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The Second Dustwars RP
Get more practise here, then join me at That community is downright awesome. My first post in RP is here:
(lol, Sorry for my lack of attendance.. Gripping Woman matters are taking place, as well as this.. darned College 2cd year crap.. they say it gets easier.. they say it gets funner.. Lies!! ALL LIESS!!!! Actually it rocks, lol.. I'll post here in a bit..)
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'Was I really prepared?' I asked myself this over and over again as my fighter rattled, the distant muffled humm' of my engines, pushing me through this cold empty space... A pretty sight for the beginner, but.. all the wars, all the strife.. My home, my family, I always thought I'd think of it more, think of happier days, and then the dark days, but I guess being in the service this long can kindof harden a man.. But I still dont think I was ready for what was coming.' -Val

"Engines to 40%, engage clamps... Retreiving..." maybe a three minutes later.. "Roger, full load, heading back for drop off." Val sat with his fist clinched, supporting his head while his strike craft floated in the void.. Three fighters stream past. "This is.. getting kindof rediculous.." Val muttered.. "but it has to be done.."

About that time, The orders from Katisha were recieved, and a rather Exuberant Val Punches the thruster and signals for his wing to form um, another scout mission val wondered.. Another scout mission? hardly.. Searching for crystals! Sarcasm was a typical thing today.. it seemed everyone was on edge.

"Alright, Active scanners online, Relaying data To HoW.." the fighters flew in formation new a crystal formation.. "Looks like we found some, Relaying data." Val looked down as he pushed the throttle forward, heading deeper into the asteroid belt, The HoW no longer visible.. he looks back, then turns around.. "Sui.. what Am I looking at?"

I am the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last... the beginning and your end.
LOCATION: Barracuda 6, Nord Kavagrad Crystal Field

OBJECTIVE: Recon crystals

CURRENT STATUS: Unknown object detected

"Sui, what am I looking at?" Barracuda 1 asked over the radio. The contact came onto the sensors out of nowhere, a small fighter sized craft flying into the field.

Sui, being the only one in the flight with a SARIM (Spaceborn, Assesment, Reconissence and, Imiging Management) pod installed, scanned the object twice and confirmed It's identity.

"Looks like an AKr-21 Valkiyre Light transport fighter, civilian model with an attched hyperspace sled. That's a seriously illegal piece of black market equipment. Way out of the Corsairs league."

The single contact continued to close with Barracuda group and manuvered very erraticly. Sui's SARIM pod fed more data to his console about the ship as it continued to close.

"This ship has a lot of after market hardware installed. Sensor revindicators, Miniture AimCIWS, supertuned engines, and..." Sui paused as he saw the next reading.

"And at least two Sledgehammer IV anti-ship torpedos! Not even the HGN has full acess to these yet."

As Sui continued to grasp what was happening, several more contacts lit up his screen.

"More ships approching. Looks like an Imperial strike group. Two squadrons of Triikor interceptors modified with Lightrider engines."

"Those things can run us down without breaking a sweat, we have to engage." Barracuda 3 yelled.

The first unknown contact sped past Barracuda flight without even noticing and hid behind an asteroid as the twelve Triikors zoomed in, now targeting Barracuda squad.

The Imperial fighters, even having lowered their speed in the dense crystal field, could fly rings around the HAC2s, and were obviously showing off that ability to try to intimidate the IVF flight.

Then, two HVR150s flew out from behind an asteroid, and struck the lead Triikor, blasting it in two. The unknown ship then emerged and began cutting into the Taiidan flight with disturbing ease.

Sui franticly yelled into his headset, "Vampire, Vampire, Request permission to engage."
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LOCATION: ITN S'javii Ta CHV, Nord Kavagrad system

NEW TASKING: Investigate possible IVF prescence

STARDATE: 18-July-9613 GSY

"Primus, we have several confirmed hostiles engageing Wisna flight near the outer crystal field. Spectral anylisis indicates six type 2 heavy assault craft, Vaygr design. Markings and comm chatter suggest they are of IVF origin, possibly originating from the IVS... Hand of Winter Sir." The First Officer said as the Primus strode to his command couch.

"Have Rachr and Sachi flights divert and assist Wisna group. Flank the IVF squadron and encircle them. Move Silber and Asi'chran groups into a rear position to engage any reinforcements and have the rest of the fleet break up and use the asteroid field as cover. We'll try to draw out the carrier with hit and fade attacks."

"Understood Primus." The first officer turned toward his control panel and sent encoded messages to the fleet, which carried out their orders with the swiftness and proffessionality one expected from the Empire.


LOCATION: Barracuda 6, Nord Kavagrad Crystal field

TASKING: Scout area for resources and potential hostiles

CURRENT STATUS: Under attack from Imperial Taiidan forces

"This guy's freakin crazy!" Barracuda 4 said as he and the rest of the squadron watched as the Elyassian designed spacecraft fought tooth and nail agianst the Oncoming Taiidan, frequently attempting to ram the Triikors that were now bearing down on the IVF ships.

"Repeat, request permission to engage." Sui yelled into his headset as the Imperial fighters attempted to corral Barracuda flight into a crossfire.

