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The Second Dustwars RP
LOCATION: Hand of winter CLV, Deep space, Assembly of Ittar

TASKING: Diplomatic meeting between Karealian and Nathoran IVF groups.

STARDATE: 17-July-9613 GSY

"Warmistress" a female voice came through the corridor leading to the observation deck, "Warmistress Katisha, we have reached the coordanates and are awaiting the diplomats' arrival. Area is clear of any hostile craft and all systems are online" the small woman said.

"That's all you came to tell me?" the recently appointed warmistress 2nd class Sharai Katisha said in a very annoyed and somewhat intimidating tone. "I told you not to disturb me unless something very important came up."

The other woman replied "Well the diplomats from Nalthor aren't here yet. I thought I should..." Katisha cut her off "You thought you should disturb my meditation to tell me what I can plainly see. Go away, and don't come back unless something Important happens." The other woman quickly left.

Katisha then returned to her meditation. Damn I love this job she thought to herself. She had just began when the ship's proximity alarm sounded and the ship began rapidly banking, knocking Katisha over. "What the Hell!?" she yelled as the artificial gravity set in. She looked out the viewport to see another ship, A Nathoran designed vessel with Vaygr markings exiting hyperspace barely avoiding the Hand of winter.


"I am NEVER letting you fly this thing again!" Warmaster Sui Sa'karem yelled to his navigator. the Arl-Coutl responded in his reptilian accent "I did'nt know they would be there, they were supposed to be at least twenty two clicks out." "But they're not are they?" Sui responded "This is supposed to be a Diplomatic mission, not a demolition derby" The Arl-Coutl exclaimed "This is a thirty thousand ton spaceship, it dosn't turn on a dime" "I know that" Sui yelled "Let's begin docking procedure and Hope we did'nt piss them off."


"Oh yeah, she's pissed off." a crew member said to an engineer as Katisha angerly strode onto the command deck. Immedietly upon seeing the look on Katisha's face, the bridge crew lept to their posts.

"Status report" Katisha demanded. A low level crewman replied "The Nathoran ship has positively identified itself as the IVS Black rose and are hailing on all frequencies." "Onscreen." Katisha replied. The screen flickered on and through the static she could see an Arl-Coutl pressed up against the camera on the other end.

"Is it working? Is it on?" a voice came from behind the Arl-Coutl "I'm trying but the damn thing must be broken..." "Well quit pickin' at it" the other man said. The Arl-Coutl responded "It dosen't wanna work. It never want's to work. Crappy piece of Taiidan ingenuity" the other man argued "Well mabye if someone would have called an electrician instead of jamming extension cords into random sockets..." "Oh oh so it's my fault this piece of s**t dosen't ever wanna work?"

The two began arguing, quickly and effectively annoying Katisha, who finally yelled "Will the two of you shut you're Qwaardamn mouths?!" the two abruptly stopped arguing and looked into the camera. The man then pushed the Arl-Coutl out of the way. "Ahem... I am Warmaster Sui Sa'karem representing the Nathoran faction if the Indapendant Vaygr Federation. I wish to discuss diplomacy between our two groups and forge an alliance against the Armada De Makaan. I have brought with me a tribute of our wealth and I am willing...." Katisha cut him off.

"Wishing is the relm of those who can't make their own descisions and therefore are not worth the trouble of loading into an airlock. You will come here and you will submit you're purposal and hopefully you will go back to Nalthor with you're reproductive system intact." Katisha said in a very intimidating manner, visualy frightening Sui. "Uh... umm... o... okay? Just give me a few minuites to pray" Sui said worredly "You have five minuites or I will come over there personally and drag you here by you're hair" Katisha snapped, and Sui obviously knew she was'nt exaggerating.


LOCATION: Hand of winter meeting room 5

TOPIC: Karelian/Nalthoran IVF negotiations

STARDATE: Five minuites, twenty two seconds later

Sui strode in escorted by a small security detail and was immedietly greeted by a swift slap on the side of the head from Katisha "I said five minuites not five and a half. You're lucky I don't turn you inside out right now." Sui responded "'s my purposal of why the indapendant clans should unite in mutual military and economic ties with the Arl-Coutl." Katisha grabbed the document, looked at it for a few seconds, and threw it back at Sui.

