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[ITN] Imperial Taiidan Navy
I set up this topic for brainstorm of development of ITN.

I will post here the idas on HW:R Taiidan ships modernisation as well as several Taiidan ships from other mods, that if we obtain the permission to use them would be greate addition to the HW1 hulls that we already have from HW:R.

First the genral setting by Ironwatsas:

The Imperial Navy doesn't particularly use an 'Era' Classification, but rather a sliding rating of combat power and suitability in the modern environment. This changes over time as technological paradigms shift. As of the Hiigaran 5th era equivalent, the Imperial Navy is still in a state of flux.

Third Rate: The Taiidan Navy has a large amount of obsolete hardware in it's inventory that it has been unable to effectively replace or get rid of, with many chassis dating back to the Homeworld War and subsequent conflicts. These hulls often have varying levels of modernization and wear and tear, and many have been passed off to warlord factions or Taiidani client states, or sold to poorer Vaygr clans. These vessels generally have limited tactical and strategic mobility and poor (if any) active point defenses. Some efforts to modernize these old hulls have been made, such as the additions of missile launchers or additional weapons. Generally, these ships are used in suicidal rush tactics to overwhelm targets through sheer numbers, as a distraction, or to bolster larger, more modern ships by presenting a larger number of expendable targets. Conversions to unmanned drones are becoming increasingly popular as well.

Second Rate: While the Imperial Navy has often had the short end of the political and financial stick compared to its counterpart in the Republic, it has made some indigenous developments in naval weaponry since the Partition of the Empire. Moreover, after the Vaygr Invasion, many Republican hulls and projects fell into the Empire's hands, including those which were discontinued by the Republic and resumed by the resurgent Empire. What the Imperial Navy considers 'Second Rate' are roughly equivalent to early-war Hiigaran designs, updated with appropriate point defenses and with firepower and survivability to stand in the main-line of battle.

First Rate: The bleeding edge of Taiidani engineering. First-rate ships are generally the newest, most advanced, and most powerful warships the Empire has to offer. The results of Vaygr-Taiidani collaboration, canceled Republican modernization projects, or implementation of Progentech. First rate Taiidani ships are every bit as capable (if not superior) as their Hiigaran contemporaries, but available in smaller numbers. The Empire's industrial and financial capacity, while focused, is only a fraction of that of the Hiigaran Federation and it's allies'. The Taiidani treat their best ships as a scalpel, while it's swarms of second and third rate ships are a war-hammer who's strength lies in numbers.

Leagacy Munitions: There are some ships and designs so ancient, obsolete, or uneconomical that the Taiidan have discarded them completely. Often these are early Homeworld-war or Pre-war designs which have been scrapped entirely or sold off to Client States, Pirates, or poorer Vaygr Clans. Because of the old Empire's immensely huge war machine and the extent of it's production, it is likely that Taiidani-make hardware will be seen in the hands of Pirates, Mercenaries, and Insurgent forces for many decades to come, regardless of it's obsolescence. Many demilitarized designs were purchased as surplus by corporations and civilians abroad. Examples include the Type-41 Light Corvette (Raachok) and Type-806 Engineering Frigate (Heeshk).

My input - Taiidan weapons:

Strike Craft missiles:
Pilum-LR - one of Taiidan equivalents to HGN HVM. This Pilum variant is opttimized to be longer range and longer speed at cost of missile agility. It's designed for stand-off purpose and to pick -off bombers and corvettes (athough armoured corveted will take several missiles easily).

Pilum-HK - Pilum variant optimized for dogfight. Anti-fighter hunter-killer. Comparing to HVM it has shorter range, but better agility.

Trebuchet - long range anti-corvette and anti-subsystem missile. Corvettes that do very sharp turns have some change of evading it so in dogfight it's not as effective as at stand-off range (that's why Triikor mk.3 has Trebuchet.Autocannon combo)

Spiculum - Taiidan bomber equivalent of HVR. Short range dumbfire rocket with good payload against frigates. In large number dangerous even to capships.

Javelin torpedo - warship class torpedos carried by Taiidan bomber underside heardpoints. Very deadly, but needs to be launched in volleys to get though PDS fire.

