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Calling all videos!
Seeing on Youtube (right or wrong) 28 videos related to PDS I must admit I can't possibly have seen them all. And if those are the known videos, how many might lie around more or less forgotten?

IMO wee need to make an effort to gather up these files, so link them below, or hint for authors and possible links, and I will make sure to add them to a safe place to save for posterity (aka HWSHOTS)
If the video you link is not PDS related, please say so, since I would like to get them categorized. A bit.

Do not link to Youtube. I want the full res source files, or nothing. :smash:

EDIT: If you have nowhere to make the files available for download, PM me, we'll figure something out.
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My V11 video:;8311223;;/fileinfo.html
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Got it. I am also grabbing all videos from Filefront and uploading the first PDS Movie to a new album as I write this...:thumb:
I made 3 pds music vids and they are all currently on google vids, but now you gave me a reason to upload them to YOUTUBE now!

a series I named 'Hunt or be hunted'
part 1,2 & 3 will all be on youtube tonight!!

part 1
part 2
part 3
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**Adapt & Overcome**
Good to see you around Sarge!
nuff said!!

song by: Linkin Park - Given up
<----link to vid here!!

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**Adapt & Overcome**
Made a short video. I dont have the link now but it is on my Youtube account.

It's the Reconquista Video.
I am the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last... the beginning and your end.
Lovely video!
Thank you! See, we really have no problems at all showing those SRI people that live in toilets... how to clean up their own shit Smile

They tried to sabotage that video too by posting degratory comments. I think they have really, no life or no intelligence at all. I think I fear its both...

It's just a preview, but if you want the source, I'll rapidfail/failfront it.

More to come soon. I had too much shit running on my comp when I was recording, so I was only getting about 15 fps Pfft
LOL its ok a bit slow... you can doublespeed for a nicer presentation. also, record if half resolution for faster rates and smaller filesize we are not doing DVR.
That is at half resolution Smile

And it was at 1x speed on purpose - it's a preview, it builds suspense Wink

Anyways, if you doublespeed, then you've only got 1/2 as much usable video Grin:
New video, Vaygr fleet recordings at Bharat Nebula.

"Angels of Darkness"
We have our own channel now on Youtube:
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