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The Landlubbers' RP
OOC: I think it'll go smoother if we don't try to fill other people's roles for them, speak for them, etc. Unless it's Tel. Tel > you. Xanthor, your unit was not ordered to take down the escort, mine was. Stick to the plan...


Whump. Whump. Whump.

Twin massdriver rounds broke loose from Sickle 2 and another from Sickle 4. Four's round targeting the lead escort, the one Kel'ron was supposed to go for, and Two's obliterating the maglev box and another pounding the ground around the convoy for no reason Kel'ron could see.

But then, if something didn't blow up/flatline as a result of a shot, he thought the shot wasted. It was with that philosophy in mind that Sickle 3 targeted the nearest escort's propulsion unit with his LR-PC, and fired.

A lance of incandescant red energy blasted forth from the muzzle of the shoulder-mounted weapon system and screamed for the hide of the escort craft. Kel'ron immediately took cover and, following the old 'gun and run' maxim of battlefield sniping, then took off around the side of the warehouse and jumped up on the low roof (for a mecha). Relying on his somber coloring scheme and the sensor stealthing his suit employed to keep him hidden, he positioned himself snugly between two air cooling units. From here, he had a very nice, clean line-of-sight at the entire executive train, and he wasted no time firing a second shot at what he thought was the president's car. Speaking of which...

"This is Sickle 3. Request confirmation of presidential vehicle." There, he'd know in a second whether he had shot the right car or not...
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You do remember that I'm Sickle 2 right?
ooc: just saw the edited post tel made about the teams, so my job is to stop the main vehicle with the target person? im asking to make sure i didnt understand anything in a wrong way (being in halfsleep isn't that good for reading a language that isnt your mothertoungeSmile )
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sorry for double post seems like my lagged -.-
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Of course I do, Iron. Read the post again! XD (Thanks - wrote that in like three minutes, lol.)

What are you trying to ask, Xanthor? Clarification...?
as far as i did understand tel my job is to stop the convoy from advancing once the snipers did the first atk. And thats why i atked the leading esscortvessel next thing would have been to atk the maintarget but i just wanted do write as far as iron did so whe are all at the same point of time, thats why i stoped after my first shot.

i hope i made myself clear this time Wink
misspellings are property of the creator

Objectives accomplished at this point:

1. Maglev highway node destroyed

Non-flight capable motorcade units crash from anti-grav cushion failure

2. Convoy escorts distrupted

Enemy forces will not be able to oppose Sickle squad's first moves in a coherent fashion


Tactical initiative is key - plans go right to hell once the fecal matter hits the rotating object.

That said, all of you are performing "as expected" - snipers are indeed free to engage once the maglev node is taken out. The close attack unit (Xanthor) has total freedom in performing mobile attacks on any part of the convoy. Hell, he is armed for the task with the assault coilgun.

There will be no micromanagement in combat scenes so it will try to be as dynamic and confused as real ones - its up to each of us to make the story work.

Lastly, responsiveness to orders prevents casualties - we are not armed or deployed in large enough numbers to fight a protracted slugfest. When the master sarge gives the withdraw codeword all of you should break contact, unfurl wings and get the heck out of there. And yes, you won't have time to even think of anything but following some dot of a waypoint on your helmet displays that hopefully our dropship will appear at.

In a better-run operation (if we play this well, we will RP proper paramilitary planning before the next operation) there will be backup plans, fire support, and ass-covering forces. For this one, we are on our own and if any one of us should be captured, they will be treated as terrorists while our "employers" will deny our existence.

Two recommendations:

1. If Maglev line remains functional behind the node break and some of the target convoy is still able to use it, kill the last vehicle in the convoy to bottle them up in the kill zone (an old ambush maxim).

2. Sniper engagement should prioritize targets to kill command element first, then anyone looking like they are attempting to coordinate the enemy effort. Next comes heavy weapons.

3. Sure hope you got flankers out to watch for other enemy forces to the sides and rear... sometimes ambush(ers) become the ambushed.

