showing entry and escape vectors through the hiigaran phalanx.

T: "...following which nuclear mines were detonated behind Seraph BG to disorient IR tracking as the robot frigates were despatched directly into the enemy formation. Two light cruisers disintegrated from the initial lance attack but the four surviving started blasting with lasers and autocannons"

F: The Admiral stood and pointed to one of the Light Cruisers in his own line, just about to issue a abandon ship order before the hiigarans got smart.. Waiting until the ships made their first pass before returning fire. The Blue beams from the Prince of hiigara pierced the engines and destroyed the top mount Starlance. The admiral sat back down as he seen the registered escape pods launch. The ship Itself detonated from selfdestruct seconds later, annihilating two hiigaran boarding frigates in the process. He turned his attention to the two cruisers that were now bearing down upon the Hiigaran Prince of hiigara. "Fire at will" was posted upon their screens

T: Gladius and Cinqueda both bore down on the centre of Hiigaran resistance, a large 800m length super cruiser bristling with weaponry. At receipt of Seraph's targeting data the order for coordinated capital ship assault was given and muzzle doors for grav lances and half our assault VLS tubes were opened shortly thereafter Enemy fighters on our flanks and rear must have picked out our signature as the PoH's 275mms started lobbing nuclear shells our way but none of the shells' proximity fuzes worked due to our frontal profile stealth

F: As the Two cruisers avaded the Ships nuclear salvoes, a Destroyer screamed by across the Cruisers bow, firing its own Gavity cannon wildly, destroying the ventral Ion array. The ship was targetted by the POH's Top side Cannons but was not struck due to the shock of the situation. The Destroyer shot upward, hitting full thrust and evading more shells from the POH. Interceptors from nearby Alessian Destroyer-Carriers entered the battlespace as well, Making a strieght line for the Hiigaran interceptors.

T: Gladius issued an immediate anti-fighter support request on fleet net as she was set upon by the Hiigaran battleships' assault shuttles and attack drones 8 and 32 in number respectively. We observed her conduct an emergency "corkscrew" maneuver to throw off enemy fire whist dumping countermeasure rounds off her two AC200SR mounts but momentum of the attack run carried her dangerously close to the streams of light railgun fire pouring from the enemy's quad turrets

F: The Admiral Shifted priority to the two cruisers hitting the Flag of the Hiigaran battlegroups fleet. The interceptors made a 90 degree adjustment and hit full thrust, moving near the POH. Rapid fire A-S guns opened up, targetting the fighters themselves. Two fighters were hit immediatly before the small craft left range. They passed the POH all together. "Friendlies spotted.. aligning Target Arrays." were the words heard on the Gladius. A warning appeared though as a hiigaran destroyer had made its way on the opposite flank, able in a matter of seconds to be in range to hit the Alessian ships after their run. A Hiigaran carrier was also in the area. It was the supply of fighters in the area. A red Box appeared around the carrier, as it was easy to hit directly after nailing the POH.

T: Gladius passed the PoH unable to bring her bow grav lances to bear due to extreme evasive action but fired her entire starboard VLS on unguided broadside mode at the enemy battleship. Bright flashes registered as railgun shots disintegrated against both ships' electronic armor but the lighter Gladius came out worse in the short broadside engagemnt having lost the use of half her grav lances But Cinqueda shifted promptly to independent attack mode and unengaged by the enemy ripple fired her 6 grav cannons directly at the battleship within optimal performance envelopes. Inexplicably and unfortunately, the attack was unsuccessful and Cinqueda was forced to retire due to malfunction in the main weapon power systems, disengaging at 10Gs

F: The Admiral sat back, moving his hand to his chin. He didn't have the ships to continue this kind of engagement. He was at odd on the defense to begin with. The enemy knew this, but he had a few tricks up his sleves. "Alright, Have the Gladius return to the line. The AWS Selenmere is to engage the POH at location 5.4.42." The admiral looked on as the Dreadnaut began to push through the hiigaran lines. The battle was still unclaimed at this point. The hiigaran carrier still had a dominant feature though. The POH had its flank as well. forcing the admirals hand. A Long range Heavy Railgun frigate was standing by.

