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Experamental RP: Operation Fallen Winter
ATTN: All HGN Forces

Date: 6/5/9620-GSY

Subject: Enemy fleet routed

Location: SY-30 Staging Area

The enemy attacked at 1700 standard time today, and I am much too busy keeping my ships mobile and battle ready to post a report just yet. Suffice to say, grave losses were sustained by my fleet and the SY-30 defensive elements. Will report in tomorrow, out.

- Captain A. Lynham, 289th Task Force, Hiigaran Navy, SN: 2037-7011
Currently assigned to Joint Task Force 56.
Komo val
ATTN: All HGN Forces

Date: 6/5/9620-GSY

Subject: Back in action

Location: Location: HN Relentless II CVHA-28, Spacial grid 112-445, Ezra Shanir system

Ah that was close. I'm finally able to send a normal transmission. As you probably know I had set up an Ambush, but the Taiidani somehow anticipated it, attacking my flagship and the escorting Majestic class.
Fortunately I set up an emergency comm node just in case and thus the main fleet was able to receive the emergency message.
The majestic-class was lost in the early moments of the battle, with 40% of lives lost, Martyrs of Kharak have mercy upon their tormented souls, and the Relentless sustaining heavy damage during rescue operations.
Being outgunned, outnumbered, and heavily damaged, we retreated. The next few days have been a game of Hide and seek, fortunately the terrain favored our tactic, although it's quite hard to keep a ship almost a km in width out of sight. The EW modules and stealth systems where the decisive factor in our survival. We managed to take a few of their ships down, but we couldn't do nothing to decisively escape them.
Have you ever watched the film ''The Hunt for the Black November'' where a royal guard Taiidani cruisers tries to escape the Hiigaran and Taiidani fleets. If you didn't I strongly recommend you do. Two weeks ago I thought stuff like that are impossible to happen in modern naval combat. I was wrong.
When the Fast reaction force reached us, we where exhausted, however we had to fight off the Taiidani Attack force centered around a close-assault variant QJE. The Main Reaction force(MRF), consisting of 3 PoHs and the pocket-battleship ''Warhawk'', had an ETA of 1.3 standard days. We decided to proceed to the randevouz point and reveal our location as close to the randevouz as possible. It didn't exactly go that way, a recon ship detected us, and we where pinned down near a planetoid. Unable to reach the point, the situation was looking grim, fortunately the MRF commander was stubborn and didn't follow orders because he went looking for us.
The Taiidani routed 2 minutes after the MRF found us, after their cruiser's anti-matter reactor exploded.

I'm awaiting new orders.

- Fleet Admiral V. B. Naabal, 48th TSOG/56th TSOG Joint Task Force, Hiigaran Navy, SN: 2808-4454
ATTN: All HGN Forces

Date: 6/5/9620-GSY

Subject: Enemy forces defeated

Location: SY-30 Staging Area

Basic repairs have been completed, and my fleet is operational again. SY-30 is safe, but the battle was won dearly.

TF 289, Currently attached to JTF 56
Arelian Defender HN Sabre, D-IIFM-24
Deliverance HN Korda, BV-756
Prince of Hiigara HN Surprise, BCE-93
Sabre Class HN Sword of Hiigara, SX-1
Arcadia HN Knight, ACV-76
LiirHra Cruisers HN Vengeance, CL-483 and Indefatigable, CL-1658
Linebacker HN Unseen, ECWF-756
Wolf HN Lycan, TW-X-1, and Steadfast, TW-X-2
2x Thunderbolt Bomber Wings (Aboard HN Sabre)
2x Thunderbolt Bomber Wings (Aboard HN Korda)
10x LSF-II Squadrons (Aboard HN Knight)
2x LSF-II Squadrons (Aboard HN Surprise)

SY-30 Defense Fleet
Praetor CVH HN Javelin CVH-785 and HN I'kann, CVH-284
Resolution Marine Frigates HN Striker MF-7891, Daring MF-2265, Imperious MF-4566, Conviction MF-3274 and Lynx MF-678
20 LSF-II squadrons
4 Thunderbolt squadrons
Arbiters HN Merciless, C-937 and Sentinel, C-4729
Aggressors HN Crimea, CA-7328, Panache, CA-395 and Murakami, C-3019

2 Khalifah BBs
at least 3 strikecarriers
14 or more Al-Moudamers
8 Kaghan class carriers
4 Hybrid Beam Cruiser-carriers
19 frigates of various classes
as many as forty fighter squadrons

