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The Second Dustwars RP
LOCATION: ITN S'javii Ta CHV, Nord Kavagrad System

TASKING: Board IVS Hand of winter

The Imperial battlegroup, having now sighted the Hand of Winter, began it's predefined tactical plan. The Al'mou'akar class vessel S'javii Ta was using the cover of the asteroids to sneak up behind the IVF carrier when suddenly, several Vaygr ships hyperspaced on top of the HoW.

As quickly as they arrived, the lead Vaygr captian hailed the S'javii Ta. "Attention Imperial Commander, this is VMF Eve of Victory actual. You are interfering with the very will of Makaan with your prescence here and have jepordized our mission. Request you leave this sector immedietly."

The Primus of the Taiidan fleet stood up from his command chair and briskly replied, "Negitive Eve of Victory Actual, we are persuing a wanted fugitive who is aboard the IVF carrier. We have orders to board the IVF vessel and take prisoners."

After a short pause, the Vaygr commander bluntly replied "You will operate in support of our legion and can have your carrier but the Hiigaran vessel is ours. Deploy your fighters and stay out of our way."

The S'javii Ta and it's escort combatants dodged from behind the asteroids and bore down on the Hand of Winter as the Vaygr sent a wave of Infiltrator frigates toward the derelict Hiigaran battleship.
As Val sat down in the captains chair he turned to Katisha. "I hope you dont mind."
A holographic image popped up, a view of a typical Vaygr boarding craft was shown, numerous lines with text went to different parts of the ship. The ai began to speak. "Registering fifteen vaygr boarding frigates, targets are selected and spread pattern Val-1 is engaged." Val sat back as the lights in the ship turned from a pastel white to a bright red. "Warning, Combat alert one engaged." was heard over the intercom.

A slight metal screetching sound was heard and then a deep humm right before a turret near the bridge let off a shot that missed the first frigate on purpose. "Sir, they are not disengaging." the ai said. Val turned to katisha, "they are attempting to take out the HoW, permission to engage?" Katisha replied with a stern "kill them" remark. It seemed at the exact same time she said kill them, the ship lit up like a christmas tree, weapons firing wildly everywhere. the closest Frigate took a direct hit in the bridge from a 820mm cannon. The large Tower vaporized from the explosion, causing the ship to barrel roll right through a formation of four frigates and then exploding in the distance.

"Evasive menuevers pattern val-2. Engage left thrusters, roll 45 degrees and engage short jump module." Val said as the ai gave a quick. "Affirmative". Two more shots fired from a 820mm killing another frigate in a beautiful display of reddish purple light. The ship began to open a small gate and exited into hyperspace (Think junkyard dog from homeworld1) After only a second it exited right beside a destroyer. "Target locked." the ai said in a calm professional manner. A maginified zoomed view was clearly seen, a gunners view of the massive 1200mm chin turret. All three cannons lined up and the turret turned onto the target and let loose a barrage of deadly projectiles, blowing off a large portion of the larger hull section. The enemy ship fired back scoring a hit on a small HvAF turret. "Repairs underway" The ai said.

"Fire here, here and here." Val said as he pointed at the hologram of the destroyer. markers appeared at the parts he pointed at. The two top-side 820's opened fire with all six cannons. A ripple effect was seen along the hull of the destroyer as it slowly started to break up. "I used to captain one of those, one this ship destroyed.. Kinda helps a bit eh?"


Itams turned around to see a destroyer bearing down upon them. "Open fire!!! fire at the damn destroyer!!" He yelled, a reply came. "Sir! all batteries have frigates targeted!! boarding craft inbound.. It's latched!" "get crews there immediatly." another man yelled in the back.. A marine came to the bridge. "Sir, Permission to begin open defence of the ship." Itams turned to him. "Granted, use anything you need."

Itams once again turned to the view port and seen the massive Archangel appear from hyperspace and cut down the destroyer that was bearing down on them in another sickly beautiful array of lights. "thank sajuuk for that!"

HoW, Deck seven-

"This is Corporal Tors, we have hostiles in deck seven cafeteria and crew quarters. They have setup heavy machine guns and are recieving more forces via the same opening." tors continued to give the bridge updates. "Damnit guys, we need fighters up Now!! these boarding craft are killing us!" Tors turned around and fired a full magazine killing three guys and causing two others to retreat behind cover. Tors jumped for cover himself as four Marines rushed in and took up positions beside tors. Gunfire was seen on both side as tracers flew back and fourth. "Requesting reinforcements deck seven section eight."
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Ship's Log, IVS Wolverine

The Hand of Winter would not stand a chance against the Loyalist attackers by herselves, but nevertheless her local escorts and fighters made a very good impression on their tactical prowess as they fought a delaying action to preserve their mothership's initiative in the battle.

Although highly outdated, the Kaghan carrier hull that yielded the HoW's present strike configuration had the infrastructure to play host to a wide range of engine and reactor enhancements, giving the class its most impressive straight-line acceleration.

Masked by the confusion of the dogfight around the outmatched carrier which sought to engage her oppressors head on, we performed a textbook "cold" attack run upon the 3-dimensional wedge formation of the enemy assault frigate wing, firing up our main fusion engines at the last moment to push us through the plane of engagement in brutal slashing attacks.

We are an old vessel armed with first generation massdriver systems, yet our new drive systems allow us to close with and outmaneuver the less capable enemy craft with ease.