Strike Craft weapons:
Fighter rotary cannon - fighter cannon used on Scout hulls, comparable to HGN and Vaygr fighter cannon.

Fighter autocannon - Triikor mk.3 autocanon. Dedicated anti-fighter weapon that also do some damage to frigates and subsystems.

Defender cannon - turreted quad-cannon, very effective against fighter.

Bomber autocannon - heavier version of bomber autocanons. Still effective agains corvettes, but more optimised towards anti-frigate and anti-subsystem role.

IHC Cannon - Taiidan bomber version of this:
Very good damage to frigates and susbsystems and dangerous even to capships

Lightium IC (Corvette size) - used my the former minelayer corvette. Comparing to IHC Cannon it has longer range and comparable DPS (maybe slightly smaller).
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Taiidan "Fiirkan mk.5" Scout

Class: Strike Craft
Classification: First rate
Role: Scout, Light Interceptor, Electronic Warfare craft
Modernisation potentian: Very High (more specialistic variant can be expected)

Despite external resamblance to Exodus Era Scout, Fiirkan mk.5 is the fifth iteration of the Taiidan light craft. Complaring from Fiirkan mk.1 the hull went through intensive overhaul to engine, avionics, hull (lightwell materials). The most important novelty introduced by mk.5 is the addition of 4 modular hardpoints that can be used to outfit Fiirkan to fit particulal mission requirements. The hull itself is so well developed through all the years that it's very cheap and cost effective multi-purpose light craft.

I imagine this hull to HW1 variant be something like current Viper gunship to first Cobra variant, or latest F-16 to first F-16 variants.

Fiirkan mk.5 variants:
"Scout" (Fiirkan mk.5-R) - baseline hull where only two hardpoints are use by additional sensor pods which give the ship very good sensor range and ability to reveal cloaked crafts. The craft is often used near rouge Turanic groups to monitor their movements before they will start making troubles.

"Zero" (Fiirkan mk.5-I) - Light interceptor armed with 4 Pilum long range missile (HVM but with bigger range and speed, but lower agility). This variant has been nicknamed "Zero" by Taiidan pilots which means "zero armor, zero dogfight capabilites, zero rate of survival against warships, zero space for mistakes". This phrase fully describe "Zero" intended purpose as stand-off light interceptor intended to fly all accross the battlefield and pick off hostile bombers, while avoiding hostile escort. Due to good speed Taiidan pilots, whaen force to engage hostile fighters tend to do the high speed flyby and while the target is distracted by incoming Pilum the close in and kill the target with their dual rotary cannons. If attack failed to kil the target with one pass they immediately disengage to save distance and start attack again.

"Whisperer" (Fiirkan mk.5-EW) - Instead of developing dedicated craft, Empire decided that having large amount of cheap hulls would be ideal solution for providing imperial squadrons with Electronic Warfare support. Fiirkan mk.5-EW is loaded with EW pods that provide real time fire control and battlefield awerness for entire squadrons. Good speed make it easily keep up with the fighters and evade hostiles if needed and cheap production cost means that losses are easily replacable. Basically this is the fighter-size equivalent of Vaygr command corvette.

What needs to be done:
Scout variant - can be directly moved from HW:R
Light interceptor variant - would need 4 missile pods attached to the hardpoints (see upper screenshot, red arrows)
EW variant - same as Light fighter, but instead missile pods the sensor pods (HW:R proximity sensor model would fit at a EW pod)
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Taiidan "Triikor mk.3" Light Strike Fighter

Class: Strike Craft
Classification: Third rate
Role: Light Strike Fighter (anti-corvette, anti-frigate, anti-subsystem)
Modernisation potential: Very low (hull at very end of it's lifecycle)