T: Gladius also retiring from battle damage encountered a medium-sized Hiigaran ship directly on her bow within -visual- range and engaged with all available weaponry including 3 grav lances, 20 AC220R solid shot and 50 VLS kinetic rounds within 30 seconds. Target was identified by fleet net as Imperator CV

F: The Admiral noticed the oppertunity and ordered the Dreadnaut to open fire upon the POH, to draw from the gladius. This may have been his only shot at this. The hiigaran forces were moving in a spiral pattern to re attain a frontline. Destroyers formed clusters while Frigates moved to block flanks.

T: However Gladius took heavy fire from unknown enemy weapons during the pass and from then on could only proceed at 2.5 Gs acceleration

F: The dreadnaut, moving in and out of hiigaran formations fired both Starlances, hitting the bow of the POH. electrical energy moved through the hull as the Dreadnaut began firing its forward GEWs. The Dreadnaut being updated on the gladius' situation stopped its run on the POH. The POH itself then recieved a hit from long range by the Rail Frigate.. Effectivly killing its ability to fight.The Dreadnaut moved in towards the Gladius as well as what was left of the fighter group that had helped earlier.

T:Cinqueda had by then regained use of her weapons and had successfully engaged an enemy frigate in pursuit by killing drives and appearing dead in space.. then firing a dozen VLS rounds at what was to be point blank range. She arced back to the main battle to assume covering position for Gladius, ETA 30 min

F:The Admiral knew this wasn't enough time. He needed an edge in the battle now. Hiigaran battle clusters were converging upon his area now. He had to order his ship, a juggernaut to begin a classic engagement. If he read the screen correctly, another hiigaran force composed of atleast Two POH ships was enroute.. to arrive in a little over 36 minutes. He didn't have the man power now to engage the hiigaran lines. Alessian forces were concentrated on the primary objective, a massive shipyard and planet nearby. The admiral knew his force was the primary flanking fleet. His objective still hadn't been met but at long last he got word. The Alessian fleet did infact manage to light the planets atmosphere and destroy the shipyard. "all ships, fall back to rally point a."

T: Cinqueda refused to abandon her sister ship, pushing drives beyond safe military power and arriving in formation in little over 15 minutes overtaking and scattering a flight of Hiigaran torpedo bombers making a run at the crippled cruiser. Escape pods were mass launched and crash landed onto Cinqueda's shuttle bay however time was needed to secure all crew and casualties before proceeding. In the meantime they were a sitting duck for any enemy in the area

F: The admiral knew this situation wasn't turning out well at all. He ordered four squadrons of interceptors and his two remaining Heavy Cruisers to the frontline. Along with his ship as well. Alessian ships weren't meant for defensive operations. He had to find a way to get his forces out of the line, then re-engage with suprise. The dreadnaut had taken a flanking position near the gladius. Its hull was tattered with Large calibur round impacts. Using itself as s shield to protect the more vulnerable Gladius.. it was the target of intense bombardment. Until the cruisers hit the destroyers that were lobbing shells at them. The admirals juggernaut was almost within range along with four long range Rail frigates.

T: Gladius found herself the centre of attention and rapidly secured rescued crewmen into her accomodation section and detached it on a programmed safe trajectory to Alessian space. She then assumed screening position between the DN and enemy destroyers emitting heavy jamming and enlarging her signature as large as possible to protect the DN.

F: As the Admiral drew close support craft managed to arrive at the Dreadnaut and Gladius.. They attached tethers and attempted to do field repairs. The two cruisers did a fanastic job of hitting the nearby destroyers. The cruisers returned to the line and the Frigates began firing long range shells at advancing hiigaran forces. Two Hiigaran frigates were destroyed by the fire. The event prompted the hiigaran forward force to slow. Giving the gladius enough time hopefully, to re-enter battle status.
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