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The Far Frontier (by Komo-val)
Masterpiece !!!
Komo val
Thank you very much. I laid the foundations of a new story today, so the continuation will come tonight around 20 or tomorrow morning.
You have done a great job of maintaining the tempo of the story, and a superb job of ending each segment making the reader want to get to the next installment.

Great stuff looking forward to the next piece.
Komo val
(Thank you. I know it's not exactly morning as I promised but here it goes)

''Sir we have an unknown object approaching the south perimeter fast and we lost contact with the outpost 5 minutes ago'' An officer reported after barging into Nass's office. His wargear clumsily put on, his helmet leaning on the left side. A perfect example how a soldier should NOT be dressed.

''It's here.'' He said calmly. He quickly picked up his Sponson AR-133b special officer edition rifle and ran to the nearby mech hanger.

''Are you ready to go copilot'' Nass asked

''No sir, just a little excited'' came the response

''Perfectly understandable. Keep your eyes opened and we will kill the bastard and deal a crippling blow to the Taiidani before you can say Sajuuk.'' Came the comforting voice of the commander, but he knew this would cost them dearly.

''All forces prepare for attack. Red squad wait till our mech engage the enemy before breaking the cover''

The squad of mechs moved towards the perimeter, striped of half of it's armor as well as arms to gain speed. Above them two assault choppers waited for the enemy to exit the thick vegetation so they achieve maximum accuracy.


''Activate the LDS, boost power to the laser dome'' Marceluss said to the onboard AI which quickly executed.

5 of the missiles where already shot down, but 2 dozen more where incoming. The mech quickly strafed to to the right, the missiles having to compensate for the targets sudden move, steered towards the side of the mech, right in the optimal firing arc of the left laser dome. This derivative of the defense fighter project made short work of the missiles with it's scarlet beams.

Marceluss took a few deep breaths. Although this was no spacefighter, the high-G maneuvers had the same effect.

''Payback time.''

Marceluss targeted one of the automated defense platforms that where trying to get back the lock on the mech. This time the weapon of choice was the assault ion cannon.

The aqua beam raced towards it's target, taking only 0.01s to reach it. In it's wake it left burn and vaporised vegetation as well as the cracking of over-ionized air. The remote defense platform was nothing more than a burned wreck.

''I don't have time for this.'' Marceluss said while he hit the throttle. The mech advanced at full velocity trough the burned vegetation, completely ignoring the platforms.When he hit the edge of the colony a new threat arose.

''Dux mylord, we got two rotary wing aircraft on approach vector.'' the calm voice of the AI reported to Marceluss.

''Good!'' Marceluss said as he put an autocannon round into a nearby fuel pod which exploded in spectacular fashion.

The mech began evasive maneuvers as the choppers got into range raining machine gun fire and missiles upon the ground. One of the gunships made the fatal mistake o passing in front of the autocannon barrel on the mech's left arm. Marceluss squeezed the trigger.

The round completely pierced the chopper before exploding on the other side. The other gunship got closer in hope he would out-turn the mech and stay out of the autocannons's fireing arc. Little did the pilot know that the massive fast-moving arms, although having a small arc of movement also mounted 2 disposable missile pods each mounted one behind the other in addition to the autocannons.

The door opened and the missile pod exited,being pulled by magnets. Once out the pod expanded to cover a 90? vertical arc. It then fired three missiles. The missiles headed forward, then looped and headed towards the gunship. The countermeasures fouled two of them, but one L-MRAAM was more then enough to dispatch the rotary wing aircraft.

Marceluss looked at the recon photos once again. The new update showed that a squad of mech was advancing towards the ammo depot.

''AI, what's the chance they reached the depot by now.''

''Judging from the distance covered in the time the two photos where taken I would say that there is about 95.0871% possibility, my Dux''

Marceluss launched his only remote sensor device. Although any Taiidani Assault Mech could go one on one with any Hiigaran mech, if there was a squad of Hiigaran Battle Mechs in front of his objective than retreat would be the best option.

''What are those things ??''Marceluss said puzzled while looking at the sensor feed.

''They bear 71.0445% resemblance to ''Laborer'' class Hiigaran utility mechs.''

A second of silence followed, after which Marceluss laughed hard.

