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No, you are of course right. I can not demand that of anyone but myself, so I will start, then again it is a bit hard to sort out the info in to any kind of categories. But I shall try, it will take some time though...
In regards to this I would like to think that if you guys give me some input on how you want it organized, I may be able to take off a bit on the creation of a PDS section on the Wiki. It is not ready to be used as any kind of repository of code or reference quite yet, but after this initial work, perhaps it will be.

We are still not very clear on categories/namespaces and I have been pondering Goldkilla's addition of "Lore" (go there and look) but decided to treat that for itself, since it could include so many things, even FanFic. Or maybe an entirely different term than "Lore" would be better?

There are a couple of rules:
- All categories/pages must make sense in real life browsing of the wiki
- The breadcrumbs reflect the sitemap, so above is actually implemented in the site structure itself and its linking.
The Lore section should be more of a portal, since it will contain basically all the fluff, in-universe ship info, races, locations, etc.

I would very much prefer any PDS-specific info be written from an in-universe perspective but any wiki is a good wiki really. One concern of mine is people may get confused as to what is vanilla lore an what is PDS specific, or specific to any other mods.

But, for an initial setup, the PDS secton should be organized with a basic

General Info
Version History
Backstory and Fluff portal

alternately, the fluff portal could be subdivided into

Locations (I.E. multiplayer maps, planets, etc)

I think with everything upfront it's that much easier to navigate.
Thanks Watsas...
I agree about the Lore, it is too big to be squeezed in below factions/races. The opposite makes more sense.

One thing I am puzzled about in this initial stage, is if the ships/etc should be subcategories to Versions? Or we just list the ships individually as available in version x? (need to fire up PDS to get ships as well, images... Wink )
Probably an individual hull or chassis (I.E. the blade interceptor) will list all of the various configurations of weapons and equipment mounted on it or revisions, unless the difference is significant enough to warrant it's own article, as part of the lore about the vehicle.

We'll have to work out the style guide to cover things like loadouts from NGCS or PDS v11 which are no longer "canon"...
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