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Singularitys: how much the hiigarian can manipulate they?
but in two second the singularity will destroy some parts of ship's hull
to boldly go where no one has gone before
You said that your atomic singularity collapses "immediately". 2s was just a random quick number.

And as far as I can tell, the singularity will just warp the hull.
Here is a quick peice about "mini-blackholes"

The exact mechanisms that result in what are known as miniature black holes have not been precisely identified, but a number of hypotheses have been proposed. The basic idea is that miniature black holes might have been formed shortly after the "Big Bang," which is thought to have started the Universe about 15 billion years ago. Very early in the life of the Universe the rapid expansion of some matter might have compressed slower-moving matter enough to contract into black holes. Some scientists hypothesize that black holes can theoretically "evaporate" and explode. The time required for the "evaporation" would depend upon the mass of the black hole. Very massive black holes would need a time that is longer than the current accepted age of the universe. Only miniature black holes are thought to be capable of evaporation within the existing time of our universe. For a black hole formed at the time of the "Big Bang" to evaporate today its mass must be about 1015g (i.e., about 2 trillion pounds), a little more than twice the mass of the current Homo sapien population on planet Earth. During the final phase of the "evaporation," such a black hole would explode with a force of several trillion times that of our most powerful nuclear weapon. So far, however, there is no observational evidence for miniature black holes.

I hope this helps out alittle.
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