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Hyperspace Cores - more random weirdness


The blueprints of the core were integrated and expanded upon, or so the Hiigarans presumed. In fact, the core itself remained at the heart of the Mothership's drive. It was merely the containment unit that had been expanded to account for the stresses of sending a Mothership class vessel through hyperspace. The containment units, which had proven perfectly sufficient onboard Sajuuk's Wrath, were unusable due to the substantially lower energy output of post-Exile technology.

From this paragraph, the homeworld2 background, its said that only the containment unit was expanded.

So, given the situation, you are correct Daniel.

However, it also says that the blueprints of the core were integrated. Meaning that the real thing was not used. Thus they must've copied it.
LOL, discovered this myself today looking over both docs.

Well we can take this several ways:

1. HW1 Manual, otherwise known as the Historical and Tactical Briefing was completly on the level and 100% accurate. The Kushan reverse engineered the core and produced a larger one. Therefore building another core is possible. Though I have no clue how to resolve History of Hiigara...

2. History of Hiigara is correct. The HW1 Manual as a Historical and Tactical Briefing was purposely inaccurate. It was to be issued to all general staff and the Kushan public at large. Full disclosure of the nature of the core was never intended outside of Karen S'jet and ranking officers in the case the ship was boarded by a potential enemy. The HW1 manual mentions how they felt the odds would be very high of encountering other intelligences the closer they came to Hiigara, and they took this into strategic account. The secret of the core was released since information about the reason for exile was publically available on Hiigara as well as the range of commerical and military Hyperspace cores.

3. History of Hiigara is correct. The unit which complied the briefing did not have an overly technical background. Someone mis-interpeted the data on the core, and took the containment unit to mean the core itself. The blueprints for the containment unit were expanded twelve-fold and the original core was integrated into it.
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I agree with 3, mis-interpretation alters history.
Seems like it was years since I was last here
If you're designing a containment system then you're going to use the blueprints for the core, (in helping to design that system,) thus I'd say they incorporated the blueprints in designing the containment system for the core and used the core from the wreck as the actual hyperspace device. Hence both histories would be right.

As for the difference between the two core versions:
As I understand it the far-jumpers are a pure solid-state module, perhaps utilising particles and the like to process things in ways we are not even aware can be done at the moment.
I think the difference between the two is that Higaran & Vaygr technology is not yet at a level where they can produce entirely solid state modules capable of that sort of thing. Nano-technology doesn't seem to have come far enough for the Higarans yet, (you'd probably need a level of it superior to what the beast was capable of in cataclysm.)
So while they can observe the far-jump module's effect and generate a similar effect with their own version they do not as of yet have the tools to create something in quite the same league.
It's a question of elegance, both cores would receive and output the same kind of power but the far-jumpers can apply it with a great deal more finesse losing a lot less of it to instabilities and the like.

On the RU cost of tactical jumps, I think that's just a cost of quickly charging the unit, replacing auxiliary generators you burn out, or the fuel rods you exhaust, things like that.
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Inert: You mentioned the 10min charging time for a Great Core compared to the undefined but shorter time frame for a standard core. In the HW1 manual it is mention to use the Great Core at all, it must be fully charged. This holds true in HW2 as well. So the range of the standard cores must be remarkably smaller to be charged as quickly.

I don't think the charging cost for tactical jumps is damage to aux reactors, or use of fuel rods, but simply shifting energy directly into the core(ICA-style?) without losing any of the vessel's battle capability.

On the nature of Cores a couple of things:
1. Were the three great cores built for the Sajuuk? Or was the Sajuuk built for them? I'm thinking the Sajuuk was built to take advantage of the power of the three cores.

2. Are the three great cores Identical? Even if they were built side by side at the same time, it makes sense that there might be some differances between them due to insight learned during the manufacturing processs and testing.

3. Are there marked differances between standard cores and standard progenitor cores? The various progenitor vessels recovered have cores I belive as well. While they might not be "Great Cores" they could still be more efficient then standard cores, not to mention they could be dissassmbled without great loss.

