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Anime recommendations
All sci-fi. No magical school girls, thank you.

Cowboy Bebop -- Started a genre. A must see.

Evangelion -- Mind numbing, in a good way. Do not watch the last 1-2 episodes (someone help me remember!) but get End of Evangelion, a "remake" of the last 1-2 eps that provides a proper ending.

Ghost in the Shell -- There is a movie, a series, and I believe a second movie. Examine the first movie and see if you like. Most likely, you will.

Gasaraki -- I think the ending is disappointing, but that doesn't mean the rest of the series isn't worth watching. Very unique promise. Close to modern day, tries to put out a serious military tone. I think they succeed.
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Where do you get your anime? Video store? Buy them online?

Cowboy is great. Have all of the GITS.
Sun Tzu
All those are nice.
But I must say that the magical school girl Shihiro brings anime to another level imo.Hides
Hell if I want magical school girls, I'll stick to Vampire Princess Miyu Wink

Although I have seen every single episode of Fushigi Yugi...
Bleach - Long (upto 57 episodes and no end in sigh) Basically Dragon Ball Z with a new face (wasn't always like that)

Macross Zero/ Plus / Robotech Series: All good. Who can possibly hate transforming robot airplanes, singing heroines, and cool dog fights (Macross Zero is the latest and is a prequil to everything else in the series)

Blood+ : Based off Blood: the Last Vampire, loosely encorporates elements of movie's plot and storyline into it's own, but gives a good twist on it all.

Samurai Champloo: Quite funny over all, but has it's serious episode moments. Generally the episodes incorporate a lot of Japanese subculture and histroy into the shows, although at times the facts are a little twisted up.

Akira: Enough said.

As for Reading material: I suggest Blame!
-Fear the Might of the Imperial Cortharian Fleet
Champloo? WTF is that? Any relation to Kenshin?
noonnonon kenshin is evil, samurai champloo is much better, also whats wrong with magical school girls :smash: i happen to be a Big fan of most of Kodansha Clamps work, (all female manga/anime writers/drawers!!).

Bleach is very good, itharu i belive naruto is more of a DBZ repackaged

Fooly Cooly

Full metal Panic, has mechs =]

most are all good, but tbh it is up to your likes and dislikes
I like Ruroni Kenshin. The movie. The serious one.

The series...not so much.
Aye, Samurai X (The prequel movies to Kenshin) were great. Hmmm, I liked Guyver, but it was never finished.

Berserk was good for an ass-kicking, but is medieval/fantasy.

Hmm...Can't go wrong with Mobile Suit Gundam and Zeta Gundam (not Gundam Wing/Gundam SEED/the other weird one).

Vampire Hunter D would be nice too, if you liked that sort of thing. One of the greats, really.
The GitS movies pale to manga. And that's all I'll say on that.

Eureka Seven is getting weird-er, though I really really want to riff(sky surf)

Rahxephon - Some call this a knockoff Eva, though personally I thought it was far better. Nice visuals and sound.

Nadescio - Funny. Mechs, Girls, Weirdness.

Gunbuster - Wish Studio ADTRW would hurry up with episode 4.... Nice classic super robot action.

MS Igloo - UC OYW era side story from the Zeon perspective. Completly CG. Only two eps so far, and as I know only ep 1 is subbed. Ep 1 gives a nice look on how MS's changed the face of warfare.

Zoids - I perfer Chaotic Century and Zero to the later shows.

Good thing I'm restricted to sci-fi, I can spare you the horrors of cute in my soul.
Bring it on. I've mastered multiple forms of Pink!

[small]Zenprime is dead. Well no


zenprime wrote:
The GitS movies pale to manga. And that's all I'll say on that.

If you've read the original GitS manga, you would know both movies and a majority of the 52 episodes are based off the small stories in the manga. (For instance, GitS: Innocence is a nice movie from one chapter in the manga)

But it's still damn good.

Anyways, I'm looking forward to seeing the last episode in the series... it just needs a translation and everyone will be happy.

Apple Seed is something to look into if you like GitS.
-Fear the Might of the Imperial Cortharian Fleet
I'm a total Shirow manic. All of GitS, MMI, Appleseed, Posterbooklets, Intron Depots, the works basically. Though I'm still hunting for that issue Kondasha Afternoon with Dai Gassaku. I know both movies are ripped from the GitS, and I wasn't to happy about that. Can't wait for the last ep of 2nd GiG, though. Fuchikomas!

Can't wait to pickup a PSP to get the SAC game. Hopefully someone will do an appleseed one.

You looking forwards to Tank S.W.A.T 01 Itharu?
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Bring it on. I've mastered multiple forms of Pink!

[small]Zenprime is dead. Well no


zenprime wrote:
You looking forwards to Tank S.W.A.T 01 Itharu?

I haddn't even heard of it, but I'll take a look at it soon enough. I like tanks. Tanks are fun.

As for the GitS movies, there wasn't anything wrong with them. They are very good and true to the manga and legacy set forth by Shirow. And they've left enough material behind that they could make a third movie, which wouldn't be too bad.
-Fear the Might of the Imperial Cortharian Fleet
Hmm. For serious anime, I reccommend Outlaw Star - that's what got me into the real anime business.

And, oh come on, there's a lot of good cutecute stuff out there, like Negima! Magister Negi Magi by Ken Akamatsu, you know. Smile
A starlight sharpshot magical girl!
I reccommend ghost in the shell SAC,robotech, macross plus,Macross Zero, Last Exile ,Maburaho,Noir
On a genral anime note - Hellsing, Full Metal Panic, and Vandread is nice. Though after reading a bit of the Hellsing manga I'd reccommend reading it to anyone who enjoyed the anime.

And on a super cute note - Kodomo no Omocha, Chobits, and UFO Princess Valkyrie are great. UFO Princess Valkyrie being so cute to twist and warp my soul.

And of course the weird note there is Gantz(Once again the Manga is better but the anime is worth it), Lain, and Utena. (I'll go super pink Utena Movie style to anyone who doubt's the weirdness there!)
Bring it on. I've mastered multiple forms of Pink!

[small]Zenprime is dead. Well no
Neon:Genesis Evangelion always gets my vote, got me started on it all.
Theres also an excellent anime called Spriggan, its basically about a supersoldier, worth a look imo.
Spriggan is a movie..... it has barely anything to do with the actual manga I believe.

If you guys are really up to watching cute girls, then go find Puni-puni poami. That'll be worth your time Smile
-Fear the Might of the Imperial Cortharian Fleet
Ergh - easy.

Appleseed for the ASCA references.

Gundam SEED/Destiny for the NGCS presentation target (based on the "hero" mobile suits dogfighting of course).

As Destiny reviews get very crappy past Episode 40 I'll stop there.
Is Gilligan?s Island an Japanese anime show? :no:
You know we all could be reading a book right now.
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