Main 9 inch battery destroying one frigate outright and our secondary missile and laser arrays heavily damaging four other, the formation broke up and started to withdraw from the battle area.

By this time we had attracted the attention of an enemy escort carrier and so we made a beeline for the Hand of Winter's laser defense sphere, our communications officer urgently hailing their tactical staff to allow us into their combat network. Tactical interfacing and proper IFF recognition took time for we did not possess the HoW's latest codes, pledged as we are to the role of silent guardianship.

But if we did not take this risk, we would be outmaneuvered and destroyed by the Loyalist strategic interceptors.

Val looked at katisha once again, "They are losing." he muttered. Katisha gave him a stern, I dont like that look. The ai interrupted. "May I suggest our drones?" Val raised an eyebrow and looked around. "Alright, launch them all." Immediatly in vals mind he could hear them all, as if individual voices.. "Augh!" he said as he turned to katisha. "I cannot see how these hiigarans could stand this kindof thing!!" Out of the main viewport, pods could be seen dropping into place and large Craft launching out of them. The AI responded. "All Hornet Interceptors have been launched. Wasps are on the rack next."

"my god" where the thoughts running through a vaygr captains mind as he seen almost fifty vessels launch off the Archangel. "Redirect all fire!!" he yelled as the two assault frigates made haste to intercept the Hornets before they could engage fully. This was not the case as the interceptors quickly engaged in random directions then turning to engage in seemingly chaotic but beautiful attack runs on nearby craft.

"Look there" val said as he pointed to the IVS Wolverine. "Redirect Squadron B to take those fighters off of that ships tail." The ai nodded and five craft joined up in formation and screamed toward the Wolverine, firing off Long-range missiles taking out a small number of the attack picket ranging down on them. Explosions were seen everywhere until the Al'Kalid Vessel turned with its engines now operational. The first of three trinity cannons sped past the engine port. The other two getting incredibly lucky deflections off the angled hull. Large burn marks were visible but no real damage was done. "Holy shit!!" val yelled as the Ship began to roll to the left and engage its engines. Val could almost feel the winds rushing across his back and for the first time he realized what the bentusi felt all this time. He felt free..

The large Prototype Ion-Plasma Cannon turned and focused on the Al'Kalid. A large ball of reddish purple energy formed right off the turret and then a small bolt of electricity hit it, causing the beam effect to take place. The blueish purple beam with red hues hit the Al'Kalid Hard at first, tearing entirely through the hull leaving a large gash in the hull. Wasp bombers quickly took that opertunity to drop munitions in the now open wound in the massive Al'kalid. After the barrage and loss of atleast six turrets in the attack, the kalid quickly opened a hyperspace gate and sped off. Three destroyers and a Quaarjet-II made it away leaving a large number of ships still to engage. Val knew he was going to try and exploit the flanks of the small group of ships they had. It was a easy moment for the time though, Katisha and the rest of the boarders had a chance to get back to the HoW if they needed to. Val made sure the path would be clear.
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A ship of the size of the Archangel could not hold 50 drones, even a Praeator CVGH can't hold near that much. The drone compliment on a ship of that size would be less than Twenty. Docking bays on most races non-carrier ships (With the exeption of the Arl-Coutl and Kassi) are roughly analougist to helocopters on todays naval vessels.
(FYI, the ship has two massive pods that are almost the size of the ship itself.. those are just for drone bays, they aren't as big as a blade fighter.. and dont have a cockpit since no pilot is required, they are able to fold to fit into storage areas easier. I was gonna post about the two but didn't have time last night, It can carry 25 intercepts on each pylon, and 10 bomber drones on each pylon. It's feasable.
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At seemingly the last second before the Wolverine entered the HoW's auto-defense radii, her battle computers synchronised data with the larger warship with a furious flickering of unspoofable datalink lasers. The destroyer was now a part of the Hand of Winter's datagroup and her secondary weaponry now automatically engaged targets that her own fire control systems could not handle; they were slaved to the HoW's superior tactical infrastructure.

Wolverine's ECM systems were likewise added to the IVF taskgroup's cumulative electronic warfare strength, possibly saving the flagship from a crippling hit from the enemy battleship's main guns.

Like the seaborne destroyers of old, she now charged alone head-on towards the battleship prosecuting the allied strike carrier, deploying a plume of sensor distruptors and chafflike countermeasures to shadow the larger craft while on board tactical systems in turn allowed the Hand of Winter to fire "indirectly" at the enemy capital vessel.

Not once did the former Hiigaran Tulwar-class heavy destroyer's crew spend a moment thinking of their impending demise...
LOCATION: Bridge, IVS Hand of Winter CLV, Nord Kavagrad System

"Sir... Another ship... older model Achamenes just linked with our tactical datalink?" The tactical officer of the Hand of Winter said with a very surprised look on his face.

"Hail them." First officer Itams yelled to his comms officer who immedietly complied. "This is IVS Hand of Winter hailing unidendified vessel... I repeat, this is Hand of Winter hailing unidentified Vaygr ship, please respond."

"There's too much ECM interference, but they're not shooting at us and their flying toward an enemy battleship so we can assume they're friendly. Target the Loyalist battleship, see if we can help 'em out."


Sui and Jinrai lept out of the troop transport onto the Hand of Winter's flight deck. they ran up two flights of stairs in the low gravity of the deck to the launch office.

