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The Far Frontier (by Komo-val)
If the Ops. department would kindly keep up his advisory capacity I might just poke at SF writing in my 3 day vacation starting today. Then you can marvel at how backward the Vaygr rank system is.
***shova bow***
Received your "state of Taiidani politics" mail. Thanks!
I have taken Komo-val rank structure in this thread and am working it.
I've just now sat down and read through this and I do like it. I've been having less luck with fiction archives of this type (where character development and such is involved) as opposed to technical data and Fallen Winter style first person roleplay. So I'm taking notes. It's also just a good story in general, nominated for a Watsas Award infact.



Military operation officer (MOO), often called COW after a prehistoric animal that paleontologists believe made a similar sound

Prehistoric? I would hope not. I do have a bit invested in our bovine digestion machine/friend in the PDS'verse, specifically an idea floating about my head regarding The Federation of Cush, Seg Tambuur, and the 'Wild West' theme of American Folk culture (the details I won't go into at the moment, as not to derail this thread)

I'd also see Bovine subspecies as a perfect animal for the Vaygr nomads (or anyone else with a big enough ship to have an on board ranch). On larger ships, they would have hydroponically grown grass paddocks in which the cows would feed and roam, their solid waste acting as natural fertiliser for other hydroponic plants on ship, Methane would be used as fuel, hides could be made into clothing, and of course meat and milk would be prevelent. Atleast the way I see it.

Sorry to go off topic abit, please continue mr Komo.
Komo val
The cow idea came from the premise that the progenitors are in fact humans. They would most certainly have brought earthlish animals to any habitable world. Given that progenitors died out quite a while ago i would imagine that the original cow, as we know it, would either evolve to adapt to the new environment or die out depending on the competitiveness of the planet's ecosystem. Bovine subspecies are a common sight throughout the galaxy.
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Komo val
''Hull breach levels 1-10 and 49-57, sections 25-39 on all levels..'' the explosion of a power conduit in the command room cut off the crewman ''... The BCE Kashmirr reports heavy damage and the crew are abandoning ship.''

''Increase power to maneuvering thrusters and increase the rate of fire of starboard PD grid, launch drones and prepare for nuclear retaliation.'' Korra yelled, the intensity of her voice surpassing that of the comm chatter and various alarms.

''We where hit by super-capital grade strategic beam cannons, energy configuration indicates Taiidani origin.'' the tactical officer reported. He was composed despite a fairly large burn on his face and the desperate situation.

''Forget about them! Launch 50 Kilo-iota-tango-echo D- type to intercept the fire from those Taiidani. Concentrate the fire on the Vaygr.'' Kora said to the tac officer before opening fleet comm ''All ship form a defensive wall on the Vaygr attack vector. Begin nuclear retaliation on my mark!''

''Sir the Vaygr fleet is trying to encircle us!!''

''The same old mistake. Stand-off attack to the center if Vaygr formation now!!!!''

A milliard of missiles, torpedoes and drones backed up by various sizes of strikecraft raced towards the Vaygr formation to strike its vulnerably center. In the mean time the D-type Kites moved to intercept the incoming Taiidani fire.

The D-types where a mixed class of drones intended to intercept incoming enemy fire, mostly kinetic and guided. There were also energy weapon interceptors with ceramic shields but they where less common due to their relative ineffectiveness.

''We punched a hole trough their lines! Give the green light to the LH-30 to enter battle, order the two remaining Bravo-charly-echos's to escort it. Order the Bloodhounds to engage in attack tactic 112, on Vaygr flanks. The Majiirian 'Demolisher' and the supercarrier are to provide fire support and intensify Fox-Tango-Echo presence on Taiidani attack vector.'' Korra paused to take a deep breathe ''What is the status of the Taiidani anyway?''

''Only fire support, they are not getting their hand dirty, but their bombardment is costing us a lot.''


''As I told you. A flawless plan.'' the count laughed slightly. It was not becoming for an Assembly representative to have such an ''open'' expressions of emotions in public. Thus it was very short.

Marceluss looked at him with a hateful stare. His right hand gripping the highly decorated plasma rifle that replaced the old swords. Besides it was more practical.

