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The Alessian Empire.
The history of the Star nation known as "Alessia" has its roots from a nation far older then anything known by current means. The Term Alessia is a root word in their culture, it stems from a massive Fabled star empire, lost to most history but forming the basis of theirs.

The history of this new empire started before the Progenitor war, another disputed piece of history....

Eight hundred thousand years before the original war between the Hiigarans and the Taiidan, when the Bentusi were still in their infancy, A
massive Pre-Progenitor empire existed, the Shantialjo'. Their Works were spread through out this galaxy and numerous others until they provoked a war with a Super massive Empire, known as the bringers of war and peace, Alessia.

The War was short lived as Alessian ships were beyond what any hiigaran could concieve as powerful. Their ships rained fire upon the Shantialjo' world ending the war in only a matter of months. After many Talks and peace accords the Shantialjo' Joined the Alessian Empire and began exploring the stars on a level never believed.

Over one thousand years later, the remnants of the Shantialjo' Relics were found in space by the Progenitors, the new dominant force in the galaxy. Their priests believed these to be gifts and riddles from the gods and thus modelled their own technology after it, Keyships and massive textual riddles led to an era of properity and mystism in the progenitor regime. However, during this time, the Progenitors had never met an equal intelligence to match their own. They became cocky and arrogant in their ways until a survey ship, a ship of the Shantialjo' Arrived.

The ship had made its exodus throughout the Alessian empire. It was not a warship but like all Alessian ships, even private yachts had large scale weaponry. when the Progenitors detected this ship, heading for their galaxy with unheardof speeds, they prepared their defenses. The Progenitors had never encountered something on a level of themselves and perceived them hostile.

The books concerning this information never quite tells who fired first but after many salvos by the Alessian GravCannons and High Energy Fusion Cannons, the Progenitor scout fleet had been destroyed.

After many Attempts to destroy the ship the Progenitors, fearing the loss of their empire, Built three great warships, the Sajuuk, the Suvarian, and the Kharava. The ships mounted the most high powered Phased array cannon they had ever built and thrust these, alone with dreadnauts and Droneships into battle. The Fleet first encounted the Alessian vessel near karos, where the Suvarian was put to rest in millions of pieces. The Alessian ship made its way towards the Sajuuk and Kharava, firing wildly at the Kharava. The Sajuuk managed to escape unscathed with the heavily damaged Kharava in tow. The Progenitor fleet fled to other locations and quietly built up its strength. No one was sure why only one ship came. Most speculated that it was the wrath of god, where as others said perhaps a hit WAS scored and damaged a Communication array.

The battle went further though, with the destruction of the foundry ship Lusavauun'. A foundry ship that was producing a large number of Dreadnauts and other smaller ships. As the Alessian vessels Gravity Cannons ripped the Foundry ship apart, the Sajuuk exploited a oppertunity. the Kharava had three hyperspace cores powering it as well. The Sajuuk fired its maingun into the Kharava, vaporizing the bow and detonating the craft itself. The Explosion was finally enough to lower the Alessian ships shields and the Sajuuk fired a total of 67 direct hits before the Armor plating failed. It would have been a victory at that point, but the civil war had already begun.

The progenitor civil war was enormus and utterly destroyed their civilization. but the Alessian survivors crash landed on a world called Elasa. The survivors never made an attempt to contact the outside and eventually, with the exception of incredibly vivid books, left their history behind.

Modern times however has yielded an equally brave new empire. Their name before was the Elyssians, as they believed that was the spelling on their ancient texts. However, the Elyssians finally mastered their own progenitors ancient and complex langauge. Alessia was their Homeworld. Aleris, A great capitol city, held the seat of their empire. They became mystified by this previously unknown history, that they were infact descendants of this massive extra-Galactic Civilization, spanning much of the known universe. The New Alessians found the laws of their predesessors and found that they would never be saved, as the laws specifically state that to meet with Alessia, you must Find alessia. It requires Comparible tech and no race in the galaxy could meet that challenge. So they fell into their first civil war.

The war was short lived with the discovery of another message. They discovered that their ancestors on that ship were infact Pirates who managed to get ahold of a soon to be scrapped Alessian Craft and fled. Knowing their criminal background they thought that they'd surely be hunted. However, years went by and they began to realize that their predecessors sins wouldn't apply to them, gave them hope of salvation once more.

The now Ultra modern Alessian empire has renamed its World to Alessia from Elasa. Renamed their capitols and ships after fabled Alessian admirals and ships, found in ancient books. Though no other space faring culture believes any of these texts to be true, they continue to dig and scan for the original crash site of their ancient fathers Ship. They hope that their heritage will pay off with victory in the new galaxy they are in. They believe that once they get strong enough, they can find their ancestors and become one with them as they believe it would be the best thing for everyone.

Most call their thinking diluted and fanciful but they are bound to their quest for salvation from the modern world. they believe that bettering themselves and ultra advances in all tech will grant them the grace to be reunited with their brothers and sisters.