''And look they formed a line, I could flank them with no problem''


Nass and his copilot remained silent, their mech immobile under the orange light of public lamps. Nass was hoping the pilot would take the bate, that he would attack strait on, that he was as cocky as that Republican spy said. Otherwise they would be in big trouble.

Nass looked at the sky, the lights of the space battle fading before the incoming clouds.

''Ah good, now it's going to rain.''


Marceluss laughed again. Now it's even going to rain, I doubt those bovine escrements have sensors adapted to rain. The gods are certainly conspiring against the Hiigarans.''

The mech arrived at the beginning of a long road that led to the ammo depot. It was flanked on both sides by large low.quality residential buildings, probably for miners.

On the end of the road where the Hiigarans awaiting his arrival.
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Komo val
''The mech is approaching fast. We will have a firing solution in 15 seconds.'' the copilot said while looking at the tactical display.

''Tell all units to hold fire until I give the command.'' Nass ordered the copilot.

Anticipation filled the air as the sky opened and rain started to fall. The mechs waited like in some duel, ready to take out their guns and shoot. On the far end of the street a Taiidani assault mech was approaching fast.


''I have acquired targets. You may fire at your discretion, my Dux'' the AI said to the Dux

''Increase the ECC liquid dose, something is fishy here.''

''But Dux you have already exceeded the maximum dose by 10.4339%. May I remind you...''

''No you may not now execute and don't force me to use the override.''

Another enhanced combat capability liquid bottle was emptied. The substance rushed from the medical unit in the back of the cockpit trough a small tube and into Marceluss.

The Dux shook for a second or so and then returned to the task at hand. The increased combat capability was clearly visible.

''Prepare missile launch Zeta protocol. Ready afterburners and prepare to engage on my mark. Leave the LDS on manual. Increase the power of the port one as we will move to starboard.''

The mech launched all of the missiles left in the pods. The machine gun CIWS of the mechs turned to intercept. The empty missile containers where discarded.

''Afterburners, now!''

A trail of fire was left behind the speeding mech. The missiles covered it's advance. Trough the fire and flames emerged an aqua beam that sliced two mech, killing their pilots instantly.


''Brake from cover, now! Fire at will'' Nass yelled. All of the missiles where either intercepted by the LDS or carefully evaded. The Taiidani mech let off a couple of autocannon rounds, but they too where intercepted by the hidden laser defense system. As soon as the wall fell, reveling the hidden forces, the mech fired several autocannon and machinegun rounds into the ambushing troops, decimating them.

Within a second it turned around and fired all weapons on a force that tried to encircle him. He then boosted the power of the hover engines to ''jump'' an evaded several incoming missiles. The mech turned 90? and strafed the other side of the ambushing troops, it's lateral thrusters blazing, cutting trough the rain. and still no missiles got trough.

''Is that a mortal or Sajuuk himself.'' Nass thought to himself for he had never seen such fast reflexes or such exceptional situation awareness. Was it the skill of the pilot, help from an advanced computer system or some other devilry, he didn't know.

But things weren't going that bad, they managed to get two plasma bolts from a disposable infantry carried plasma system into the hull of the mech reveling burned circuitry. That was it's weakness, tin armor.

The Hiigaran forces moved to catch the mech in a crossfire, but it broke trough, impaling one mechs with the left arm. It fired an autocannon round towards Nass with the mech still on the arm.

''Shit..'' Nass said while pushing the controls and ducking before the incoming round. The next mech in line was not so fortunate.


Marceluss quickly removed the impaled mech letting go a few rounds of machine gun fire just in case the pilot survived. The mech moved to the center of the street making a beautiful, although deadly light show. The red defense laser beams, the aqua ion cannons and detonations lit the surroundings.

The lonely mech, fighting valiantly tried to hold the Hiigaran tide.
Nice pace. I would have added some stuff about how the beams refracted in the dull light of the rain and caused strange vapor trails of steam.

I look forward to the Dux paying for his overdose of drugs, assuming he survives the encounter.
Komo val
(Yes I thought of adding something like that, but I've got a little carried away with the story.)

''He's trying to brake trough our right flank!'' The copilot yelled under the adrenaline rush.