"Sui Sa'keram and Jinrai Ma'kael reporting for duty, sir."

"Y'all are a little late. Most of the fighters are out in the sh*t out there."

"Well what's left?" Jinrai hurridly asked. "Well, there's two HAC2s on the deck but there's internal hostiles and they put the clamp on the fuel lines. Ya gotta fight through them if ya wanna go any time soon."

Sui and Jinrai nodded at one another, drew their pistols, and ran down the corridor to the fuel tanks...

...not noticing that they had unwillingly brought along unwanted company.


LOCATION: Hand of Winter CLV, Nord Kavagrad system

Sui and Jinrai ran toward the corridor intersection when they were fired upon by several Loyalist infantry, one armed with a portable lance cannon.

Sui and Jinrai fired wildly into the oncoming Vaygr but could'nt penatrate their powered armor. "Danm it, where are the grenades!?"

"Damn it Sui, don't give them ideas!" Just as Jinrai spoke, a steel pineapple landed in front of them. "Son of a Bi..." Sui's next words were drowned out by a loud explosion.

Sui awoke to a loyalist soldier standing over him "Hope your glad that was just a flashbang, cause i'm going to show you what I do to heretics and traitors. Makaan's wrath will be delivered by my own hand."

Behind the Vaygr, a vent panel popped out. Suddenly, a man lept out of the vent, stabbed the Vaygr standing over Sui, and threw his body at the second Vaygr.

A third loyalist raised his rifle, but the man grabbed it, began wrestling over it, put the barrel underneath the Loyalist's chin, and pulled the trigger.

The man unslung his own SMG and proceded ahead, ignoring Sui and Jinrai.

Sui sat up and blurted out the only words that came to mind.

"Holy crap!"


LOCATION: HGNS Archangel BBHX, Nord Kavagrad system

"They need help, they can't take on a Loyalist battleship like that." Katisha began running a quick weapon diagnostic to determine what was functional.

"Okay, most of our GWS and CIWS are nonfunctional. Val, move us into the Hand of Winter's gun range, hide in their ballistic defence envalope. Target the main Ion cannons at the Loyalist battleship."

The Archangel moved swiftly through the asteriod field, firing it's main ion cannon into the bow of the Vaygr battleship. The Al-Khalid turned toward this new threat when the Hand of Winter threw a full broadside at Point Blanc range with her concussion missiles and LPCs. The Loyalist battleship did'nt have a chance.

"The enemy battleship has been disabled, redirect fire onto the remaining Loyalist craft. When this is done, I want to have a little talk with the commander of that IVF ship." Katisha stared out as firey explosions engulfed the Loyalist battleship.

Just as Katisha was about to mention something about the Loyalist's lack of common battle sense, several lithium ion beams raked the hull of the Archangel.

An Imperial Al'mou'akar class cruiser was bearing down on the Archangel. Val instinctively fired the main IC's at the Taiidan ship, but between the ships superior manuverability and layers of ECM interference, there was virtually nothing the Archangel could do.

Katisha yelled over the comm "Hand of Winter, engage the Taiidan cruiser and keep it off our ass. We'll handle the slower combatants."

While the Archangel could not handle the Taiidan cruiser, the aging fleet of escort frigates and slow, defenceless carrier were another story.
Val smirked, he knew the capabilities of the Archangel as he was directly interfaced with the ships mainframe. Most of the ships fighter/bomber drones were recharging did leave a bit of a hole in vals plan, the ship still had many suprises. The ship itself began to barrel roll, its main hull taking a brunt of the fire from the equal in speed Al'mou'akar. The two Fighter-bay modules were heavily armored on the outside line and val used that to his advantage. The side of the ship was facing the Heavy cruiser, taking almost all of the incoming fire. The ai said that the bays were still intact seeing as they were on the inside line of the pylons. Val smirked and turned to katisha. "We got this battle. we'll be fine.. they had the element of suprise, we have the element of firepower.. and the fact that we're IVF!"

Katisha gave a bit of a spoiled and yet rotten look to val, knowing exactly what he was gonna do. The archangel once again opened a rift infront of herself, propelling the craft right in the middle of the regrouping Vaygr loyalist fleet. The battlecruiser he had crippled earlier had no chance to bring its guns to bear before the core went critical. Two other destroyers were heavily damaged by the heavy guns of the archangel as most of the archangels systems began to come online. Ecm prevented many of their sensors from targetting the craft in time and manual turret targetting takes enough time on its own. Val noticed the second Al'Khalid which was quite different in shape than the other. Looking like a Khalid/Achamenes hybrid with the Offset hull shape. Like a old motorcycle and side car the odd craft drifted nearby, weapons fully charged. Val knew the enemy thought he'd charge in headlong. This time he took katishas advice and headed back for the HoW.

Above the HoW the ship exited hyperspace and floated above, weapons at full. All systems now online it was ready for combat.
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We, who have been listening, who were torn from our home so long ago. We who listened for millions of years, we who fed upon those who would slay us in their limited understanding, who would have used us in their own selfish, futile struggles. We, who fought to gain our life, who did what any creature would do for life. Do rats make war on the owl? Does grass destroy itself to prevent the horse from eating?