Homeworld: Alessia

Capitol City (Seat of Power): Aleris

Religion: Alessian

Estimated Population: 64.9 Billion on 72 Worlds.

Government: Democratic Empire
A ruling emporer, known as he "father" presides over the Senatorial meetings. It is a very complex form of government, allowing for strict military power while still being majorly controlled by the will of the people.


Known Ships and Weapons.

The Seraphim Class Dreadnauts are their most dreaded ship to date.
It is perhaps their first sole created ship, not a cross breed of hiigaran or vayger retrofitted with technology of their own.

It enjoys a very well fed compliment of early model Gravity Cannons and Gravity torpedoesas well as Various large calibur Ion cannons and Kenetic Cannons loaded with Gravity shells. The ship itself is just a few Meters longer than a majiiran BBH but is almost twice as fast, attaining a battlespace speed of +280 GS. It's in very short numbers but where ever they appear, only tales of defeat has reached their opposing admirals ears.

The Demon Class BattleShip is another formidible shipfor the Alessians. Technically Considered a BattleCruiser by the Alessians, it boasts Five massive turrets, each housing a set of Triple x1500mm Kenetic Railcannon. These are the only ships armed with Gravity shells other than the Seraphim Class Dreadnauts. it is around the same speed as its massive counterpart. They are built of Salvaged Hiigaran Prince of Hiigara Warships from the war.

The Salvation Class Cruiser is their mainstay Warship in the navy at this point in time. It is based upon the old Skaal Tel Destroyers of the Taiidan Empire. Their modular hulls and easy to change out layout made multiple variations of this craft possible. A Guided long range missile delivery system, a Large scale assault Ion platform as well as the Standard Cannon/Missile armed with light assault ions. Even a limited Carrier has been constructed off this easy hull.

The Defiance Class Frigate is another Pure Alessian Refit vessel. It is based upon the Vaygr Assault Frigate. It is also a multi-variant warship. Featuring Missile and DEW as well as cannon and EW versions have been seen roaming the battlefields.


The Primary navy however, for the Alessians has been Captured, Purchased, Salvaged Vessels of other nations. Their fleets as well as their peoples are a melting pot of many Cultures and ships as well. It wouldn't be completely uncommon to see an Alessian battlegroup Consisting of only one actual Alessian manufactured ship with a compliment of Vaygr Frigates and destroyers with a Taiidan Quaarjet I, and a Imperator Class carrier. They Boast some of the greatest weaponry but as of now are limited in their deployment.

There is a "side" family, from which the Emporers are elected. the family is the Vaithea' Family, Believed to be direct blood line to the emporer of the True alessia, known as "Shi'Hara." This family as well as seven side families only breed with eachother in a odd attempt at keeping the bloodline "clean" to prove to their ancestors they are theirs, and fight in their name. All races that join the Alessians are subject to harsh re-education. They learn the Truth as they see it, as well as their laws. To only believe in their salvation and promise, that they'd reach a level never before seen with their ancestors in the great beyond

Religion can be a powerful weapon. Alessians are indeed a major threat.
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so the poorest starfaring nation in PDS canon is actually the remnants of a race powerful enough to take on the Progenitors (or Ancients)? hmm... Did you talk to Tel about this?
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remnants of a Pirates from race powerful enough...

That's diffrence.
I have no idea what mrWHO just said. Probably lost in translation.

As for this article, I presume it's fanfiction. Not stated as fact.
This is fact, and the creation of this history for modern "Elyassia" was indeed sanctioned by myself for V11/V12 development purpose. This is really excellent work and I should thank FinalSera here for his professionalism.
seraphim class dreadnaughts, lol i wonder where that name came from Idea


Tristan wrote:
I have no idea what mrWHO just said. Probably lost in translation.

As for this article, I presume it's fanfiction. Not stated as fact.

I quoted your phrase with addition of "Pirate" word to focus your attention to pirate roots of that race - not whole race (aka military, goverment, science division).

Edit: not yours but Twitch's phrase Grin
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Thank you tel once again for the inspiration for taking charge of the race. Also, for everyone elses activity and participation in this.

The Alessian empire Physical appearance breakdown.

There are Three major races within the Empire, The ones who call themselves "Alessians", ones who are called, "Solarians", and ones of a current race, the Casada.

The Alessian texts found, spoke of a major alliance race, the Solarians, thus where the term was derived.

The typical Alessian male/Female is generally 5-6 feet tall, with jet black hair and pupils. They are normally very fit in appearance from their mandatory military training at age 7. they all hold their cause above all else and have even rammed battlecruisers into opponents when on their last legs in their beliefs of furthering their people to salvation.
Alessians can be considered the Ruling class of the empire, usually holding seats in high end corporations and leading fleets into battles.