''Sir, the Hiigarans are trying to brake the Vaygr formation and they are doing well.'' The MOO said while turning to Marceluss who just smiled.

''Ask the count, he is after all a trained military commander by the looks of it.'' Marceluss declared with the continuous presence of the smile.

''No, no I..'' The count tried to persuade Marceluss to take matter into his hands, but to no use.

''Count, I insist. You have shown grate tactical gift and, after all, the whole expedition is under your ultimate jurisdiction.'' Marceluss interrupted the count. The smile ever present.

The Military operations officer then turned to the Assembly representative ''Your orders count?''

''Shift fire to the Hiigaran force attacking the Vaygr.''

''Ships are repositioning. Most of our fire is being intercepted though.'' The MOO said, continuing ''No noticeable impact on the attacking force.''

The count looked disoriented. He tried to say something, but he couldn't. He was insecure, after all he was no military commander and the wrong decision would cost him his career... and his life.

''Order all ships to assault the Hiigarans order the Vaygr to cover our advance and...'' The count finally said, but was cut off yet again.

''To late, sir, the Vaygr are routing!''

''Would you like to wait for us to return to Taiidani space, or would you rather skip the bureaucracy?'' Marceluss asked him while offering the count his 9mm pistol.

A loud bang interrupted the operations on the bridge.

''Ignore the last orders. Tell the Vaygr that help is on it's way, go to stealth mode and order the Prospectus transports to land. They should go unnoticed due to battle interference, but have them escorted by EW Legionaries, full Sensor jamming, 1 a pair, just in case.'' Marceluss quickly ordered calmly, as if nothing happened ''And tell someone to clean this mess up before it starts to smell.''

''Now let us see what we can salvage''
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Turanic Raiders kthxbye.
Komo val
There are no Turanics in the far east. They may have an appearance as mercenaries.
Komo val
The space around the Salvation was filled with lights. The beautiful dance of colors hid their deadlines. Some 2000km in front of the massive flagship a scene was unfolding similar to those of ancient warfare.

''The Vaygr are routing, Sir!'' the tactical officer reported to the Admiral with joy and pride in his voice ''Their flagship is badly damaged and their formation is broken.''

''Tell the light cruisers to pursue the retreating Vaygr. Shift fire to the Taiidani.'' Korra ordered equally pleased with the Vaygr retreat.

''We can't get a lock on their exact position. They have excellent jamming capabilities.'' the sensor officer exclaimed. Soon other bad news ''Sir the Vaygr have stopped retreating!''

''What!?'' Korra's frustration surfaced but very soon she composed herself ''Call off the pursuing forces and cover them with everything we got!'' ''They must have received information about reinforcements'' she thought to herself.

''Sir we have 3 Taiidani cruisers on approach vector! Codename 'Hammer', eta 30 sec.'' came the scarred update.

Indeed, the Taiidani Celeres class Assault Cruisers, Hiigaran codename Hammer, are a more deadly analog to the Nalthoran heavy cruisers. Far more armaments and about the same speed, it's primary armament 2 spinal mounted strategic grade particle weapons and 2 rapid firing torpedo launchers, launching the Taiidani favorite anti-matter missile.
And thats just the tip of the iceberg.

''Speaking of the devil...'' she quietly said to herself ''Divert all ships to that flank! those monsters are our top priority.''


''They have spotted the cruisers, and are diverting most of the ships to that flank'' The MOO replied, after which he consulted with his helper and continued to do his job.

''Now, that the Vaygr flank is cleared order them to perform a head on assault on their flank. Wait a few minutes and then order the Al-Hakija to ram that Supercarrier. What's the status of the Velitess??'' Marceluss slowly said while some servants wiped what remained of the count's blood ''Since we have detected no transport ships the colonist or whatever they came here for must be in the flagship's cargo bay. Those Valitess should deliver a crippling blow''

''The stealth corvettes are undetected. All weapons armed.''came the swift response.

''That should teach the Hiigarans. The Vaygr ?''