Now is our time to return, not just to feed, but to gain revenge, to use those who would use us. We who desire life, to preserve our life, is that not the way of the universe? We who were taken from our home, who can never return home. Are we as diffrent as they? Speak of the one who blurs the line between predator and prey. Who will lead us, who will fight for us, and who will ultimately destroy us.

LOCATION: ITN S'javii Ta CHV, Nord Kavagrad system

"Sir, multiple unknown contacts exiting hyperspace, looks like an IVF battlegroup with several Arl-coutl ships."

The Primus of the S'javii ta stood from his chair and surveyed the battlespace. "Move our rearguard here, cut them off from the most direct route in, and move the Qurdali and the Tri'syl to intercept. Continue attacking the Hiigaran vessel."

The Imperial battlegroup moved to their appropriate positions as the IVF fleet began their engagement. The Fire support from the Arl-coutl built missile destroyers and Strategic interceptors augmented the IVF frigates stirlingly and sent three Imperial Ion frigates to thier graves.

The two Imperial destroyers unleashed their twin mian ion cannons unto the side of a Spahi frigate, tearing it in two. An Arl-Coutl cruiser came from a high vector and unloaded a battery of fusion missiles. The Taiidan destroyers did'nt stand a chance.

LOCATION: HGNS Archangel BBHX, Nord Kavagrad system

Warmistress Katisha stared out the porthole watching as the newly arrived Taskforce 51 tore into the Imperial fleet with disturbing ease. She silently recited a poem from her youth.

The sands are quiet, gentle, calm, but when a wind blows, Sand can be as deadly as a sword

She quickly put priority back on her job. "Val, hail the TF51s command ship."

"On it." Val began hailing procedures, not being used to comm systems in general. Static crackled over the comm, but then a clearly Vaygr voice came over. It spoke clear, but had a strange tone to it. "This is.. Warmaster Jaskiel Si'cael... we have arrived to provide.. assistance."

"Good to have you, jump in wherever but try to keep the heavier combatants occupied."

"We will... do our best.. Warmistress Katisha. We will.. come to your aid."

Katisha thumbed off the comm. "Strange... I never told them my name. Val scan them, thermals, biomatter, radiation, the works."

Val began activating the scanners. Unusual bio-readings and several random energy fluxuations began popping up on his sensor display.

Katisha walked over to the monitor. "Val, what the f**k is this?"


LOCATION: Bridge, Hand of Winter CLV, Nord Kavagrad system

Itams tried to access the security cameras on the lower levels but found nothing but Static. He toggled between the ones on the upper levels but found many of them were destroyed. Before he could say anything, shooting and a flashbang detonation was heard outside.

"Seal the blast doors." A technician went to the task, the blast doors slid closed and cealed with a loud thud.

"Well now what?" Itams asked the marine on the bridge. Before he could reply, a man swung out of the vent hatch on the celing and knocked out the two marines at the door with the butt of his SMG.

One of the bridge crew attempted to draw his pistol, but the man picked him up and threw him into a console, he then roundhouse kicked three other crewmembers, knocking them unconcious.

Itams toggled the console as the man Bellowed a warcry and beat two men with a chair. "Security breach on bridge level, squad level backup required." Itams toggled of the comm and turned around to find the man standing over him.

He was obviously Hiigaran, complete with a military flakjacket and Kiith crest. "Aww Shi..." the Hiigaran man punched Itams in the face, knocking him out cold.
Val stood up and read to katisha what the monitor displayed.. "amazing" val said afterwards and then sat down, "This makes no sense.." he muttered and then looked toward the HoW, an obvious mild fear was seen on vals face as he stared onwards.

IVF Ich'Verok-

The old war scarred many people.. Captain uhlar was just one of many Vaygr commanders who suffered the humiliation of defeat at the hands of hiigara. A grimace appeared when he arrived from hyperspace to personally see his brothers fighting eachother. But one thing he hated more than hiigarans, were taiidan.

"Get all weapons online, Swift and deadly.." Uhlar said angrily.

"Yes sir!" was the swift reply from the weapons officer.

The crimson colored Vaygr Destroyer stalked a new age taiidani destroyer until they reached a point close enough to be noticed. Uhlar gave the signal and the Verok opened fire with its forward weaponry, doing a bit of damage to the craft. The Taiidan ship began evasive menuevers and turned to broadside, but the verok wasn't angeled correctly and most of the shots missed.

"Full power to engines! bank 40 degress low!" Uhlar yelled.

The ship began to roll and hit full burn right before another barrage nearly missed.

"Return fire!!" uhlar commanded once again, he turned around to see his weapons officer press the buttons, and on the console behind him, the turret readout. Weapons were fired.. three hits, two misses. Four more shots fired.. three misses.

"Fire at will! I repeat fire at will!" he yelled as the bridge shook from a missile impact, knocking one man in a red shirt down and killing him. (hehehe >Grin)
Uhlar turned to his command window, seeing the turret readout he noticed shots fired.. He grabbed the earpiece and atached it. "Tube three through six! fire!" he heard in his ear. not even a second later the tubes read 'Reloading' On the panel.
Six shots, three missies.. One critical hit.

Uhlar pressed a button that did a zoomed view of the enemy ship, seeing a top-side turret floating away from the ship with a cloud of debris. The craft quickly left the turret wreck behind as the enemy destroyer was attempting to high-tail it out of there. but it snapped around, surprising Uhlar and hitting the Verok with numerous shots that damaged a large 700mm RG turret. "Damn them!" he yelled as the ship moved to the right, Seven of his port side Plasma lances fired at will, every half second bursts of energy ripped through the Taiidani hull. The Taiidani ship turned about and fired its guns broadsiding the verok. Damaging it heavily.