Unlike The Fiirkan, the time was not gentel with the Triikor. Due to unusual and exotic design for the long time Tai engineers wasn't been able to sucesfully modernise this fighter without severely negative impact to flight capabilities. the Mk.2 addition were minimal in form of weapon upgrades and slightly better armor (especially around cokpit area). Unfortunately Empire had not yet been able to videly implement the replacement of Triikor, especially for large numbers of fighters in Imperial Auxila fleets.
Out of pure enecesity the mk.3 variant has been introduce that repurposed it from standard interceptor to Light Strike Fighter. The mk.3 version had it's main canon replaced by high caliber autocanon, perfect for dealing damage to less agile targets like Corvettes and Frigates. Additionally the hardpoint thatwas intentionally left empty has been fitted with Trebuchet long range missile pod (anti-corvette and anti-subsystem missile). What was a plesant suprise for mk.2 pilots was that engative inpact of missile pod was negated by upgraded "fly-by-wire" avionics that made mk.3 only slightly less responsive than mk.2.
The mk.3 is almost helpless in dogfight with other fighters, but is capable of dealing with hostile corvettes (althout with losses - that why it has been classified as 3rd rate, not 2nd rate). Trebuchet missiles, especially en masses allow it to be used as anti-subsytem craft, reliefing the regular bombers from that duty).

Triikor mk.2 (auxilary interceptor) - can be ported directly from HW:R
Triikor mk.3 (LSF) - need to have missile pod attached (see screenshot)
Taaidan Attack Bomber

Class: Strike Craft
Classification: First/Second rate
Role: Anti-frigate, Anti-capship
Modernisation potential: variable (the hull is relatively old, but large number of hardpoints can host number or modern weapons)

Another qite old hull that despite it's age is still essential (aka Imperial equivalent to B-52 bomber) to Imperial Strike Craft doctrine therefore the hull has been modernised several times. The most important modernisation was to replace plasma bomb launchers (see the first image) with heavy autocannons (upscaled version of Triikor mk.2 cannon good against frigates and corvettes). This change allowed to use the space that was formely PBL radiator as a medium hardpoint for medium missile rack (Taiidan HVR equivalent - anti-Frigate missile). Additionally and the bottom there are two hardpoints where heavy torpedo can be attached externally (two warship class torpedos - long range, high dammage, but much longer re-fire/re-load time than any other fighter missile). Alternatively, instead of heavy torpedos special bomber variant can field the IHC Cannon (Integrated High Calibre Cannon - but Bomber pilots just call them "Insanely Huge Cannon") that allow to put more dammage than torpedos (you do not have to wait for reload), but requires to fly closer to target (torpedos can be launche from safe distace and retreat).

Comparing to Higg and Vaygr bombers it's slower but more armoured. It's firepower is comparable to much more modern HGN Thunderbolt, but it has the long range torpedo capability of Vaygr bomber. Unfortunately having all these traits make it slow and helpless against any fighters (both HVR and autocannons are useless against small and agile targets). This means that they can die in the situation where HGN or Vayg bomber could run away. Their slow spee also make them stay in warship killzone longer than other bombers.

"Kark" - third rate bomber - obsolete unless you need something for anti-subsystem duty

"Kaark-Fa" ("Kaark" from Bomber name, "Fa" from Missile destroyer) Torpedo bomber - heavy torpedo that also field two heavy autocannons an two rocket pods. The model needs to have rocketpods attached (see first image) and two torpedos attached at the bottom (see second image). This bomber is designated second rate as the hull is already old and losses are expected unless squadron commander use the "launch torpedos and run away" tactic

"Kaark-Tel" (Tel from normal destroyer) assault bomber - dedicated frigate killer, Taiidan pilots call the "Strike Craft size destroyers that how Kaark-Tel and Kaark-Fa names appeared. Just lke Kaark-Fa this ship field two autocanon and two rocket pods, but underneath, instead of torpedos there is IHC Cannon (see second image - frontal arrow - A-10 style canon). A flight of these bombers can wipe out a frigate lance in the seconds, albeir some losses are still expected. Due to it's vital anti-frigate role ir's rated on border between 1st and 2nd rate.
Taiidan "Seejur mk.2" Heavy Escort Fighter

Class: Strike Craft
Classification: Second/Third rate
Role: Anti-fighter
Modernisation potential: very low

Because of the agin Triikor mk.1 and mk.2 Taiidan command had to come out with the temporary solution to patch the gap in their Fleet anti-fighter screen. As usual the simples solution to this was to use what already has been avaliable. Decision was made to upgrade old Defenders to mk.2 variant. The upgrade was done in form of better targetting & tracking system and replacing three dual cannons with three quad cannons - increasing the firepower by 100%.
There is even a variant with two Pilum missile pods that further increase it's firepower.
In Taiidan Naval R&D department the is a joke that what first mk.2 version was introduced some low level technical said that the ship has no future as it's small and slow, so you should stick some missile on it to at least have a farewell salvo before you die. It would be just a joke of not that one Fleet Admirals overheard it and decide it worth to try.