''Red-2 shift firing position to your right. Red-4 advance 1-1-2 meters, Red-3 provide cover. Blue team will charge. Hammer prepare firing solution and engage enemy on my order. We'll mark the Targets.'' Nass dispatched orders to the teams. They quickly began moving into position. The enemy must not punch trough Red-1

''Blue team, CHARGE!!!''


The world moved so slowly for Marceluss. Even the Hyper-velocity missiles moved at a snail's pace. And his mind was exceptionally clear, calculating and predicting at 15 times the normal rate. Something the Taiidani brain was not designed for. Soon a fuse popped.

The incredibly clear vision slowly turned into a madness.


''This is Red one leader to op-leader,we can't hold much longer. Where the hell are our reinforcements?!'' the officer yelled out that last part in the ''safety'' behind a building fragment. His brother in arms loaded another missiles and fired it towards the mech. Miraculously this one got trough.

''We are here, team leader'' came Nass's voice. For the besieged team it was as though it was from Sajuuk himself.


''How could I have forgotten to normalize power to the port Laser dome??'' Marceluss manged to think while he prepared to break trough a weakened portion of the enemy's force. He dispatched an armored vehicle with a L-MRAAM and continued ''Oh, well. A small lack of concentration, no harm done.''

''Enemy mechs approaching from the rear, my Dux'' the AI reported returning Marceluss to this world.

''What!?'' Marceluss said confused ''Idiotic bastards, how could they even hope to win, how could they...'' A plasma bolt destroyed the recon drone berth with the drone in it, as well as the power supply to the two rear laser turrets, which the Dux also used to great effect against enemy infantry.


Marceluss turned his mech a raced towards the charging mechs. Energy weapons left trails of vapor while the ordinance cut trough the rain.

The mechs engaged in a fierce close-quoter dogfight. Marceluss used his wide array of weapons to great effect. But he greatly underestimated the ingenuity of the Hiigarans. Even though those where mere labor mechs, the militia managed to turn them into formidable fighting weapons.

The streaked air literally exploded from the clash of this metal titans. Marceluss soon gave away to his anger forsaking completely the use of weapons. He pierced, cut and smashed the Hiigaran mech to pieces.


''Now!!'' Nass screamed.

The arms of the mech grabbed it's counterpart's right arm, holding it tight, letting go a firestorm from it's arm mounted flame throwers. An eerie aura of vapor surrounded the two war-machines. The enemy mech tried to pull itself loose but that was a labor mech after all. The cries of strained metal echoed in the streets. The Taiidani machine finally managed to pull itself out...

But without an arm. Scorched and heavily damaged, things where looking grim indeed.


Blood and sweat poured from his forehead as the last bottle of ECC liquid was emptied. In a short moment of wicked clarity Marceluss remembered the orbital photos and what appears to be a bunker a place to seek refuge during an attack. He also remembered the affects of anti-matter explosions in tunnels-the destruction, the fire, the implosion and structural collapse. This was an attack, and his mech had an anti-matter reactor.

If he was going down then the Hiigarans are going down with him.
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Battle sequences should be very fast paced. You have that down better than I do. The challenge is getting single sentences in to the pace that give vivid descriptions of the scenes. Enough to relay the view you want them to have, but not to detailed as to make your reader loose 'their' idea of what the battle is. If you demand they see something very specifically they could loose interest.

Komo val
roger that
Komo val
I'm extremely sorry for the lack of updates, I've been very busy (in good and bad ways). Anyhow here it goes:

''Sir, lost contact! Last known position 07-221, heading 71.''

''Shit!! I want that mech found, now!'' Nass furiously yelled in the comm.

The cockpit of his mech opened. Nass slowly began exiting the metal monster.

''Sir where are you...'' The copilot stopped sensing that his words are not being heard.

Nass paused on the war-thorned battleground, all around him burned wrecks, incinerated corpses and scorched earth. Near him a mech carcass, utterly crushed. The blood pouring out was a grim reminder that those lumps of metal had crews. The general fell to his knees and wept sorrow tears.



The person once known as Marceluss was gone, in his place sat only a shell filled with madness.