"I don't need to see this s**t. What I want to see is results here and now and a reason why I should'nt have you killed right here." Sui, now with a look of utter terror on his face, tried to reply but was cut off by Katisha. "If you convince me you're worth, I'll let you live and sign an immedite fourm uniting the Indapendant clans, if not I will torture you to death and savor every drop of you're blood. You will be my slave for one week starting now and will follow my every command without question or I will cut out you're tounge. Understand?" Sui nodded his head weakly. Katisha handed him a bucket of cleaning supplies. "You will make my bridge station sparkle and it will be completely dry when I come back from my meditation, understand?" Sui weakly replied "Y..Yes Ma'am" Katisha replied "That's yes master, now GO!"


Sui was buisily installing a plush cushion on Katisha's chair when the alarms sounded. The sensor officer said to no one in particular "Bogeys inbound, looks to be an Imperial battlegroup centered around a Sarkiin-Cho class carrier, bering 960, range 22000." Sui heard footsteps coming from down the corridor. "Better hope my chair is battle ready." Katisha said from down the hallway.

She strode in and sat down "All hands to battle stations! Open a channel to the Black Rose inform them to power up their weapons and engage on My order." "Yes ma'am" the comms officer replied. "And you..." Katisha pulled Sui over to her by his ear "You will stand right here and watch. Now let's give our friends a warm welcome" A grim smile went across Katisha's face doing nothing to reassure Sui of his fate.


This RP will be played out like the Landlubbers RP. Players must choose what their race and occupation is and all post's must be somehow related to the story. Aside from that, participants will have a lot of freedom in their actions, where they go, what they do, who they are. And use the Idea dumps for ideas, that's why they're there.

Each player prior to joining will create a character (can be a pre existing one) they must specify race, gender, occupation/rank, affiliation, and a short description and wait for my reply before proceding. Like this

NAME: Player name

RACE: Must select a PDS race to be before proceding, any race will do


OCCUPATION: Whatever occupation or military position your character happens to be

AFFILIATION: Choose a Pre existing faction to affiliate with

DESCRIPTION: No more than 100 words giving basic info on your character

And most importantly, have fun. If you don't have fun, I will alert the moderators pending possible suspention. HAVE FUN DAMN IT!

Now let it begin
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I am the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last... the beginning and your end.
Some criticism, first, if you don't mind. If you're partial to it, just skip it.

Please, please use a spell checker.
The proper way to use an apostrophe for combining "xxx not" is between the consonants n and t, not between words.

Ex: Was'nt = wrong. Wasn't = correct.

Please differientiate between your and you're; they are not to be used interchangeably.

And finally, it's independent, not indapendant.[/gnazi]

There's also ways to making yourself sound angry and threatening without actually reverting to threats; it's all about the connotation of the words you use.

Ex: "You thought you should disturb my meditation to tell me what I can plainly see. Go away, and don't come back unless something Important happens"

First, you don't need to capitalize important; contrary to the word itself, it isn't. Bolding it, while giving it more of an emphasis, does less of an effect than italicizing it. Italicizing it has the stronger connotation.

Second: "Go away" -> "Get out"; get out has a stronger connotation than go away.

Third: "You thought you should disturb my meditation to tell me what I can plainly see." -> You thought you should disturb my meditation to tell me what I can already see myself?

Notice how, aside from changing many words and throwing in italics, I changed the statement into a question. This is a rhetoric question, one which doesn't need an answer. Rhetoric questions often have more of a connotation than most statements. It gives a sense of impending doom, in any case.

Anyways, I hope you don't take this in any wrong light; trying to help you improve.
You are taking this way too fast. Slow down.

In any case you're doing what everyone needs to avoid: controlling. Even if you are a lieutenant, you don't control a squad. You can't, in an RP, determine anything that relates to the main plot (because it affects other people) without consulting the RP leader (which has total control and decides what happens for everything).

For example: "All pilots to their stations! this is not a drill! we are at full combat alert!! I repeat, all Pilots to their stations!! two minute prep till launch window!"

If someone did not say this, and you did not say this, you are not allowed to post it. You can't put words in other peoples' mouths, even NPCs.

For example, your conversation between Flight leaders, Sjar1, Sjar2, and Sjar3; you can't do that. What if somebody wanted to play Sjar3? Or Flight leader? And you have to understand I don't know what Sjar means at all. The rule of acronyms is that you use the original term first and then the acronym.

And anyways, though I'm not sure, the Karelians are just the vaygr faction in the Karelian cluster; still vaygr though. They have vaygr stuff. And if you didn't know that, don't post blindly about it. Take the time to wait for an answer instead of randomly posting what you think it should be.