4. Kill fast, sweep the objective and get the hell out.

end trans.
"Hammer to Sickles, thirty seconds to exacution"

Kain roused at the crackle of the com in his ear flipping button on his arm he brought up a small window in the corner of his HUD. A stalk soundlessly moved upward from his suits backpack till it was just above the edge of the airvent he was conceled within.

The small camera situated within showed the currently deserted Mag lev.

"Targets in visual range, right on time"

Right on que the motercade rounded a distant corner and began hirtling towards the ambush location. a few delft toucheds shrank the box even smaller. another box enlarged slightly. Kain lookoed over the screen with a practiced eye. No more radio chatter then a 'normal' security detail would cover.

"Damn it, somthin's in the way. I got no shot! "

Kain was unworried by this. there were several personel who had been tasked for that objective. Though he wondered about the primary. Positioning themself so as to not be able to take out the objective was not a good... The box Flared as a round blew it to so much shrapnel

"Maglev box destroyed, all units clear to engage. Vamp, go for the escort unit"

"Activate" Kain said into his mic pickup. The word was not transmitted but instead the EWF computer recongised the voice command and hit the jammers to full power while at the same time a the suit computer kicked the suit to full online status. His backthruster kicked him clear of the vent and he opened up with his 20mm railcannon in full auto mode, while he was only firing shot rounds the 'shot' they fired was unreconisable to the anchent varriaty. the clusters of 1mm wide metal darts were 12mm long.
OOC: Correction noted, Tel. Thanks for clarification.

Without waiting for additional confirmation, Sickle 3 moved again. Dodging behind one of the large rectangular air units on the roof of the warehouse in order to disappear from the convoy's line of sight, then jumped down. They were beginning to respond with token self-defensive fire from the surviving convoy units (OOC: will remove if it causes problems) but it wasn't anything they couldn't handle.

In the back of his mind, he hoped their electronic warfare unit wasn't having any problems. They didn't need a battalion to drop in on their heads.

Kel'ron started again. He came around the right side of the warehouse again and fired his LR-PC at the farthest-back functioning escort. A messy explosion from its power plant and several large pieces of flying wreckage later, Kel'ron broke cover and began to flank to the maglev track itself, in order to begin an encirclement manuever.

Disoriented though the convoy had to have been, Kel'ron 'felt' some light MG rounds pinging off his upper leg and stomach area as he ran, courtesy of his suit's enhanced-reality system. He clicked his radio twice, to signal 'OK' to his team, for their enhanced-reality systems would have shown them that one of their own was taking fire.

After making sure nothing living remained in it, he took cover behind one of the crashed vehicles, waited for his LR-PC to cool down, and did a quick damage assessment. Suit concussion shielding was down 34%, but there was no physical damage. Nodding to no one, he peered around the crashed vech he had gotten behind. From here, he could attack the convoy from behind as well as watch his team's back, simply by looking to his left.

EDIT: Post prettification.
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Her enhanced reality headset indicating Sickle 3 was taking fire, Kiiki raised her Massdriver at the escort in question. Little more than a Technical with a small machine gun in the back, it was no match for the APX round which pierced it's engine and blew it in half.

"You okay Vamp?" She yelled through the headset as shells began pinging off her mecha. Kiiki lept out of cover and rushed toward a nearby truck. But before she could get under cover, the truck exploded in a ball of flame.

Damn! She yelled as her suit was thrown against a retaining wall. The escort was about to fire again when it was destroyed by a beam of incandescant energy.

"You owe me one" Vamp yelled as Kiiki Stood up and moved to cover behind a container. "Don't get any funny ideas, I'm not about to..." She was cut off by eyes, who yelled "Bogey, Bogey in the wire! Two hostile aircraft inbound, unknown type, on intercept course. ETA seventy two seconds."

Kiiki paid little attention as she was firing the last of her APX rounds at the remaning escorts. "Lot of guards for a diplomat, even someone this important." Lictuel said is his usual calm monotone as he gunned down a squad of infantry who jumped from one of the escorts. Alright, let's wrap this up now, I don't want to be around when that air support get's here. Eyes said as she gunned down one of the last of the escorts.