''Most of them are destroyed. What remains is retreating. The Al-Hakija is refusing to execute orders''

''This is where the viruses implanted in our exports ships come to play'' the Dux smiled ''Initiate secure combat uplink and transmit the following codes: 1223-ZXRKK-3445672, then 280-034-300. If the supercarrier moves just transmit the new coordinates like now. Open comm with remaining Vaygr ships.''

The officer quickly executed.

''Attention remaining Vaygr ships! The Pax Imperialis doesn't tolerate cowards. All ships retreating will be shot upon. If you most retreat do in trough the Hiigaran forces. ''

''.....Taiidani infidel will pay you insolent...'' Came the comm response from one of the Vaygr ships.

''Close it. The source?'' Marceluss ordered with a calm not common in such situations.

''One of the three Spahis at 200-005-01. Can't pinpoint the exact position, but...''

''Destroy them all. Use only strategic beams.'' Marceluss quickly cut him off.

''Yeee, Yes sir.''

The trio was vaporised in second. Barely any remains where present.

''The Vaygr are changing course towards the Hiigaran. The Al-Hakija has hit the supercarrier, but the reactor is breached.'' came a partially stunned voice.

''More chance of survival going trough the Hiigarans, eh? Good choice.'' The Dux laughed ''Let's ease the Hakija's suffering. Initiate self-destrusct: 3111-BOOM-VIDDL-2455.''


The bridge was covered in thick smoke. Suddenly a imposing silhouette emerged from the mist. It was a Vaygr Warmaster.

''Status, NOW!!!'' he dominantly demanded.

One of the crew tried to say something but cough prevented him. After it stopped the words, understandable words finally came out.

''We can't enter our system, manual override not functioning... we got reactor breach.''

''Where is the security officer so i may strangle him with may hands!''

''He is dead Warmaster.'' came the response from another crewman

''To bad, I would have liked the pleasure of doing it myself. How did they hacked our system. The Imperialist scum. I...'' He was cutoff by some claxons. You could see he was a man who didn't like to be cutoff.

''Turn those claxons down !!!''

''It's the self destruct my lord!''

''What?! Infedeeeeeeee...''

And the ship vanished with the supercarrier.


''Roll to port, dec -43, now! charge the port energy cannons, 120%. Sit. rep. now!!''

As the massive ship turned one of the 3 Celeres cruiser, distracted by the battle wondered into Salvation's firing arc.

''All guns, fire!''

The ship was swept by a hail of weapon fire, it's forward portion completely annihilated by the massive Sajuuk-kor beam weapons.

''Recharge weapons now!''Korra yelled

''The Taiidani ships sent a surrender message''the comm officer relayed to Korra.

''Tell them that we...''

''Sir several strikcraft approaching from the rear!''

''How the hell did they get trough??'' ''Intercept them, we don't want them launching their ordinance.'' Korra quickly said

''Too late, 18 torpedoes, anti-matter, heading for the cargo bay! Dear Sajuuk have mercy!''

''Murderous Bastards!'' was all Korra could say before the ship rocked, knocking much of the crew of their chairs.

When the smoke clear Korra quickly yelled: ''Sit. rep. now!''

''The armor stopped most of them, but... but some got trough. Dear Sajuuk.'' Tears overcame the ship's operations officer.

Korra looked at the display herself:


Korra quickly skipped this now insignificant data.


''9%. That's 200.000 people. How could they do such a thing. This,this.. Those murdering bastards, no honor, no honor what so ever, they all deserve to die. Those...''

In the mean time everybody on the bridge where silent, ignoring the weapon hits on the hull, looking at Korra from time to time. Finally the tac. officer spoke

''The Majiirian is falling back due to hull damage. The strikecraft escort is down to 56%. The Taiidani ship asks if it could shelter behind us, they fear retaliation from other Taiidani ships. What should I do?''

''Destroy it.''

''What?! But sir they surrendered and according to the Hiigaran navy reg...'' The Tactical officer stooped talking. A gun pointed at him.

''If you don't I will kill you and destroy that ship myself. Now do it!''


''Sir the Decimus has been destroyed!''

''Those Hiigarans are such brutal barbarians, destroying a crippled ship.''
Marceluss stated

''The Quinquemus reports serious hull damage and their escorting strikecraft have been wiped out.''