"Seejur mk.2" Heavy Escort fighter - 3rd rate fleet defender (vulnerability to ranged fighter missiles like HVM). Effective as close range warship escort or additional anti-missile screen for the numerous 3rd rate warships that lack their own PDS capabilities.

"Seejur-Fa" (officially Sejur mk.2-M) Heavy Escort fighter - mk. 2 variant with additional two rack of Pilum lond range missile. Due to better stand-off capabilities it has been rated as 2nd rate class ship.
Taiidan "Koshiir-Jet" Heavy Escort Fighter

Class: Strike Craft
Classification: FIrst/Second rate
Role: Anti-fighter
Modernisation potential: moderate (high weapon hardpoint flexibility, moderate hull flexibility)

Imperial definitive response to the problem of lack of the viable replacement to Triikor fighters.
Koshiir-Jet Heavy escort fighter use relatively new hull of defense fighter and augment them with two turreted quad-cannons (same as in modernised defender) and two Pilum-HK missiles (dogfight version of Pilum, shorter range and speed but beter agility, anti-fighter hunter-killer). Thanks to this turret/missile configuration Koshiir-Jet can engage targets that are at very exotic angles - very few pilots that survived the encounter with Koshiir-Jet claim that Taiidan pilots deliberately let hostile fighters on their tails and then turn their turrets and release Pilum-HK on them.
This infamous efficiency earned them the "Jet" suffix in the name - the title earned only by the best and deadliest ships in the fleet.

Additionally this fighter retained it's anti-missile defense system (that also act as additional frontal-armor when in dogfights), making it one of the best dedicated Escort fighters in the galaxy. Unfortunately this comes with a price - Koshiir-Jets are one of the most expensive Taiidan strike crafts.
Some Taiidan comanders complain that Koshiir-Jet are too multipurpose and expect that in the future, new pure-combat mass produced ships will replace them as Koshiir-Jet are too complex to be intended replacement of mass-produced Triikors.

It also worth mention that Koshiir-Jet is an ultimate proof that Tiikor wasn't the Taiidan last word on exotic fighter design.
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Taiidan "Raachok mk.2" multi-putpose corvette

Class: Corvette
Classification: Second rate
Role: anti-frigate, anti-warship
Modernisation potential: Good (high weapon hardpoint flexibility, good hull flexibility)

Shortly after Exodus war Light and Heavy Corvettes were retired in favor of the swifter and more capable Multi-Gun Corvettes. Unfortunately for Taiidan the Multi-Gun Corvettes models were also plauged by their age and low modernisation podential.
Fearing that they might end up without any combat corvettes Taiidan navy decided to go back to the roots re-exploring the Light and Heavy corvettes concept. The later would end up as cooperation with Vaygr in form of Shamshir (not Taiidan name) advance battle corvette. As for the former, the project fruits came in form of Raachok mk.2 corvette. Despite the name and physical similarity to mk.1 the mk.2 hull was designed completely from the scratch. Around dual IHC cannons. As secondary weapons this corvette has two medium missile racks to carry Spiculum rockets and at the bottom there are two Javelin anti-ship torpedos.

The ship initially was rates 1st rate due to it's projected survivability against escort and warship defense screen, but HGN introduction of pulsar beams made it degraded to 2nd rate hull. Still several of the can be a very bad day to any warship smaller than battlecruiser.
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Taiidan Torpedo Corvette

Class: Corvette
Classification: Third rate
Role: anti-warship
Modernisation potential: almost none

Despite the sucess of both Raachok mk.2 and Kaark-Fa Taiidan Command noticed that projected PDS development will require increased number of missiles launched in order to pass through target defence.
With limited resources the decision was made to have low cost re-design of old Heavy Corvette class into the Torpedo corvette that it able to carry and launch the volley of 4 externally attached Javelin torpedos. In theory several of these corvettes would be able to launch their payload from save distance and defeat the target PDS.
For protection this Torpedo corvette has two anti-figher cannon turrets.
Taiidan "Diirvaas-Fa" Multi-Gunship