As we were formulating a plan for a break-out assault, the enemy launched their attack. They used drones to detonate the mines in the defensive minefield before hurling fighters at us from every direction; many simply did not make it through the minefield, but once the remains were through, the capitals had a clear run to our position. We immediately scrambled all fighter wings to intercept, and crushed the remnants relatively quickly.... but then they lauched their reserves. The dogfighting became a stalemate as the capital ship battle became a standard line engagement. The turning point was the use of the Sword of Hiigara and Sabre as battering rams to destroy their Khalifahs; as we know, our ships have better weapon hitting-power, but worse armour. Consequently, the enemy capitals were destroyed piecemeal as my heavy hitters concentrated their firepower. My fighters were exhausted, however, and they were withdrawn for re-arming and refitting, the reserves being launched in a last bid for space superiority. This failed, and the enemy fighters swarmed over our ships, aided by bomber wings that caused great damage. The I'kann was straddled by plasma bomb fire and several hull sections visibly buckled. As she became a flaming beacon against the blackness I attempted to rally all forces to save her, but it was too late. The enemy cruisers had closed to close hitting range and were doing great damage, with the greatly-outnumbered Sentinel and Merciless falling to their potent beam weapons. Many of our frigates were simply wiped away by the sheer number of enemy fighters, and it was only the concentrated flak barrage of the Sabre, Korda and Sword of Hiigara that managed to hold our line. A multiple attack run by enemy bombers sheared off the Surprise's rear section (although she has now been salvaged and is undergoing extensive emergency refits) and just as the battle turned, an Al-Moudamer rammed HN Knight, destroying her outright as her drives overloaded. The enemy strikecarriers were finally destroyed by a flanking move with the two wolves and the Unseen which caught them in a crossfire. Sensing that the tide had turned, the enemy fighters began to bug out, but not before firing parting volleys at the nearest capital ships that left the Vengeance with disabled engines, the Sword of Hiigara with inactive ion batteries and the Panache and Crimea floating wrecks. I gave chase to the enemy fleet, firing full salvoes at extreme range and sending out fighter and bomber sorties until they had jumped away, by which time their fleet was decimated.

Friendly losses:
Praetor HN I'kann
Arcadia HN Knight
Arbiters HN Merciless and Sentinel
Aggressors HN Crimea and Panache
All five Resolution class present
All of HN Knight's fighter squadrons
10 of SY-30's fighter squadrons

Enemy losses:
All but one strikecarrier, ten Al-Moudamers and two Kaghans. Most enemy frigates were destroyed, but a large number of fighters and bombers remained intact.

Attached is my new fleet roster, with the SY-30 elements integrated:

TF 289, Currently attached to JTF 56
Arelian Defender HN Sabre, D-IIFM-24
Deliverance HN Korda, BV-756
Prince of Hiigara HN Surprise, BCE-93
Sabre Class HN Sword of Hiigara, SX-1
Praetor CVH HN Javelin, CVH-785
LiirHra Cruisers HN Vengeance, CL-483 and Indefatigable, CL-1658
Linebacker HN Unseen, ECWF-756
Wolf HN Lycan, TW-X-1, and Steadfast, TW-X-2
2x Thunderbolt Bomber Wings (Aboard HN Sabre)
2x Thunderbolt Bomber Wings (Aboard HN Korda)
10x LSF-II Squadrons (Aboard HN Javelin)
2x LSF-II Squadrons (Aboard HN Surprise)

Bear in mind that the Vengeance and Surprise are currently not spaceworthy, and that the Korda is being overhauled and is not currently available for combat operations. Fighter squadron numbers are noted by which wing markings were visible in the hangar; some are reduced now to a single ship.
Victory has come at a great price indeed, out.

- Captain A. Lynham, 289th Task Force, Hiigaran Navy, SN: 2037-7011
Currently assigned to Joint Task Force 56.
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ATTN: HGN Admiralty

Date: 2/6/9620-GSY

Subject: S & R nearing completion

Location: 15 AO, Ezra Shanir system

The first bit of good news in awhile since we entered this god forsaken place, I have successfully dispatched the enemy garrison that was in pursuit of Admiral Donitere's fleet. The battle went better than I expected although it they still put up a fight, nearly the entire enemy force was obliterated and only a small portion of their ships were destroyed by our forces. I used the captured vagyr battleship to jump over to the enemy's position and set its reactor on a timed overload. The resulting explosion was rather effective, even Adm. Donitere must have seen it also. The vagyr patrols also noticed it and all converged on the enemy fleet's position. My forces later jumped over to their position for mop up operations and quickly cleared out the area.

