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The Phased Array Cannon
I do understand the mechanics of the mod but this is intended as a truthful discussion on the massive Progen deathray.. the Phased Array Cannon.

The hiigarans had much time to research and anylze the weapon during their reverse exodus. I guess my question is, Realistically, The hiigarans wouldn't just "lose" all data/info/knowledge of the massive weapon and it being set two years later. The hiigarans would probobly have a early prototype in a large turret or even hullmounted form. The Majiiran being a very likely candidate, as it has a massive powerplant (hopefully)

As it is classified as a mild super weapon, a ship like the majiiran with .... Excessive Frontal firepower would benefit from such a weapon. That ship was made to break frontal assaults and it having a weapon mounted like that would definantly give it that needed edge in siege/heavy engagements.
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Suggestion is as valid as the Majiirian VLS conversion - removing turrets for a massive first strike misile salvo.

Yours will be a more "practical" space combat ship with fixed forward weapons instead of turrets like the Vaygr War Maiden. Gives you more mass to fit a more potent main weapon.

However no one seems to be interested in such simple and effective designs, instead wanting to do better with their own concepts. Well that's fine and dandy, but from the time taken to see any results I might as well kitbash an entire navy of ships myself, yes?

Case in point - Final and I just contributed 2 ship designs - who is interested to make them work, an easy task using existing hull and CFHod?
Yeah im willing to run them through the shipyard. that nad i jsut dump a ton of ships in the sri care package to ya. Case in short. let have a look and give you an extimate on time and things like that.

Yes, Tels conversion is the most practical here. It'd (if I understood correctly) would really add the much needed range to the hiigaran navy. I could see a fleet of one Majiiran PCA conversion and a fleet of maybe three POH preparing to engage a massive Vaygr force, perhaps a strike on a actual Clanship itself.

It'd be fascinating to see the beam light up from outside their lines and hit the ship itself, but here's a fashion idea for it.

Lets say that the PCA is still somewhat underpowered and not as advanced as the actual versions found on the Pgen ships, So a massive intake of sunlight to give Aux power to the ship as the beam charges and fires, the ship would have to be stationary. Remember the Old Ion Array frigates from hw1? I always thought the deployable Solar panels were a really cool Cosmetic addon. Perhaps give a ship the Size of a Poh a few of those, add a large secondary hull on the bottom with the actual PCA hardware and maybe a few large turrets and torpedo ports, you'd have the perfect Artillery vessel.

It'd further the hiigaran specialization of ships for purpose. Now if we could just figure out a cool actual Battleship, lol.

I am the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last... the beginning and your end.
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