The unidentified ship moved directly behind one of the Imperial fighters, putting itself in the perfect position for the signature move, dubbed 'rolling the gun', famed by Triikor pilots. The Taiidan interceptor rolled to it's starboard and lowered it's speed. Suddenly, just as the Imperial fighter was about to fire, the unidentified ship banked hard to the right and released a small flakmine from a rear hatch, blasting the Triikor in two.

"Anyone out there? We're under attack here." Sui yelled as he wove between asteriods trying desperately to aviod the Triikors as they began firing missiles into Barracuda flight.

Suddenly, Katisha's voice came over the comm. "Engage at will, but do not fire on the unknown vessel. Reinforcements are being dispatched, but I don't want to risk an open engagement. Neutralize all area threats and return to base. Katisha out."

Sui gunned his engine and engaged his rear turret. Homing in on the nearest Triikor, Sui fired a burst from his guns, only to overshoot the target and cause it to turn on him. Aww crap! Sui thought to himself as the Triikor bore down on him, only to be shot to pieces by the unknown ship.

"Stop playing around and cover me!" Barracuda 5 yelled as two Imperial ships drew him into a crossfire. Sui tried to target the nearest fighter with his plasma lances, only to miss badly again. Sui then switched to the 60mm concussion missiles mounted in the large pods on either side of his ship's cockpit.

"Barracuda six got tone, Fox one." Sui said as the missile thundered from it's tube and slammed home into the Taiidan ship. but just as he was preparing to destroy the second fighter, his SARIM display read at least twelve more hostile ships approching. "Got at least twelve bogeys on an intercept course, possibly including corvette class ships. ETA, thirty seconds."

As the claw of fighters and corvettes bore down on them, Sui could not help to think that his life was about to end, when the Hand of Winter's reinforcements arrived in the form of two squadrons of Shamshir class attack corvettes.

"Alright, let's wax these varmits." one of the Shamshir pilots said as he bore down on a Taiidani interceptor. Sui wheeled his fighter around and fired a long burst into the tail of the lead enemy ship, causing it to corkscrew out of control. This is easier than I thought. Sui thought to himself as he fired his lance beams at a Diirvaas class corvette.

All of a sudden, Sui's ship lurched as a Taiidan fighter sprayed his ship. He tried to dodge to port, but could not evade as the superior manuverability of the Imperial ship proved apperant. Sui said into his microphone "Guys, a little help here?"
The bullets dusted by suis' ship and two bullets impacted on his wing... seconds later the attacking fighter exploded in a ball of purple and red fire.. A trail flew right threw it, waving wings.. and the typical signal of barracuda lead was seen.. "Alright gents, lets mop this up."
He said as his fighter barrel rolled to one side, then fired off both of his Srams into taiidan attack craft creating two additional spheres of hot matter... "computer.. loadout." val said, as it responded. "two type IV Sram, one type II ASsom (anti-ship standoff missile) "Crap, running low.." he thought as he engaged in a bitter dogfight, barracuda three and him versus atleast four enemy interceptors.. The two barracuda fighters got in a perfect line with only three feet between them, an attempt to confuse any of the four pilots they faced..."Break!" val yelled as three pushed upward, cobrastriking to an extent and firing off one sram and a barrage of gun fire.. "Bandit down!" three yelled before Breaking off to engage one that had jet past.

"Fox three" Val yelled as the missile escaped his ship and entered the cockpit of an enemy fighter.. "Bandit down!" he yelled as he broke as well.. "Bandit on your six!"

"Enemy fighters engaged!"
"Where is everyone?!"
"Watch your six! incoming!!"
"I've got a lock!! fox three!!"
"Evade!! evade!! incoming from 8oclock high!!"

The chatter was high as val looked around seeing explosions and missiles flying everywhere.. then the red warning lock-light came on.. "Shit!" he yelled as he pushed the throttle to the 100% mark.. his heart pounding.. as the rear turret activated and scored a lucky shot destroying the missile.. "Status.. all barracuda report in!"
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LOCATION: Barracuda 6, Nord Kavagrad Crystal field

SITUATION: Stabilizing

STARDATE: Later that day.

Sui's head spun as he franticlly looked around trying to spot the fighter that just attacked him, only to find it blown to bits by Barracuda lead.

"All Barracuda, report in." Sui checked his berings and computers and responded "Barracuda six reports green. Ammunition 76%, no severe damage." He then realized that the Taiidan fighters were retreating.

"Where did that unidentified bogey get off to?" Barracuda 2 said just as Sui realized that very same fact. "Nothing on SARIM." Sui stated. He was about to request permission from flight lead to recon the area when Katisha came over the comm rather bluntly "This is Hand of Winter actual, all squadrons return to base immidietly."

Sui, not daring to defy Katisha's orders, gunned his engine and turned toward the HoW.


LOCATION: Hand of Winter CLV, Nord Kavagrad Asteroid field

STATUS: Temporarily out of danger

STARDATE: Thirty minuites later

Sui floped into his bunk, ignoring the reak of headcrab permiating the bedding, or the off duty technicians cursing up a storm over a game of poker. He had risked his life and needed to rest from the stress of combat.