Kiiki lept from cover and tried to fire at one of the last vehicles, but missed. She tried to refire but found herself out of ammo. "I'm out, I'm out, cover me!" She yelled. She tried to reload, but was knocked over when a searing blue-white beam of energy sliced the container in half and knocked her over.

"They got an ICA on that Qwaardamn limo!" someone yelled. Kiiki, now disoriented and not knowing the extent of the damage to her mecha or herself, stuttered and tried to roll over. She looked just in time to see Hammer's anti-armor round destroy the Limo and complete the mission. Kiiki, in a haze, tried to get to her feet but found that she was pinned under something. Vamp quickly came to her aid and pulled her up. "That's two you owe me." Vamp said as Kiiki got to her feet. She was about to cus him out when Abhijit said "Operation complete, egress to LZ now." Kiiki turned and moved to leave, knowing that the mission was only half over.
OOC: Iron, do not RP other characters without their permission. If I can take extreme creative liberties with just one character like below, so can you Smile

whump whump whump

With methodical precision the M950 30mm anti-tank massdriver spat out all twelve depleted uranium "darts" in its drum magazine. With a cloud layer interposed between him and the convoy below, Hammer's initial heavy weapon engagement was conducted much like an enhanced reality video game.

Master Sergeant Abhijit's suit computer had already ran a tactical analysis of the target convoy's composition and automatically prioritised them for the M950. All the senior NCO had to do was align a targeting cursor upon numbered diamonds on his helmet mounted display and depress the weapon's firing stud.

It took just a second for the hypersonic projectiles to traverse the two kilometres between their launcher and the targets below; being designed to kill various "hard" targets ranging from main battle tanks to nuclear bunkers, the lightly protected presidential convoy vehicles proved nothing more than paper targets to their uncaring killers.

The first four 30mm rounds were deployed in a textbook tracking shot on the limousine as it attempted to speed up and escape above the devastated magnetic levitation node - but while it brought the vehicle out of immediate danger from ground attacks it did not save it from the DU slugs already bearing down on it from above.

By this time the Master Sergeant was already engaging targets 2 to 10 on his priority list which had refreshed itself twice during the engagement to take into account the hapless defenders' attempts to return fire.

Two downed hovercars with mounted automatic weapons went up in momentary flashes of light while an armoured personnel carrier met a similar fate to the limo as it attempted to leave the ambush site by speeding up to suspend itself on airfoils.

Only five out of twelve 30mm slugs found their targets, but it was good enough considering the range to target and tactical conditions involved. Viewing the firefight below with a hint of resentment at not being able to 'get his hands dirty' with his troops, he ordered the suit to transmit a pre-recorded voice message that brought into play the team's egress plan.

"Operation complete, egress to LZ now." said the command suit over the priority frequency. Paying no mind to the funny feeling that coursed through his mind from listening to his own voice, he discarded the now-useless M950 and balancing on one precarious foot at the edge of the skyscraper's roof, allowed himself to fall diagonally off it.

Gravity rapidly acted on the ton-weight command suit, sending it plunging seemingly out of control towards the concrete and metal far below - but a moment later the wings of its flight pack snapped out and unfolded like the wings of a bird of prey, transforming the head-first fall into a fast swoop that brought the combat suit into a steady downwards spiral around the monolith it just departed.

ALICE II flight mode, wing stores master arm ON
"Designate... designate... engage HVM, engage guns"

Scything through the night like a bat out of hell, the Master Sergeant's combat suit speared with its wing-mounted hypervelocity rockets and the backpack gun pod a Ravinderian stealth helicopter that was firing down upon the Sickle units that were now in the process of breaking contact with the convoy's defenders.