''I see... Order all ships to shut down their inhibitor fields.''Marceluss ordered to the puzzled crew ''If their commander has any common sense he will take his wounded and retreat''
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Awesome work, Komo Val my friend.
Komo val
(Thank you very much. I must thank yasotay for his extremely helpful suggestions and critics. The ending of the 1st part of the story. I'm starting second part tomorrow.)

''Sir we must retreat!''

''No, no! Recharge weapons, destroy those Taiidani!''

''You are being illogical sir, we are in no shape to continue fighting! We must retreat, NOW!''


''Think of the civilians! How many more are you willing to lose?''

Korra's memories about that moment where incredibly clear given the confusion and adrenaline rush. She thought carefully about what her second in command told her, that final sentence. How things might have been different if he hadn't.

They where now in low orbit above the equator. Thanks to the wide use stealth systems by the Taiidani, the Fleet's detection system have been updated.

A commemoration service is being held aboard the salvation for all the people they have lost during this battle: the escort force commander Kir Soban, his first officer Joran Somtaaw, Salvation's chief engineer Ren Mannan and countless others. In the mean time civilians where slowly awakened from their sleep in the cry-trays and transported planetside. The first colony was called 'Hope'.

After the commemoration, the shaken officers and commanders of the fleet, including Korra, advanced to the Salvation's main briefing room.

First on the list, FLEET STATUS. The tac. officer began:

'Starting from the big guys: The Majiirian has lost all of it's main turrets except one SBA. The LH-30 has suffered some damage and is curently operating at 63% of obtainable efficiency. We have two arbiters left, 1 Liir-Hra, 1 PoH and one Marques. Frigates are still undergoing evaluation but preliminary reports are grim. Only 30% original strength with only support ships. Fighters are at 40% strength, This will...''


''One Celeres damaged beyond repair, one destroyed, one in operational condition. Other forces intact. Strikecraft strength at 60%. Further analysis show...'' Marceluss stopped listening. Some annalist didn't have to tell him that a Class 3 escort force without 2 of it's Assault Cruisers wouldn't be enough to defeat the Hiigarans. They would have to improvise, as would the Hiigarans considering their loses.

Victory will be his, who improvises better.
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Very good pace of action. Really the only errors are grammar errors and some mis-spellings in English. Since I assume that English is a second language for you, you have done very well.

Another area you might want to add to is description of the battle scene. As an example...

"''One of the three Spahis at 200-005-01. Can't pinpoint the exact position, but...''

''Destroy them all. Use only strategic beams.'' Marceluss quickly cut him off.

''Yeee, Yes sir.''

The cyan beams snapped through space and impaled the first frigate like a brilliant lance. Shattered ceramic armor plates flecked off into space and the core of the ship pealed back like some obscene flower from the heat. The beam breached the engine core and the remains of the Vaygr ship and crew became nothing more than an expanding globe of ionized molecules. The other two ships had little time to lament the death of their comrades, as the brilliance quickly found and consumed them as well. The trio was vaporised in second. Barely any remains where present.
Komo val
Understood, I will try to incorporated it into my next entries. Next one later today.
Komo val
''You've got to be joking?!'' said the new appointed chief engineer of the Salvation while locking at several tugs in front of him.

''I'm afraid I'm not. The admiral wants to reinforce our strikecraft wing. Since the only military-grade production facilities where on board the Praetor, we'll have to retrofit civilian ships.'' said the senior officer dead serious.

Over a month has passed since the confrontation with the Taiidani and the appointment of Tan Somtaaw as the chief engineer of the Salvation and, automatically, of the entire fleet. Since then no battle with the Taiidani has occurred and even sightings where rare and exclusively scout ships. However both sides know the other is preparing to attack, eventually, be it in space or on land.

The Hope colony has been doing well and the construction of a heavy-duty bunker is almost complete. All in all things are progressing well.

''Low-caliber massdrivers, civilian grade guided missiles, and only the most basic laser weapons. How do they think we build a sizable military force with civilian grade weaponry?!'' Tan said with anger in his voice, anger expressed trough the incredibly straight walk vector he was achieving on the crowded hanger deck''Plus the armor of this things is paper thin.''