The intercom beeped and Katisha's voice came loud over the technicians yelling "Barracuda flight lead, report to the shipmaster's briefing room and report on the recent engagement. Also, bring the data drive from Barracuda 6's SARIM pod. that is all."

Sui tossed and turned but found he could'nt get to sleep. The feel of the adreniline running through his veins, the fear of not knowing if he would be alive the next minuite. He decided to get some food as he had'nt eaten in hours.


He strode down the hallway and passed the vending macine as swiftly as he could into the pilots' galley. Jinrai was busy cleaning blood off one of the counters and greeted Sui as he came in.

"How you doin'? Hungry? I got some Antlion fillets seasoned in Nalthoran Juki'tiu spices."

"Just a beer. cold." Sui said weakly. Jinrai grabbed a bottle out of a refridgerator and sat down next to Sui. "What's on your mind Sui?"

"I can't stop thinking about the battle earlier. I... I don't know if I can go through that again."

"Oh, I know what you're going through. I remember my first battle. It was during the initial invasion of Hiigara, I was assigned to the Escadrilla Royale squadron of Shamshir class attack corvettes operating in the Coruc-Tel system. I and my squadron had been ordered to attack an HGN carrier. On my way in we encountered a group of unescorted bombers patroling the area. We handled the group easily enough, execpt for one die hard pilot. This guy acted like a top gun ace and hit my corvette twice. I barely made it back in one peice, and only with the help of my squadmates. You have to be less indapendant in situations like that. Even a warmaster is'nt invincable."

Jinrai stood up and walked over to his counter. "Hey Sui, Ya might also want to get one of them new fangled NHLS helmets. And tell Val I need more headcrabs, and barbecue sauce."

"Alright Jin, I'll see to it." Sui said as he strode out of the Galley.


(OOC: FinalSeraphim, you have permission to play Katisha for the combat report only. Your use of Sui however remains unchanged."
Val walked about after climbing the ladder down from his fighters cockpit... He sat on the bottom step, numerous people stopped by to ask if he was ok, and they got the typical yes.

After the bay had cleared... val quickly jumped back in the cockpit and hit a rewind button on a console, His fighter had a Sarim Pod as well, though it was on the center fusialage it was hardly noticable. "Now, what are you." he smirked as he replayed a image of the massive object he had scanned. "My.. my god.." he said as the image of what looked like a hiigaran Battlecruiser, left adrift in the asteroid field. "What.. wow... uh... wow." he said as he hit the off button.

After recieving the message from katisha val jumped down and headed for 6's Sarim pod and after ejecting the small silver disk, he headed for her briefing room... It was silent and cold in the room, gray walls and a very dim white table.. "So, What happened." Katisha said calmly.. Vals Obvious Duty record with her earned a bit of respect, a rarity it seemed.. "We engaged.. the hostile at this coordinate." He pointed at the screen, where the object reading the disk was displaying data. "B6's scans of the unidentified vessel, are right here.." He pushes forward a data pad. "I've never seen anything like it.. It was a little bigger than a corvette it seemed.. but moved faster than our fighters, This thing woulda been a nightmare. But, as soon as it came." He paused, and she continued. "It was gone, I know.. But where did it.. go." Val sat back, Almost hesitant. "I.. am not for sure, but.. It coulda went here.." He popped out the disk, and inserted his own. "This, Is unlike any hiigaran battlecruiser I've ever seen.. I was here through most of the battles and I've seen many of their models, But those large guns on the top.. look like very highcalibur ion cannon arrays.. This could be the one cruiser that my squadron died trying to kill.. during the crusade." Katisha Looked at him in a serious manner.

"what do you mean?" She blurted.. "One ship, took out four carriers.. a battlecruiser at range, and practically every fighter launched against it.. The damn thing kept hyperspacing in and out of battle, Firing weapons wildly, destroying our battlecruiser first, then launching what seemed like large bomber drones after the carriers.. and after killing their engines.. well," He looked down and grasped his hands. "I dont think it is active.. If you see here, there are no heat images from the aft.. That means the engines woulda had to been off for atleast days.."

"So you're implying this super corvette coulda came from there?" Katisha responded. "Yes.. and no.. That Pilot I dont think was hiigaran.. it just.. I dont know, But that'd be a interesting hideout."
Val sat back in his chair, and katisha began thinking as usual, of a plan of action.
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LOCATION: Hand of Winter CLV, Nord Kavagrad asteroid field

TASKING: Await reinforcements, Investigate Hiigaran derilect

STARDATE: One hour later

"Sui! Sui Sa'karem!? Where the f**k are you!?" Katisha yelled, sword drawn as she stormed into the pilot's bunk. "Sui Sa'karem, get out of bed right now, It's time for you to go to work!" Katisha dumped a small bucket of water onto Sui's head, causing him to flail about.

"Wh... What?" Sui tiredly asked "I just got to Slee..." Katisha dragged him out of the room and hauled him into the infantry armory, where Val, Jinrai and the Sui"s Arl-Coutl confidant were waiting.

Katisha said annoyadlly "We're going on a sightseeing trip to that derelect." Katisha asked as she handed Sui a Submachine gun.

