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Super Heavy Advanced Plasma Cannons?


Cobalt Shiva wrote:
Induction beam development shouldn't be too hard, as long as you can create a weapon effect of two (or more) paired beams.

Actually creating two separate weapon systems and scripting a damage bonus when they're both hitting the target would probably be tougher.

You mentioned "a few meters", so I don't think it'd be that visible in space to require the latter suggestion of two separate weapon systems. We could use a single turret to fire a single beam with appropriate GFX to make it look like 2. That'd be easier for the code monkeys, as well.
Could you maybe just stick some sort of energising device on the end of an ICA barrel? (You know, like you have the little flame thing on the end of a flamethrower.) Do it to two barrels, give one the neg charger and one the pos charger, they naturally strike a few meters away from each other. *shrug*
Plasma weaponry could be added to the Marine Frigate Fluff. When the hull of the enemy ship is breached, drive plasma is briefly vented into the crew spaces of the ship, clearing out an area for the marines to enter, assuming that whatever sort of protection the fluff gurus have them wearing these days can protect them from the residual heat. Sort of reminiscient of the defense against the beast that Destroyer captains came up with in HW:C.
But wouldn't the drive plasma also melt the corridors, rooms, sections, etc inside?
It'd make entry a little messy, I think.
Grenades would do a better job than flash-flooding the entry point with plasma, which might possibly cause explosive decompression if it sears through a weakened portion of hull.
Drachen has the in-game implementation for the induction beam right. A single weapon is easier to script and control.
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