Class: Corvette
Classification: Third rate
Role: anti-fighter, anti-corvette
Modernisation potential: almost none

Another nightmarish design from Taiidan R&D. This design is the answer of what will happen if you decide to make multi-gun corvette to become multi-missile corvette in the same time. The end result is one of the slowest and sluggish corvette in the galaxy that also pack the biggest amount of firepower till introduction of modern HGN Khopesh and Lavi corvettes.
The Diirvaas-Fa in adition to it's regular anti-fighter cannons pack 6 missile racs on the fins (2x Pilum-LR, 2x Pilum-HK and 2x Trebuchet).
In Taiidan combat doctrine it's treated as heavily armoured and upscaled Defender, that use it's missiles and guns to protect the fleet while the fleet try to cover Diirvaas-Fa from any anti-corvette attackers.
One of the biggest flaw of the design is that it's relatively expensive in maintenance and use missile equivalent of 3 fighters, making it one of the less numerous corvette in ITN. It's rated 3rd rate, but it has 1st rate firepower.

Side note:
With the missile racks it would looks kinda like Hind helicopter gunship.
Taiidan "Wodaan-Tel" Ion Corvette

Class: Corvette
Classification: First/Second rate
Role: anti-frigate, anti-warship
Modernisation potential: almost none

Testbed for Taiidan Corvette size Lithium ion canons. The "Wodaan" was chosen as ready-to-use platform due to large free space when minelaying equipment was removed. In it's place the two prototype light lithium ion cannons were installed that provided longer range for the same damage comparing to widespread use of autocannons in ITN. Additionally there is a possibility to attach 3 Javelin torpedos on the other side to further boost anti-warship capabilities although it's not popular amonth the Wodaan-Tel crews as it' make it much more sluggish (unnoficial quote from unknown Wodaan-Tel captain: "If I'd like to use torpedos, I'd choose to be captain of a fucking Torpedo corvette in the first place!").
Please attach the images, or place them where you know for sure they will always be available...
Taiidan Resource Collector

Class: Corvette
Classification: First rate
Role: Corvette size Resource Collector, Repair corvette, salvage corvette
Modernisation potential: limited (there is nothing more that could be packed into this small hull)
source: HW @ mod

Seeing the tactical and economical benefits of multi-purpose utility corvette (that could replace salvage and repair corvettes as well as suplemment old Resource collector) Taiidan command aknowledge the need to such craft. Unfortunately R&D department was already overloaded with pending modernisation projects. Fortunately Imperial spies managed to obtain the early schematics of Taiidan Republic resource collector shortly before fall of Republic capital. It would still take several years to apply and adapt it for Imperial use if not the hard work of "recovery groups" that tag along initial Vaygr invasion force (that was largely uniterested in anything but pillage and planetary blockades at that moment). One of such groups managed to go ahead of the Vaygr invasion and bribe the commander of one of Republican R&D base to "save them for Taiidan people". In daring action Imperial Carrier hyperspaced next to the station and recovered several finished RC (along with Republican commander who decided to defect with full technical documentation of RC) minutes before incoming Vaygr raid.
Thanks to this Empire managed to introduce the corvette size multi-purpose craft on only 3 months after this operation. The economic and military impact was also huge as large number of old Repair and Salvage corvettes could be retired in favor of more standarized multi-purpose Utility RC.
Taiidan "Kudaark-E" Escort frigate

Class: Frigate
Classification: Second/Third rate
Role: anti-fighter, anti-corvette
Modernisation potential: low (old hull with already limited usable space)

With only two combat frigates hull avaliable, ITN decided to further specialize two of them. Thile the Ion Canno frigate will remain an anti-warship platform. The Kundaark Assault Frigate was to be repurposed and modernised for escort duty.

