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My Speakers!
My speakers are making strange buzzing noises these days and I can't figure out why. They just start buzzing and buzzing and buzzing whenever I turn them on (They're external hardware). They buzz when I'm playing a game, they buzz when I'm online, they buzz when I'm sitting in the other room drinking tea, and they do so in a very unnatural manner.

I was going to ignore it and hope it went away until my CELL PHONE started doing it to. What is going on? Is my sound system posessed? Is this some new type of computer virus? Or is this just some strange coincedence that keeps on happening month after month?

Has this happened to anyone before? If so, please assist me. It's driving me even crazier than I am normally.
All I can say is to look for some source of interference in your house - the only time anything like that happened to me is when I held a two-way radio to my speakers - they started fuzzin' out real bad. Don't know about the cell in the warranty or get a new one, lol.
The only possible interference sources I could find were my phone and PSP, But now my woofer downstairs in my living room and mom's cell phone are starting to behave erraticly in the same matter.Banghead

Any ideas?
Your house is definitely haunted.
If that's so, than why are all my friends and neighbors getting the exact same thing.

My Computer, Cell phone, Woofer, Jambox, Raido alarm clock, and even my eighteen year old TV downstairs are behaving strangely and are now buzzing more frequently. I tried calling the police but they stopped taking my calls long ago. Any other suggestions?
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Your neighborhood is definitely haunted.

You live near any military testing areas or something? Near any high-tech facilities?
The highest tech facility is the paper mill across town. No military to speak of in a fifty mile radius.

Priest could'nt find anything, town milita searched block by block, mayor is on my list, and local hobos are drawing police attention away.

Might be Verizon, they tried to tear down my tree, but my grandma cussed them out and chased them off. So far they have three work sites in a 500 meter radius around my Pool.
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Have any bluetooth equipment laying around? They've been known to interfere with normal 2.4gig wireless stuff and whatnot.
Hmm, no. But the neighbors have a new sattelite dish. I'll shoot it with a crossbow, see what happens.
Hmmm... For a long time now, my speakers have been making these weird gargling noises when i play hw2, and i can't figure out whats causing it either.
I'm no expert, but if it's happening to everyone then it might be a power grid problem. Surges may be gradually destroying your electrical equipment, starting with the most sensitive..your speakers!


Unless there's an alien attack beginning at your place, I don't really know.
"...We sank a truck!" - Commander Sherman, Operation Petticoat
Not aliens again. Last month they tried to irradiate all our cattle, and the month before that, they tried to derail the napalm train by parking their UFO on the tracks.

For refrence; Train > UFO

Power grid is not the problem, PGE just checked everything out and the most serious thing they found was a family of Raccoons living in a substation.

Now please send you're avatar Dragon down here to burn out whatever or whoever is causing the buzzing.

Mabye you'll earn a cookie
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