Things you can do is control trivial things, like having a boy follow you around to do your bidding. As long as he isn't the one that takes down a battlecruiser single-handed (i.e. add to plot), then you can do whatever you want with him.

RPs are mutual efforts, but they come down to the RP leader who is the only one that controls events.

Oh, and last thing: remember that you are talking past-tense. As in like, you're recalling what happened.

Ex: Koll looks out the side and sees a total of 6 interceptor groups and 4 bomber groups, a full scale deployment. -> Koll looked out the side and saw a total of 6 interceptor groups and 4 bomber groups; a full scale deployment.

So, same as Ironwatsas: use spell checker.

Anyways, I'll think about joining up; right now I'll just use this as a place holder until I'm ready.
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I am the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last... the beginning and your end.


Some criticism, first, if you don't mind. If you're partial to it, just skip it.

Should have skipped it, going over every last detail, every last misplaced vowel. Under more controlled curcumstances I would have praised you're enthusiasm but doing this here and now will intimidate people and probably be the bullet in the head of this RP. If that happens, you lose respect.

You're not my english teacher.

@FinalSeraphim: Giving up that easily? I have no use for those who can't shake off a little rolling criticism like this. And I Also clearly stated "Wait for my word to begin." Just ignoring what those around you are doing is the exact oppisite of what the point of an RP is. On a side note, there Is no race refered to as 'Karelian'. All IVF or KVDF groups in that area are made up of immigrated races.

If I don't see a Positive responce within 12 hours, I will have this thread deleted, and we will start all over again.

Any questions? Read the signature.

Really no place for this crap anyway.
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I am the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last... the beginning and your end.
I will not restart what I don't have to...

If you want background information, than read through some of the other fiction on the site, particularly the works pretaining to the Karelian campaign. This particular RP was nod designed to have a preset plot, but reflect the actions of the participants. And it is not just centered around the IVF negotiation. Stories were ment to be seperate but related and collide at some point. There, happy?

I will give you three options. One: Create a new character that you can mold to fit the plot, Two: Salvage the character you have, or Three: Walk on out the door, and know that if you do, you certanly won't be welcome on any of My RPs in the future.


1. Who the hell are we..

You are whoever you make yourself to be, preferably someone not directly related to the Hand of Winter/Black rose crews.


2. What kindof stuff we use, whats normal, if I can use my own call signs for a squadron (If in fact there are any fighters.. I know a BC fight 1v1 Obviously a fighter pilot is useless.. adaptability is what I'm getting at.) That's also what the Sjar was.. Kindof obvious is was a call sign of sorts.. Didn't want the typical, "blue1" and if you dont like colors, get pissed at relic for the first mission when blue squadron left chimera station.. I had basis for it..

I don't think we should get this worked up about callsigns. Think of what a regular military would do.


3. When I think of something to put here, I'll add it...


And think outside the damn box!Pfft
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Name: Val Turin
Race: Humanoid (Isn't sure of his origins seeing as he never met his parents.)
Occupation:Flight leader of strike group designated "Barracuda" HAC-2A superiority fighter.
Affiliation: Aboard the Hand of Winter.

5'11, green eyes, brown hair, a happier kindof person with a big persona... Not too keen on failure but he has an immense pride for whom he serves. He was never one to question is Govt's motives but his previous expiriences in the navy has him kindof depressed, as it wasn't as glamorous as it seemed.
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I am the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last... the beginning and your end.
Approved. You will be assigned as Kathsha's personal Honor Guard assigned to a HAC-2a strike fighter (designation 'Barracuda 1') leading a 6 craft flight group.

Current tasking: Escort Hand of winter, engage incoming strikecraft, maintain fighter screen.
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-A similar intro to before, if you dont mind-

Dreams of a meadow.. a smile.. long hair and red lips... silence.. calm.. a world without worry, without shame or regret.. interrupted. Sirens sound, the typical launch signals.. he quickly got up and ran to his locker/box and suited up, grabbing his helmet amongst other items..

less than thirty seconds passed and he was out the door, seeing numerous others scrambling to the hangars, where he ran by three HAC-2A's before seeing his, four men were standing beside it.. the crewchief looks at him. "I've checked all systems external, weapons look ok.. as do engines.." he turns to the other three men, engineers he'd seen time and time again.. "good job, and thanks." Val says, as he smiles and begins to climb into the cockpit.. After strapping in and moving his fighter onto the launching pad.. he gives a simple thumbs up right before his craft is launched out of the bay. "This is barracuda one, all fighters report in."