"Why are we going." Val asked as he shouldered a portable lance cannon. "Because You're my new honor guard. And Pray you never find out what happened to the old one." Katisha loaded a shotgun while handing Sui a pack of SLAM mines.

"We will take a corvette over to the derelect and investigate. We will asses the status of the craft and determine it's operational status." She handed Jinrai an assault rifle and a belt of grenades.

"Will we be expecting hostiles?" Jinrai Asked as he loaded his rifle with a large ammo drum. Katisha shouldered a grenade launcher "Expect the unexpected." she said with a grin.


LOCATION: HGNS Archangel CBX, Nord Kavagrad Asteroid field

SQUAD ROSTER: Sharai Katisha, Sui Sa'karem, Val Turin, Jinrai Ma'kael, Savelseos Krig'tana

STARDATE: Half an hour Later

"Damn is this ever creepy." Jinrai said as he opened the airlock only to find the ship depressureised. The rest of the squad Ventured slowly through the hatch. "Looks like this was done quickly, and from the inside." Savelseos said as he looked around, thumbing the saftey of his rifle.

The squad came to a small storage bay full of strikecraft munitions. They noticed the body of a technician laying near a small console.

"This body was shot, from behind." Sui remarked as he stepped over the corpse "That means that someone must have been working on the inside." Sui looked around and thumbed his thermal goggles. Immedietly he saw something coming from nearby and drew his SMG.

He rounded the corner and saw the mutated body of another technician, this one with an attached headcrab. "Look at this." Sui called to the squad. "This headcrab looks like it was killed pretty recently."

Katisha replied "Cause of death?"

"Looks like someone punched the thing out with their fist." Jinrai examined the corpse but was inturrpted by Katisha. "We should go now. We have a mission. Sui, you first."

Sui rounded the corner and walked through an electromagnetic field into an atmosphere. "This area's got air." Val stated "Oxygen levels, pressure normal." The squad walked down the corridor until they reached an open hall.

Immedietly upon entering, the team ran for cover. Sui yelled "I have movement!" Several Headcrab zombies were bearing down on them, all in HGN dress uniforms.

"Tag 'em 'n' bag 'em!" Jinrai yelled as he fired a burst into one of the zombies, dropping it in it's tracks. Katisha yelled as she leveled her shotgun "Alright, show me what you can do. Let's kill us some crabs."
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Val turned quickly, Firing the Lance cannon through one Zombie, splattering its' innards all over the others, the lack of obvious mindset with the others kept them from running, but before anything could be said, the weapons from the others began firing madly..

As the group moved through the decks toward the bridge, they finally reached it.. surrounded by more crew turned zombie... many weapons were fired and many zombies had parished in the name of sajuuk. A large white door with the opening in the middle stood infront. Above it the name 'Bridge' Was clearly printed.
"This is the Fulkala! We have fires decks one through seven! oh my sajuuk that thing is coming around again!! I've never seen a hiigaran ship move so fas-" The Day began to play through his mind.. val became pale. "Hakturak here! Loading lance batteries!! prepare another.. what the hell it's entering hyperspace!! we won!! it's fleeing!!" yelled a pilots image in his mind.. as only seconds later, the same pilots face turned to blood and bone.. "It's Coming out behind the carriers!! methodical bastards!!! we will never catch up to them!!!" The pilot yelled again as the strike craft wave attempted to reform and head back to their carriers, who by now had no engines or power.

Sui turned, "Hey, uh.. come on?". He grabbed val by the shoulder and pulled him aside right before two men fired their weapons down the hall killing two additional zombies. The White door slowly opened, revealing a more or less new car smell. The room clad in white and blue tones was completely empty, save one body. The captain himself.. still sitting in the chair. Beside the half rotted body lacking a jaw, a pda like object sat beside him. Val quickly moved in on it, To find out exactly what had happened.
The first post was as follows;

Hiigaran Wraith Class Battleship, name.. "ArchAngel"
Captain Loran Korke
Crew 1,200 including marines.

Captains log, date.. unknown.
It's been six hours since we lost contact with fleet command, We fear.. once again that the darkening skies over hiigara will still loom darker. And with the loss of our navcom, our reliance on this new system has proven, rather impressive. Orders to destroy a Vaygr carrier group earlier were the last message recieved. Once the group is destroyed, I... Intend to head directly to hiigara and welcome the motherships return, they've been gone for far too long..

Val pressed a downwards arrow.. the screen flashed and a new one appeared.

Captains log.. date.. unknown.
Hiigaran Wraith Class Battleship, "Archangel"
Captain Loran Korke
Crew: 1,197 Including marines.

Well, Today about.. five hours ago we obliterated a force much larger than anticipated.. Ten frigates, two destroyers.. a battlecruiser and four carrier. The battlecruiser I'm positive never seen us cloaked, especially in this.. strange region of space. I give all the credit of our victory to this highly advanced expiramental ship, the devotion and expertise of this crew, and the all knowing guidance of our lord sajuuk, Praise be to hiigara for this glorious victory.