''Yes sir'' came the reply of the junior engineer who had to avoid the incoming people.

''We'll have to make precise calculations, modify the weapon systems, and the writing a proper performance report so that new pilots can be trained, how much work.'' Tan continued maintaining his vector and locking at the information tab he was holding in his left hand.

''Yes sir.''

''And to turn the transports into battle frigates. They should be happy if I turn them into fire support assets. The admiral must be crazy, what is she thinking?''

''Ye...'' The junior engineer stooped as Tan's walk vector was interupted by an obstacle... the Admiral.

''Admiral...'' was all Tan could say before the admiral cut him off.

''I am thinking, chief engineer, that more lives will be lost if we do not set up a proper combat force. If that means retrofitting every single utility ship in the fleet, then so be it. Talking won't get you anywhere so I suggest you go to work. Is that clear?''

''Yes sir.'' these two words came out of the scarred engineer as lightning. After which the admiral left.

''You heard the admiral, junior engineer, lets go to work.''

''Yes sir.''


''What's the status of the rebuild?'' Tarris asked one of the supervisors in the control room of the Dictatio's construction facility.

''We got the munitions fully replenished and utility ships are striping the Quinquemus of everything of value.'' the supervisor responded pausing his monitoring for a few seconds.

''So basically they're striping her of everything.'' Tarris smiled ''And the status of strikecraft production?''

''We had some small setbacks, so we've only completed 12.''

''What, you where supposed to have completed 40. MY ass is on the line and by Sajuuk if you don't get them completed I'll go directly to the Dux and he isn't as forgiving as me.''

Meanwhile the Dux was resting in his quarters, pondering the next moves.

''It's ironical. We are short on personnel and the only thing we can build are strikecraft. And they say Sajuuk doesn't have a sense of Humor. He created the Hiigarans after all.''

Now that I've actually read the latest work here...

Brilliant, very entertaining read.
Komo val
Thank you, Thank you very much. I would have liked for this thank you to be accompanied by a continuation of the story, but unfortunately RL has prevented that. But not to fear, tomorrow is another day.
Oh we all understand the pains of RL
Komo val
''Enemy behind us! -60 low!''

The bulky mech slowly began to turn and bring it's autocannons and missiles to bear. It turned, and turned, and turned....

''Ah we're dead. Again.'' The copilot said with disappointment in his voice ''I really thought that the fifth time would be the charm.''

The pilot said nothing.

The slow retrofitted utility mech along side three of it's bredren exited the training grounds and headed towards the militia headquarters.

Once there the pilot exited the machine. The support crew quickly saluted him for he was the Commander of the planetary militia, General Nass Nabaal. He quickly marched towards the comm room still waring it's helmet.

''Patch me trough to operation command. Code 128-kilo-foxtrot-charlie-tango.'' said Nass while taking off his helmet.

Since no secure video or audio comm link has been established Nass quickly proceeded to type his message. From the force he was hitting the keyboard it was obvious he wasn't very happy.

--Tasking Karos. Karan delayed. Keepers FUBAR.---

Although it was a secure transmission, code had to be used for operations of such importance, just in case. The translation would be something like:

--Tasking Not Presently Executable. Execution Delayed. Mechs Not working (to say it mildly).--

He then quickly advanced to the briefing room where quite a large crowd was gathered. Conversation ceased and everyone saluted the general.

''Gentleman, I regret to inform you that the operation has been postponed.'' he general began.

The silent room quickly erupted into a volcano of conversation. This went on for about 3 seconds, then the general cleared his throat. The room went silent again.

''I have deemed are mechanical assets not able to complete the mission. I know that all of you wanted to kill some of those murderous pussies and you'll get your chance as soon as the Qwardamn mech are retrofitted. The present configuration as I've told the admiral just now is FUBAR and the loses would be too grate. Hell, a single Taiidani assault mech would wipe the floor with our entire aggressive recon force.'' He was careful not to say that last part out loud.

''Lets hope that they don't have something like that.''


The massive cargo space of the transport was almost empty. Only one package remained and it had to be of vital importance since a 2 squad worth of engineers was working around it.

