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To do list
Now that I have some free time on my hands, hopefully we can get back to work. We have a few things we should get done heading toward a v1 alpha release to make the mod playable and more interesting. As it is, we've only been tweaking stats and experimenting; for an actual release, we need more 'meat' on the mod to get interest.

So what we need in terms of major features are as follows, in no particular order:

#1:More Ships; we need some early war hull derivatives at least similar to what would have existed around v4 or v5 of classic PDS. A few of the HW1 'placeholder' models currently in the HGN lineup would be replaced with custom models, and the Vaygr would at least get the Nachin-Gal assault craft (there is a 3 gun model from TFS that would do perfectly), recon frigate, merkava, and some CVSRs (Recon carriers). Ideally the Vaygr would get some kind of gun sloop as well, if one can be found.

#2:Additional CIWS on the Arbiter I, Vaygr Carrier, both races' shipyards, installation of the HGN carrier's starboard MRAM tubes. Installation of MRAM rails and Plasma Flares on the Bloodhound 1. Bloodhound 2s would exist at this point as well and would be ported over. The HGN and VGR battlecruisers also need some level of loadout upgrades.

#3:Additional Reinforcement groups for the HGN and VGR navies. Hiigaran ones would be dropped off by a carrier, and the Vaygr will either get a carrier or possibly a special Hyperspace gate to facilitate reinforcement. Build times for individual ships will be lengthened substantially, making the reinforcement system the 'primary' means of reinforcement.

#4: Sensor Ranges and ECM: Currently the sensors on anything that isn't a probe are disgustingly low, so they will need to be increased and made sense of. As well, ECM/Sensor jamming suites should be applied to more ships to counter the increased sensor ranges. Generally sensors power will increase with ship size.

#5: Taiidan Republic and Turanic Raider mini factions: Since this takes place right at the beginning of the war, it happens in the republic's backyard. So they're majorly plot-relevant. The Raiders meanwhile were the thing the Hiigarans were doing most of their target practice on before the war started. They don't need fully kitted out shiplines, but just enough to be useful for scripted missions or skirmish psuedo-scenarios. Siber and Pouk both expressed interest in letting us use their models for this purpose.

#6: Nuke effects on the Vgr Destroyer's torpedoes need to be toned down. Badly.

#7: The dreaded Missile Tweaking; what I've decided to do is just copy the missile templates out of either vanilla or old PDS versions and modify them from there instead of starting from scratch. That's what I did with the Vaygr Corvette's missiles anyway.

#8: Enable Skirmish AI: Basic HW2 AI should be activated. The AI will be given the ability to use reinforcement groups to allow it to build fighter squadrons and ample numbers of smaller craft. Some of these squadrons would be 'hidden' and not available to players (I.E. redundant ones like a group that gives 5 interceptors vs a group that give 10). We also need to see if we can get them to put ships in formations when it builds them (Like, the reinforcement wing automatically goes into it's own strikegroup when built).

#9: Get subsystem modules and research to actually do something useful.

#10: Going with #9, start getting the 'Off Map Support/Resource/Logistics' deal operational. At the very least have off map cargo ships show up and deliver resource injections. We'll need to find a cargo ship model for the Vaygr though (We can use the Bishop transport and an unarmed version of the Lavi for the HGN at least).

If there's anything I forgot, or that would be fundamentally difficult to do, please add your $0.02 in the thread below (you're on your own if you're in the eurozone).
Well in current state only #8: is IMO critical one that prevent the actual "fun" from current game version.

#2 - I wouldn't mind several flak turrets on HGN Carrier, Shipyard and Battlecruiser out of pure cool factor of seeing and hearing the flaks exploding everywhere. Not too many (e.g 2 on Carrier, 3-4 on BC and maybe 5-6 on SY).

From my last play test some time ago I think that Vaygrs are currently a bit underpowered when facing HGN.

I'd also add some experimentation with time-based cooldown hyperspace instead RU based HS.
If it comes down to it, it probably wouldn't be terribly hard to kludge together some kind of ghetto freighter by bolting a bunch of the crates from MP together with some strips, and then sticking a Vaygr frigate bridge tower somewhere.
Well for Reinforcements, the Vaygr can use either a standard fleet carrier (Kaghan) or possibly a hyperspace gate for now, until we can come up with something fancier.

During the HW2 Alpha version there was a Transport Frigate that existed. One day I want to find or make a model and we could simply have one of those hyperspace in to drop off fighters.

For actual cargo freighters, we'd have to make one.
Now, I've gone through and doubled the sensor ranges of all ships. While this looks like overkill on vanilla maps, vanilla maps are small and custom ones are eventually going to get much bigger.

Before we finalize this I want people to go through and see if it looks right.
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