Breaking high and barrel rolling to evade a stream of anti-aircraft tracer fire, the airmobile suit's turbine powerplant belched a pillar of yellow flame as the flight control system engaged the afterburner and manipulated the thrust-vector fins to power it through the maneuver. Barely missing a scrape with a large dish antennae atop a commercial building, the part-suit part-aircraft seemed to pinwheel in midair then pull in its wings to half-span as it dropped below the skyline to evade an infrared missile fired by a second stealth helo.

Cursing himself for negating his initial altitude advantage too soon, Abhijit nevertheless made the best out of the situation by swooping back towards the site of the ambush, strafing the crashed hover-limo with the backpack autocannon.

Explosive and armour piercing rounds splashed off the supposedly disabled vehicle's hull, useless against the fully-charged electro-reactive armour. A split second later the crystalline prism on its roof glowed with a sudden surge of energy, a visage of deceptive beauty as the directed-energy weapon cast a white-hot beam of destruction towards the NCO's suit. It narrowly escaped instant destruction by snap-rolling past a civilian air-tram which was scythed neatly into half by the still tracking beam.

"This is Hammer, target still active, repeat, target still active. Sickle units regroup at my location."

"Control, aye, acknowledge target not destroyed, press the attack with all available ordnance. Dasher Five Niner abort rendevous plan - Hammer and Sickles require direct close air support!"

Abhijit could see human-shaped figures spill out of the stricken commuter craft as the two halves plummeted towards the street below. The sight seemed to burn itself into his mind yet bounced off a solid barrier of mental discipline and sheer will to survive.

Another blast of the beam weapon forced him lower still, around and past a dwarf of a three-story building constructed to an ancient theme. It was a tight turn, which required another fuel-guzzling afterburner thrust-vectoring bout to prevent the suit from crashing into antique's larger neighbours.

At the end of it the suit's wings stalled, forcing Abhijit to transform back to land combat mode - a crash landing on his hydraulically powered legs was a far better option than slamming into the ground in a winged spin.

He had only a moment to brace himself for impact as the suit's jump jets automatically attempted to stablise the suit and retard its impact onto the pavement, before he slammed into the ground at what appeared to be far more than a leg-snapping velocity. He felt something snap and the world seemed to go blank for a moment, before he found himself on a knee amid a circle of smashed concrete.

The suit's master caution display was bleeping like no tomorrow, highlighting damaged leg actuators and low hydraulic pressure. This the NCO ignored, for before him at a range of no more than 10 meters stood a white-armoured figure, its angel-like wings just retracting as twin turbine engines kicked up a pall of dust behind he, she or it.

The Master Sergeant grinned behind the black pyramid that was his helmet, arming wrist-mounted blades and submachine guns that served as short-range weapons. It was getting much more fun than he expected.
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OOC: Inspiring post, Tel. XD

"Operation complete, egress to LZ now."

Sickle Three stood from helping Sickle Two, and watched the limo speed away for a split-second before his target aquisition system kicked in and gave him a computer-aided lead on the vehicle. His middle finger squeezed the trigger, and yet another volcanic blast of energy belched forth from his weapon and sped toward the fleeing limo. However, the computer could not have anticipated the limo's sudden burst of additional speed, and the shot went wide.

Before he could realign and take another shot, the world exploded around him as an unguided rocket from an unseen stealth helo hit the platform and blew up a scant four feet away.

He was launched off the maglev terminal and into open air. A faint voice (at least to Kel'ron's temporarily damaged hearing) crackled over what was left of his suit's intercom: -- repeat, target still active. Sickle units regroup at my location." Wordlessly he ordered the suit to activate its own flight system. The undamaged wings unfurled from the unit, and the main thrusters, now extended, kicked on. Microrockets on the wings helped with steering, which Kel'ron had to use almost immediately to prevent the enemies of gravity and the hard surface below from claiming both him and his suit. Leveling off at about two meters above the surface, he flew through a deserted side street in the city below at breakneck speed for a moment or two and then pulled up, narrowly missing a hapless landcar.

Thirty seconds later, Kel'ron was above the city's skyscraper level once again. He landed on a flat rooftop and took cover inside a maintenance access to make a brief sitrep assessment on himself.


