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The Second Dustwars RP
LOCATION: Cell Block C, Durango Base, New Colorado System

"Warmistress, I think... possibly we could, get into the vents.. Hmm."

Katisha looked at the vent, then at Val, and swiftly lifted him up and jammed him into the vent shaft. Val attempted to climb through the tube, but found himself stuck very firmly, prompting a slight laught from Kolliu.

"Well, let's see your bright idea then?" Katisha grimaced. Callia pulled two wires from a stopwatch and shocked the lock open, partially electrocuting herself. Both cell doors cycled open.

Katisha lept out of the cell, walked over to the sleeping guard, and punched him repeatadly. She then picked up the gun, which normally would have vented gas into the room, but...

"Is it one of the gas traps?" Val asked "Yes Val, yes it is a gastrap. Your fat ass must be blocking up the only airway in. Stay like that until we get the door open."

Katisha walked to the door and shot the prolock, walked outside and shot the guard at the door. A technician saw this and ran like hell as Katisha chased him down, tackled him, and hauled him back to the cell.

"Please turn off the gas before I shoot you."

The technician pressed a hidden button on the desk, venting the gas. Katisha then pistol whipped him and threw him in the cell. "Val, you can come out now. bad people are gone."

Val tried to get free, and ultamatly caused the vent to collapse, throwing him on the floor.

The three escaping prisoners stealthily walked to the hangar. "So miss Katisha, any chance you have a way off the station? or were you not planning on leaving." Kolliu asked

"I'm not leaving until that Geril fellow is trailing by his neck behind my ship. Where is the armory?"

"Clear across the station, but if we can get to the Paaura, Seg always leaves his munitions laying around. There should be some body armor and C4 charges too, but in all likelyhood, they've cyphoned the fuel out of her."

The three were almost to the hangar, when the asteroid was rocked by a violent explosion.
Val stumbled forward after the explosion. "That appeared to be an explosion!" he said right before katishas' hand made contact with the back of his head. "What was that?" she demanded. Val commented, with his hand rubbing the back of his head. "Felt like a Large sized torpedo strike.. Big payload." He turned to that girl. "Or maybe the magazine of a corvette sized craft exploding." The girl gave him a smug look and tilted her head to the left a bit.. obviously not pleased she kept moving forward.

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LOCATION: Hand of Winter CLV, Durango base, New Colorado system

The Stiletto frigates deployed to defend the base didn't stand a chance against the HoW's 600mm plasma beams or 488mm Nuclear missiles. The smaller fighters and corvettes were blown to pieces by the HoW's CIWS or simply rammed aside as the HoW drew closer and closer to Durango.

The Raider attack carrier unloaded it's missile tubes and turned to face the HoW, but only took a few hits from the Sunfire LPCs before succumbing.

"How can one man change the fate of a nation?... Does this not answer your question?" Seg said out loud as he watched another Pirate frigate dissappear in a blue-white ball of flame. He picked up a rifle as the Hand of Winter flew into one of the Antigravity drydocks that Seg hacked into, venting the contents into space.

The HoW latched onto the docking clamps and a pressurised gangway attached to the hull. Raider security moved into position covering the Airlock into the HoW. Upon opening the Airlock, they were immedietly met with a hailstorm of 5.56mm bullets.

"This way." Seg calmly said as Sui and Jinrai followed him into the asteroid. Several Raiders ran into the room ahead of them. Seg gunned down the first one in his tracks. The second began firing his revolver blindly around a corner. Seg grabbed the man's hand, disarmed him, and beat him to the floor. The third man was about to open up with a shotgun, but Jinrai shot him through the chest with a small SMG.

The three continued their bloody march toward the prison deck until they spotted a man wearing an Imperial Taiidan Officer's uniform speaking to a man in a black suit standing in a cargo bay.

Seg walked up behind them and struck the man in the suit in the back of the head. The Taiidan Officer shot with his pistol, hitting Seg in the shoulder. The Taiidan tried to reload, but Seg shot him in the leg, knocking him to the floor. Seg kicked him in the chest and picked him up by his neck. "My ship, My partner, The IVF crew, where are they?"

"I homestly don't know... *Cough* Probably on the *Cough* cell block... C..."

Seg threw the man to the ground and continued on. Sui and Jinrai followed. They came to a corridor heavily defended by Raiders. Sui threw a grenade down the hall, only to have it thrown back. The blast showered them in shrapnel. Jinrai shot one of the Raiders who came out with a shotgun, scaring the rest of them into retreat.

They walked for another few meters before Seg gave them the signal to stop. Sui asked "What is it, are there more of them?"

"They are near. Very near."

Sui heard voices from around the corner, "They're coming, open the Qwaardamn door!"

"I'm sorry my hacking skills are out of date but i'm a pilot, not a marine.*smack* Ow, that's not a very good motivational asset."

Sui whispered "We should'nt suprise them, Katisha's real trigger happy when it comes to..." Sui was inturrupted as Seg threw him into the corridor.