"Evasive menuevers!! pattern Uhlar-2, give these Sajuuk forsaken bastards a run they'll never forget!" he said as the ship turned about, firing three shots from its lower batteries and then firing a Salvo of SRAMs into the Taiidan bridge, creating a massive fireball out of that section. Another six shots from underside volleys hit the engine areas, causing more fires and the engines to flicker. "Finish it." Uhlar said as the ship started to move upwards, and brining its 800mm triple-RG top turret to bear. The barrage was fired quickly with the turret facing behind the Verok. The delivering death blow it right in the middle of the Taiidan craft, breaking it in half first before the back side exploded in a array of silvery blue light.

"This is Captain Uhlar of the IFV Ich'Verok.. To.. Hand of Winter actual, anyone read?" The Console next to the man on the bridge began beeping. "Anyone there? We've taken a few hits but we should be fine! but we request battle data.. and what the hell is that floating above you?!"
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LOCATION: Nord Kavagrad asteroid field

An incandescant blue window opened in space. Revealing a large starship. The ship, an exodus era Kushan carrier, pondered along towards the battle. It's hull was cracked, scarred, and in some places completely removed.

Several major componants were also missing, either replaced by a hodgepodge of salvaged equipment, or discarded altogether. Every available surface was armed with some kind of weapon. From massive ion cannons to tiny massdrivers, this ship was armed to the teeth.

The scarred yet functional ship moved with an eerie grace through the asteroid field. Directly towards the Vaygr fleet.


LOCATION: ITN S'javii Ta CHV, Nord Kavagrad asteroid field.

"Unknown object detected." the shipboard AI blurted out. The Primus of the S'javii Ta looked over the computer screen at the incoming ship.

"Can you get anything, gravimetric displacement, thermals, engine output, something?"

"It appears to be... An old Hiigaran carrier. Exodus era. But there's something strange about it. Lot of external modifications, running without radiation containment. That's suicide unless..."

The sensor officer's heart skipped a beat as he and the primus both realised exactly what they were dealing with.

"Full reverse thrust! Get us out of here! Order all units beck to their docking bays and get us the hell into hyperspace!" The bridge crew began panicing and the Primus uttered a silent prayer to Koshiir Ra to deliver them from what was about to happen.


LOCATION: IVS Hand of Winter CLV, Nord Kavagrad system.

STATUS: Under control of unknown assailant.

Sui and Jinrai lept into the corridor, guns at the ready. Fuel was not their priority. Retaking the Hand of Winter was.

They slowly advanced toward the bridge. They passed a small pile of crates when something lept out of the shadows and tried to bite Jinrai in the arm.

It was the same Taiidani girl found on the Archangel. Jinrai tried to shake her off but found she was strong enough to stay attached. "What are you doing?" Jinrai asked, continuing to shake his arm.

"This is'nt the time for this. What would Katisha do if she were here?" Sui asked.

"She'd kick one of us, give a short lecture on 'do the job or lose your balls', and do most of the job herself." Jinrai, despite being chewed upon, moved on and tried to open the door to the bridge. Surprisingly, it worked. They went through the door and were greeted by a tripwire activated flashbang grenade.

When their sight and hearing returned, Sui exclaimed "What is this, the third time this happened today?" Jinrai looked around the room and saw no one. No bodies, no blood, no assailants.

"That door is the only way in or out of this room. He could'nt have escaped without us knowing." The Taiidan girl, now clutching a fire extinguisher looked up at the celing and let out a loud, suprised yell.

Sui turned to look, but before he could say anything, the Hiigaran man dropped from the celing and decked Sui and Jinrai, knocking them unconcious.


When Sui awoke, He was tied to a chair. The Hiigaran was working a console. Sui looked to see Jinrai and the Taiidan girl tied to other seats on the bridge. The Hiigaran turned toward Sui and said in an intimidating and annoyed voice "The Hyperdrive encription code. What you know, I know, now."

"What makes you think I know the co... Oh god!" Sui flinched as the Hiigaran put the barrel of his SMG under Sui's chin "I'll ask you again, The code?"

"Sierra, hotel, india, tango, one, three, three, seven." Jinrai recited. The Hiigaran withdrew his firearm and entered the code. "And the authorisation key?"

"It's fingerprint encoded, Itams has it." Jinrai continued. The Hiigaran went to the wall, ripped a panel off revealing Itams, barely concious and bound. He dragged Itams to the console, used the thumbprint, and began entering HSNAV co-ordnates.

"So, where are we goin?" Jinrai asked. "Not your problem." The Hiigaran responded as he entered another series of codes.

Sui recognised the co-ordnates from his days in the Armada De Makaan "The New Colorado System? The old pirate stronghold?"

"Some Taiidan mobster stole my ship and all my money, thinking he can ransom it back to me. Well I don't play by the rules. And that's where you come in. This ship is more than capable of wiping out the garrison at New Colorado and all I have to do is make that statement."

Jinrai then finally recognised exactly who they were dealing with. "I know you. You're that Bounty hunter, Seg Tambuur."

