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Tuning for v1.0
Hey Typhoone in the past I was capable of basic .hod edit, but it was literally when the dinosaurs were still crawling the Earth, so my memory is now blank.

If this don't require too many specialistic tools and you have some simple tutorials I'd be willing to take some presure from you (E.g I'd really want to add some flak turrets to some of HGN capships and experimenting with Remastered Taiidans).

EDIT: For some old modes that used HW2 classic models (like Higgs destroyer) I think it would be much better to scrap them and try to rebuild them using Remastered models - they migh not end exactly the same, but will look like something from this decade.
More balance wise feedback:
- I don't understand why there is HW1 recon and HW2 scout with the same stats. IMO I'd upscale the HW2 scout into corvette size and make it higgaran SWACS ship (kinda Vayg Command corvette analogue with extended sensor range, but no weapons at all). That new SWACS would fit well into fighter reinforcement squadrons.

- Higgs Escort destroyer need some AAA turrets (two flak turrets at engine section would be OK) - I do understand that this suppose to be old unreffited ship, but right now it's completely helpless to fighters. The two flak turrets won't make much diffrence, but it will at least give it ability to return fire.

One bug:
- Higgs Missile Destroyer frontal missile volley will often crash into ship model when moving forward. I think that this can be fixed by moving muzzle point slightly further away from ship hull.


IMO I'd upscale the HW2 scout into corvette size and make it higgaran SWACS ship

Nonononono! Please god no! I want to avoid blatant resizes or ugly kitbashes this time around. That's probably one of the biggest turn offs in pds v11. The designs started to get kinda wierd.

Although a small SWACS ship does make sense. We could easily base one off of the Minelayer Corvette or Lavi hull? Or alternately make the Scout a fighter-sized command relay/sensor/ecm fighter designed to be distributed in with regular interceptors.

Some of the HW1 ships are just there as placeholders until we get custom models for them anyway. And others are going to have their stats/names/etc changed.
Well I'm fine with fighter size SWACS based on HW2 scout hull. My main point was that current HW1 recon and HW2 scout had exactly the same purpose.

That's why I throw the idea of Scout repurpose.
I don't even know that we're keeping the Recon, unless Typh has a plan for it.

On the topic of scouts though. There is a thought I've had for a while. The old Vaygr scout model basically looks like a giant gun with a cockpit and engine on the back. My thought was to make it... a giant gun with a cockpit and engine on the back.

Basically, a sort of 'sniper' fighter. Originally a poor man's bomber built in an era when the Vaygr only really had hard kinetics to fight with, and now used as a close support ship for capitals, sort of like an HW1 defender. It would take advantage of the capship's point defense inventory, and be able to fire at long range, but would get mowed down at close ranges by proper fighters. Probably would be retired quickly as the war goes on.

Actual Vaygr Recon would be done by Corvettes, Frigates, or CVSRs with larger and more sophisticated sensors, or reconnisence-in-force by Assault Craft squadrons.
I didn't have as much time this weekend as anticipated - but here are a few updates:

--HGN Corvette weapons are in except for missiles and DEWs (Lavi)
--Some missile tuning (icons, explosions, nuclear effect needs to be turned down a bit)
--Unique ship name backend refactored, using new split/diversified script mechanic, and skeleton code to make sure ship names are not repeated or used twice (still need to check this in)
--Some AI fixes, but AI will need a chunk of work before it behaves properly.

So mostly lots of backend stuff, except for the missiles and HGN corvettes. Sync with GitHub to get changes! Still a LOT to do, but a positive is that battles are starting to look really 'PDS' and more screenshots or videos anyone can make or post to generate excitement would be great.

One more thing:
I don't understant the logic behind patrol corvette - it has only one turret which is half of Escort Corvette that was already undergunned at 3G. Even if patrol corvette is cheap, the light corvettes were obsolete already in HW1.
If you're talking about the old Gunship/Pulsar gunship, the logic would be mainly mobile light 'artillery' attacked to fighter groups. Putting a Pulse Ion on a strike craft isn't a trivial matter (hence why only a single turret was mounted), but the range and power of the pulsar was more than worth this.

Tactically, the Pulsar Gunship would almost always be deployed with escort gunships or a fighter screen to provide protection from small craft, and would mainly snipe corvettes and fighters from range, or circle around large ships.

However, it's obsolescence is indeed a factor: the reality is that it and it's gunship brother were designed well before the war, where Hiigara's main enemy was Turanic Raiders and the like. The Vaygr war was a bit of a curveball and the HGN didn't have the time to simply pull the Gunships out of service, so they soldiered on, obsolete or not, until such time as the Khopesh was invented and available in sufficient numbers to replace it.

From a gameplay perspective, I'd as a general rule turn up the PGunship's firepower, range, and accuracy. It's really more of a light support unit than anything else, and needs fighters or regular gunships to protect it.
Nope, I don't mean Pulsar Gunship there is a Patrol Corvette based on minelayer hull with only one turret.

The Pulsar despite it's only one beam is useful cheap anti-corvette platform.
Oh, you mean the Minelayer!

It lays mines.

That's about it.

I should probably rename it to Minelayer.

Also, the Mines still have that stupid "die after 90 seconds or however long" thing. They should stay there forever until something triggers them or shoots them down. That still needs to be tuned.
Another thing I've noticed: Point Defenses on some ships are kind of finicky about when they want to activate.

A lot of times they won't shoot down incoming missiles, even when using the old Aggressive + Waypoint trick (they work best when Ctrl + I is applied, but obviously this raises problems). It's not that they won't shoot at all, but the missile defenses (noticed this mostly on Arbiter Destroyers) are really half-assed about it, taking potshots at missiles and not killing them.

I've noticed the opposite problem where Pulsar Gunships decide to shoot at missiles when they should be focusing their attention on enemy ships: a single turret ship like that should get it's priorities straight!
I noticed that Higg flak turrets is doing almost no dammage to incoming missiles - I literally saw my 4 flak frigates put several dozen rounds into one of two incoming missile before they managed to take it out.

Thanks for pointing that out. Currently "ArmorClass" is not yet implemented. All damage is based on a linear health scale, e.g. flak collateral is 1-2 damage, kinetic bullets 20-40, etc etc.

This weekend I hope to do a big pass on armor class systems. Thereby, munitions and such will have high volatility to flak damage, without flak weapons destroying fighters instantly by doing high damage.

I set all the names and build descriptions to a naming system similar to v5/v6. Since it's mostly meant to be 3G pre-war vessels anyway. Check it out, and proofread!

There's a few issues with weapon accuracy and fighters dying a wee bit too fast in a general engagement, but I need to see what the armor class update looks like first.
Still here. Getting the joj done. I've been working to get the Vaygr ships basically functional within the current framework. It's been slow going but not a lot of problems so far.

Currently I am:
-Getting all the vanilla HW2 ships ingame
-Tweaking HP values and weapon performance and such
-Plotting & Scheming

What I need in the short term:
-Steely-eyed missile editing man
-Ability to .hod more guns onto existing ships
-Working AI
-Test script that spawns targets for ship testing

What I need in the long term:
-New content (ships/effects/maps/etc)
-Sound Effects/Music from HW1, HWC, and HW2
-Old PDS .hods ported over to HWRM
-Expansion of the Reinforcement system and appropriate balancing of RU collection and 'traditional' build times.

Since both myself and Typhoone are stuck with RL concerns on the side, development is still relatively slow going. Any volunteers would be greatly appreciated.
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