"Barracuda two, got visual on you, signal confirmed.. I am linked, ready for combat." the fighters engines boosted to catch with the flight leader, who was already almost a half km away.. the other four quickly caught up and transmitted their readyness. "All pilots, This is flight leader turin, Activate your thrusters, this could turn into a dogfight real quick, make sure weapons are online.. and keep in contact, tight formation."

The dream of that meadow flashed through his head over and over, as his hud was being updated with status from his other five craft, silence befell him as he finally looked around to survey the situation, "Command, This is barracuda one... Requesting Orders.. and target confirmation, over!" he turned around to get a good view of the ship, his five wingmen, and to see if any other wings were launched.

(Eh eh? not too fast.. you said? hopefully that was slow enough.. hopefully, if not.. sorry.)
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I am the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last... the beginning and your end.
Much better. The thing to keep in mind is... grammar.

But more importantly for new RP'ers, try not to do anything that hasn't already been said. Like, for example, a ship blew up. Now you can talk all about how that ship blew up, but you shouldn't go blow another ship up.

When you get a little more experience, you can actually write about what ships blow up and make other people explain how. Smile

Anyways, good work.
I'm not.. new to rp, just to your guys way of doing it, so strict in the way its handled.. guess that would make me new.. to your methods.. lol.. but yeah, I'ma try to.. keep the advancing to a minimal..
I am the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last... the beginning and your end.
Arrrr Peeee!

But seriously Inert, stop caring about grammar and join the RP. C'mon, ya know you want to. And think creativelyPfft.


I'll give a cookie.
LOCATION: Hand of Winter CLV

TASKING: Engage Imperial Taiidani CVBG

TACTICAL SITUATION: Outnumbered, but not outgunned

The Hand of Winter reeled from several HVT impacts as she turned to face a modified 'Skaal-Fa' guided weapons destroyer. The HoW unleashed a salvo of 488mm fusion missiles into the nearly defenseless destroyer, blasting it apart. The HoW then turned it's attention to a 'Darak-Ti' picket ship.

"Fires on flight deck aft!" a communications officer yelled. Katisha replied "Have Swordfish and Barracuda squadrons dump their munitions on that picket ship and take us up at seventy two degrees."
"Yes ma'am" the helm guy yelled

Sui Sa'keram was busy trying to avoid Katisha as she swung her sword around like an orchastra conductors stick. "You're not doing any good hiding down there." Katisha stated.

"Better than getting your head cut off, and why are we sending our strikecraft picket after the GWS craft? Should'nt we have them hit the carrier?" Sui responded, and winced slightly as Katisha snapped at him "That's what they'd be expecting." Katisha was about to say something else when the Hand of Winter took a near direct hit from a planetcracker torpedo.

The Taiidani cruiser that fired the torpedo was now bering down on the HoW, guns blazing. Katisha grabbed her comm and broadcast to the strike group "This is Hand of Winter Actual, requesting Mako and Piranah groups to bombard that heavy cruiser, Barracuda group provide top cover." Katisha then said bluntly "This is beginning to bore me, find the gravwell genorator and spin up the hyperdrive."

"Gravity distortion centered on the enemy carrier." the sensor operator stated. "Hand of Winter Actual to all squadrons, concentrate fire on the enemy carrier." Katisha yelled into her comm as the HoW began turning to bring it's heavy plasma beams to bear.
(for some reason I am detecting crest/banner of the stars referances here, but those series rocked so its ok!)

Val Looked about, seeing the bomber group "Mako" Attaching data to the Barracuda, "Alright, stay on target, This is turin to all barracudas, those Bombers are to be protected while they make runs on that skaal-fel!" Val yelled into his mic as each bomber gets near a fighter.. Mako lead was right behind val as they approached in what looked like a double wedge formation, closing in on the Skaal-fel A large missile launched out, trajectory computed as to be inbound to the HoW, "Barracuda two! take it down!!" he yells, as the HAC-2A's rear turret lines up and fires multiple shots destroying the first missile, the second zips by.. as well as numerous Anti-fighter cannon shells, being fired from the Skaal-fel ship, "Damn, well one is better than none! rejoin formation, bomber, clear to engage! we got your six, Barracudas, Line up on those damned AF mounts, see if we can shut em up a bit."