: 11%
: 100%
: 84%
Energy Reserve: 2/8
Energy Reserve: 100%
SEP1: 100%
SEP2: 100%
SEP3: 100%

Kel'ron mused over this readings for a moment, and then sent a burst comm transmission to the NCO. "Sickle 3 acknowledged. Might be a little late to the party, Master Sergeant Abhijit." He cut the transmission, not wanting to draw too much attention to himself. He began the reboot sequence for his concussion shielding system, and waited with the PSMG sidearm drawn.

He didn't have to wait for long. The suit's enhanced-reality neural interface had detected that his hearing had been damaged by the missle explosion and had adjusted gain and volume on his suit's external mics automatically. Thus, he heard the stealth helo fly overhead, doing a sweep for his downed mecha. They were more ready for us than anyone gave them credit for, Kel'ron thought to himself. The steady chime of an active radar alarm broke through those thoughts as the stealth helo locked on to his suit's heavy metal composite armor, and launched an autocannon barrage at his maintenance access. Kel'ron plunged down the staircase without a moment's hesitation, his big suit stumbling clumsily down the more human-sized stairway. It was a good thing he made it to the top floor below, because a missle followed him down and blew a large hole in the shaft he had just been in. Kel'ron, meanwhile, was safely in the office complex, with full ECM activated and his suit shut down save for passive radar and life support.

The crew of the chopper saw a blip wink out with the explosion, and presumed him destroyed. It was a reasonable assumption, for all the good Kel'ron could do for his team at the moment. Back in the suit, Kel'ron settled down to wait, passive sensors sweeping the sky above him. The stealth helo left his sensor range, but he would give it the regulation two minutes before his suit physically twitched again. However, he did send a copy of his suit's assessment with the message "Sickle 3 temporarily out of action. Full sitrep attached. Will rendevouz ASAP."

With that, he shut down his comm unit and sat there.
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"Operation complete, egress to LZ now."
"Finaly... it is about time for us to go before the enemys reinforcements arrive" Lictuel said to himself. A blink of an eye later an other message came in stating ""his is Hammer, target still active, repeat, target still active. Sickle units regroup at my location."

"this is sickle four, confirmed i'm on my way hammer" He activated his flypack and kicked off the ground. He chosse a course which lead him to the rendevouzpoint while giving him enough cover against the stealth helo that came out of nowhere after the ambush started.
"this is sickle four, eta to rendevouzpoint is 136 seconds, im using the citystreets as cover that costs some time, sickle four out"
misspellings are property of the creator


(on order move to / occupy battle postion 2, continue mission.) CONTACT SABER FLIGHT 134.50 FOR EXTRACTION.



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The night sky loomed over head; there was little, if any, moonlight. New Chennai was only a kilometer away; the outline of buildings were vaguely perceptible. Yet multitudes of lights saturated the city. It was, without saying, very beautiful. Had not the dropship been facing the other way, Mako would've commented on such.

But the fact-of-the-matter is that Mako could care less about the city. He was tensed, understandable; the comm. systems were turned on. Since no one saw the need of separate comm. channels to the dropship and other squad members, Mako had been listening to every single remark going on throughout the entire battle. He followed every single sentence, as if unconsciously focused.

Not that Mako needed a sophisticated comm. system to hear the battle ensuing only a kilometer away. Inside New Chennai. Various battle chatter flooded the comm. system, and in the absence of noise, seemed ridiculously loud. Yet Mako knew it was only his perception of sound that was distorted; in battle he could scarcely hear anything.

"Operation complete, egress to LZ now." That was unusually fast, he thought. From first contact, it had only been at most... 10 minutes. He knew that signal was specifically for him, not the squad members. They knew when to get the hell out of there.