The Typical Solarian looks nothing like the Real solarians of the True Alessian empire, but are similar in task nontheless. They are usually around 6-8 feet tall and are very honorbound and proud warriors. They were the first found by the Alessians when they broke orbit of the planet Elasa before it was renamed. The Solarian ships found the craft and made first contact within hours of its launch. Solarian people are Dark red skinned with long fingers and no hair. they are adept with bladed weaponry and have used them in boarding action though most still use rifles for their primary weaponry.
The Solarians are primarily the generals and captains of the Alessian Empire, their prowess on the field and addition of Alessian technologies has made them very tough opponents for any who would cross. They are the knights of the empire, holding special titles and some seats on high end councils.

The Casada are another major race in the empire. They breed almost ten times faster than most races, usually hitting maturity after just 6-7 years. they are usually 4-6 ft tall and are very proficient with most weapony. They are very humanoid in appearance with the exception of their reverse jointed legs. their homeworld is a very swampy one so their high mobility has earned them special place as a potent strike force. they are usually used as crew, and frontline warriors for the Empire. They hold seats on the some high end Councils.
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Lovely! great work Seraphim!
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It is very nice...

However does it replace the Elyssian Federation that was established two years ago?

I am ancient
Yes. Simply a change of lettering and a comprehensive history.
Ship concepts perhaps?
Double post, my bad.
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This is a Salvation Class Cruiser (Subject to change) With no weapon hardpoints with the exception of the few shown. I'll most likely update this paint model with weaponry at a later date and ofcourse a top-down view and a frontal view for referance.
FinalSeraphim attached the following image:

Edited by FinalSeraphim on 18-10-2007 01:49
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1: are the new Alessian ships already in production? and if yes, for how long have they been?
2: i'm guessing these neo-alessian ships don't have the power to defeat Progen ships... please correct me if i'm wrong.
3: will we be seeing the Alessians in a future relase of PDS?
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Ok, if you read the history completely.. they are comparible to Hiigaran and Vaygr forces. Their power is their range and speed.. where as some have power and armor (hiigs) and Versatility and Price (Vaygr for the most part) The Alessian ships are Quite different. Their Ships rely on their speed and PDS to survive encounters whilst thier heavy guns make up their punch. The mk VII G-Cannon is the ultra modern weapon used by the Alessian capships at this point. Their weapons do alot of damage but the downside is cost. Alessian ships are very commonly seen flying in and out of enemy formations using shortrange Gravity beamweapons after putting many gravity shells out first.

The primary downside to this tactic is the fact they don't have the numbers. Seeing as the Alessian navy as of right now uses mostly purchased/Salvaged/Captured Ships from other races, their actual home manufactured ships are very rare on the field unless part of a large operation. Usually even though some ships have been captured for years , most aren't ever refitted. Usually just ones that are deemed survivable.

Actual Alessian ships are Very powerful due to their very powerful short and long range armorments. If ever put into game (Actual alessian modelled ships) They'd be expensive and usually only one or two allowed on the field.

I assume it is tels desire to get four races into the game. The taiidan are more or less complete in balancing issues, ofcourse additions wouldn't hurt. And ofcourse the hiigarans/vaygr are in to stay. It's unclear when the Alessian navy will make an entry as a full fighting force other than an array of captured ships with varried weaponry.

And once again, Modern Alessians wouldn't stand a chance against Progenitors, it was their ancestors super powered warships. The Gravity shells/beams are nothing in comparison to the original weapons used against the progens thousands of years prior.

Their entire religion is based around finding their roots in this massive interstellar empire that is far greater and bigger then the progenitors or anything even before them. They are huge beyond comparison, thus why they are looked upon as gods by the modern alessians of the pds galaxy.

Pretty much what I mean is, their entire religion, mindset, goals.. and everything is geared toward and based on the original Alessian empire of which they wish to find and join.

I'll begin a small roleplay around this race as well as add detailed Ship descriptions in the soon to be created (Alessian Navy Ships/Vehicles)

Also I intend to discuss here their full religion and belief system/goals for their future. As well as reasons for aggression against modern stellar Factions.
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... and what reasons would the Alessians ahve for being pissed off at Hiigs, Vagyr, Taii? (the latter two are self-explanatory, but hiigs? why?)
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Pissed off? I'd rather the Alessians had little to do with the affairs of the other star-nations, as they're busy dealing with their own internal strife.

That's why they haven't made any impact on the galactic picture yet everyone knows they're a sleeping giant. I would also suggest that their military prowess be toned down to something more reasonable than Spartans. They take defense of their state seriously but having the empire wage no war and running a society based on it is not a very survivable proposition. A balance must be sought.
Not pissed off, and like Tel said, they aren't Like sparta in the regards of War, I meant as a referance to how they view their religion. It's all that matters, even if you die. We're talking like the Kadeshi, only worse.. lol

And ofcoure for right now, until their industry is at full capacity like hiigara and the vaygr, they will only look to their borders. Sorry, I meant to be more obvious with the sparta referance so that's my error.. and I shoulda included the keeping to themselves thing for now too, both my errors but are now fixed! hoorah!
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ok, i see. great job, keep up the good work.
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