''Run the diagnostic again, we have to be sure it works. I don't want to be res...'' he stopped as the echo of steps could be heard in the massive hold.

Three Figures walked in trough the massive door, the sun above them as in some ancient tales of when the Emperor battled with the evil Hiigaran Empire on the planes of Taiidan (not really historically accurate, but good for the morale). And a scene almost befitting the Dux.

''Is she ready?'' Marceluss asked with an aweinspiring voice.

''Yes sir just some minor diagnostics...''

''Forget the diagnostics, open the crate.''

''But sir it would be prudent for us to...'' the chief mechanic tried to dissuade him from doing this. He would be a dead man if something goes wrong, but Marceluss won't listen.


The metallic crate slowly collapsed to reveal a impressively decorated mech. And one of the new models none the less.

''It seems this was a gift to are late Assembly representative for his stay among the bloodthirsty soldier cast.'' The Dux smiled while looking at the mech.

''Sir may I ask who will pilot this beauty'' Viir, Nass's Taiidani counterpart asked, hopeing he would have the pleasure since admirals don't like to get their hands dirty on the ground. Space is so much cleaner.

''I will ofcourse.'' Marceluss said while one of the mechanics handed him the helmet.

Viir was surprised, even more when he saw that Marceluss had already a flight suit under his uniform.

''Let's take this masterpiece for a spin.'' Marceluss said while climbing into the cockpit

Everyone got out of the way as the mech powered up. Engineers tried to pull out all of the diagnostic equipment, but some remained. The mech quickly began to hover. Ability granted by the large thrust assembly on it's two bulky legs.

After which it swooshed out of the cargo hold and into the sunshine.
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Komo val
(I'm sorry for the lack of updates in the last few days. I thought of another story, that I will do when i finish this one, since I barely have time to update this one.)

Almost Two months have passed since the colony of Hope was established. After the first month of relative peace between the Hiigarans and the Taiidani, the drums of war could be heard once again.

''Combat Tugs Lima-05,09 and 13 have run out of missiles and are retreating. We'll have to cover them.'' Alpha-09 heard his copilot over the intercomm.

''Couldn't they put guns on those darn things.'' Alpha-09 said with a voice strained due to high-G maneuvering. ''Alpha-03 take point, let's escort those pieces of junk to the Salvation''

The two HSF moved into position around the ACt's, Auxiliary corvettes. It was only a small raid, a probing attempt, a distraction for the ground assault.

The three man crew of the colony's southern outpost did their boring job as any other day of the week. No unnatural sounds, no radar contact, no nothing. Two of them where watching the fireworks of the low orbit engagement, while one diligently continued it's watch.

''Did you hear that?'' The diligent one asked the duo watching the explosion-lit sky.

''No. Stop being paranoid.'' Came the response from one of them

''I swear I heard something'' The diligent one replied

''I'll do you a favor and check the radar... See, nothing. Relax.'' The other one said, quickly returning to the only interesting thing out there. The outpost was so far out that they couldn't even pick up the Hiigaran information network.

''Hey what's that?... Shit!!!!''


''Good, the L-MRAAM was right on target. The Hiigarans should get no warning..'' Marceluss said to himself or perhaps to the on board AI. Either way he AI responded.

''There is a 2.83451% chance that they managed to get a warning to the colony. There is an additional 5.67785% chance that they might have anticipated the attack or got information on it from another source, my Dux'' The calm female voice informed Marceluss who quickly dismissed the information as irrelevant.

Little did he know that the Second Republican spy managed against all odds to inform the Hiigarans about the attack. It only remained to see if the Hiigarans are going to believe him.

''Very easy, the Hiigarans put the ammo depot right on the edge...'' The Dux thought as he was looking at the low resolution photos captured during the raid two days ago, and they where being updated real time by the ships in orbit.

Marceluss stopped at a moment and turned the mech's sensor turret towards the low orbit detonations above him. ''Hmmmm.... that's strange, the colony should have detected me by now, I wonder if...''

''Incoming missiles, bearing 011-63.'' Came the AI's reply, speed the only variable changed in her voice.

''Lets do this'' Marceluss said while gripping the controls tighter.

''Impact in 15, 14, 13...''
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