The modernisation program introduce folowing changes to the hull:
- obsolete plasma bomb launchers have been removed to save some space for other modernisations.
- main frigate-grade cannons have been replaced by anti-corvette autocannons.
- at the mid section 4 PDS rotary turrets have been added.
- at the top in place of old PBL radiator Vertical Missile Launch system was added capable of rapid launch of Pilum-HK
- light LDS system similar to the one mounted on Defense Fighter has been added

Newly created Kundaark-E purpose is to provide viable frigate size escort solution to deal with incoming fighters, corvettes and missiles. Comparing to Vaygr assault frigate it has slower speed and has less anti-ship power, but has much better AAA capability.
Taiidan "Sajuuk Khar" mobile weapon platform

Class: Frigate
Classification: Second/Third rate
Role: Anti-Frigate, Anti-Capship
Modernisation potential: low (old hull with already limited usable space)

The Sajuuk-Khar (the chosen one) is the Taiidan modernisation of old "Sajuuk Cor" ion cannon frigates.
Seeing the effectiveness of HGN combo of IC and Torpedo frigates and recent Vaygr deployment of Merkava weapon platforms convinced Taiidan command to further modernise these old hulls despite their already limited potential.

-The first move was to reduce the power drain from the main cannon, by replacing very old Exile era helium IC with recently developed Lithium IC, which was much more power efficient.
- The power saving was enough to further upgrade the hull with basic LDS defense systems (similar to these on Defence Fighter)
- and the pair of rotary PDS turrets on the top side.
- Additionally at the bottom side they mounted two big external rack with anti-ship torpedos.

This newly created weapon platform is Taiidan commander first anti-ship response, usually working with Taiidan bombers and corvettes to first disable and disarm the bigger target before Sajuuk Khars can enter to finish the job.
Taiidan "Qwaar-Cor" Battle frigate/Light destroyer

Class: Frigate
Classification: First rate
Role: Anti-Frigate, Anti-Capship
Modernisation potential: high
Source: HW@ mod

One of the latest (should appear around 4G/5G) pure Taiidan for Exodus-era design. Fielding the latest Imperial technological advancement in all fields as less as hundreds of tactical analysis of HGN-Vaygr battles.
The Qwaar-Cor frigate field impresive array of weapons comparing to original Exodus-era Assault Frigate.
They have been designed with multi-purpose in mind and independed wolf-pack huters capable of operating away from theeir own fighter screen.

- In the place where the old frigate had obsolete PBL this one has two light, but frigate grade Lithium ion cannons (range had to be reduced comparing to dedicated IC frigate).
- In place of 4 frigate cannons this one fields 4 latest railgun turrets that are effective agains frigate as well as against corvettes.
- in the place there Kundark-E had 4 rotary PDS turrets, Qwaar-Cor has 4 VLS launchers of Pilum-HK
- 4 rotary PDS turrets have integraded inside the hull (kinda like carrier PDS guns)
- Qwaar-Cor has integrated two-layer LDS/DFG system capable of intercepting amounts of missiles impossible for any HNG or Vaygr frigate.
Taiidan "Tel-Fa" Advance weapon platform

Class: Frigate
Classification: First rate
Role: Anti-Capship
Modernisation potential: high
Source: HW@ mod

Sybling to Qwaar-Cor, the Tel-Fa is an advanced Weapon platform made using latest Taiidan technology and experiance gainne with older "Sajuuk Khar". Comparing to Sajuuk Khar the following changes have been made:
- more advanced lithium IC - both longer range and dammage
- the amount rotary PDS guns has been doubled (from 2 to 4) have been moved insie hull.
- in the place where Sajuuk Khar mounted rotaries and torpedo launchers Tel-Fa mount 4 racks of laters Taiidan versions of Ballista HVT.
- Just like Qwaar-Cor it has two-layer LDS/DFG defence system making it much more durable than any other HGN/Vaygr frigate.
Now all the way back to poor's' man backyard

Taiidan "Skaal Tel" destroyer
Class: Destroyer
Classification: Third rate
Role: Anti-Frigate, Anti-Capship
Modernisation potential: low

Outdated Exodus-era destroyer. Unlike modular "Skaal Fa", the "Skaal Tel" hull provided very little space for modernisation and upgrades. The size and relative immobility of this design make rare sight on the battlefield (Taiidan reliance on bombers and corvettes for anti-frigate duties might also be the reason) making Skaal Tel move to rear lines patrol duty.