The fighters break off, all six in different directions, seemingly random to the taidan, but planned perfectly by val, AF fire was going everywhere as they couldn't compute trajectories seeing as their flight paths were crossing, and they were slowing and speeding up at random rates.. "All craft! green light to engage!" At once the missiles on the barracudas, almost point blank detatch and launch, destroying several AF mounts. "This is Mako lead, engaging the enemy." right as he heard it, two large missiles slammed into the hull, then numerous plasma bombs impacted.. the ships ability to engage friendly missiles was gone.. "Mako lead! enemy missile systems are down! HoW missile control! clear shot!!" Seconds later the 488mm fusion missiles from the HoW hit the Skaal-fel, ripping the ship apart as its defences were already minimal, a complete lack there of was a slight overkill, or atleast that is what val thought.

"Swordfish and barracuda squadrons! engage enemy Darak-Ti cruiser!" was what he heard, over his comms.. "Yes sir, Barracuda, form on me, prepare to engage enemy ship at coordinates 3.4.522. -" he paused for a moment as three tracers went by.. "Incoming fighters!! break off and engage! defend those bombers, mako lead.. high tail it outta here!" he yelled into the comms, not waiting for a response he began to engage the enemy picket, ten light fighters were bearing down on them, three of the barracuda fighters weren't caught up yet, so suprise was what he was counting on..

"All craft, engage at will!" he yelled as one HAC2a flew past full burn, firing its primary guns, one of the fighters exploded in a flash of light.. the others bloomed off like a large flower in mid day.. contrails clearly seen spreading out.. "Pick targets engage at will." he yelled. "Barracuda three, engaging at 3.42.4" "Roger, this is barracuda two, I have your six, break at 3.4 seconds." "Roger that" a massive dog fight ensued, it was hard to keep track of what was going on exactly, streaks of shots went by, Plasma lances and missiles filled his hud as warnings flashed left and right."I have one on my six!! I'm hit!! ventral thrusters offline!! shi-" As barracuda two burst into flames, he seen the ejection pod shoot out. Three additional HAC2A's arrived just in time, engaging the last of the enemy fighters.. "I need a pilot pick up," A small marker would have appeared on the appropriet screen.

"All fighters, form up.. continue fighter screen... engage any enemy bombers first, priority one." "roger" "yes sir!" he looked around, seeing a rather large missile fly past, exploding just off the bow of the HoW "HoW, do you read, we have a large cruiser, bearing down on you, I've relayed data to mako." he said, right before a reply, "You are to engage the cruiser, orders are here. "This is Hand of Winter Actual, requesting Mako and Piranah groups to bombard that heavy cruiser, Barracuda group provide top cover." those are orders to us, fighter command." he said, "Roger that, All Barracuda, prepare to cover, link with sword, mako, and pira.. lets give em hell!" The formation zoomed off, opening fire on the cruiser..

"I have an idea!! mako, form up.. get in real close, I dont think they have a view of us incoming, if we do this right, they may think we are a larger craft through their sensors, maybe draw some fire off the Hand." Mako rogered that, and engaged in formation, the cruiser, mildly taking the bait, fired three large missiles at the formation, The fact they were fighters, allowed them easy ability to destroy the missiles, and evade large caliber fire from its guns. "Break in two seconds." val yelled. The longest two seconds of the fight seemed to be here.. shot after shot was fired at the group that was spread just enough to fool a normal sensor operator into thinking it could be a frigate. when the second hit though, they broke off, missiles impacted all over the hall.. as well as plasma bomb and Lance fire. "good job guys! take out the turrets first! then we can coordinate missile fire with the hand!" at that point he flew by the large "Planet cracker" torpedo launching bay, he looked over at the hand, realizing if one of those hit directly, it could do some serious damage, and he got lucky with this run.. Val seen the tube open up.. and got three shots with a plasma lance into the bay. A massive flash was seen as the warhead detonated inside the cruiser. Before he could stay and find out if it was a killing blow, they recieved emergency orders to engage the enemy carrier.

"All pilots report in!" val yelled.. Everyone reported but Barracuda two, who by now had hopefully made it back to the HoW. "This is flight leader Val turin, barracuda squadron.. Requesting Vector to carrier.. I dont wanna get in the way of your big guns." he said as he seen the massive craft turning toward the carrier. "I almost feel bad for that carrier." right as he said that, he engaged his full burn.. as did the rest of his squadron.
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I am the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last... the beginning and your end.
LOCATION: Hand of Winter CLV, deep space, Ittar territory

STATUS: Minor hull damage, sensor array offline, engaging enemy carrier.

