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Survival of the Fittest
Early last month my father got into a severe motorcycle accident with a cab, which destroyed the motorcycle and rendered my dad unconcious.

Good thing is that he flew off the horse and sustained only minor skin injuries (though badly scratched by the road surface), requiring 2 weeks' hospitalisation.

Bad thing is that he was rendered unconcious by the collision and so was unable to defend himself against the vicious cab driver who fabricated a tale for passers by that my dad was riding dangerously and was the one responsible for the accident. You can't blame the cab driver, because if he's in the wrong he would lose his job, and license.

That resulted in a $3000 fine for dangerous driving for my father, and another 3K in hospitalisation costs.

This absolutely destroys my only source of domestic financial support, though my father's second wife (he remarried) is doing her best to support both my house rental and of her new family.

And I joined my restaurant chain as a full-time regular just in time, and this will net me enough income to become truly self-sufficient, and support both my mother and myself.

But as Murphy's Law dictates, the transition between apprentice to formal master-of-the-house is wrought with disappointing failures, including that of the Accounts Department who insist that your last, and first salary of each rank (after being promoted) will be a cheque sent in the middle of the month.

That leaves me with $0 (not joking) and I have to survive 15 days to see the cheque. With a lot of creative budget planning I can survive on a minimal income (wtf, supporting the old witch with $600/mth student's allowance and still having good taste in cuisine and fashion) with a lot to spare for myself, but cut that little income and I'll literally become dead in the water in days. That's what happened this week.

And no, I wasn't informed about this serious pay issue at all until I raised the issue myself.

But I'm alive and well, very comfortably thanks to my restaurant manager who, without a thought for her own financial security, forked out the equivalent of my next month's salary out of her own pocket.

Which puts me into another predicament that I'm presently being paid personally by the establishment's mistress-after-god. But she proves to be a capable leader who has, over several months, got used to my demand for full tactical initiative in anything I do (and the right to tell people to do the right thing if need be), and never fails to assign staff to support me when I'm in the middle of a war zone with no supporting fires on call.

And if I performed splendidly in the past as a student apprentice, I perform twice as well today because if you've been in a situation where your bank accounts all read zero, you'll appreciate even the simplest of life's virtues. Like trust and respect that only you can earn from your behaviour towards others, and how others speak and think of you.

Most importantly, how you handle problems despite heavy opposition from your senior coworkers who think you're fresh meat and easy to bully. Well, I outrank most of them now, and those of similar rank just can't do what I do in operating an American restaurant. For a period of two months I was blamed for every single minor problem in the outlet because the supervisors and staff think I'm the one messing everything up because I'm "forgetful", because one idiot with a 13 year old's maturity decided she would like to have a grudge against my person just for kicks.

Well, I turned the tables on them by simply refusing to acknowledge that they even exist as human beings. I deal only with the top, and not anyone below. My job is to do what is right, and sticking to my guns earlier tonight allowed me to shut the entire kitchen staff up as they tried to make a mockery out of my pastry-making.

Basic science - the mixing bowl can take the full portion of what you're making, IF the flour in the mix is allowed to absorb the 1 litre of water (and about 500 grams of other ingredients) you add to it.

Asking me to dump everything in and use the electric whisk on it is just not going to happen despite the amount of noise the 6 cooks and 1 dishwasher made.

I accomplished the mission, showed everyone who's boss and earned many new friends in the service department who have long tolerated the kitchen staffs' insolence. Not that I find them rude: They're entertainment to me. Go on, make yourselves look like fools Pfft

There you go, I do all this crap at the age of 23, without much effort or stress and so my friends do agree I'm playing the role of dark-elf priestess rather aptly.

You can just imagine what I'll become by age of 40.
I am sorry to read this Tel'. I hope all will be well with you and your family(s).

We all have trials we face. I can relate to your $0 dollars, as many years ago I had to deal with the ugly remains of my parents divorce, school and work. I was somewhere around your age, and had very much the same frustrations. Eating peanut butter or noodles more days than naught is part of my memory. Living in the swelter of ninety plus degree Fahrenheit without any air circulation, one light for the apartment, etc. Praying the utilities bill would not show up with a surprise that would mean no dates for another two weeks.

My point to you is, you remain on the right track. You know where you want to go, but are realist enough to know that the path is neither straight or flat. Continue to attack. Life is won with persistence and tenacity.

Damn tel. im sorry to hear that. look, um, i simply cannot get the barge done for my time was cut Completly. I simple only have time to write the short comics to let everyone know im still alive here. However, i would advise contacting Coldstar, as it is his model.

Hope things get better Smile
Containment protocols enabled...


Life is won with persistence and tenacity.

I thought it was all for naught but another 10 years slaving in the industry, but yesterday my sector manager confronted me saying that "my new restaurant concept" is well under way.

Getting a French fine dining restaurant for your birthday is something to remember, I'm sure, and I just did. It's going to take the place of my present shop after a 6-week renovation/expansion. Lots of people seem to know me - went to one of my chain's city-central outlets yesterday to dispatch some excess stock I had, lo and behold this lady comes up to me and asks if I was still at the "village".

Come end of October, present establishment disappears, new restaurant comes up, same strategic management, same head waiter (I refuse to use the term 'assistant manager', it points to the topic of leading from the back), they'll be pleasantly surprised. Don't need to send me to a bigger shop or a finer-dining version - make me one here right now, in French!

Moral of the story - if you want to have fun, earn the right to.
"Moral of the story - if you want to have fun, earn the right to."

That my friend is a fine point lost on many these days. Enjoy the view from the top of the hill, even if you are looking at the mountain in front of you. Mountain climbing is a very enjoyable sport once you realize it is a mandatory sport.
You'll have become a hobo by age 40, and I don't think that is exactly nice hobo either.

14 Days means tomorrow is the day of reckoning. will he, won't he ... who knows?

should have become a rent-boy or a gigolo. Hey, you should earn quite a bit a money in the mean time. *snigger*

Anyway, I do hope your dad gets better soon man.


"Moral of the story - if you want to have fun, earn the right to."
Damn straight!
All this represents the pinnacle of what might be called modern urban culture and how I was brought up both as a child, and as an apprentice of today's working society. Add the track record of PDS to the mix of insanity and I thus prove that such an unconventional modus operandi is both highly successful and survives the worst of stresses.

Besides, being as straight as a knight these days only makes you an automatic scapegoat. I tried that in my early years of independence already. This is so much more fun Pfft
Ehem. HomeBoy > 40 Insane
Mid-life crises coming from HomeBoy IWS

Hmmm, hopefully it should end soon either that or he will kill him self in some accident. Why is it that Motorcycles and Mid-Life Crises are linked together? I wonder Grin
Cos huge Harleys are fun and what better way to die than sitting on a worthy horse! (for my case, pony) Smile
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