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The Landlubbers' RP

sorry about dropping out on you there. but your right the mission is FUBARed it went south when the target was still alive. Though I must say that I lost the situation when the retreat started then stopped, then started again.. I think...

The biggest problem I see in the above is the overuse of the self determining firing...
and the lengthy time that each post is covering...

Theres no chance for any reaction or support from squad members or enemy reactions..

That said and done I'm up for another one. But remember Tel, the GM guides the story in this sort of thing thats by the Mission goals and enemy action not how the Mission itself is executed...
it works alot better because it causes the people to think about what will work best....

Expecialy with what you've stated as the next one... hope you dont take this the wrong way.


Kain triggered one of the two ECM decoys to max radiate and then made his way to the closest set of interior liftshafts. Stunned civilians staired at the hulking battlearmour as it strode throught the office building bulldozing desks and eqipment aside. A security guard pulled a small pistol while screaming at the armoured Higarran to halt while firing ineffectually at the Battlesuit as it approched.

Kain huffed to himself as he backhanded the small weapon from the civies had then procceded to shove the lift doors appart. The interior was lit by a small series of lights and the Grav lift was somewhere above this level. Carbon ribs and braces crisscrossed the spaces bettween the 3 lift tubes the shaft served. Then he jumped into the darkness

As he started to plummet downwards he brought his suits Jet up to slow and guide his decent downwards to the basement. Halfway down he deployed another ECM device and angled it away to lang on a decending lift carrage. and set it to activate in 30 minutes just incase.

His jet had now slowed his decent to a 'survivable' decent velocity and he waited till he was just about to hit the floor before activating the full power to cussion his decent. A small 'bounce' of the cushion that the downforce that his jet create and he was off. He brought up the Sewer & stormwater maps of the area lookingh for the Megascrappers access points into the system. A small smerk crossed his eyes as he spyed the Main Sewer line access hatch not two bays from his present location. Well He haddn't signed up to smell nice and if he was reading this right the line 'should' be large enough to take his suit if he lost the jet pack...

[ooc] Well thats my charactor 'extracting' from the location. Probably should have had him frag the buildings com system but hey thats that. A non mill rated system shouldnt have taken much. [\ooc]
OOC: I'm up for another RP. Smile
(( I got a nice little cover story based aboard a captured and refurbished (and heavily modified) Arbiter class used as an armed transport deep inside Vagyr territory.

Here, there are no first-rate warships (all of them committed to the Hiigaran Front) and frontier actions are being fought - the hot theatre now is the newly founded non-aggression pact between the Ravinder Republic and the Loyalists, trading fuel and military supplies in return for protection.

Vessel SC (Special Cargo) 4349 captained by a new addition to the Vagyr stellar commander caste is to ferry strategic interceptor craft to a Ravinder military station and has an additional secondary, covert function to gain human intelligence on Ravinder defense forces on-planet (ie, as the Japanese did in WW2).

Operators will have the option of working as a team (short posts only) or independently (as with the power armour one earlier).

For security reasons, operators had their memories completely wiped and fresh personalities implanted. Most of the hyper-transit to Ravinder is spent in virtual dream-state in a Matrix-like urban environment and the team will be later awakened for final briefings and deployment.

So all of you "suddenly" find yourselves aboard a seemingly deserted alien starship (yes, I'm the only crew, and not stationed in the interior of the sealed Arbiter section of the composite vessel) as the life support pods release you from stasis.
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