Mako strapped himself in and initiated the engines. The rotors turned slowly yet within seconds they were already lifting the craft to a low altitude. They roared even with the dampeners on full. He tilted the wings forward cautiously. The craft picked up speed and soon the wings leveled off horizontally. Now the craft acted like a real aero plane; the rotors quieted down as well. Adrenaline pulsed through him; entering battle, even when not in direct combat, always got his blood pumping. He closed in towards the city slowly, not directing full thrust. He knew the craft could easily accelerate past mach 1 within a few moments, and thus regulated thrust. The buildings suddenly outlined themselves clearly, and he could spot individual roads. About 200 meters from the city, he brought the craft towards the landing zone. With only 500 meters to go, Mako was rapidly approaching the LZ.

"This is Hammer, target still active, repeat, target still active. Sickle units regroup at my location." Mako reeled at this comment. They told him to head towards the LZ; now they're saying they're not done? How annoying. Mako let the thoughts go; battle was chaotic, probably made a mistake. Anyways, he didn't feel much resentment against Hammer.

"Control, aye, acknowledge target not destroyed, press the attack with all available ordnance. Dasher Five Niner abort rendevous plan - Hammer and Sickles require direct close air support!" Well shit. Mako continued his derogatory thoughts on the Sickles. He didn't dare breathe a word, for they would hear everything. Comm. systems were set both ways. Mako guided his craft into a wide turn, and angled himself towards the city. As he increased a little thrust, contacts appeared all over his sensor. He quickly calculated that he was doomed and so were the rest of the Sickles, but entered the fray anyways. It wasn't uncommon to have these thoughts; in fact, he had said so out loud on several missions, to the disdain of many Sickles.

"Sickle 3 temporarily out of action. Full sitrep attached. Will rendevouz ASAP." That meant a death sentence in Mako's book. He knew full well what "disabled" Sickles meant inside the combat zone. He hoped that one of the other Sickles would bail him out, but he had his doubts.

By now, various airborne contacts filled his screen. He did not feel very safe in a dropship, but at least it was armed with rockets. Mako had the advantage of both being the first to strike and of a higher altitude. He targeted the stealth helo's first, they would be the ones dealing the most damage. They were none too easy to find, but within a few moments he had selected one in particular. He launched one salvo, the expensive tracking ones. They will probably condemn him for doing so; their budget was tight enough as it is. The stealth helo hadn't reacted to the missiles, but he wasn't sure whether they would hit. Mechanized countermeasures could've been active all along for all he knew. Too fast. He swerved the dropship by in order to set up another attack run.

He hoped it'd blow up before he came back.
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Rockets from Dasher Five Nine blasted one of the 'stealth' choppers apart. The debris raining all around her, Kiiki Mahiil rushed behind a car and sprayed a chopper with 20mm HE rounds. The chopper spun around to attack but inadvertantly smashed it's tail rotor against a building and plunged to the ground.

Kiiki was clear to the LZ, following orders without question. "Dasher Five Nine, Request Dust Off, over." She moved to a burm near the LZ and crouched down as much as her Mecha would allow. She saw Sickle 5 approching tailed by another chopper. The small, Hiigaran built aircraft was unleashing it's 40mm PC on Sickle 5 who was showing obvious damage. She fired her last APX round into the chopper's rotor, causing it to shear off and tear the craft to bits.

Just as Kiiki was about to cus out Sickle 5 for costing her the last of her ammo, her sensor screen lit up with over a dozen airborne contacts moving in extremely fast. These aircraft did not register in the database and were behaving very erratically. "Fast movers inbound, unknown type, bearing 120 at 10 Miles."
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The gentle sweeping of his active radar echoed inside Three's helmet. He had activated the system a few seconds prior, to try and check for that stealth helo. Not to detect it, but to draw fire.