Two searing crimson cutting beams lashed from the hand of winter toward the Imperial carrier, raking it's hull and depressurizing it's interior. The carrier tried to outturn the HoW, but was met with a salvo of thermonuclear missiles, gutting it's hangar bay.

"Enemy carrier going critical, think that pissed 'em off?" one fighter pilot said as Katisha pointed her sword at an enemy cruiser "Hand of Winter Actual to all fighter groups, retreat back to your command ships and prepare for immedate Hyperspace jump." several responces came from individual flight leaders. "Now, slave." Katisha began "You haven't been doing much lately except sitting around and avoiding me."

"Well that's because I don't wand to get my head cut off..." Sui stopped abruptly as Katisha put the blade under his chin "I think you need a little time to think about the chain of command, You will report to briefing room 22 in six hours. got it?" Katisha tossed him down the corridor.


LOCATION: Hand of Winter CLV, mid Hyperspace transit, Briefing room 22

STARDATE: 6 hours later

DESTINATION: Nord Kavagrad VI Asteroid ring.

Sui Sa'keram was abruptly awakened from his nap by Katisha who without saying anything, dragged Sui by his ear to a breiefing room off the flight deck.

"Attention Barracuda squadron pilots, as one of your members is WIA, I will be temporarily assigning former warmaster Sui Sa'keram as Barracuda six. Whoever's already there is now Barracuda two. congradulations. Any questions?" several squad members began murmuring. Barracuda 5 asked "Does he even know how to fly a HAC2?"

"Probably not. next."

"Who is this guy and why doesn't he have clothes on?" One of the support staff asked

"He's collatoral and he doesn't understand the concept of time zones. next."

"Do I get a bigger salary?" Barracuda 6/2 asked


Katisha then turned on the overhead projector "Sit" she said as she pushed Sui into a chair. "Now, we will rejoin with TF51 here." She pointed at the screen "This asteroid ring orbiting a rocky planetiod is chock full of crystalline asteroids that have a very high energy output. We will harvest these crystals after linking with TF51." the screen changed to show several Vaygr ships "The Black Rose has linked up with a strike group of it's own and will rendezvous with us near New Colorado where we will take on supplies from the pirates in the system. we will then await further orders from command." She handed out several flightplans. "Barracuda and Mako squadrons will patrol the area. Several groups of Corsair ships are said to be in the system, and they are rumored to be well organized and hostile. be on your guard for anything out of the ordinary. Dismissed."
(I am assuming Rank for pilots is like navy nowadays, most pilots I've seen have been "Captains" so, if its a hassle, I'll just say my character has been through many battles and elevated in rank, obviously he is valued a bit more, seeing as he is a flight leader.)

As the fighter flew past the HoW, seeing the beams cutting into the ship and finally the detonation of the nuclear devices inside the vessel.. the order to return home was issued, and as doing so, a simple aye sir was recieved by command.. "Captain Turin, recieved orders, requesting docking signals." before he could even finish, the hud lit up, showing a computer-generated flight path into the operation bay, the easiest.. and most efficient way to get four squadrons in quickly. as his fighters circled the bay until all the other squadrons entered, his craft entered one by one.. until Val was the only one left, First one out, Last one in.. That was the way he thought all commanding positions should be done, and so he had it that way.

As his fighter entered the Electro-magnetic field that kept the atmosphere in the bay, his landing struts extended, and the fighter landed in its marked spot. Not even a second afterward, the four engineers were tending to his whims.. "Stick was a little touchy on right rolls, and stuck alot when pushing downwards, also.. bit of a lagged response time outta the plasma lances, pulled the trigger, took just a little too long." the engineer looked up, "You know me, It'll all be fine when we're done." Val looks at him, "I know, why do you think I requested you to be my crew chief!" he said with a smile as he set his helmet down, and two 'Candy' bars he had removed from the pilots mess earlier, something regular mess doesn't usually have.

After Six hours of reading the HAC-2A lance handbook, He head through the hallways to a red-outlined door labelled, "Briefing room 22" There he seen numerous pilots, and the Grandwarmaster Katisha, whom he saluted. After the Conversation she had with him and his group, he head back toward the Pilots area.. he thought as he moved down the hallway "that was far too easy.", but time would ease up a bit, they had a while before it'd be time to launch again so he head for the pilots mess.. where a interesting conversation was starting.

Barracuda 2, "Finally promoted! but I dont get shit! man, this sucks..." he says as he raises a cup with water in it.