"Word gets around when your im my line of buisness. Someone wants to use that image, to be the one that duped Seg Tambuur. They have to learn the hard way that messing with me does'nt pay."

A brillant blue window opened infront of the Hand of Winter, sending it on a revenge mission that promised to be bloody.
The ai spoke once again, "Sirs' The HoW has just entered hyperspace. no word on why but it has been tracked, their nav coms which we were linked to registered two stop spots before heading to what appears to be 'New colorado' star system." Katisha turned to the panel is slammed her fist down. "Deserters! I'll have their eyes on a necklace for this!"

Val looked around, seeing the carrier still approaching, as well as the friendly destroyers that were still lingering about. "The taiidan and Vaygr ran like the HoW did.. what are they so afraid of? it's probobly just a pirate carrier.. pirates are notorious for showing up at the right time.. but they are not the best ship fighters."

Silence filled the bridge as the Ich'Verok came within range first. Katisha gave them a quick update as to what was going on. the Verok lined up and joined in with the Archangels defence field, the other IFV gaurdian still hadn't responded. Val wasn't sure what to think.
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LOCATION: TF51, Nord Kavagrad system

TASKING: Engage unknown carrier

The battle frigates and strategic interceptors of TF51 moved with percision toward the slower carrier. Despite it's retrofitted status. The CV would be no match for the combined firepower of TF51.

In fact it would greatly benafit from it.

The carrier let out twin beams of charged plasma, hitting the forward Destroyers in the strike group. The Chevalier class DDs began floundering and tumbling until finally they stopped and began laying into their former comrades.

A second pair of charged beams lashed out at the IVF frigates, jumping from ship to ship. In seconds, an entire group of Ansaar FFGs were taken over by this entity. A third beam salvo took a squadron of HAC2s and Shamshirs as well as a group of Battle frigates.

A fourth and fifth took the heavy frigates, strike cruisers, and Arl-Coutl fire support destroyers. The former TF51 turned to face the Archangel & Wolverine.


"Aww Damn." Katisha said as she realised what was happening. "Val, Spin up the hyperdrives, get us out of here, drop Hyperspace tracking scramblers and Spoofer Torpedoes."

She ran to the ship to ship comms. "Wolverine, follow us into hyperspace, set course for the New Colorado system. Drop all hyperspace tracking scramblers you have and get the hell out of here."

The Archangel and Wolverine charged their hyperdrives and began trajectory alignment manuvers to avoid Nord Kavagrad's gravity well.
'My child, embrace us for we are you.. we are you and you are us. Travellers of the stars we share our same kin and birthright. Bring your parts to us. We ascend by merging. Our lives together as harmony. Our harmony as lives we strive.. strive to become.... Perfect.'

Val sat back, strange voices still ringing in his head. "Yes Ma'am" he replied as the ship began to move quickly. The Carrier Put a shot in, hitting the rear section of the hull. Val looked at katisha. "we got a problem, Cruise-missiles are launching from the beastcarrier." Katisha could be seen obviously getting a bit worried. "Destroy those missiles, dont let the wolverine get hit!! dont let US get hit!" she replied as val began issuing commands. Turrets began opening fire destroying all but one of the missiles.

The angel ignited its engines and moved in the way of the missile, which impacted on the hull. Red electricity was seen for a second and the lights began to flicker. The ai's face went away and red lights came on. Val muttered. "Breach on deck four.. rerouting cruiser drones to remove paneling." Katisha looked at Val. "chances of it taking the ship?" Val remarked. "Low, but It may be wise for you to disembark once we get to new colorado."

Once katisha turned to head out of the bridge.. val heard the voices and remembed the captains log. This ship was already infected.
I am the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last... the beginning and your end.


She ran to the ship to ship comms. "Wolverine, follow us into hyperspace, set course for the New Colorado system. Drop all hyperspace tracking scramblers you have and get the hell out of here."

The Wolverine's CO felt that micromanaging authority deserves to be ignored, and continued its suicidal charge towards the superior enemy warship - conducting a transplanar transit under fire simply meant that said incoming fire would be absorbed by a sitting duck.

Deploying a second salvo of decoys in a cone ahead of the ship, the destroyer executed a yawing 90-degree off-axis main engine burn to take it spiralling out of the plane of engagement. As the focus of enemy fire focused on the decoy that took the ship's previous location, mirroring the energy signature of a non maneuvering ship in the process of transplanar transition, the actual vessel now engaged her hyperdrives in safety.

"Wolverine, New Colorado, on the way."
-A flash of light is seen on the outskirts of new colorado system.-

"Something is wrong..." val said, as the ai was still offline. Something was wrestling for control of the ship in a unseen battle raging in the ships circuitry.
The ship came to a sudden halt. Red lights Flashed infront of vals face. "Engines offline?" Val began to worry as his sensors were not picking up the Hand of Winter anywhere. "I know these coordiantes are right. where are you Winter.. where are you."

Seconds after he began scans for the Hand of Winter.. The power to the ship in general went out. "Shit" Val said in a rage.

Three hours later, a ship approached. The now drifting vessel was a open door for the boarders, who had already got onboard by the time val seen the ship. Right as he realized what was happening... the doors to the bridge were forced open. Val just smirked. "Took long enough." Followed by the butt of a rifle hitting his face.