No blips sounded, and no missles or autocannon fire came through the windows of the high-rise office building. He waited another few seconds before powering up the suit's actuator and hydralic movement systems. Once that was done, he waited another another few seconds before activating his Energy Dampening Field, what remained of his Anti-Concussion Field, and weapons. He sat up, then stood, then walked around as a quick check of his fluid system, and headed for one of the circuit breakers that high-usage buildings like this one were required to have, in case of emergencies. Here, it would serve as a poor-yet-workable connection for the energy draining probe he carried on his right arm. He punched the heavy guage contact needles into the box itself, and began to draw power from the building's energy circuit, wincing as he did so. The transfer of power through this thing was very 'loud' to a radar/sensor suite, and would light up indicators on radar stations up to five miles away. With that in mind, he let his LR-PC recharge to four shots and his ACF to recharge to 30% before he broke contact and took off at a run towards one of the wall window arrays the people on this planet were so fond of.

Three dove through the window with a spectacular plethora of shattering glass hurled outwards by sheer kinetic force, retracting the probe needles and extending his flight wings as he did so. The thrusters came alive with a burnt orange glow, and off he went, towards the rendevouz with Master Sergeant Abhijit. He missed Two reaching the dustoff point, and he missed the battle between Dasher Five Nine and the stealth helos due to his comm system being deactivated. Kel'ron had spent a total of fifty seconds inside the building, which he later blamed on a clock failure.

Three steadily dropped towards the street level, his fuel creeping ever closer to zero percent. The NCO's suit was clos,e very close...and then another faint blip appeared on his screen? What was...!!!

There, in the clearing created by a gap in the buildings, was the NCO's suit, clearly damaged and with cracked concrete all around it, facing off with a stark white mecha, with dust drifting away from it in all directions. It must have just landed there...Three flew over it and disengaged his flight system, dropping the last few meters and rotating in-air for an easy landing on the white mecha's right side. He faced it, PSMG sidearm drawn and pointed at it's torso area. He keyed the comm to the NCO, but carefully kept an eye on the as-of-yet immobile suit. "Your orders, Master Sergeant," he asked matter-of-factly.
[ooc] When did I get hit? Or is that meant to be 'dasher 5' rather then Sickle 5? This post will extend as soon as I can work out the situation here...[/ooc]

Burning mag lev cars and shredded body?s surrounded Kain as he heard the mission accomplished roll out over the comm. blazing off the last of the Shot rounds in the clip he discarded the empty box magazine and replaced it with an HEAP clip that seated itself with an audible click before bouncing back towards the safety of the buildings.

He managed only 2 jumps towards the dust-off coordinates before Hammer came back on the Comm.

"Target still active regroup on my location"

Kain Cursed into the still air as one of the ECM probes picked up increased ECCM power levels. It wouldn?t take long for them to burn through the compact remote arrays at this rate. He paused for a second in the shadow of a small utility hut on the next roof and brought his battlebox programs up and set them to scan for the enemy channels
OOC update: Really good and I like Citadel in the loop (mission control?) as higher authority. Saves me the trouble of introducing the big wigs this early. The grand plan for the Insurgency will be revealed in time.

General knowledge: I called the suits ALICE instead of our old ASCA designation.

ALICE = Air-Land Infantryman Combat Exoskeleton

Obviously its made in reference to the relevant US Army doctrine (AirLand Battle).

Note of course that our present actions will lead to open conflict if it has not already begun - 2000lb HV missiles from attack planes will also cause quite a bit of collateral damage to the city itself (popular support for the Insurgency will be affected if they were used).

All is going well, better than my wettest dreams in fact, and Inert and I just finished a dropship design session. What we have here is a relatively realistic and plausible 22nd Century American style tilt-engine attack/utility craft. It turned out a bit more ... amazing than I thought but its really a simple sci-fi translation of today's hybrid aircraft.

RP opportunity

There is a new opening for a Insurgent strike fighter squadron leader - he should be proficient in close air support with conventional and precision-guided armaments, sci-fi style. The anime series YUKIKAZE is great inspiration for this. Aircraft employed can be sci-fi versions of today's F-15E Strike Eagles, for starters.

Note that until we finish this chapter in proper (extraction of Sickle squad and Insurgent aircraft RTCool there will be no player vs player combat. As our resident expert on RL military operations (presently RPing mission control) states, expedience is key.
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