Barracuda 5, "Hey, think of it this way, now you get to ride Vals ass all day." His back turned to val not seeing him standing there listening..
The others kindof gasp and try and act inept, but it was far too late..

"Whats wrong with riding my ass. (Two's name and Three's name said) never had a problem with it, so what the hell.. but what I'm wondering is, why was that guy nude."

Barracuda 5 turns around, "Sorry sir, guess I got a little outta hand."

Val looks at him seriously, then smirks a bit, "This is the officers mess, the ONE place you have to not be in a perfect war situation, even katisha knows that is she walks in here, we dont have to salute her.. I'd do it outta respect, but its not a rule.. so dont worry about it, as long as if I need you to pop a bogey behind me, and you're there to do it, I'll be there for you.. you got me pilot?"

Barracuda 5 smiles big then does a half-assed salute.. "Sir yes sir!! but yeah, honestly.. the whole nude thing really had me bothered, will he fly nude?"

The others laugh a bit, before they finally get their call to hit the flight deck, "I assume we will meet him there?" one pilot says... "I'ma miss cyar.. he was a good pilot." val retorts.. the other four look down, "well, it wasn't anyones fault... he... just didn't watch his back."

"Alright guys, Corsairs.. kill em fast before they regroup.. thats how I've always seen em play, send a few ahead.. judge their foe, then come in numbers.. If they still do that, just gotta pound the scouts, they dont get their scouts, they'll keep their big sticks away from our ass.. so keep your eyes open, triggers ready.. and attitudes positive!" val yells, as the mako lead and his #3 pilot walks
by, "Mako! guess we are gonna be teamed again.." val says.. "Hey, I'd rather be flying with you guys, even though you're crazy.." the lead man says as he walks on. "Ok boys, lets give em hell!"
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LOCATION: Hand of Winter CLV, mess hall 2, En route to Nord Kavagrad crystal field, EtA 100min

PERSONS IN QUESTION: Sui Sa'keram and Jinrai 'Chef' Mak'ael

CURRENT MENU: Headcrab Curry, Headcrab Fillet, Headcrab/Vegtable stew, Potato rice w Keyr Beans, Cheesesteak Subs (Headcrab based)

Sui looked questioningly at the meal in front of him, the only time he had eaten 'low quality' meals of this type was when he was before the rise of Makaan, when he was still enlisted.

"Aren't ya gunna eat. House special." Said Jinrai 'Chef' Mak'ael, who was sitting across from him. Sui looked at the meal in front of him with a grimace. "Uhhh... What exactly is this."

Jinrai responded "Headcrab curry, but I thought even a Warmaster like yourself could tell that. There's a whole colony 'a these things in the strikecraft bay, but at least the keep the spaceroaches away." Sui pushed the imposing dish away "No thanks, I'll pass."

"Fine, suit yourself." Jinrai grabbed the plate and began talking between bites. "So, Do you have any experiance with strikecraft?" Sui replied "Not this class in particular, but I did fly Honor guard during the pre Makaan era, saw some action in the Shkemhet campagin and the inter-clan war just prior to the unification."

Jinrai said as he was cutting a peice of beak off some meat "Ya know, I think Katisha's taking a liking to you, I mean you're not maimed yet, you're not in waste reclamation, and you're in her personal gaurd squadron."

"How do you figure that's not a string of good luck?" Sui asked

"'Cause I know Katisha, that's why I'm her cook. If I were you, I'd keep doin' whatever you're doin' to earn her respect. And don't skip on the romance when the time comes." Jinrai got up and began to walk away. "Also, tell your squadron CO there's some Headcrabs in his locker. Don't know how they keep gettin' in there."


Sui was on his way to the ready room to inspect his new assignment when he came across a vending machine. He pulled out a shekel and put it in the coinslot.

Let's see. Headcrab Jerky, Chocoluxe, ooh Grandma Ruth! Perfect.

He pushed the coresponding button, only to have the bar caught in the rings. "Damn it!" Sui yelled as he began to shake the machine, only to be met with more resistance.

Finally, the snack shot out of the machine knocking Sui unconcious.
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Val in a moment of pure ignorance, walks calmly by the laying body of 'Sui' on the ground.. strieght for the cook, whom he knew well. "Hey Jinrai, here are some more.. Got a bit bored and shot a few." He drops the crabs down on the table, all hit in the correct spot not to spoil the meat but attain the perfect kill. "Where is that new guy, I was told he would be here." Jinrai and him have a quick talk and then recieves a pointed finger, right at the laying Sui. "Hmm..." Val says as he walks over.. then he presses his comm button on his watch. "All Squadron members.. please report to... pilots mess."

