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On a Pale horse.
The Last thing seen in pale green eyes was the flag waving, a torn ripped flag with the symbol of Alessia shown brazenly on it. A star with a sword through it, The symbol of their unity. The eyes glazed over as the hint of a smile appeared on the now resting corpse.

"He was not only my brother, but my friend, my confidant, my only family." Were the words heard. A large crowd of hundreds, all wearing formal dress. A long Red cape flowing from Golden colored Plate armor Shoulderpads. Denoting valor in the battlefield. His breastplate was Chrimson colored with gold etchings, the words "freedom" and "Salvation" easily visible.

-- one month later --

The same Pale green eyes shot awake as if from a nightmare. The foot hit the ground off of an elaboratly elegant bed. Pictures on the wall painted like murals of angels and warriors, all together in what they viewed as salvation. The gentle peace of sleep did not last however. A loud buzz was heard.

"This is Uthar Decerell, What do you need." Was the first words out of his mouth. A few deep breaths and then finally a reply. "Archpriest, we are arriving at Location, Sir."

"I'll be at the Prayer Hall, I advise you all take turns going there as well." Uthar said. "Yes sir." was the quick reply he received.

The hallways to the prayer hall were the exact same as any other ship or deck in the navy, a slight blue hue with purple and gold tones. bright White lights illuminated the labyrinth of cooridors on the ship. The prayer hall was however different on every ship. The Captain of the ship, or the Admirals, were all priests, all devout into their faith and acted on that. It was not uncommon for entire crews to enter prayer before engaging in combat.

The prayer ceremony usually lasts no more than five-ten minutes depending on the sitation, Uthars session was quite average as well. "We must follow the path laid before us! we are the chosen by our ancestors, chosen to be reborn into our mother nation, a nation of conscience and confidence, Respect and power. Our birthright!"

"Do not fear death my brothers and sisters, death is only part of our journey. Death allows you to transcend the futility of pain and see all there is to see. And when we reach our golden estate, your souls will be reborn!"

Hands raised high into the air by mostly tear laiden shipmen, all feeling the awesome power of true belief. As they feel their faiths strength, their fear washes away... Uthar knows his crew is prepared.

Uthar arrived at the bridge. A room deep in the bowels of the ship, surrounded by holographic displays and a master screen, allowing them to see outside the ship. "This is the AEWS Storm of Fury to all Ships, may your battle go well and your cup be full of victory, we shall drink from our shattered enemies today! Engage at will!"

The Storm of fury moved in towards a Hiigaran formation. "ArchPriest! they Outnumber us! atleast six ships to every one of ours!" Uther stood up, "We are at even odds then, Prepare Gravitic cycling, are they aware of our presance?"

"I do not believe priest, It is possible but their formation does not suggest this."

Uther Leaned forward in his chair. "Cycling is completed, Magnitize the hull and break into line formation, hide our numbers."

"Yes archpriest, we have confirmation from all fourteen ships, we have three lines moving in, Priest Yavalar is moving at a 10degree variation in ten seconds."

"Acknowledge their movement, Priest Kodora Shall proceed the same way, a mild flank may suprise even after we are known."

"Yes ArchPriest, orders sent."

"Full power to Forward thrust, Upon reaching the twelve second threshold, disengage engines and full power to forward weapons, engage the VLS systems as well, Direct fire munitions engage, use the heavy shells first, if anything survives we will make another pass."

"Orders recieved, the enemy has a mild Phalanx formation, in our present course, we will hit the exact center where they have a Labelled "Prince of Hiigara" as well as two Liihara Cruisers."

The Dark Gray and Black colored ships moved in at ever increasing speeds towards their foes. The hiigarans had been here for some time, apparently firing upon Civilian ships as if they were frontline warships. Killing innocents. Uthar wouldn't allow this to last.

"All priests! engage our Devilish foe! show them no mercy as they never showed our people! Faith be praised! Our Wills be Praised! ALESSIA BE PRAISED!" Were shouted across the comms through out the fleet.

The engines on all the ships disengaged as the cruisers and destroyed began ripping the hiigaran fleet apart. "We have multiple contacts! fighter wings! They are down, Gravtitic pulse hit the lead ship, destroying it!." Uthar smirked, "Starlance batteries prepare side fire, coordinate with VLS batteries. Target All gravity cannons on the lead Cruiser."

All fifteen ships spread out, into three Vee Formations, covering eachothers left and right. "First Group has hit the enemy at left flank, we have taken few hits and they have lost seven ships in the initial barrage, mostly frigates. They are moving ships from the right, bad idea, Second group is hitting their right side. Multiple casualties."

"Alright, Lets send them on their way." Uthar said right as the bow of the Storm lit up. Massive Purple beams rushed fourth, hitting the first liihira, ripping it in two seconds before the Storm passed through the still burning cloud of wreckage. "Starlance batteries! target the Heavy Cruiser!" Uthar shouted. not even a second later the Massive White colored breams from the top and bottom shot at an angle, both impacting the side of the PoH. Electrical surges shot all around the ship right before the Large Anti-Ship Munitions hit. As if a solid beam of metal was pushed into the PoH. almost one hundred rounds hit the PoH on predesignated spots, sending metal shards outward. Plates floated off the now dormant Heavy Cruiser.

The Other liihira Hit fullspeed trying to break into the first group. The ship fired its primary ion cannons and to their dismay, the charged hull seemed to absorb the shot, doing minimal damage. Seconds later a wave of high velocity munitions hit the Liihira from the rear. The right group had circled around for another pass. "All Priests! Fire at all!" was heard, as the Vee formations broke into individual ships.