Luring their fighters away was by far, the biggest standout for this ship, and seeing as we had the ability to hyperspace in and out of their formations at will gave us a clear advantage. It was easy to tell they were suprised and scared, as right when the battlecruiser was hit with our missile volley and began to list, the first six frigates turned tail and hit full burn. This ship, amazing as it has no actual fighterbay, just a drone bay.. had the ability to catch up and overtake their frigates, The destroyers, obviously confused began lining their guns up just as the enemy fighters reached our position. So we hyperspaced and caught up with their carriers. I really, even though they came to us with their hate and anger, I still.. regretted killing their carriers and crippling the destroyers before hyperspacing out. I assume, their fighters will run out of air soon. May. sajuuk accept atleast those few into his arms.

Val began to remember floating in space. Something not on his application to katisha was that he was a destroyer captain in the crusade. And he vowed never to do it again.. after having to hear the gasps for air and cries for help from the pilots, and him not having the facilities or any way to help them.

Hiigaran Wraith class Battleship "ArchAngel"
Date.. unknown.
Captain Loran Korke.

I.. I am not sure what happened just now. "sir, sir we have another breach in section 85, automated repair bots enroute. Should I send crews?" A man asked in the background. "No.. Those bots are doing fine. Just have crews do a routine double check." The captain said as he turns back toward the pda. "This has been strange indeed. We found a derelict vessel recently.. We engaged our cloaked and approached it at half speed. However, it.. it knew we were there and began opening fire madly. It was obvious that it had beast applications as it fired a red ion cannon that seemed to release objects onto our hull. Thank sajuuk for this not turning into a big ordeal."

Two hours later.

We are dead in the water.. Something wierd is going on in the ship, The crab contigent we had earlier seemed to have went.. mad almost. Killing and infesting the lowers decks. My marines are almost depleted and I've recalled most everyone to the upper turret decks area. Longer hallways should give them a chance against the zombies that keep making their way to them.

One hour later.

its all my fault. -Hesitations and obvious anger is heard in his voice- they are all dead.. all of them.. I got them killed.. I got them killeD!!! -A bit of crying was heard in the background- I.. however have some good news I guess. The ai. The AI itself was infected at some point with some beast particles. I expected the ship to turn into another hive... but it didn't happen, Instead the AI absorbed it!! But then again, The more I read about this new AI the more I start to question our ethics.. Beast slayers indeed! Did testing on militarizing the damn thing.. I guess This was the fourth generation of beast partial AI systems.. And that little jolt activated it fully.

Val began looking around.. Looking at the others, standing there holding the pda. "There's one more." and he pressed the button.

Hiigaran.. Archangel.
crew..... 1.
You know, I always thought of it as a blessing that this ship be the one who carries me to the heavens.. But I never thought it'd be the death of me. This ship is the angel.. of death. Spectre class ofcourse.. -A slight snicker was heard- I.. I am the only one left... and I made it to the medical bay and got this implant out of the back of my neck, A new Interface I guess. I really, Really felt like dying just a man so I took off my insignia and such in a vein Attempt to justify my sins, to convey that even through my mortal ranks, I am still just another body. -A click is heard- I am now going to take this pistol. Put it below my chin.. and pull the trigger. With this sajuuk I am sending myself to your judgement. I feel as if I have already been through hell. -Banging on the door is heard- They are here already? Impressive. Well, This is to anyone who may find this. I am Captain Loran Korke, and.. It was a pleasure. -Gunshot heard followed by a slump... and then silence with the faint sounds of banging in the background-

Val looks down to see a hole in the top of the skull... and quickly snaps a salute. After a second of standing there. he moved his hand back down and opened the dead mans hand, inside a small chip that latches externally but requires a mild surgery to get it back out. the other hand still holding the pistol. he grabbed both the pistol and the chip. "I am not sure what to do now." Val stated as he turned to the group. "This ship was hunted by an entire Strike Fleet after it killed the carrier group. The group was led by a very very mean.. strict.. and crazed individual, One of makaans personally trained people. I, I feel something strange about this. Like that may have a bit to do with all of this." Sui looked around. "This ship is a Hunter killer, It'd easily handle it! perhaps they already killed the group?" Val smirked. "No, I think he just found it."
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I am the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last... the beginning and your end.
The ship,

Hiigaran Wraith Class
A rather new addition to the fleet at the time, It was kept in much secrecy due to its use of new technology and it's purpose. Designed to.. Assist in the finding and killing of the lord makaan during the crusade, They were supposed to act as the eyes and ears of the mothership fleet who would then arrive and finish the job..

Only three were made..
The "ArchAngel"
The "Trident"
The "Hope"

Only the "Hope" remains in service, as the Trident went down in a blaze of glory over the Angel moon.

To best describe these.. Picture the battlestar Galactica (sorry but the large side pylons looked perfect with this) but with a mostly normal hiigaran battlecruiser body. It had the newest type reactive armor, the strike fighterbays were removed for a seperate reactor for the engines themselves, and the engines were bigger and produced greater thrust. They had the ability to move quickly in combat. "Think something like a barrlecruiser moving at 200 or so."

It has Two large turrets one infront of the other in a standard one behind and above pattern. Holding Two massive 450mm Ion Cannons. There are Two sets of two, one on the top of the hull, one on the bottom.

It has numerous Anti-strike Fighter positions and light missile launchers.