''Dux my lord, we are approaching your assigned coordinates. There is enemy armor and infantry, however, and in our crippled state we are no match for them, thus I estimate a 81.1123% chance that we will fail to reach our destination, master.'' The rationality of the AI slowly faded as the information was being passed trough the distorted neurons to Marceluss's equally distorted brain.

''Traitor, you're conspiring with the Hiigarans, that's why I lost, that's why... I know now.. you..!!!''

''I assure you master that I can only serve those Taiidani blood with proper military clearance. My programing does not allow my conspiring with the enemy.'' came the calm reply.

''Lies! Lies!'' Marceluss puled out his 9mm pistol and fired all over the cockpit, but placing 4 rounds in the secondary processor and main interface.

''Maaaasterrrrrrrrrrrrrrr'' The once calm and gentle female voiced turned into a distorted bass-baritone as her last words where spoken.

''There, There it is... Glory. Behold Hiigarans, I'm the bringer of death, the living incarnation of Qwaar-Jet.''


''Sir!! Sir!!'' The screams finally manged to penetrate to Nass's consciousness. He stood up and turned towards his mech.

''The bunker perimeter reports contact with the enemy mech!!''

''No, no you can't do this!!!'' Nass ran towards the mech and yelled into the comm. ''Hold the line! At all costs! the lives of a million Hiigarans are depending on that! You have all assets available.''

''Roger that! You can count on us sir!''

''Blue team, red team, make best possible speed towards the bunker! Mooove!''

Meanwhile on the bunker perimeter....

''Here it comes! Forewarned team, are you ready?''

''Yes sir, we'll get this son of a bitch target painted in no time!''

''Roger that! Vengeance wing, be ready to strafe the painted target!''

''Always ready.'' came the reply from up high in the sky where a squadron of Avenger Heavy strike fighters circled the area, ready to pray upon the enemy.


Marceluss had no illusions. He knew he wouldn't survive this, one way or another. Thus he spoke his famous last words.

''Hiigaran dogs, taste the wrath of a god!!''
That is great stuff.

"Nass paused on the war-thorned battleground, all around him burned wrecks, incinerated corpses and scorched earth. Near him a mech carcass, utterly crushed. The blood pouring out was a grim reminder that those lumps of metal had crews. The general fell to his knees and wept sorrow tears."

That is a great line.

The only negative I could possibly come up with is I thought the

"''Maaaasterrrrrrrrrrrrrrr'' The once calm and gentle female voiced turned into a distorted bass-baritone as her last words where spoken.

was a bit over the top, but that is possibly just me. Good work sometimes takes a while.

I am ancient
Komo val
(Sorry for the shity chapter ut I had an urge to continue, and I'm tired like hell so...)

''Holly..!!! There goes our last armored unit!'' The unit commander ducked as a Sponson's ACG- 322 Armored car's fuel cell exploded upon particle beam impact.

''Vengeance wing, ETA???''

''Momentarily! Guns hot!''

''Get down'' The commander yelled to his troops as a full wing of HSF's descended upon the mech.

Although hitting a badly painted Moving target with modest stealth capabilities is always hard, the sheer volume of power did it's job.

''We got the bastard. All teams prepa...''

He stopped as a black figure was visible trough the smoke and ash.


''Damn machine, why don't the thrusters work!'' Marcellus raged as the low fuel indicator flashed. All attempts to lit again the thrusters failed as the last drops of fuel evaporated after prolonged fighting.

The Assault Mech slowly limped towards the bunker as missile impacts rocked Marceluss.


''Vengeance, hostile still kicking. Repeat.''

The last HSF in formation quickly turned tanks to it's lateral thrusters and placed an incredibly precise shot trough a damaged plating and priced the leg. The mech went immobile.


Realizing that he wasn't going anywhere, Marceluss initiated the self destruct system. After saying a few prayers and curses. He released termite plasma upon the magnetic field projectors that isolated the antimatter.

A bright flash lit the streets, the bunker, the fighters and the darkened sky vaporising the rain.

''It is over.'' Marceluss said as his thought drifted beyond time and space. His senses dull, his mind broken.

''Here he is''

''Who??? Who is here??''

''That was a spot of luck.''

''Who are you? Who...''

''The bastard didn't even called for backup, he deserves this.''

''Watch your mouth, he led us to many victories.''

''Blessed be Sajuuk, we found him.''

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