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Continuity Reboot
Now, as I have mentioned previously, My desire for PDS 2 is to take it on a different path, parallel to but otherwise unconnected to PDS Classic, as far as how the pre and post Homeworld 2 events took place, and generally keep it closer to what is generally considered to be Homeworld 2 canon (with a few additions to flesh out the 'verse beyond the Hiigarans/Vaygr/Taiidan and co).

My reasons for doing this are twofold. The first and most obvious is that PDS was always TelQuessir's baby. Most of what has been written about the culture of the Vaygr and the path of military development in the 'verse was, ultimately, his idea. Out of respect for that, and considering the general direction that v12 was going, I would prefer that we start with a clean slate as far as discussing the post-HW2 era. Most of the events following the canonical end of Homeworld 2 would have occurred basically identically to what is generally considered to have happened in PDS (I.E. Vaygr Armada defeated and fragments, IVF forms, Operation Sledgehammer, etc) up through the storyline of v11 (v12 was a "private project" and started to get a little wierd).

Secondly, if Remastered contains both Homeworld 1 and 2 ships in the same battlefield, that means we will need to retcon the introduction of point defenses and development of a "realistic" military doctrine to a period much earlier then when it canonically happened in the PDS universe. This has major implications on what the HW2 era fleets would look like, since in our storyline, the kind of arms race that lead to what PDS looks like now didn't begin until the events of Homeworld 2. Plus, having dog-fighting Taiidan assault frigates with heavily improved frontal armaments as shock cavalry formations would just be cool.

With that in mind, I would like the new PDS to cover a broader time-frame (from immediate post HW1/HWC, through HW2 and to the aftermath), with different "eras" of development under the same roof.

I certainly hope that clarifies my reasoning and intentions here.
Just so long as gameplay isn't sacrificed in the name of roleplay.
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