*VAL*:"Slag him!" *Gunshots*

*VAL*:"Nailed the little... Sui!? Aww sh*t."

*KATISHA*:"Nice job, crackshot."
Katisha smirked again as sui layed on the ground gasping for air. Val walked over to him and rolled him on his back. "I.. I'm gonna die.." sui said as he began to caugh. Katisha walked over and poked him in his 'Wound'. She then kicked him. "get your ass up, It didn't even penetrate the armor. I dont know whats worse, Your bitching or Vals inability to kill you."

Sui stopped caughing right away as he looked down and realized he was in no pain at all. Val walked over and gave a rather annoyed look. "you should be dead.. this was bullshit." He said as he helped sui up on his feet. The group moved through another room, a kitched with a finesse.. Seg rolled under a table firing three rounds, he heard gunshots everywhere around him as the group plowed through addition checkpoints. Seg turned quickly to see a man with a gun pointed right at him drop to his knees. "Thanks.." seg said as he eyed val. "No problem."

Another massive blast occured during a movement on a raider security station. Seg dove into the room firing three shots into the first raider, Val shot another at the same time. Sui and jinrai began firing down the hallway at a group of raiders incoming as katisha stood sideways firing her pistol down the other hallway.

A few seconds and shots later silence filled the hallways and the security station was taken for now. Security cameras were able to be accessed aswell as certain station auto-guns. Val looked at seg who seemed to be quite content with him. "Who exactly are you." val asked. Seg smiled real big and told him who he was.. "you ever consider bounty hunting?" seg asked.. Val looked down. "Well, I wouldn't know where to start." Seg smirked and pressed another few buttons. "Well, the pay is great! and.. seeing as I get access to certain hardware that is outlawed and dont get in trouble.. aint too bad." He said that as a monitor showed a hallway gun open fire on a group of three raider gaurds. "Get to do some fun stuff sometimes.."
I am the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last... the beginning and your end.
Location: Durango base, new colorado system.

Val began walking, holding his smg tightly in his right hand. Seg was the first into most rooms, his obvious skill and prowess propelled him into situations that any normal one man would die in.. Sui, Katisha, and val were in the rear, watching the constant light flickerings and the sudden shakes caused by random fire from the HoW.

"We really need to get out of here." Katisha said in a serious tone.

Seg smirked, "My ride is still in the bay, we can get to it quickly."

The group moved into another large room. Seg had been coordinating movements towards the main hangar... Numerous Corvettes were still in storage and ever since the HoW detatched from the station, it would now be impossible for them to get out that way.

"There! bay doors opened!" jinrai yelled.

"Lets go! go go go!!!!" was katishas reply, loud and stern as per usual.

Val turned about, the first flash catching the corner of his eye... The round fired by the raider has passed fluidly through his chest, penetrating the right side of his heart and lung.. Seg turned and opened fire, as did the others. Val was breathing hard as a second round went through his shoulder.. He yelled in pain as he laid there, holding his chest with his now bloody hands. The firefight didn't take but five minutes before sui fired the last shot.

"Are you ok?!" katisha asked, before realizing the now fatal wounds.

"I... Go.. g.." He caughed three times before continuing. "get out.. of here, more guys are comi..." He slowly exhaled and leaned his head back.. Before katisha or the other could respond, many voices were heard incoming through the same corridor. "Get that door shut!" seg yelled. Sui ran and shut the door, hitting the magnetic lock. It wasn't enough though... The sound of a fusion cutter was heard..

Katisha said almost sarcastically, "How comes they get to be prepared for everything.." Jinrai moved over towards vals body and started to lift him by his arms.. Katisha was quick to stop him. "We gotta move quick, and his body will wiegh us down.. he'd understand! lets go!"
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I am the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last... the beginning and your end.
Umm, we're not done yet, so I'd advise against killing your main character just yet. But for now, the other RP takes priority.
(sadly, I feel the urge to finish Vals story.. lol)

The last thing val saw, Lights.. Shoes.. He wondered to himself, How did this happen.. How did I lose? But something drove him.. He had thought to himself, what is this sensation? The men around him, gave no attention to val, as he laid there.. just as if it was where he had died. Silence gripped him, as the men eventually moved on from that spot. Hunger, he thought... Hunger..

He slowly stood up and moved his fingers over his chest.. Holes were felt in his uniform, but no wound.. His shoulder, the same.. Val walked fluidly to a computer console, Ten minutes had passed since he fell.. Val couldn't Comprehend the sensation, but the feeling was of hunger.. of being withheld.. He moved his hand over the Screen, watching as it cut in and out.. He moved his hand away, and the screen returned to normal.. "What the hell happened to me?" he said aloud.. The hand touched the screen, and in that moment.. It was clear.. Somehow, he had been infected during his stay on the Archangel, But how? How he thought... It's always, the beast.. the beast controls.. the beast feeds.. but this was val, Alone.. almost as if, something went wrong. "Home" he said, "Home.. I can feel it.. so close.." An image appeared on the console, The archangel, docked nearby..
I am the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last... the beginning and your end.
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