The limited modernisation was don in form of:
- two VLS launchers at the bottom side (near ion cannon mount) fielding Pilum-HK
- four hull-mounted rotary PDS turrets (center section)
- four autocannon turrets at engine section
- light LDS grid (similar to the one of Defence fighter)
Now prepare for the beast!

Taiidan "Qwaar-Fa" Heavy Cruiser

Class: Destroyer
Classification: First rate
Role: Anti-Frigate, Anti-Capship
Modernisation potential: High

Despite rather well designed Skaal engine the front section of Skaal Tel was not well suited for modernisation. Unlike clasically made "Skaal Tel", the old "Skaal Fa" was not a solid design, but more like a Skaal engine attached to modular missile factory. Fortunately the Modular Missile factory of "Skaal Fa" was like a carte blanche for Taiidan engineers. The redesign was so extensive that almost nothing was lest of th original "Skaal Fa" and the end result exeeded the Taiidan high command huge margin. They ordered modern destroyer and received modern pocket Heavy Cruiser instead. THe ship was a beast:
- original missile launcher have been replaced by 4 VSL torpedo launchers (second screenshot)
- the front section mount 2x4 spinal mount kinetic railguns (more powerful than Skaal Tel kinetic turrets) and two destroyer grade lithium ion cannons (see first screenshot).
- 8 rotary PDS turret (screenshot 1 and 2 the flat space along missile bays)
- 4 hull mounted rotary PDS turrets (central section, slice two and three)
- 4 autocannon turrets at engine section (third screenshot)
- dual-layer LDS/DFG defense system

The ship pack greate firepower and durability again all types of threads it's only shortcomings are that it's slow and expensive (more expensive than other destroyer size ship, yet cheaper than regular Heavy Cruisers and battlecruisers). Lore wise it's also more expensive to maintain due to large number of diffrent weapon and systems packed into this hull.
You think Qwaar-Fa was deadly?

Taiidan "Qwaar-Jet-RM (RM for Reffited, Missile based)" Battleship

Class: Heavy Cruiser
Classification: First/Second rate
Role: Anti-Capship
Modernisation potential: Moderate

While not having the economic base for the task, Taiidans were forced develop modern super capital ships shortly before Vaygr conflict, with only old Qwaar-Jets on the table. Fortunately for the Empire, Taiidan Republic was having exactly same problems with their own Qwaar-Jets. It was not supriseg that most of the Republican ideas end up on imperial design boards via their sizable net of spies.

The first major problem for both Taiidan factions was the upgrade of main ion cannons. While Republicans had access to advanced higgaran helium ion cannons to begin with, the imperials had to first find a way to mount thier own Lithium ion cannons into QJ. The effect was less than spectacular. Despite the fact that refitted ion cannons exceeded the firepower of destroyer-class IC they were still below the power level of Higgaran Battlecruiser ion cannons both in firepower and range.

To mitigate this problem Taiidan designers mounted two capital ship torpedo lanchers (one on the top kinda like Vaygr style BC - see first screenshot, second at bottom rear, seee circle at last screenshot)

Additionally they mounted 6 anti-corvette autocannon turrets (See second and third screenshot, bottom section 4 of them should be placed there, last two at flat space on engine section).

All accross hull several hull mounted rotary PDS guns have been added (See second screenshot - these blue dots)

At last they added two-layer LDS/DFG defense system to boost QJ defensive capabilities.

The end result was somehow less than optimal. ITN received powerful ship that can easily destroy any ship equal and below it's size, but is still inferior to HGN or Vaygr Battlecruisers (the LDS/DFG grid is useless against IC and lance beams of the Battlecruisers). Therefore the "Battleship" designation is more for internal propaganda than actual military value - the Qwaar-Jet-RM are even more rare than Qwaar-Fa as usually Taiidan command can use smaller, more expendable ship to deal with the problem.
Wow and wow! That was quite thorough and inspiring, MrWho. While there's a few things in there I'd like to possibly change, it's definitely a start.

One thing to keep in mind is that the naming system for Taiidani craft (E.g. Triikor, Fiirkan, Qwaar-jet, etc) are actually Hiigaran reporting names, analogous to NATO's naming of Russian aircraft during the cold war. Internal Taiidani designations would be quite different (possibly using the roman-esque schema we had during v11. E.g. Star-Centurion, Star-Vixen, etc), probably with a Type-# prefix.