(I'ma make a new char, well.. atleast someone for me to play with, its gonna be a female, in place of 'Barracuda 3' If that is alright, Gimme the go ahead to make a side char and I'll do it, if you mind, no biggie.)

After a few minutes of poking Suis' body, 2 suggests something, "You know, we could.. tape him to a fighter intake.. that'd harden him a bit."

5 replies, "you guys did that to me, need something original."

2, "Well, we could always put him in .. THE locker.. haha"

Val smirks.. "Even I wouldn't do that to you.. "

2 looks down and smiles, "fine, bring some water.. this guy is lucky we aren't in the mood."

Val drops the water on suis' face, waking him rather quickly.. "You know, that.. happens.. alot." he says, trying to make him feel as little as assish as possible.. two then replies, "That machine killed.. a man once! vicious!!" he says, as sui stands up. "You guys are my new wingmen?" with a strieght face.. "No, You're MY wingman, and their Squadmates.." Val replies, with a big smile.. Sui obviously didn't understand how they thought at the time.

Val extends his hand to help sui up, and after he stands.. salutes him, "Sir, reporting for duty sir, though I dont know what I am to do." Val salutes him back, then stands at ease.. "Look man, this is OUR place in here, If he calls me a name in here.." He looks at Two.. "Then its ok, but on the field and outta this mess/crew quarters is where you need the professional look... so take it easy in here.. oh, and welcome aboard the barracudas... "

The entire group walks to the hangar ready room where they all dress themselves in pilots attire, flight suits and their side equiptment.. "I see you've worn one of these before.. everyone has always asked for help with these.. " five said, Sui repeated the same thing he told Jinrai Earlier, about his past.. "Well, welcome aboard then, I thought you were a complete rookie ha.." five replies, before asking what kindof ship he used before the makaan times.. Sui replied with his answer then stated he had never flown a HAC-2A, "Well dont worry, its a menueverable little bastard, and the rear gun really helps alot.. Not all models have it, but ours do.. And with val flying near by, you'll be fine.. He has quite a history heh, earned all of our respect.. Some even say katisha and him are lovers! but he never speaks of it.. dont blame him, that chick scares the shit out of me.. and since my shit is mostly head-crab since that is all we get to eat.. you can imagine its not a pretty sight."

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LOCATION: Hand of Winter CLV, Nord Kavagrad Asteroid/Crystal belt

TASKING: Harvest resources, repair battle damage, await arrival of TF51

POTENTIAL HOSTILES: Corsair strike force, Indapendant miners

The Hand of Winter and it's attendant craft floated effortlessly through the ring system orbiting the barren, rocky world or Nord Kavagrad.

While the HoW's resource collectors mercilessly munched down on the nearby asteriods, the ship's contingent of HAC2s and Shamshirs patrolled the area.

"Warmistress, we are detecting no unnatural movement in the sector. and have begun harvesting the local asteroids, but..." The sensor operator was cut off by Katisha. "Where are the crystals?" She said relitively calmly.

The Sensor operator replied, "We aren't detecting any crystal signatures right now due to the operational status of our antenna farm, but there are three signatures in passive range." The viewscreen displayed a holographic map of the area.

Katisha grabbed her comm "This is Hand of Winter Actual to Barracuda and Stingray groups, you are to investigate these three locations and confirm their status. Find the damn crystals."


LOCATION: ITN S'javii Ta, Grid search pattern, Nord Kavagrad system

TARGET: Seg Tambuur

WANTED FOR: Assasination of Imperial personell, Destruction of the ITN Emperor's sword, endangerment of Imperial Taiidan citizens, possesion of illegal goods, pimping, collaberating with the enemy, arson, smoking in a non smoking area, and releasing a dragon on the populace of Triistara.

"What am I looking at?" the captain of the ITN S'javii Ta said as he strode onto his command deck. His sensor officer replied, "The fugitive has hidden himself in the crystal field, no way of telling exactly where. We're also detecting what appear to be IVF ships harvesting resources nearby, probably the same battlegroup that destroyed the I'llm Va'taghii CVBG."

The captain sat in his chair and replied. "Send fighters to recon the area and find the fugitive. Do not engage IVF forces unless openly threatened, try to avoid the denser parts of the field."

"Affirmitive." Came the reply from the various squadrons as they prepared for the hunt.
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