The main force has been elimnated as well as the patrol units in the area, however an CTH unit managed to evade us in a radiation spot so our element of surprise is now lost but we managed to clear out the enemy. My forces will attempt to establish contact with Admiral Donitere and escort his fleet back to base. AAR follows.

Forces Engaged:
Deliverance II HN Deliverance II BVC-98
Prince of Hiigara BCE-72 Hammer
BCE-43 Outlaw
Arcadia HN Nautilus ACV-27
Marquess HN Spear CVL-55
HN Firefly CVL-67
Arbiter x4
Agressor x2
Liir Hra x3
Linebacker x1 HN Manticore ECWF-409
Bloodhound x8
Wolfe x5
DEW x8
Hydra x3
Nightingale x6
Support x3
Lavi x3
Kopesh x3
LSF x10
Blade 22D x8
Avenger AST. x8
Avenger scout x2
Thunderbolt mk1 x10
Thunderbolt mk4 x9
kites drones x 20

Allied fleet:
Full DESRON plus CAP ship
Engineering support ship

Enemy Forces Engaged:
Desron x2 plus cap ship support
Carrier battle group x1 plus cap ship
recon fleet x2

x1 arcadia damaged but operational
x1 arbiter HN ark royale
x2 bloodhound
x1 lavi
x5 LSF fighters
x6 Thunderbolts
x2 avenger fighters

Allied Casualties:
x1 Auvarnagal BB (self-destruct)
x2 spahi
x7 bombers
x4 intrerceptors

Enemy Casualties:
All forces present except one cth unit that escaped
x5 kaghan
x3 quaar jet II
x4 BB

The enemy force zeroed in the 15th's position and were assembling inside a radiation cloud in an attempt to mask their approach. My fleet assuming the role of the fallen carrier group were asked to send in additional strike craft support, instead i sent the BB in on a short jump pretending to have a navcomm failure and and programed the computer to trigger an core overload of the main reactor and and set several 30 gigaton nukes on an timer to detonate simultaneously. The radiation cloud the fleet was hiding in was filled with dust particles that went interact with particles of anti-matter create a violent reaction and the ploy was perfect. A large portion of the main force was destroyed in the explosion leaving the rest of the fleet in shambles. My fleet made the first jump into the area to eliminate the remaining carriers and QJII vessel as well as their strike craft. The vessels managed to launch thier complements and it became an all-out dogfight between strikecraft and frigates. My fleet was surrounded by the recon units the just arrived to provide support which included 2 scout battlecrusiers that were difficult to elinate due to the number of bombers present. The nalthoran unit jumped in later behind the recon groups and managed to eliminate the the battlecrusiers before my ship had a shot. A corvette unit managed to escape the "turkey shoot" by flying into a dense radiation cloud. No way to tell if they made it or not but chances are not high judging by the density of the radiation in the cloud.

Its safe to say the area is secured and my forces along with the nalthorans are heading for the position the vagyr/taidan suppected the 15th to be at its a normal dust patch sufficient to hide a fleet, i pray they are still alive and kickin. Once i have made contact i we will escort the fleet back to base.

On a side note the rest of my task force should be arriving within 1 hr HST at SY-30. Manatal out.

-Commodore Anavel Manatal, 23rd Task Force/56th JTF, HGN SN: 4530-2280

OOC: is anyone gonna finish this?
10100101010100101........Decoding message.....standbye. Displaying last message before loss of contact.

Captain Krenethia Ne'reth.
I Am currently dispatched to an unknown sector of space. Little is currently known about Vaygr ware abouts in this area, but my fleet has been under strict orders to remain stealth until contact. We have suspicions that vaygr raiding parties are attacking nearby settlements of the Ren'kar Ethea'trantia groups.
My regiment and I have been sent to investigate the area. If any vaygr forces are present, we the Atemi Horizon fleet with dispatch them swiftly. My current command remains on the Battle cruiser Atemi Ran'varna, and i will use her to her full extent.............(message unknown after that point.)

>>>>>.Primary shutdown protocols engaged<<<<<<<<<
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