Six side mounted (3 per side) 700mm Torpedo tubes

One Triple 1200' Kenetic energy turret on the chin. and around six double 600mm RG on turrets around the ship.

Numerous Pulsar mounts and on the side pylons are small automated hangars for "Hawk" like Drone fighters. The ship has the ability to manufacture its' own drones if need be (resource permitting ofcourse)

The ship also has a cloaking device used for obvious reasons

This ship, is a predator.. Its' Lack of Production numbers is really its only drawback, and the obvious cost of making it. In all honesty, in a all out fight, This thing could kill a deliverance in a slugmatch at any range.

(heh, I keep designing superships.. Why!~!!!)
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I am the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last... the beginning and your end.
PDS note: The name Spectre is already used for a certain special operations corvette that underwent only limited production. Do feel free to make modifications of existing hull designs, however. Or it would be a nightmare talking about a couple hundred custom ship classes in future.

I'd like you guys to compile and send to me a list of your custom classes or modified hulls - I can use them in UE.
I'll use Shadow then.. if it's not taken.. ofcourse.
I am the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last... the beginning and your end.
LOCATION: HGNS Archangel CBX, Nord Kavagrad Asteroid field

STATUS: Holding

STARDATE: 5 minuites later

Sui pulled both triggers on the shotgun, splattering the zombie all over the wall. He then dropped the empty shotgun in favor of a small handgun.

One headcrab zombie, dressed in Hiigaran Marine armour pulled a grenade from it's belt and primed it. Sui fired at the closing creature, scoring a direct hit on the crab as the grenade exploded, showering the hallway in blood and shrapnel.

"Looks like that's the last of 'em." Jinrai said triumphantly as he climbed off a metal crate. "You really think that?" Katisha snapped. "They're just waking up. We can't stay here. Val, extract the Mission Data Recorer and black boxes. We'll decode them back on the Hand."

A loud howling noise came from the distance and Katisha cocked her rifle. "Sui, seal that bulkhead." Sui immedietly pulled the lever activating the door. "Come look at thisss." Sui's Arl-coutl aide said from the bridge. "There appearsss to be a crew member sstill in cryo stasisss in the medical ward."

Katisha looked at the screen, paused for a moment and finally said, "Sui, Val, go down there and rescue any survivors. We'll finish up here." Katisha motioned to a hallway. "That corriddor goes to a lift heading to the main cargo bay, from there go through the crew quarters and galley to the medbay."

Sui nodded and reloaded his SMG and went down the corridor to the lift.
Val was breathing heavily as he detached the bipod off of his Lance cannon. "This thing is far too heavy to be used in here.." he said as he grabbed a Hiigaran Smg. "You, take this, secure the bridge.. you three can easily handle this task." The three guys snapped a solute and returned to the bridge, setting up crates as barricades. "Alright guys, lets head down to the bay."

Location. hiigaran first level medical bay.
Situation. Infested.

The sound of shotguns and bullets are heard everywhere.. echoing through the forced open doors of the massive ship. "damn these things!" Sui yelled as the buckshot like round removed most of the zombies upper torso. "Get down!" a marine had yelled as he fired a rifle, the small exploding shell splattering three zombies.. "You like that rifle too much." Val yelled with a big smile, right before kicking a zombie in the chest to get it back. "Die!" he yelled as he unloaded the last ten rounds on his magazine into the creatures chest area.

As they made it to the bay, val noticed a computer terminal still active. "Whats.. this?! security log?" he said, as he began reading in the now closed off room. "Guys, listen to this.. Automated defences have been turned off, and these damn crabs have multiplied! someone needs to turn on the damn autoguns before this gets out of hand." Val looked at sui. "Amazing, someone on the inside turned off their defences.." Sui then replied, "And, released headcrabs? those things are kinda big." val looked back at him, "Interesting, that.. Hiigarans dont keep headcrabs on their ships either... how the hell did they get here." Sui responded yet again.. "Well, perhaps a frigate or fighter armed with a droppod got close enough to use it, if even just two crabs get in a vent, that can turn into 15 in an hour.. if they got hit they'd never have known."

Val looked around. "They did know, look here.. they were gonna vent the decks with Traceion particles.. those Ionized Argon particles wont hurt humans in small doses, but is lethal to crabs.. almost as much as your shotguns."

Silence hit them quickly as they realized it took so much to bring the ship down... but there was no way it coulda happened during their one fight, Logs never shown them coming in contact with frigates, and val was there.. he had seen it happen, They set a trap. This dust cloud would make sensor operations impossible, and that meant only one thing. Who ever got them, had a visual lock.. "This.. this isn't good." val began to mutter to himself, as the realization that this happened very recently.. like within days. "Guys, lets hurry down and find those survivors.. blow this ship and get outta here.... before he.. comes back."

-There is two medical bays, one on this deck, which we had to pass through to get to the lift.. from there, is actually the torpedo room.. which consists of the launcher/ Control/ storage area.. then crew quarters.. then the bay where we are headed.-
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LOCATION: Main Cargo Bay, HGNS Archangel BBHX, Nord Kavagrad Asteroid field

"Damn these Zombies, where do they keep coming from?" Sui asked as he unloaded his SMG onto a particularly resiliant Zombie. He ran forward and ducked behind a container. "Frag out!" he yelled as the steel pineapple blasted several former marines into small chunks.