Seven hours later..
In a daze val awoke.
I am the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last... the beginning and your end.
LOCATION: IVS Hand of Winter CLV, Low orbit over Cheyanne Planetoid, New Colorado system

Seg had said nothing during the 5 hour trip between Nord Kavagrad and New Colorado. He managed to coax enough power out of the hyperdrive to arrive in less than half the time an average Kaghan hull would take.

Despite the PA system's acknologement of arrival and the jerk of the ship as it returned to realspace, Seg did'nt move in the least.

"You think he's sleeping?" Sui asked only to find that Jinrai and the young Taiidan girl that had been following them around were also sleeping.

"Hello? Anyone awake?" Sui, realizing that they were all asleep tried to slide out of the rope that bound him to the chair. Suddenly, Seg put a gun to his head. "I would advise against it. You don't want to be the first IVF citizen I've had to kill today."

Seg got up and walked to the navigation console and began prefight procedures.

"So what's going to happen to us when you're done your little revenge mission?" Sui asked.

"I'll leave you and this ship and you'll forget we ever met and that this ever happened." Seg Switched the HoW's engines to low emmision mode and shut down all nonessential equipment.

The Hand of Winter slowly and silently moved through the dense asteroid belt towards New Colorado base, a large, hollowed out asteroid used as a drydock and trading port for various pirates. The HoW stopped behind a large rock and launched a probe to recon the area.

Four Ion Array frigates, a Carrier, two destroyer sized transport craft, and numerous fighter and corvette sized craft idled near the Geosphere on the pole of the asteroid. Multiple layers of Mines and Asteroid Platforms surrounded the Raider base.

While Seg plotted a plan of Action, The Taiidani girl looked at Sui, trying to Silently tell him something. She revealed to Sui that she had the Knife that Katisha kept in her chair for any situation. She nodded at Sui and Jinrai.

"So, Mister Tambuur, what's to keep us from Killing you right now?" Sui asked with a grin on his face. "This." Seg attached a C4 charge to each of them and took Katisha's knife and firmly implanted it into the ceiling where none of them could reach.

"It doesn't pay to try to trick me. It does pay to volunteer your help." Seg programed the flight computer and weapon systems. Sui knew that the three of them had no choice but to help or sit around.

"What do we do?"
LOCATION: ITN S'javii Ta CHV, Silverton Asteroid belt, New Colorado System

OPERATIONAL STATUS: 60% Weapon damage, ABS System nonfunctional, drives at 75%, all strikecraft accounted for

The S'javii Ta pondered along at half it's top operational speed through the dense silver and colbat asteriod field, Bearing directly toward the Raider base in the system.

"Primus, we have an unnatural object on sensors, can't define it, too much asteroid interferiance. Bearing 052, Range 24000" The sensor officer said as he tried to unspoof the scanner datalink.

"Why are we going to a Raider base again?"

The Primus of the S'javii Ta, answered "Because we need repairs and because the IVF ships went this way. The local Star's gravity well should have stopped them. We will resupply, and search nearby systems for them, they can't outrun us."

The proximity alarm blared a warning message as several sensor pings lit up the Taiidani ship's sensor overlay.

"Sir, we have multiple unidentified bogeys inbound, all around us. Gravity displacement and radiation emmisions signal a Raider Strike Wing backed up by at least three Assassin class frigates."

"Open hailing frequencies, reconfirm IFF set. Tell them we're an their side."

The echelion of Pirate corvettes circled the S'javii Ta, as the larger ships moved into it's blind spot. Sandwiched between several large asteroids, the Al'mou'akar cruiser was pinned and dealing with oppononts skilled in asteroid field fighting.

A priority message came over the S'javii Ta's audio com.

"Hailing unidentified Imperial battleship, you are entering restricted space, request you turn back at once and leave the area."

"Negitive, we are too badly damaged to make it to a service station and require repair and resupply." The Taiidan com operator responded.

The Pirate demanded, "Than, allow me to speak with S'javii Ta Actual."

The Imperial captain picked up his Com phone and hastily replied, "This is S'javii Ta actual, we are heavily damaged and need immediete repair. Now we're supposed to be allies here so I suggest you allow our entry."

"You got a lotta balls making demands in your state... you always were a bold one, Kaven."

"Geril, is that you?" the suprised Taiidan asked.

"Been a long time has'nt it. I guess I can make an exeption in your case. Maybe you can help me get some unwanted hardware off my hands."

"Agreed, see you in ten minuites. S'javii Ta actual out."


LOCATION: Durango Base, New colorado system

Durango is the only populated base in the system. Run by the infamous Taiidan mobster, Don Geril Kyin, is is a haven for Pirates, Mercenaries, Black Market Traders, generally less accepted members of society.

It is built into a large asteroid with a large, tinted Geodesic sphere on it's northern pole and a large capital drydock and hangar facilities.

It is also the relay point for the Indapendant miners looking for silver or gold (found in abundance in the asteroids closer to the sun), where said minerals are traded in bulk and shipped out to Arl-Coutl, Taiidan, Nalthoran, and formerly Bentusi buyers.

The S'javii ta slipped into the drydock and latched onto the mooring scaffold as the huge cavern pressureised.

Primus Kaven and his bridge crew crossed the gangway into the asteroid's main promenade.

"My little brother, good to see you've been doing well for yourself. Last time I saw you, you were a cadet in the Imperial flight school"

Kaven responded "Well I never expected you to have a fleet of Turanic Raiders at your command."