4. If any of the current factions came into possesion of a great core, how would it change the war was fought, both at the level of a single battle and the overall war? This is hypotheical of course.
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The range is undefined, but I am sure that it is signficantly less then a far jumper for a short jumper. Otherwise lesser races would not care about a far jumper.

1) The cores were built by Sajuuk to unlock the mysteries of hyperspace.

2) Presumeably yes, there showed no difference between the capacity of any core exceeding or less powerful then any other core. They even look alike.
What a read...... anyways, I've always been wondering about the Cores myself. I'm not sure if this is entirely right but don't all flame me... plese...

Okay, so I think one reason why replica cores are not the same as the Original three Cores is because they haven't been made using the same methods. The Progenitors had the massive and beautiful Great Forge from where those three cores came from. And those three are impressive. Remember that the Bentusi Core was able to survive Bentus's selfdestruction and kill the four Keepers, although it was broken into three parts.

As for the HW1 core, I think the only reason it's not perfect and had to have the old parts mixed into it was because resources to build one were few and far between as is. I'm guessing that the Progenitor forge would have the capacity to create any atom or isitope it needed as well as re-arrange it in any pattern or molicule they desired. I'm sure neiter Bentusi, Vayger or Higgarian have progressed that far.

The only semi attempt at single ship galaxy to galaxy travel was done by that stupid beast ship with that ineritaless drive thing. That had the power to go from galaxy to galaxy, but was cut short due to infection which some how exists in the space between galaxies.

S'all I got to say I guess..... Hope it's helpful in some way. :S
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question: when the nagarrok blow up isn't possible that some part oh the ship survive to the explosion? or some ship infected cannot be used for reverse engineering and maybe used to create more powerfull ships?

if only karen wait a moment before go to run across some galaxyes :rol:

p.s.: don't kill me but what is "homeworld 2 ascension" a mod? or only a word to explain the last cinematic?
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Keep in mind the only hyperspace core we ever see in action on a regular basis is the Mothership's core. Which means that the Kharakans could have modified it. "Expanding" it for farther jumps (the jump distance may be further based on modifications) but also making it highly inaccurate.

It makes sense to me as the Bentusi (and others) may not have been able to copy, but may have been able to optimize it, at least to their own systems. Which means that the Bentusi could go further and accurately.

Also, while we never see any other race do this, the Bentusi were able to far jump their entire fleet to Bentus when the Hiigarans were being kicked off their planet with their little spat with the Taiidani. Now, if they could do this, what would have stopped them from doing the reverse--taking ships by Bentus and flinging them across the galaxy? Now, if all the cores were the same, imagine Makaan doing that with the Vaygr?

I maintain that each of the Cores is different based on modifications by their discoverers. Hiigarans may have increased the "natural" far jumping ability at the cost of accuracy. The Bentusi may have modified it to the point where they were almost as proficient as the progenators. The Vaygr found theirs floating in an asteroid belt, so maybe their core was less sophisticated than the others? Only able to make smaller (though significant, maybe 2000 light years?) jumps that were also highly innacurate?

Also, maybe the hyperspace modules the Hiigaran (and others) Navy uses suffers from the same problems as their own core? For example, we know their tactical jumps are highly accurate. However, maybe they're only accurate when you're pumping thousands of RUs to make it accurate. Maybe they only use a fraction of those RUs to do strategic jumps from system to system when accuracy is not as important as speed?

Also, the Bentusi probably could have created a copy-core. however, they wouldn't've needed it. If they can jump their ships from across the galaxy to them and away from them, why would you need a copy? I mean, the only thing that could have harrassed the Bentus were progenator tech while their barely armed merchant vessels had problems with a century old (from current in-game time) taidani fleet. I'd hate to think what would've happened to the exiles if the Taiidani got a hold of a core at or before Homeworld 1.
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