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PDS Remastered Github Information
A private GitHub repository titled hwpdsrm is the online, collaborative resource and code repository for Homeworld: Point Defense Systems Remastered. These discussion forums are still the central community discussion board.

Homeworld: Point Defense Systems Remastered Github Repository

Important! Unfortunately, because the original art and source code for HW: Remastered are not open-licensed, this mod repository will not be available for public access anytime soon. You will receive a 404 error if you click on the link to the repository without being invited. Please PM or add your Github username in this thread and you will be invited as a collaborator for the hwpdsrm repository.

Once collaborating, you'll find the following links useful:

-Readme - the Readme file for getting setup with the build and development environment for PDS: Remastered.
-Build, Install, Play - a wiki page for details on how to go from source-code download to playing the mod.
-Design Guide - a wiki page for outlining game design of PDS: Remastered.

Recent Edits:
-Even if you're not ready to contribute anything, there is actually a playable mod up there right now with a mod'd hgn_ and vgr_ carriers and interceptors!
-Please sticky this thread mod admins!

Hey Typhoon - I'm downloading the ontent of the repository. How to put in into HW:R?
Can I just put new folder in my steam workshop folder and run it via "mods" menu?

I got error 404, page not found for this:
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