We also have a couple of ships that Battlecry and Eat The Path said they'd let us use (I'll need to get that in writing, bear in mind). I've also been wanting to acquire a few from the PTV mod, but I've no contact with anyone from there. No telling what happened to all their devs.

We can also explain the substantial aesthetic changes to the Taiidani ships from HW1 classic to HWRM as being the result of 100+ years of modification and modernization. Presumably in the forms of new guns and armor packages.

With that in mind, there's a few changes to the shiplist.

The Raachok CT would have been horrendously obsolete even by the events of Homeworld-1. If any were still in use anywhere in the galaxy, it would be by some of the most impoverished militias or raiders.

Fortunately, Battlecry will probably let us use this:

Type-60 Assault Ship
Internal Designation: "Star Lancer"
Hiigaran Codename: Siifar (a type of medieval Kharakian weapon similar to a ballista)
Class: Corvette (light)
Classification: Second Rate
Role: Strategic Interceptor/Strikecraft Suppression
Modernization potential: Moderate/High
Source: TFS mod

A pre-vaygr-war design filling essentially the same role as the old Raachok corvette, with the substantial advantages of more flexible weapon systems. It would be a far lower cost and simpler craft than the Shamshir or other contemporary corvettes, and used in large numbers. With it's weapon pylons properly loaded out, it could easily serve as a missile bus or heavy fighter, with corvette level endurance, as an alternative to the obsolete series of fighters currently in the Imperial Navy's inventory.

Type-58 Attack Bomber
Internal Designation: Unknown
Hiigaran Codename: Siil-Re (A type of conch-like shelled creature from the Majiirian ocean on Kharak)
Class: Fighter
Classification: First Rate (De-facto)
Role: Attack Bomber
Modernization Potential: High
Source: TFS Mod

Based on the same plasma bomber design that's been in use for centuries, with various incremental improvements to adapt it to the modern battlespace. It is an all new craft with modern systems engineering, and more extensive future-proofing to deal with implementation of anticipated technological improvements (such as implementation of Progenitor-derived beam weaponry). The new bomber is armed, like it's predicessor, with twin plasma bombs. As well as a sub-caliber autocannon for very limited defense against fighters. It also has various missile hardpoints.

(In an environment where this and the HW1-era Kaark exist side-by-side, it would essentially be equivelient to the Thunderbolt IV when compared to the Thunderbolt I.)

Type-200R Destroyer
Internal Designation: "Primus Dochek" class
Fmr. Republican Designation: DD-200 P'teer Elson class
Hiigaran Codename: Skaal-Re (Skaal Alpha)
Class: Heavy Destroyer
Classification: First Rate
Role: Fleet Destroyer w. Limited Fighter Support capacity
Modernization Potential: Very High
Source: HW@ Mod

An inter-war Republican design intended to replace war-weary Skaal-Tel type ships, as part of a comprehensive fleet modernization package which was never fully completed by the time of the Vaygr War. The DD-200 class is, while visually similar to the old Skaal-tel, a completely new design (the major constraint, and reason for the design, was to allow production and service infrastructure built for the Skaal-tel to service the new vessel with a minimum of modification). During the Vaygr Invasion, these ships were the most numerous Republican capital ships in use, but fell to overwhelming numbers or were simply outmanuvered.

Many of the surviving ships were acquired by the Imperial Navy after the Republican government capitulated, and were put in production as the Type-200R class. The Imperial variants have a number of minor internal and external differences to the Republic versions, to accommodate different mission demands. For the most part, the Imperialists have substantially improved the destroyer's point defenses and added external missile launchers. The Ion Cannons remain it's primary armament. One novel feature of the Destroyer is it has external docking and landing pads for fighters, to allow in-the-field maintenance (akin to real-world helicopter destroyers) and provide a small degree of organic fighter escort.

Several hulls were also acquired by the Vaygr Armada and Hiigaran federation, although the latter quickly mothballed them due to a lack of spare parts. The Vaygr primarily use them in second-line duties or as patrol ships, where their ability to support a small fighter contingent is quite useful, especially in situations where a full-sized fleet carrier would be redundant.

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