"Attention insertion team, seal your helmets, I'm depressurizing the decks." Katisha said over the squad's radio. As swiftly as Sui could prepare himself, the air drained from the cargo bay and the zombies began falling like dominoes.

"Area secured." Val said as the group marched forward. They moved past the decompressed areas into the crew quarters without running into almost any Headcrab Zombies. "Where are they? By now we should be up to our asses in crabs..." Sui was cut off by Katisha over the com "I've detected two lifeforms in the medical bay, not Headcrabs or Zombies. Cameras in that area are smashed but the area's safe to enter."

Sui rounded a corner to find several bullet riddled Zombie corpses. "Look at this. These bodies are fresh, None of us were here before." "Be extra careful, then." Val said as the two moved along. They came to the torpedo room to find what looked like a massacre. Dead zombies littered the floor, some had been pinned to the wall with knives and rebars, others had been ripped in half or bludgeoned to the ground, yet others had been crushed when the torpedoes broke from their loading racks and fallen to the floor.

"This is very recent, I'd say less than an hour. I'll bet, whoever did this is still here. Whoever he is, he's a professional killer. Mabye a hitman or assassin, professional but definately nonmilitary." Val pointed out as the two moved into another corridor, continually passing Zombies killed in elaborate and sometimes unusual ways.

As they reached the Medbay, they heard loud gunshots and a howling Zombie in It's death throes. "Katisha, we've got an unidentified hostile in the Medbay. Possiblly really badass contract killer, suggest?" Sui asked quietly over the radio. Katisha annoyadly responded "Have'nt you ever heard of Flashbang Grenades? You don't need me for this, figure it out damn it."

Sui and Val both primed Flashbang grenades, nodded at one another, opened the door and pitched the flashbangs into the room. They quickly brought their rifles to bear on... A small Taiidan girl armed with an old machine pistol. "Some contract killer." Sui said mockingly.
Val smirked.. "Intense" and then moved into the room, lights shining on the girl. "Hey.. we aren't hostile. We are IFV regulars from the ship Hand of Winter." The girl didn't move or say anything. "Look, we aren't here to hurt you." As he turned to sui, she moved the gun up. Val shocked the girl and sui by having his rifle pointed at her face before either realized it. Sui looked at val, "You just practice drawing or what."

Val kinda talked out of the side of his mouth, "you aren't helping." Sui then slumped his head a bit, "oh.. sorry" Val then turned to the girl and pressed a button that raised his visor. "Look, I am not here to hurt you.. but if you dont put down the gun, I'll have to assume you're a headcrab zombie."

Meanwhile, On the Hand of Winter.

"Sir, I've got... a sensor blip right... oh wait it's gone." The chief duty officer quickly moved to the panel, where a readout was showing a large blip on record. seconds later it was gone. "Hand of Winter to Lord Katisha, This is chief officer Itams, We have a strange object on Radar." He looked back down to see the radar operators eyes enlarge as the blip turned into sixteen smaller but still large blips. "Ma'am.. we have a problem, I think those Taiidan are back." As he turned to the main viewer, he noticed they were no taiidan. The first destroyer, a obvious Vaygr destroyer passed by, the typical red V was noticed on the side. "Oh dear god.." the chief said as the lead battlecruiser moved up near the hand of winter, it's massive mainguns bearing down on the carrier. A comlink opened.

"This is Warlord Mahrun, Under lord Makaan.. I am here to claim this vessel. You are obviously of our background, assist us in finding a hiigaran craft and fufill your role in aiding the true Sajuuk-Kar In his holy quest!" The chief looked over at the tactician then back at the view screen. "Uh, Makaan failed. Karan Sjet of the Hiigarans defeated him at balcora." The man on the opposite end smiled, "you buy into those lies?!! Right now our armies are Fighting on and above hiigara... You feel it in your heart!! your brothers are fighting for all our freedoms!! join us now, or face the consequences, you have fifteen seconds to power down your weaponsystems." The comlink closed. "Uh, Ma'am.. did you hear all that?"
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Kalyan licked his lips in anticipation of the escalating situation - finally he would earn his keep. He was not sure when the Illharess of Independent Vagyr had put forth the directive to shadow the Fleet's major vessels with stealthed escort forces; too long had he spent wordlessly following the IVF's main warships like a stone guardian, receiving absolutely no recognition whatsoever in contributing to their survival.

Thus far, the IVF had lost none of its major combatants but for the presence of their silent guardians, and Warmaster Kalyan would soon be again, earning his prime matron's rewards if the foolish Makaanist fanatics wouldn't back down.

Observing no possibility of the situation deflating, he deftly ordered the Wolverine's reconfiguration to full combat status as the vessel drifted towards the damsel in distress on low-impulse electric drives that were all but unobservable amid the background radiation of deep space.
LOCATION: Bridge, HGNS Archangel BBHX, Nord Kavagrad system

"Uh, Ma'am... Did you hear all that?" The officer on the Hand of Winter asked over the comm. Katisha had re-activated the ship's sensors and saw the oncoming fleet. "Nonsense, I myself fought the final battle over Hiigara, though these disillusioned idiots won't be swayed by words of prose. Hand of Winter, do not engage, move into the field to our position and prepare to dispatch troops and crew to this ship."