As the Storm passed under a Imperator Carrier, the top dome lit up as the white beam shot fourth, hitting the underside avionics and control systems. As the Storm moved downwards, the bottom Starlance fired at the carrier, hitting the engine array, effectivly disabling the ship. "Get that ship boarded."

Four Bloodhound frigates formed up to face a Alessian Destroyer. The Destroyer had aboard two 200mm DP weapons. As the rapid fire cannons opened up, combined with the already immense speed the ship was traveling, the rounds hit the first frigate, sending what was left of the frigate backwards from the impact.

The first bloodhound fired off a heavy missile, hitting the bow of the Destroyer. "Priest! our Gravity cannon is offline!"

Uthar heard this and ordered another Cruiser to head to the location. As the frigates prepared to engage the Destroyer, Two piercing white beams hit the two of the frigates, followed by the Purple Beams of the gravity cannons. "We have attained tactical superiority ArchPriest"

"As was foreseen!" Uthar replied as his ship fired another salvo of VLS Munitions, blowing another Hiigaran Destroyer to hell.

The storm moved left to right, avoiding hulks of burning debris as it made its fourth pass into whats left of the hiigaran formation. "We are getting surrender messages, No mercy?" Uthar stood up and walked to the comms. "No, Destroy them all. Our civilian ships attempted to surrender and they denied them, Open fire with extreme prejudice. Burn their heretical souls!"

Uthar sat back in his chair, watching the fifteen ships on a tactical display, circling their foes, widdling away at their defences before slowly destroying every last ship. "Where is your Sajuuk now."

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Why would HGN ships destroy a civilian ships that transmit surrender message ???
maybe the HGN ships were pirates, although I don't see how they could get hold of Liirhras, an Imperator, and a PoH.
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Yeah that is a little fishy.

Maybe those where not civilian ships. Maybe that was propaganda from the High Priests (or whomever is leading Alessia) to increase hatred towards the Hiigarans.

So now the Hiigarans have to face the Vaygr, The Taiidani, and the Alessians. Mercy be on their pitiful souls.
The Hiigaran people will prevail, and come out as the unquestioned leaders of the galaxy!



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Perhaps Racial prejudice? perhaps a fear of something that may be stronger? perhaps they've read up on the Alessian religion and realized (and by this I mean fleet command.) that karans words actually made them have some credibility. "Sajuuk is neither god nor myth, he is real." Fear can do amazing things to the mind.

But then again, it may be a hoax to spur religious ferver.. The alessians however have a long history of being oppressed for their beliefs.. The truth will make itself known soon enough.

I'll write a new segment either today or tomarrow.
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Six hours later..

Uthar Arrived at the bridge, Dark blue lights alerting the crew to return to posts. "What is the situation..". The others replied frantically. "arch priest, We have been engaged, Four hiigaran battle groups have exited hyperspace near our flanks, Priest Kaknar Engaged them two minutes ago. Our forces have been hit strategically, a fatal error in our calculations. They caught our ships in a defensive role. We have NO chance of success in this posture."

"Alright, all cruisers converge on the Storm of Fury. We will turn this into our battle." The Storm engaged its Green Auric engines, speeding quickly towards the front line. Uthar watched in dismay as another Prince of Hiigara lined up its heavy guns on a alessian Cruiser. The Weapons of the Hiigaran ship did tremendous damage. The Large caliber rounds hit first, followed by well timed Ion cannon shots into damaged hull sections. Debris floated off the now dying cruiser. "Damnit!" uthar yelled as the bright flash illuminated the screen. "Alright, those dogs have had it now. Star lances at 150% power.. Draw from magnetic plating if you have to, we need a first hit on that cruiser.. its guns out range ours."

The Storm Weaved in and out of formation, as did the other Cruisers. The Dreadnought aimed its massive Starlance cannons. "Arch priest, all ships are prepared to engage... they do not suspect we are here, yet." Uthar sat back. "Good... Now.. distance?"

"7600km ArchPriest, we are closing at maximum velocity.."

"Distance to target?"

"6500km Arch priest, Capacitors are fully charged, we have attained 166% charge on first Star lance shot."

"We will win the day! all ships! for honor! for glory!!! For Alessia!!!"

Battle Chatter turned to a roar of glorified yells and Amens, Screams that would send chills down the spine resulted, Screams of Anger towards the hiigarans.. "Distance?!" Uthar yelled. "we... are just.... 3500KM! WE ARE IN RANGE!" Uthar stood up, pointing at the Battle cruiser. "FIRE MAIN BATTERIES!!"

The piercing white beams hit the bow of the ship, moving quickly up through the main hull. Numerous smaller explosions were seen as lights on the Battle Cruiser flickered from electrical feedback. "FIRE THE GRAVITY CANNONS!" The White beams disappeared right before the Purple Beams hit the Mighty Prince of Hiigara all along the topside, rendering the vessel dead in space in a matter of seconds. "All ships! break formation! engage at will!"

Two Cruisers prepared a run upon an Arbiter Destroyer. The Destroyer turned port side, firing missiles and guns like crazy, scoring minimal damage against the wild speed and surprise of the Alessian flanking group. The Bright flash from the Destroyer was seen from uthars eyes as he began to smile. "All ships, retain former formation, we have numerous hiigaran forces retreating. They learned a valuable lesson today however, Transmit the results to Headquarters... This could turn out bad."
I am the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last... the beginning and your end.
These religious fundamentalists make the vagyr seem tame by comparison.
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