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[ITN] Imperial Taiidan Navy
Nothing that I posted is final. Some configs might actually look good on paper but end up totally useless ingame so this is open to development.

Fo the Raachok CT I used the WH:R light corvette as it has enough free space for additional mounts. I'm very aware tha light covettes very obsolete that's why I wrote that this is not acutaly HW1 modernised Raachok, but more like completele new design that share the external similarity to Raachok CT and instead obsolete light corvette it's more like corvette bomber.

Type-60 Assault Ship - the ship would definetly need retexturing using HW:R textures. Otherwise it would stand out as low quality model even among models straight from HW2:Classic

Type-58 Attack Bomber - I love the model and idean that it's Taiidan counterpart of Thunderbolt IV. I think that with HW:R texture this model would simply rock!

Type-200R Destroyer - guess what? you nailed it! I planned to used it as formet Republical patrol destroyr replacement of Skal-Fa too.
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Taiidan Space Superiority Fighter (SSF)

Class: Strike Craft
Classification: First rate
Role: Anti-fighter
Modernisation potential: High
Source: Homeworld Universe / Path to Victory mod

After many trial and errors and experimenting with exotic designs like Koshiir-Jet Taiidans finally managed to nail it with powerful, but cost effective and mass produced desing. This space superiority fighter is fast, durable and well armed (two high-caliber and one mid-caliber fighter cannons, plus two Pilum-HK missile rack mounted on top).
It's nerest HNG and Vayygr equivalent are HSF and HAC. Taiidan SSF is weaker but significantly cheaper and easier for mass production while still maitaining good dogfight capabilities (but unlike HSF not HAC it's not effective anti-frigate and anti-subsystem strike platform).
Taiidan Quaar-Tel Light Cruiser

Class: Cruiser
Classification: First rate
Role: Anti-Frigate, Anti-warship
Modernisation potential: High
Source: Homeworld Universe / Path to Victory mod

Early concepts of Quaar-Tel begun to spark shortly after the fall of the Taiidan Empire, the Quaar-Tel was envisioned as a smaller version of the feared Qwaar-Jet which just turned out to be too costly to produce en masse without an entire empire of logistics to support the space docks. However the idea took the physical, non-prototype form only many decades later. Final Quaar-Tel production model is highly maneuverable and capable of keeping pace with even the fastest ships in the fleet, making it an ideal weapon for the kind of quick raids. Higgaran tactical analyticts say that this is plain rip-off from HGN LiirHraa Light Cruiser, but the truth is that both ships were developed independently with no knowledge of eachother. The tactical an design similarities are striking because both ships were developed out od the same strategic needs - cheap and fast capital ship platform that can be build and deployed away from regular shipyards (undersea facilities in case of LiirHraa and numerous imperial auxilary shipyards build inside hollow asteroids).

Comparing to LiirHraa Quaar-Tel pack more direct firepower and armor, but less speed. However thanks to two-layer LDS/DFG system the ship can endure significantly heavier fire than LiirHraa. This unfortunately comes with the price. Higgaran analytics say that Empire can field one Quaar-Tell for every 2 LiirHra's. The truth is even worse as the actual ratio is 1:2,5.
The fundamental problem with PTV stuff is nobody knows where the PTV devs have gone off to. So acquiring them for use might be tricky.

That's a problem, because I'd love access to PTV stuff (especially their Turanic, Taiidan, and Progenitor ships).

Same problem with Enterprise-E and the Taii Cruisers mod. No idea where he disappeared to, no idea if we'd ever be able to use them.
Yeah I'm fully aware of that - that's why I started with HW:R models as they are ready to work on and all mod based design are potential 4G and 5G designs (in other word on hold till we obtain the permission or find viable replacement).

Edit: BTW what about HW@ mod? they have several high quality Taiidan models (Two Frigates, Destroyer and Scout fighter)?

Edit2: To be done tomorrow:

Advance Light Fighter (based on HW@ scout model)
Advanced Strike Fighter (based on HW@ higgaran/taiidan fighter hybrid, Republican origin)
Fleet and Auxilary Carriers (based on HW:R model)
Battle Carrier (base on Sands of Time Titan-naam carrier that looks suprisingly Taiidan/Republican)
Commercial raider (armed HW:R Resource collector)
Mobile shipyards (based on HW:R Mothership or FX mod Taiidan Shipyard).

I forgot about two more
Qwaar-Jet Evolved (from PDS mod) as proper Taiidan battlecruiser
Qwaar-Jet mk.2 (from HW@ mod UHN Heavy Cruiser that looks very Taiidan in general design) as Republican Heavy Cruiser design that also end up in Imperial hands.
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Battle Carrier (base on Sands of Time Titan-naam carrier that looks suprisingly Taiidan/Republican)

We'd need to get permission from the SOT team, and I've no idea who to contact in that regard.

