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New Blood
Hey all, I just registered, I probably wouldn't if I could figure this mod out heads from tails.

Its a bit overwhelming in its complexity.


Is it possible to use this mod without updating to the most recent patch version of H2? I' m a lazy SOB and use NO-CD patchs for the majority of my games, its a necessity seeing a how I have a 320gig HD Pfft Alot of games, many CDs would have to be swapped.

Secondly, I've noticed your mod uses custom vapor trails for the ship engines, nobody around would know where I could find the "No-Trail" engine patch would they?

And is it compatible when used in tandem with the mod?

Thanks and hope to figure heads and tails out of this mod, it looks right up my alley.
Edited by Haine on 03-09-2007 02:05
Takes a bit of time, but all it really involves is changing the ship train value in .ship files from say, 4 (seconds) to 0.
Would I need anything other then notepad to do it?

This won't cause any problems with the mod either, would it?
As long as you change the variable and nothing else (don't remove commas, parenthesis, change placing, etc.) you should be fine just using notepad.
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