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Homeworld politics
We don't actually have any Galactic Council in the PDSverse. Nor do elder races such as the T-mat exist at all (at least in the star nations' awareness).

I would also say that the present Hiigaran government has evolved very far from the old Daiamid system that we know. For purposes of PDSverse documentation in the present state of events, it should conform to the star nation's "Republic" designation. A governmental system familiar to us here on Earth will be an added boon for purposes of fiction writing and roleplay - it provides us with a stable base to work from.

On this note - races like the T-mat may be known to the common folk as mythology - similar to ghosts and dragons and the like today.
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What about the Galactic Council, what say do they have in the current PDS universE?

Doesn't Elyassian/United star nations is a remnant of Galactic Council?
I suspect that a bi-cameral government of some sort with upper and lower chambers, which appears to be a fairly stable human form of government, would be likely, at least in societies with vast communications and education levels, which it strikes me would be the case for Hiigara. I would think that the Kiith'sa would be the membership of the 'upper' house, with lesser Kiith representation (perhaps representing the Kiith on other planets of the Republic) in the lower house.

An interesting dynamic of Hiigaran Republic politics, might be the level of authority of the varied Kiith'sa within their respective Kiith. Some Kiith might have the Kiith'sa 'all powerful' with the members of the lower house parroting the wishes of their K'sa. While other ones might have the reverse. This would make power brokering very keen within the political apparatus.
A republic with Kith'sa - (elected by the Kith or enherited or both or decided by the Ruling COuncil?) acting and posing aka like senators. A lower house full of normal representatives from different planets areas under Hiigaran control which makes the legistration and the upper house passes them. So the smaller house (the upper one) retains the power) Protectorates will have a seat in the lower house but not the senate.

As to the idea of having Kith'sas with different and varying levels of power - excellant suggestion, allows for a very itneresting political scene. However one problem still affects this Kith Republic, as each Kith has their own intentions and ideas it will be hard to agree on certain issues. As a result either there is a lot of semi pernament parties or alliances or simply Kith's with similar interests will band together. If it doesn't work that way, the republic will forever be gridlocked.

To mrWho- I'm not sure if it is, I was more concerned with how the galactic council still fucntions, since Tel said it doesn't well...that means there is no stopping wars etc now...,Special-spc-Ops-dot-.png
I would think that the varied Kiith would band together for special interest. The next issue may find former 'enemies' the closest of allies. A Diiamid Leader (read Prime Minister) could be the executive of the governing body and act as the 'tie-breaker' on deadlocked issues. Also the lower house might have a means of overturning unpopular upper house decisions through a majority vote of some kind. This would certainly give the protectorates power to be deal makers/breakers.

This very dynamic form of government would certainly allow for the kind of tumultuous political arena that was found in the HWC period. Of course we would have to consider a government that is only one hundred years old rather young (even by earthly standards), so this sort of dynamism is to be expected. Now with a war of survival (since the enemy did drive to the gates of Rome as it were) many of the natural and economic differences would be put aside for the duration (at least on the surface). One area I think that would be very painful at this point is on the prosecution of the war. Many of the Kiith, and the Protectorates might have star systems that were exclusively their province (rather obvious in the case of the Protectorates) or they had significant populations of economic wealth invested. I would see varied Kiith and independent galactic conglomerates pressing the military to liberate their holdings first and thus you get into a very real and difficult political arena. Throw a vibrant military industrial complex (some Kiith lead them, some not) and you have a very spicy soup.
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