"Copy Ma'am." The comm cut out

"Val, Sui, get back to the Hand of Winter and take control of the fighter squadrons there. Delay the attacking force long enough for me to get this ship started."

"But we have a survivor, sure as hell not an assassin or a..." Sui was cut off by Katisha.

"Now Sui, or would you perfer I loaded you into a torpedo tube and fired you at the enemy. Move Qwaardamn it."

"Moving." Sui said knowing full well that Katisha's every word was true to the letter.

"Jinrai, activate the reactor and spin up the Hyperdrive, move us into this particle cloud near the Hand of Winter." Katisha barked as she moved to the navigation console.

"Power's not feedin' through the conduit, somethin' musta' cut the line, gotta reroute manual control." Jinrai pressed a number of buttons on a console.

"Sui, Val, new job. on your way back, find a terminal to reroute engineering systems to the bridge."

"What about the survivor. We can't..." Katisha cut him off.

"Take them, find the other one and Go! There's at least one other lifesign in cryo bay 2 just off the medbay. You know the drill."

"Aye Ma'am." Sui cut the com and moved to his duties.

(EDIT: Sorry Tel, Did'nt realise you posted until after I did. Any contribution to my RP is accepted. But know that it is set on a 7.3 technological and strategic base. Anyway, welcome aboard)
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Val looked around a bit "Damn this to hell.. " he said softly and sui came up behind him.. "What do we do with the girl, every time I ask a question.. I get cut -" Vals hand rose.. and sui slumped down once again. "look, you take her to katisha, get the rest of the boarding team back to the HoW, I think I know a way to activate this craft.. Remember the captains comm-link? This ship was filled from top to bottom with automated control mechanisms and such.. Doesn't need a crew really, although one would be nice." Val smirked and started running toward the bridge.

The situation was getting worse as val began to encounter headcrabs like crazy, He shot at the first few but quickly gave up and dropped his guns so he could run faster. "This ship.." breath. "was the reason." breath. "I lost my best friend." breath. "And my command status." breath. "And my pet Jibble." He took a few more steps and pressed a button on the lift, turning around and ducking in the nick of time before a zombie swiped at his head.

"I'm going to take this ship... And hopefully do some good!" He said with a smile as he rested his hands on his knees and breathed harder.

-On the ship-

Chief Officer Itams, Acting CO in Katishas Absence.

"Copy Ma'am" he said right before turning around. "Lower weapon power slowly.. Transmit false data reporting strange energy distribution on unsecure channels, Perhaps they will take the bait and that'll give us a little extra time to prepare to move." the officer next to him looked around. "Sir, that ship.. is RIGHT there. We have a Vaygr Battlecruiser.. Right infront of us.. maybe 6km infront of us.. How the hell will we evade that kinda firepower?"

"We will hit them first, Torpedoes dont require Much energy to fire, and may give us the suprise we need." Itams said swiftly. The officer below gulped and looked back at his monitor. "you've been around katisha far too long." he mumbled. Itams smiled big after that and turned to the monitor. "All crew, alert condition Alpha, we are under attack.. all crews to your posts." After saying that and repeating it he looked down at the armchair, numerous lights came on, signals from station chiefs reporting they were ready. He looked down, engineering, green light. Weapons control, Green light. Itams smirked and gave a half crazed and evil glare out the window toward the massive Battlecruiser. "Been around katisha too long, heh she'd be proud."

Only twelve seconds later, after seeing the massive Battlecruisers deflectors de-activate and boarding craft launch from its side bays, did Itams give the order to cold-launch six Large Anti-ship torpedoes.. The battlecruiser only had a chance to destroy the last one. The boarding craft immediatly returned to the battlecruiser as the HoW menuevered sideways past the hull of the Battlecruiser, only 20m away from it's hull. Weapons began firing wildly as the HoW sped past the engines of the Battlecruiser and fired another group of 6 into the engines.

"Warmistress Katisha, Enemy battlecruiser has been disabled! against your wishes I know but it was the only option other than accept boarders." Itams stood up, clinching his fists in preparation for katishas response. It almost seemed like he feared her more than the Vaygr loyalists turning around to engage.

-On the Archangel-

Katisha would be quick to survey the situation, hoping to get a signal from any of the men aboard, when lights began to come on in the bridge. the front viewscreen lit up, showing the HoW in a magnified zoom firing off its second volley into the aft section of the Vaygr Battlecruiser. Next to her, a small face appeared.

"Greetings. I am Cerba, the Artificial AI of this Vessel. The one known as 'val' Is on his way to the bridge so you are prepared. Also all defences have been activated onboard this ship and all terminals have been blocked due to the large amount of boarders on the vessel."

The ai face seemed to stare at her but in its systems it was firing up everything onboard the ship. It had alot of time to run its subroutines and restore its own systems, something no one had a chance to check on. Repair bots started down the halls and large overhead turrets deployed shooting down waves of zombies. seconds later Val opened the bridge door.

The AI once against spoke. "The Archangel is Ready for action."
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