"Well I guess we should get down to buisness, shall we. I have recently obtained an IVF destroyer and an exparamental Hiigaran battleship and their crews, they are interned, but we don't have anyone that I know of that is any good at interrogation. I also need to avoid attention like the devil, so you can have the IVF vessels for the Empire"

Kaven was dumbstruck to hear this "We just encountered those same ships near Nord Kavagrad, there was a Carrier with them, Kaghan class. They took out an entire battlegroup."

Geril explained "They were apperantly damaged when they arrived and operating with skeleton crews. We managed to sneak up on them and overpower the crews before they could fight back.

Among the prisoners was an IVF warmistress. She may be of some value to the Empire. We did'nt detect any carrier with them though it's possible it jumped in out of our patrol range.

I also have another matter you could help me with. Follow me."

The pair walked into a hangar. Upon entering and seeing the contents, Kaven's jaw dropped. "That... that's the Paaura, Seg Tambuur's ship! My battlegroup was sent to hunt him down in Nord Kavagrad, where did you get this!?"

"One of my patrols ran across it near New Shongua, apperantly Mr Tambuur loaned it to his bounty hunting partner, Callia Kolliu. We took her and the ship in but again, we have no way of effectively interrogating. She's currently in the cell block with the IVF prisoners."

"You know Seg's going to be pissed when he find's out about this. He's a freaking madman and has the ability and the firepower to take out a small army, he has too. I damn sure don't want to be around when he get's here."

Geril walked toward the detention hall "Seg would'nt risk the life of his partner and even if he did get a ship, there's no way he could breach our defences. Somewhere along the line, he'd be stopped."

"You know the Empire has a warrant for his arrest, and a twenty million kani reward on his head. If you manage to bring him in, i'll have to take him."

"I'm sure we can work something out, after all boldness runs in the family."


LOCATION: Cell block C, Durango Base, New Colorado System

Katisha stared out with malice at the guard sitting at his desk watching a Holoprogram. It was bad enough that Her ship had been hijacked, but being captured by pirates and thrown in a cell was more than she could handle.

They have the balls to throw me in a cell with Val without once thinking what I would do to them when I got out? I'm going to eat the bastard's heart who locked me up like this. Now about this meatbag

Katisha swiftly kicked Val between the ribs, waking him up dramaticly. "Val, what the hell are you doing sleeping on the job like this? You're supposed to be finding a way out of this mess."

"Okay okay, I'm up I'm up. Uhhh... What happened." Val said in a daze.

Katisha promptly sat on top of him "Incompitent, just because you can operate a superbattleship and saved my life doesn't mean I won't use you as a human shield when we break out of here. Now, figure something out, damn it!"

Val got up and looked around. In the cell next to him was a young woman obviously looking for her own way out. She turned to Val and Katisha "Psst, hey... any chance you can bust me outta here? I can get us to a ship if we can get out of this cell."

"Why would I need a tag along like you slowing me down when there's a perfectly good way to get my own ass out. Val, the way out?"

"Well even if you could get out, how would you get past the gun turrets or the armed guards or the attack dogs or the airlocks? I can override the security and I'm good with animals."

Katisha looked at this woman seeing no potential use, and turned to yell at Val when the Blastdoor opened and two men, one in an Imperial Navy officer fatigue walked in.

"Ms Kolliu, I see you're enjoying your stay. I want the access codes to the Paaura, now."

"What makes you think I know any codes, besides, Seg booby traps all his stuff. You could blow a hole in this rock if you tried anything."

Geril calmly walked over to Katisha's cell "Well if you don't wanna cooperate, than you can sit and wait until Mr Tambuur arrives. As for you warmistress... Katisha is it? Tell me, where is your carrier?"

Katisha walked over to the cage and just the look in her eyes said more than words could."The minuite, and I mean the very minuite I get out of this cell I'm going to pry your ribcage open, scoop out your organs, bake you into a cassarole and feed you to the hyenas. Maybe I'll save your heart for myself."

"She will do it." Val said.

Geril walked toward the exit. "If no one want's to cooperate, than parhaps i will withold food for a few days. Think about your options, you can't escape." Geril walked out the door.

"We'll see about that." Katisha looked over at Val "consider yourself my alternitive dinner menu if you don't get your ass in gear. Now!"

Callia looked calm and sat down "We don't have to wait too long, Seg will be here within a few hours, he'll throttle the life out of that guy, bust us out, and we'll be on our way. Until then, we sit and wait."

"What makes you think he's even coming, Hmm? For all we know he could be dead or on some tropical island. Don't trust someone like him to bail you out."

Callia almost laughed as she looked at her wristwatch "Prepare to eat those words, I think we're as good as out of here."
Inside the cell-

Val looked around frantically as Katisha stood with a angered grimace and her arms crossed. Val noticed three things, a vent system above. A Pistol on the gaurds desk that was practically un attended by the inept gaurd. And lastly that his implant was still operational.

Val tried his hardest to think to the ship but obvious lack of expirience kept him from it. His choices were again limited when the thought of that gun could be a trap in itself. Once before he heard a story of a gun being placed on a switch, the switch if pressure was released would trigger a poison gas to be released into the room. Val had no idea who these guys were but knew they obviously had the resources.

"Warmistress, I think... possibly we could, get into the vents.. Hmm."

Val looked up as did katisha.
I am the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last... the beginning and your end.
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