HW@ stuff I'm reasonably sure we can use, since EatThePath has already said okay (I'll double check). I'd love to incorporate their Taiidan and even their Frrern models in.

HW@ Vaygr might even be useful for some minor faction like Kassi mercenaries, Itaar, or even Turanic Raiders if we can't acquire PTV's models (which I would perfer).

As for this:


Qwaar-Jet mk.2 (from HW@ mod UHN Heavy Cruiser that looks very Taiidan in general design) as Republican Heavy Cruiser design that also end up in Imperial hands.

I actually intended to acquire that particular model and use it as an interbellum Hiigaran design (between the Beast War and Vaygr War) used by one of the other kiith, as part of a design competition with what would eventually become the Prince of Hiigara. The design would have been rejected, but used by the Cush Federation or Kiith private navies, and eventually integrated into the HGN when the Vaygr War broke out.

I'll talk to EatThePath next time I see him.
Regarding Path of Victory Permission - have you tried to contact someone from Homeworld Universe mod that use PoV models? There may be a slight chance that they have the original PoV author stance about usage policy by other mods (e.g. fine as long as we put them in credits).

Regarding UHN Heavy Cruiser from HW@ mod - the general shape and design is very Qwaar-Jet'ish that's why I see it as Taiidan Republic design with some minor early (interim betweeen HW1 and HW2) Higgaran influence.

It doesn't really fit anywhere else and it would be hard to build Cush navy around one model.
Well the idea with the FCN is that it'd mostly use a mix of older Hiigaran ships (HW1!) and a few vessels of it's own native design (The old Starshot Chronacles ships, abiet after they get a substantial touch up).
To further elaborate, the UNH fleet would be used for a number of purposes. Most of the capital ship designs would be Hiigaran inter-war designs 'that never made it'. Developments by the Kiith private navies that weren't adopted by the mainline HGN, or joint Republican-Hiigaran projects with limited production runs that were ultimately torpedoed by politics rather than any deficiency in engineering (we'll say after Captian/Chancellor Elson's retirement from politics, and issues such a the revelation of Kiith Somtaaw's involvement in releasing the Beast caused Hiigaran/Republican relations to get rather shaky at a few times).

-The UNH heavy cruiser, I was thinking, would be a descendant of the HW1 era Avatar, with several models built. However, it lost out to what would become the Prince of Hiigara in trials for the HGN's primary cruiser. Those that were produced were used by some of the other Kiithid, or sold to the Federation of Cush Navy and Taiidan Republic to try and replace their aging HW1-era designs.

-The UNH Destroyer would, similarly, be an outgrowth of the old Revelation class, but the combat flexibility of the Arbiter was deemed superior. One idea is it was originally intended for the Arbiter to mount turreted Ion Cannons on it's top and bottom, but the original design was equipped with railguns due to the needs of the time. Unforseen design constraints and budget issues precluded the installation of Ion Turrets on the Arbiter (with the exception of a few experimental hulls, such as the DDX-1 Starslayer) until long after the UNH destroyer project was canned. Again, the remaining hulls were sold to the Cush Federation and Taiidan Republic.

-The UNH Frigates and Corvettes, I was actually imagining would become Yomi ships. Tenative designations are the YSDF 'Ashigaru' class for their assault frigate, YSDF 'Inu Hei' (Dog Soldier) Ion Cannon Frigate, with the Corvettes being small escort or assault ships. Extrapolation of their basic designs and aesthetics would shape future YSDF ships.

-I've been continuing to try and contact MoLoLoLoLoLoLoLu to acquire PTV assets. If by some miracle he responds, and we get the use of them, my logic is this: The PTV Taiidan Ships (Interceptor/Corvette/Frigate/Light Cruiser) would be Pre-vaygr-war Imperialist Designs, while the HW@ ships would be Republican Designs. This is a good way of explaining their aesthetic and texture differences. Following the war, most Republican designs would be taken over and produced by the expanded Imperial Navy anyway. Vaygr-Taiidani designs like the QJE, Failiaka, and Shamshir would only appear later.

-The Darak Ti concept ship ([img=]from this thread for those of you at home[/img]) would be an Imperialist Design. A small antistrikecraft/patrol destroyer.

-The Taiidan Supercarrier (same thread) would be a Republican design, probably one that was never actually built, that was adapted by the Imperialists after they captured the Republic's research and eventually put into production.
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